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WD drops 4TB whopper


Why o Why..

Don't Western Digital do a mirrored drive that includes the TwonkyMedia server?

They do a non-mirroed edition of MyBook that does, but no mirrored version.

I have to make a choice between functionality of the MyBook, or security of all my media I want to serve up.

Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V LCD TV


Blu-Ray AND PS3?

The PS3 still pisses over all but they very top end Blu-Ray players.. Why would you want both?

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware


Microsoft want me to buy Microsoft hardware?

They can fuck RIGHT off. Their hardware is the worst hardware going...

Sony Ericsson to drop M2 for Micro SD



Congratulations. You've been sucked in by the Sony haters, and their made up propaganda.

Where do I start...

Blu-Ray is not a Sony proprietary format. Google for BDA, it's almost every company under the sun (Microsoft and Toshiba aside...)

Betamax was just as proprietary as VHS was (which was owned by JVC), in the same way that SD Card is also a proprietary Panasonic/Sandisk format. Both are used outside their manufacturers, you can get endless other makes of Memory Stick and SD card, as you can readers and other hardware that accepts them. I have photo frames and a laptop that accept Memory Stick, neither are made by Sony..

You also got sucked in by the DRM thing. If you look at Sony products, they have typically LESS DRM than the competition. The current Walkman devices for example, play DRM and DRM-Free music just fine, no proprietary software needed to load music (drag and drop). Compare that to iPod and Zune, which are DRM to the hilt. Playstation3, very relaxed DRM, you can gameshare PSN purchses with upto 6 other users, it's got open standards like DLNA (no closed proprietary formats like the Xbox Extender), the PS3 also supports almost all codecs and open formats out there, Bluetooth controllers using open Bluetooth 2.1 spec, the Xbox supports Microsoft closed formats and very strict DRM.

Nice try at the FUD, buy you might want to try some research before making yourself look silly and uneducated.

Opera 10 debuts with 'Turbo' boost


@Selling Points

In Opera 10 nobody gets their mail service listed until their site is standards compliant. The fact that many big names are missing says alot about their crappy web coding....


re: Auto-updating

No website visiting required. Opera has always notified you with a dialog that a new version is out.

However now it gives you a changelog, downloads it for you automatically, and offers to restart/install now or schedule the install for next restart, whenever that may be, so you can continue to browse.

It's actually quite good.

Sony PSP Go to hit UK in October


re: £250

It's actually very good price for. £250 gets you a 16GB iPod Touch, or a 16GB PSP.

The iPod, error plays music (badly) and plays some mediocre games.

The PSP plays music very well (as like Walkmans, PSP sound pretty darn good), and it's also got a sweet selection of games.

I take it you missed the bit about Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Pixel Junk Monsters all getting PSP versions.. Several of them release titles...


re: Europe

No it's because

a) The £ is not as strong as it once was.

b) There is import dutry levvied on goods manufacturered outside the EU

c) There is a 1yr minimum manufacturers warranty period in Europe (in US it's 3 months).

d) Thare are many more regions to support.

All these things cost money. God I hate "bedroom experts"...



"Sadly, because of the video leak, Hirai didn’t have much else to add"

Apart from Gran Turismo launching with it? Or the Metal Gear Solid PSP title,, or the exclusive Resident Evil PSP title, or the direct video store...

Sometimes you wonder if any of these journalists actually went to E3, or even watched the presentations...

Sony shows off PS3 motion-control magic wand


Natal was less than impressive minus smoke and mirrors


A much-hyped software package that uses the Project Natal hardware, Milo was presented as a virtual on-screen boy who could recognize you and carry on an intelligent conversation. The demo video was impressive, but obviously shot in a tightly controlled environment with clearly scripted responses. Talking to several people who got a chance to try out talking to Milo in person behind closed doors, the responses were uniformly disappointed, describing the supposedly realistic Milo to a similar to a Tamagotchi virtual pet, with only very basic interactivity.

At least the Sony offering was real, and not faked.

Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on


The joys of browser extensions...

Firefix has a modern day ActiveX on it's hands...

Disable extensions or Get Opera. Job done...

Nintendo sells 1m DSi handhelds in Europe


Would like to see the breakdown..

Of pre-order "hyped" sales, and then the trickle back to regular sales numbers.

if they sold 900,000 on preorder, and then 100,000 across all of Europe in the last 8 weeks, that's REALLY bad....

Sony X-Series Walkman


Reviewed by the deaf?

As mentioned, the Walkmans really do sound fantastic, but only slightly better than a iPod? Come on, iPods are crap in the sound department.

This is how if generally pans out:

If you love music, then you buy a Walkman, Cowon or Samsung.

If you love slick marketing, and don't want to be left out the clique, then you buy an iPod.

Sky dishes up iPlayer-style service for Xbox 360


re: The end is near....

LOL, what an idiot. PS3 is outselling the 360...

22m PS3's in 30 months in US (26 in Europe) = 900,000 a month globally on average (calculated by spliting the release dates)

28m 360's in 42 months = 660,000 a month globally on average.

Both sales numbers were from end-of-year reports back in April. Since then, Microsoft have sold another 2m globally, and the PS3 will be around the same.

As for this "news"/PR spin, It's not like you can't already get these services on PS3 (and more like iPlayer and CatchupTV for free), or the much superior PlayTV which can actually record whilst you are playing a game.



Isn't this just like the existing Sony deal With Microsoft playing catchup again?


Not that this matters, if you have a PS3, you can use SkyPlayer, iPlayer and the soon to be launched in the UK, Hulu anyway...

MS hits 30m Xbox 360 sales total


re: Replacements

Wether they do or they don't. The fact remains there are potentially millions of users that were not aware that once their 360 failed outside the warranty (or failed before the RROD warranty extension was introduced), there was a repair option open to them, so they chucked it away and bought a new one, or Wii/PS3 instead.

Who wants to bet the number of ACTIVE consoles still working, is closer to 25m (very close to PS3 sales count of ~24m).

Philips Streamium NP2900


Fix for incorrect ordering of tracks.

http://www.twonkymedia.com/installs.html# Pick up the Server updates there, (5.0.61 currently).

There is also a newer build here, which has a a few more issues fixed:


Anyone know if the Streamium NP2900 supports pushing media to it? It's a shame the review does not mention this.

'Augmented reality' ghost game coming to DSi


More proof

That DS owners are total saps...

Spielberg: Games consoles doomed


I'm still waiting for the hoverboard.

They promised me it back in 1982...

Clearly even IF consoles are ultimately doomed, it's so far off, its not even news worthy...

TV's are doomed too, because we will have the picture implanted in our brains... Why not make a news story about that? Slow news day????

Sony pooh-poohs PS3 redesign claims



Cheap Chinese PS3 fake.

Sony takes on iPod Touch with Walkman X


Amazing the number of clueless idiots/iBots.

Sony Walkmans have been drag/drop for about 2 years now, you can use MTP, or as a plain USB device and just drop the stuff in Explorer. They work with Mac and Linux just fine as mass storage devices.

Anyone that thinks a Ipod even comes close to what a Walkman sounds like is clearly deluded (or deaf)..

Finally, If you are a true music lover, you don't care about app stores full of gimmicky things like beer pouring applications and baby beating games.

Slimline PS3 pictures surface


slimline games selection

What a fucking retard you are. Are you stuck in 2007?

Funny because where I am, I see plenty of games, a higher percentage of quality titles infact...

Blu-ray to boom despite downturn


Anyone else notice.

Tony Smiths constant implication that this article is untrue, with wording implying such on numerous occasions in the article.

If you don't like the news, then imply it's not true, is that how it works then?

MotionPlus not backwards compatible, Nintendo confirms


@Stike Vomit

Funny, my local Game store is regularly sold out of PS3 units. Perhaps you are referring to the US of Microsoft, where they buy any old turd as long as Microsoft say so.



We can watch the wiitards fighting to buy WiiSports+ then this Xmas. No doubt it will be in short supply, and nintendo seem to have trouble making DVD ROMS at xmas time for some mysterious reason that escapes me.

Jaunty Jackalope release candidate unleashed

Gates Horns

Just to annoy the Scientologists..

Xenophobic Xenu

Nokia shifts 13m 2.6m 5800 phones


Sorta like

When Microsoft tells you that it's got 15m Xbox Live "subscribers", and then you find out that 70% of them have the free service that gives you nothing...

ZuneHD en-route to Blighty?


3D Xbox games LOL.

They can't make a full-blown working Xbox360 yet after 4 years of trying. There really are some cretins about if they think Microsoft can make a MP3 sized player version of a Xbox.

When they say 3d Xbox games, they mean it's got Java or Silverlight support, J2ME like every other mobile phone on the planet...

Anyone else sense this "rumour" has oriignated from the spin-masters at Redmond themselves....

Denon spins out vinyl-to-MP3 turntable



Surely some mistake, why take something as good as vinyl and convert it to crappy (and ancient) MP3?

WAV, FLAC, WMA Pro, MP3HD please.... How can you expect people to take this product seriously?

DSi UK sales off to strong start


Since when..

Did people award medals for 4th place??

Desperate PR spin to hide a flopped launch...


4th fastest..

No that impressive considering it's much cheaper than the Wii, PS3 and PSP when launched..

Also unimpressive considering most of those are pre-orders built up over the last couple of months..

To me it looks like a major flop, as I don't know a single person thats even heard of the DSi, let alone itching to buy one for incremental upgrade features...

This just sounds like Nintendo paid for backpatting from ChartTrak...

Sony W-series Walkman MP3 player


re: Boycott

I see the HD DVD / XBox losers have made it here... They must have a "sony" filter on.....

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official


re: Now they can cure the veggies

They already get their portion of pork via other means...

Wii's MotionPlus peripheral to launch in July?

Paris Hilton

Short supply

Expect it to be in extreme short supply, and this idiots will kill other idiots to buy one..

How stupid are people sometimes, can't they work out what Nintendo are doing here? I expect it of Paris, but not the general population.

Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan


Bump the version number

Is it me, or does it seem like they are just bumping the version number so people think it's a major release rather than an incremental. Surely they need to ADD something....

Microsoft focuses on 3D camera company



Just like the PS2 Eye Toy...

Come on Microsoft keep up....

Sony ignores UK as US, Europe get PS2 price cut

Paris Hilton


It's pretty obvious why they havn't done a price cut in the UK. I'll make it simple for you... In the Registers own words...

"Sony hasn’t given a reason for its decision not to cut the PS2’s price in the UK, which currently carries a recommended sale price of £95. The aging console will now also cost £93 in continental Europe."


Some people clearly arn't that smart it seems.... I think even Paris understands this concept...

BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net


To confuse things even further.

If I use my PS3 and the webbrowser to view iPlayer services on my plasma, via it's RGB connection, or even muddier, boot PS3 Linux, and use Firefox to view iPlayer catchup, do I need a TV licence???

The PS3 is a console AND a computer, my TV is a TV and a computer monitor....

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe


re: Opera at 7% in Europe?

Simple, UK is English language speaking, so has outside influence from Americans.

That's the same reason why Xbox is selling OK in the UK, but getting reamed in sales in mainland Europe, UK people are influenced by Americans purchasing choice..

It's very easy for Microsoft to manipulate Brits, not so easy to influence non-English speaking countries. Almost all of Microsofts Viral marketing and astroturfing is done in English.

HP Mini 2140 netbook

Paris Hilton

Windows 7 on Mininiote 2133

I have WIn 7 build 7068 running sweet as pie on my Mininote 2133 (upgraded to 2GB of RAM), why on earth would I pay double to get a 2140 with a gimped screen?

Even Paris can see this is overpriced...



The 2133 (which you can get from ebuyer for £180) is a million times better than the Acer Aspire One (and the EEEPC900/901)

I had both of them before I got a 2133, and they were horrible, in build quality, performance and usability.


2133 owner..

I have a Mininote 2133, and it's by far and away the best of the early crop of netbooks, awesome build quality, fantastic keyboard and screen.

However the 2133 is such good value for £180, I can't really warrant paying double for a 2140 for something that's basically a 2133 with more powerful Intel Atom rather than the Via C7.

The C7 in the 2133 may run hot and be a little on the weedy side, but it's actually perfectly usable (far more usable than the Aspire One and eeepc900 that I tried beforehand).

If the price drops £100, then I'm interested...

Opera tells dev build where you are


re: Ha!

Clearly you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Try the Opera WinGoggi build, it tries several methods to determine location, the IP is the LAST method it tries, when all others fail.

Firefox exploit sends Mozilla into 'high-priority fire drill' mode


re: Umm

So let me get this right. Firefix is not secure out the box, you need to download additional stuff to make it secure..



Does this affect Opera?

nah, I thought not....

Honestly, I don't understand why people are stil using Firefox, I mean it's not like it's secure, or good at memory management, it's not like it's fast either. Still they are good at innovating new ideas... (ohh hang on....)

Sony talks up PSP digital downloads



Superstardust on PSP is fantastic, as is the Resistance game, with Pixeljunk Monsters coming too, the future for PSP is bright.


re: makes sence (sic)

You know there are already a tonne of PSP game for download right? Download PSP MediaManager (free download), and it includes a PC version of the Playstation Store, where you can download games, and then copy them to your PSP.

There are some very tasty titles on there too...

If you havn't played EchoChrome, Superstardust or the new Resistance game, then you are missing out...

WD releases 2TB external HDDs



I wanted a 2TB MyBook Mirror (the RAID version, so my data is safe), I also wanted it to act as a NAS. They don't seem to do this combo.

I can have a 2TB RAID or a lower capacity NAS...

Google, Mozilla back 3D interwebs


Everyone else playing catchup again...

Opera leads, everyone else follows...


Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping



Nothing like a bit of scaremongering in a quiet market to get your security products selling again...