back to article Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

Microsoft is to release a 60GB Xbox 360 this month, if an allegedly leaked email from the software giant is to be believed. According to a report by, an email was supposedly sent by Microsoft’s Xbox division to retailers GameStop and Blockbuster. It informs them that the software giant plans to introduce an Xbox …


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  1. Eponymous Cowherd


    Pro? As in Professional?

    Its a *toy*, for pity's sake!

    What next? Professional Barbie dolls? Play Doh Pro? My Little Pony Enterprise Edition?

    Mines the one with the Pro Stickle Bricks in the pocket.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Yep "Pro"

    As in, they're *paying to get fecked*!

  3. Jerome
    Gates Horns

    Aww bless - it's so tiny!

    Where do they even find HDs so small these days, when you can get 250GB (a tiddler) for £30, 500GB for an extra tenner on top of that, or go the whole hog and get a TB for a ton? Is it that they take the HDs no-one else wants any more, so they get them for free?

  4. paul

    xbox 720/ v2 / new /fat wii

    According to a computer games site - there is a rumor flying round that MS are releasing a new xbox in 2009.

    This features a quad core cpu , 1TB hdd , new cpu/gpu combo die and BLU RAY - all in a fat wii shaped box.

    Again, this is a rumor - take it with a pinch.

    Tux, cause MS dont care about piracy only stopping you running him.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Pro tiddly winks

    Need I say more?

  6. richard

    Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack - catchy title!

    hmm tasty, will the starter model have hdmi output on then?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Still small?

    Surely a 250Gb drive would be a bit more up to date if they're going to increase the capacity?

    Either that or allow people to fit their own... oh wait no that would be too easy...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Pre?

    "Pro? As in Professional? Its a *toy*, for pity's sake! What next? Professional Barbie dolls? Play Doh Pro? My Little Pony Enterprise Edition?"

    MacBook pro?

  9. Sooty

    how about

    providing a nice easy way of transferring data from one drive to another.

    If i buy a 60GB or 120GB drive i want to be able to copy the contents over from my last one nice and easily. How hard can it be?

  10. ben

    Maybe stands for


    The title did say it was leaking...

  11. Rob


    Yep, Pro, it's a premium with HDMI.

    Pro is used everywhere in equally ridiculous places, especially hardware, IE, I had a radeon 9800 pro, a 'professional' pc graphics card, they certainly exist, but the 9800 wasnt one, obviously, it was primarily for gaming

  12. Rob

    Play Doh Pro

    that sounds good!

    waiting for pro lego

  13. Nagy, Balázs András
    IT Angle

    re: Pro?

    Please, every VGA card group (for the last oh-so-many-years) had their "pro" members, why no for a console?

  14. marc

    No Blue Ray

    No Blue Ray or Wireless N ? Damn!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    120GB - bargain

    Ah, this looks a bargain for us PS3 owners. I can get the same sized hard disk for less than £40, but silly me that's internal. I'm sure if I look at external ones it'll be far cheaper

    So it's £76 for a proprietary 120GB drive? Awesome, wish I was invited to that party

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's see...

    So there's the Elite, the Arcade, the Premium (or is that now obsolete?), the Pro, then there's the 360 Home Basic, 360 Home Premium, 360 Enterprise Edition, 360 Business, 360 Ultimate, 360 Server...

    They do like their choices over at Microsoft, don't they?

  17. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Nothing New

    I'll take a PS3 anyday, they've got the ability to grow in size.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Pro =

    Pathetic Rip Off

  19. Richie M
    Gates Halo

    RE: 120Gb - bargain

    [quote]Ah, this looks a bargain for us PS3 owners. I can get the same sized hard disk for less than £40, but silly me that's internal. I'm sure if I look at external ones it'll be far cheaper

    So it's £76 for a proprietary 120GB drive? Awesome, wish I was invited to that party


    lol & point at the PS3 Fangirl.

    You seem to forget that the 360 doesn't need a big hard drive!

    No 1+Gb installs (which ultimately defeats the point of having a games console) just to play a game.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Will this make my GTAIV 630P?

    ahh no I need a PS3 for that

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Next big thing?

    How about we just skip the product completely and launch something called iPro! It begins with "i" so it's gonna be as popular as the iPod and it's the Pro version, so it must be better than the standard drivel!

    Mines the iCoat Pro!

  22. Paul

    Copying stuff from one HD to the next

    Probably quite easy. You'll need a couple of 2.5" USB HD cases to put your drives in temporarily - about 20 quid each, if you shop around, and a Live Linux distro such as Kubuntu or DSL (assuming you're not already running Linux).

    The "Probably" is there because I'm assuming that the drives are going to be using a standard filesystem. If they're not, then it could get interesting. But, even then, you could still make a straight backup of the disk using the Linux dd command.

  23. K
    Thumb Down

    Too Little Too Late

    As Marc pointed out, no blu-ray and wireless is an optional extra, its also far too noisy - I ditched my XBox 360 at the weekend and brought a PS3.

  24. Adrian Jackson
    Thumb Down

    Re: 120GB - bargain

    £76? Hardly. You should know by now that US prices and UK ones mysteriously fail to match up on hardware. At the moment, a 120GB drive for the 360 will set you back £129.99 at your friendly neighbourhood GAME store. If the percentage discount applied is the same over here, we'll still be looking at north of £100 for a hard drive that barely counts as 'large' by today's standards.

    Which is why I'm stuck with the old 20GB drive on my 360, while I just picked up an upgrade to 250GB for my PS3 for a much more reasonable price of about fifty quid. Which is a shame, because I'd really rather have the drive sizes the other way round.

  25. Eponymous Cowherd


    ***"Please, every VGA card group (for the last oh-so-many-years) had their "pro" members, why no for a console?"***

    I suppose "XBox 360 Pro" is more marketable than "XBox 360 fanboi edition". ;-)

  26. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

    Re. Prices

    FYI, that £76 is a conversion, for your reference, not a price.

    As we all know taxes, import duty, add the number you first though of, etc will alter the final UK price above that.

    For future reference, prices in brackets are conversions, prices not in brackets are manufactuer-named prices.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: professional Barbie dolls

    Barbie dolls on the game?

    how much for a plastichand job?

    hanging around Lego town street courners, dressed provocatively, trying to pick up Star Wars characters for business?

    does it cost an extra 20 gold coins from the Playmobile pirate set if GI Joe wants to take her up the Gary?

  28. Eric Van Haesendonck
    Thumb Down

    what is it with consoles these days

    Either you go the Microsoft way and have to pay insane prices for a tiny HDD, overly restrictive DRM and a monthy fee just to play online (not even MMO, just normal multiplayer)

    Or you go the sony way and have to fork out for an expensive BD drive that play a very limited selection of overpriced discs that give you a sligthy better picture and much worse DRM than standard DVDs.

    Then they are wondering why the Wii is a success and punters continue to buy cheap PS2s by the truckload...

  29. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Shouldn't this be...

    "Microsoft is to release a 60GB version of the troubled Xbox 360 this month, if an allegedly leaked email from the software giant is to be believed."

  30. Jimster71
    Paris Hilton

    Size isn't important

    I've still got about 4GB left on my original 20GB 360 HD - I could fit a whole PS3 game install on that.

    Maybe we'll see an Xbox 360 Elite Pro next.

    Built in WiFi would be nice, if my phone can have wifi then I'm sure they can fit it in a 360.

    If MS went for Blu-Ray they'd have to put a decent speed drive in. The main reason you need the game installs on the PS3 is because the drive is too slow to stream stuff.

    The proprietry xbox hardware is a bit of a joke though, I want to be able to use any 2.5" drive or be able to transfer files about with memory sticks.

    Paris, because she must have an opinion on size.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How about making them reliable first..

    the 360 is still unreliable junk, and it's only saving grace, is the early launch (which caused the unrelability) gave it a few more games than the competition.

    Shouldn't Microsoft be spending it's resources making the 360 more reliable, and perhaps fitting better quality components, rather than fitting even cheaper components, and reducing the price?

    And before the usual idiots come along claiming that the 360 is reliable, it's not, even the latest Falcons fail way more than the industry standard (15-20% is rumoured)...

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Ooh! Ooh!

    > XBox 360 fanboi edition

    I want one! But only if it only allows me to play XBox360-exclusive games.

  33. W

    @ Paul

    "USB HD cases...Live Linux distro...standard filesystem...backup of the disk...Linux dd command"

    Sounds like a doddle. I love the way consoles are so much simpler than computers. No faffing, just put your game in, turn it on and play.</jaded git sarcasm>

    I'm not tech averse. But there's a time and a place for hardware config settings and soforth. A games console is not that place. Witness the popularity of the Wii. KISS.

    Mine's the Wii Coat peripheral for playing Flash games with.

  34. Adrian Jackson

    @Richie M

    "You seem to forget that the 360 doesn't need a big hard drive!"

    I don't know what sort of 360 you got, but I went for the one which allows me to download lots of XBLA titles, and now HD movies and old XBox games onto the hard drive.

    Only it doesn't, because after downloading a single XBox game (Psychonauts, which I missed out on the first time round) I haven't got enough space for anything else. And I'm buggered if I'm shelling out £130 for a larger hard drive.

    As I said, I have *more* need for HD space on the 360 than I do on the PS3, even with one hefty game install (MGS4) on there.

  35. jason

    Can they mess this all up anymore? I bet they can.

    I'm a 360 owner and to be honest I'm amazed at how MS when faced with an open goal to start with and did so well initially, havent been able to put a foot right with the 360 for 18 months or more.

    Daft decisions with over priced and under-specced hardrives. Lack of any real firmware updates that give value features. No real HD support. No exciting new gaming/control hardware. The lack of updates is a big worry.

    You know its over for the 360. MS must now be working round the clock to bring out the next console.

    Dissapointing. lets just hope they make it a one box deal so its a standard platform all round. Tired of being held back due to a small percentage not having HD's or some other feature in their Xbox. I'm not blaming those consumers by the way.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    @Richie M

    Ah, the first person to rise to the bait.

    But since you brought it up, I'm quite content with a base install for a game thanks. You continue to load things on a slower optical drive (compared to a HD) if you like. I had to hack my PS2 to do this trick, but I get it gratis on the PS3 and quite happy about it.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    Migration kit

    You can request a migration kit to easily transfer between drives from M$ ,its free (at least for people who buy elites and already own a premium) and arrives in about 10 days (takes an hour to do). My launch 360 lasted untill last month before RROD and was turned round in a day+ carriage non too shabby tbh. The report with it had boxs for motherboard and dvd drive ticked, odd seeing as I had never once had issues with the drive, essentially I have a new 360 in the old box.

    If you know an M$ employee 120gb drives are £40 as they get them at cost... ummmmm profit.

    The 360 caches game data on the hdd if it is present, sorry sony fanboi.

    There are plenty of nice useful changes to ms firmware in its updates, and minor changes in policy, you can now move the DRM locking in DLC to a different console once a year.

    The PS3 still costs too much and who cares if it plays blu-ray, I have no interest in paying a premium for hi-def, when you can get 3 blu-rays for £20 then maybe. I remember the same argument for value when the ps2 was £400 and who the hell uses that as their main dvd player?

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Don't be fooled by the Microsoft shills. The PS3's BD Drive is actually faster than the 360's DVD.

    The facts:

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Run for your lives!! The alphabet has acquired sentience!

    > hanging around Lego town street courners, dressed provocatively,

    OMG the letter "u" is multiplying and it will soon take over the world!! In Reg tradition, should we now welcome our new "u" overlords? ;) or something like that...

    I mean, I've seen colours, honours, favours, and harbours (as opposed to colors, honors, favors, and harbors), but I had never encountered "courners" before.

    Is that *really* how corner is spelled over there in Britain? Google has not been helpful.

    Pardon my ignorance - I'm merely a lowly American peasant and we are untrained in the ways (and spellings) of other countries. ;)

    (Aside: just think of all the money that could be saved by British newspapers etc., if they didn't have to print all those extra letter "u" everywhere... millions of 'em a year...)

  40. Graham Lockley

    @Run for your lives

    >I'm merely a lowly American peasant

    Yes,yes now run along and do whatever it is that you colonialists do. As a special treat I will throw you a spare 'u' as you seem to be in the habit of losing them, try to look after this one.


  41. Mark

    Still bitter

    About that post on the other thread.

    Hang on if i stopped reading thereg at all then maybe i wouldnt be so bitter?

    Then again there is the people in the real world that hate me too.


    Anyone for a mojito?

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmm, I wonder

    why Americans are hanging around Xbox articles as Anonynmous Cowards... I wonder how much Microsoft is paying them..

    Please go back to your biased American media...

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They are prices for 3.5" drives, not 2.5"

  44. Steve Rowsell

    To all PS3 fanboys that have hijacked this thread...

    ...for Gods sake, grow up.

    If your console is so great, why not try playing games on it, rather than trying to hijack threads with puerile and juvenile comments?

    I have a 360 and have used it heavily for the last 18 months. I've had no technical issues so far, and love playing it. If it RRODs, I'll send it back to Microsoft and get it repaired / replaced. Its not a problem.

    I had the opportunity to buy a PS3 about a month ago and was quite close to doing so at one point. I'd actually like to have the 360 and a PS3 side by side, so that I could choose the best games on each system and play them as required.

    What stopped me? Well, the more I researched it, the more I realised that the PS3 just didn't represent value for money in my eyes..(at this moment in time). These were the stumbling blocks that I could see:

    - the lack of backward compatibility with PS1 / PS2, (OK, I have a PS1 & PS2 and could use them to play my games - however, my living room is not the size of the QEII and my TV only has so many AV inputs. I already have my GC, PS2, Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 hooked up and my wife complains about the space taken up by games consoles as it is...)

    - the price (if I bought the console, I'd essentially be paying for not only a games console, but also a Blu-Ray player that I don't want. I don't care whether its the cheapest way to get a Blu-Ray player...I don't want one thanks).

    - the catalogue of games, (barring a handful of good titles on PS3 that are platform specific, the rest of the half-decent PS3 games are available on the system I already own. I can't justify spending £350 for a PS3 and a couple of good games)

    - the poor online gaming service, (it may be free, which is a good thing, but I've heard its disappointing and that matchmaking with friends tends to be difficult)

    - the generally poor way that Sony has treated its European customers over the last few years.

    I generally end up buying all of each generations' consoles in the end, so I will probably end up getting a PS3 at some point. However, the way things are looking, it won't be for some time, (and may even be when its price drops just before PS4 is released...whenever that might be).

    I guess my point is - whatever console you own, enjoy it - don't spend your time trying to score points against other systems and their owners - whatever they have, it meets their needs and they are obviously happy with it.

  45. Mark
    Gates Horns

    @Steve Rowsell

    You're an cretin.

    The PS3 does everything better than the 360, even plays 360 games bester.

  46. Adrian Jackson

    @Steve Roswell

    Aren't you just doing the same thing by posting your huge list of 'reasons I don't own a PS3'? I mean, I agree with your eventual point and policy of buying all the consoles where possible, but the bit that goes before it looks like more of the sort of fanboy bile you're arguing against - and some of it's woefully inaccurate (or at best highly subjective) in the first place.

    And it's not like the thread had really been hijacked by PS3 fanboys anyway, aside from a couple of comments that can be ignored quite easily.

  47. Graham Lockley


    >You're an cretin.

    >The PS3 does everything better than the 360, even plays 360 games bester.

    I nearly fell for that then I realise you had been at the TWAT-O-TRON so saved myself from falling for a troll :)

  48. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Where is the TWAT-O-TRON?

    I didn't find it

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I gave up reading Steve Roswell 's rant

    when I realised he simply had no clue what he was talking about.

    I mean the idiot even claimed that PS3 does not play PS1 games.

    Everyone knows every single one does, and it's the PS2 games that were taken out of the later models, to make it cheaper for the tight-asses...

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