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Hacks and IT workers boozing themselves silly


nob ends

""After-work drinks are often part of the fabric of our working lives, and it's often tempting to go along with the crowd, even when you know your body needs a rest."


Firstly, you need some proper friends, ie, ones that DON'T work where you do, get a life (thats something that isnt work)

Secondly, get some more respect for your body, it IS YOU,

Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict



Yeah kiddies, grow up, we all got on usenet years ago

'Cybercrime exceeds drug trade' myth exploded



all these research companies talk nothing but unsubstantiated crap, made up out of random figures

an article i read the other day claimed iphone users send emails on their phone more than users of other phones because of . . . the touchscreen keypad?!?! not the 'even my mums mums mum can do it and shes not actually breathing since long ago' simplicity of the email app itself then? and the fact it takes you by the hand thru setting up your account, and that you can spend half an hour putting the [very basic] info into a nokia and it still won't work properly, and even if it does, its a pain in the arse to use on a regular basis anyway, christ, the touch screen keypad is the one thing that puts me off writing an email on my phone!!!

THATS why more people send emails on iphones, that and the fact that a higher percentage of the iphone user base are likely to use email, because the people who use email are those who are also more likely to have acquired an iphone

Apple to show off iPhone OS 3.0 next week



i discovered my favourite feature yet of the iphone the other day

the only way to put music on the phone is by making a playlist,

all seems well and good

now buy an album on itunes on your phone

plug it into your pc

the album you bought on your phone wasnt on the play list you originally syncd, so the songs you bought yesterday have just been deleted

seriously, how f**king stupid are these people?

'Gv up txt 4 Lent,' urges bishop


Ad Hominem

daniel up there said it better than i did, i'm not saying go to church every day, i don't believe in organised religion, but I understand what they are trying to say, and simply saying they're 'religious nutters' so you can ignore what they say, regardless of its validity, is a logical fallacy, I believe, called 'Ad Hominem' it seems most people on here need to start reading about such things and maybe realising just how biased their cognitive functions are, without them even realising, it amazes me how a lot of 'it' people think they know it all about the nature of reality, because they keep a server running or write some apps to earn money, ha!!



while it does seem quite laughable at first, i agree now (but I wouldn't have a couple of years ago) all this stupid electronic crap IS ruining our lives, and its getting worse by the day, by detracting from the 'real' world, ie, nature, and leading us more and more into digital enslavery by the purely imaginary world we've created,

bring on the solar EMP!!

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?



well firstly, in order to view the image in the first place, surely it helps for the image in question to be downloaded to a computer, at least to ram, y'know, so you can fking see the thing?!? these people seem to think I can obtain digital images from a web server, without actually downloading them....?, news to me, i must stop paying for an 'unlimited' connection to the internet when i can use the net without even needing to utilise my bandwidth, amazing!! I had no idea!!

secondly, if its streaming, and I didn't have to do anything to request that specific image, who's to say I actually wanted to see it? are you seriously suggesting the equivilent of arresting me because someone flashed a picture in front of my eyes, what if I found the image just as offensive as anyone else? Surely the crime is the fact it was shown to me without my prior consent (if someone streaks at a football match do you arrest the streaker or the crowd?!, ERM DUH!!!!!?? W.T.F)

If this kind of thing continues to get out of hand it is going to bring about an EXTREME state of unrest in society until everyone in the whole country just gets together in the middle of london and gives them all a nice big collective F-OFF

Abba star slates 'lazy, stingy' Pirate Bay fans



just as a further addition to my last post, while i do download some music, i also buy it if its decent, i recently gave arjen lucassen a load of money by buying ALL the Ayreon cds, because theyre the nuts, if i'd never downloaded it, I would have been extremely unlikely to have ever given it a chance, because no one i know owns a cd and i'm not gonna buy one just because someone else said so (done that plenty of times, all complete shite)



it was just one persons idea, i come up with ideas all the time, I don't expect to be paid for them all, when it comes down to it, can someone really 'own' a bunch of notes in a particular order, music is our own brains interpretation of those notes, so why am I paying for enjoyment I created myself out of aural frequencies? :-) if I go outside and I enjoy the sound of birds singing, should they be compensated in some way?

AA sniffs out Blighty's best bacon sarnie



HP isn't the best sauce for a bacon sandwich, the best sauce for a bacon sandwich is the best sauce full stop, and that is HP'S SPICEY WOODSMOKE BBQ SAUCE

Try it with a bacon sandwich it's the nuts!! I don't think i'll consume another condiment as long as I live, until I find a better one

Don't bother with the 'non-spicey' woodsmoke's though, they're not as good, and don't get the jack daniels one either, its twice the price for half as much and its not really very nice at all! bleurgH!

Internet to Obama: 'Pass the joint'



Right, so you think my life is rubbish because I work in the day, go home and practice music, and generally have fun along the way, sorry but that's all I wanna do with my life, making music makes me happy, maybe if you learn to express yourself via constructive skill too, you wouldn't have so much hate in you, cheer up chap, it's a good job I don't live my life on other peoples terms or I might actually give a fukc what some vitriolic random on a message board says, so long sucka



I wouldn't get too sure I said anything on here, since I've seen plenty of other posts by a 'Rob' who certainly wasn't me! And i'm not illiterate, maybe lazy, and exponentially frustrated by my iphones shit keyboard, but believe it or not, I can read AND write, hence my use of this comments section,



So much bitterness, here have some vapes man!!

I have a nice [real] life thanks, which doesn't revolve around work, I play in a band, have a nice girlfriend, and am happy, shame you have such resentment for those you know nothing about

Paris Hilton


Admittedly I should heed the joke alert in future; and check my spelling



I mostly develop spreadsheets and databases, /some/ of my colleagues still don't know how to highlight a row in excel (or work our a percentage, ?!?!?! no, i'm not exagerrating), I think they're the brain-dead ones to be honest, coincidentally, they're the ones who just go home and watch TV, have no real interests, you know, the general public kind

Simply because I choose to relax with a natural plant consumed via what I have researched and learnt to be a safe and effective method, rather than a man made (liver/brain cell destroying) drink sold to line the governments pockets and keep you in the first circuit, doesn't make me the idiot, far from it



Erm, maybe because the actions of a government very very rarely reflect the views of the people, do YOU agree with everything(or ANYTHING?) our government do?



ah isn't falling back on sterotypes great, it's not the kind of thing we need to move away from at all,

after a couple of bags of nice vapes, there's nothing I wanna do more than get downstairs and get beastin on my drums, I get an awful lot done while being awfully high, the main reason smokers can't be arsed is the carbon monoxide poisoning, actuallay!! :-P

Also, I get a lot more done than any of my [straight] colleagues at work, figure that one out,


Just for the record

Before anyone else disses the green for being unhealthy,someone should point out the fact that now it's the year 200x there are far better methods of consumption than the archaic and retarded fire routine, for example the volcano digit has me enjoying my ethnobotanicals with fresh lungs a nice taste in my mouth and an unparallelled clear high ( oh yes) You don't know what you're missing! do your research before you all spout off the same crap the government told you, check out the maps/ norml study on the volcano, and whatever you do, please don't open your mind a bit, you might end up thinking for yourself, seriously, these things have been around for years, but everyone thnks you still SMOKE the stuff?? Get real! how stupid do you think people are? Check out the iinhale too, we're probably vaping on the bus right in front of your face and you haven't a clue, har harhar!!!!! XD

Church of Scientology seeks 'ban' against HIV+ protesters


@David Simpson

Hey Man, I really hope you're not referring to me when you talk about the coward mentioning choice, not having children is absolutely a personal choice, as for whether someone is gay, I do not personally believe (but I am not telling anyone else what to believe) that is a personal choice, that is, I believe that a person does not choose their sexuality any more than they choose the colour of their hair or their skin, certain traits, are most likely learnt, and are a result of things that happen to that person during their life, for instance, i believe some people are drawn to certain types of music simply to defy their parents, then again, I discovered a lot of the music I first loved through my parents, so maybe how you feel about them is just determined by how your music taste corresponds to theirs? haha, thats a joke, cause and effect can so often be interpreted where it simply does not exist, then again, i listened to music for my own enjoyment, rather than to use it like some kind of clothing. then again, when we look at it, what happens to you is not your choice, and what you think is partially a result of who you are, and partially what has happened to you up until that point, so do we have any free will at all, oh no its all got so complicated, and it all started off about scientology and hiv, surely hilarity was guaranteed??

its actually not funny, of course, apart from the imaginary place where no one really gets hurt, oh now and now i've gone and forgotton to not press the anonymous button, because, after all, who the fck knows who i am anyway,

no hard feelings, to anyone, seriously, im not having a go at anyone, if you're gay straight got five arms and a nob hanging off your left elbow, anyone who's conscious, regardless of what they think or feel, underneath is the same, now can we just all get along??

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah set for top two spots in Christmas Day charts


buckers ftw

I hope dearly buckers can bring it back from the grave and then a truly deserving cover will be #1, burke is quite a good singer, but no-one's ever gonna beat jeff's version, just leave it be!!!

I'm glad theres enough people with an appreciation for jeffs one that this has gained such momentum, over the past month or so i've been enjoying grace immensely as I sit by the open fire sucking on tasty volcano vapor, I recommend everyone else does the same, keep it festive

Aussie convicted over Simpsons sex pics



retarded, if there is a god, hit the reset button please, this attempt has gone horribly wrong,

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'



i've had my 360 for a couple of years now, at the time it cost me about 200 quid and it's enabled me to play games, as the developer intended, ever since, don't try to tell me that if I'd spent that 200 quid on a pc two years ago, it would still hold up like a 360 does, sometimes you just want to put a game in, and have it work, why bother spending 400 on a cheap pc when you could spend 200 quid on a basic laptop for your emails web etc and an xbox for your gaming,

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime



I wouldn't say it's neccessarily vista, it took me ten minutes to log on to my work pc this morning, sometimes it's quicker, sometimes it's not, depends on the network I suppose, the real issue here is the companies policy, I clock in with a card when I arrive, so my pc can take all day to boot up as far as I care

Premium-rate industry pushes into class



you mean there's actually going to be a lesson involving creating something?! and not just regurgitating the retarded facts they tell you to?! now that would be something new, I'd have paid money to do this at school,

in case you were wondering, no, i couldn't do music GCSE, because no one else wanted to,

Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s


is there...

any indication they can actually deliver these speeds, I only get close to my "20 mb" when it's about 5 in the morning, now they're claiming 50?!? Isn't it best to crawl before you run?

Microsoft gives Windows Live launch a Web 2.0 scrub-up



damn, beat me to it, I take it you meant lucrative? I am noticing a lot of these spell checker based mistakes on news sites today, does everyone posting stories to news sites just hit correct all without so much as a second glance?!?

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud


People from yorkshire

are they related to people from ireland, they both seem to go on about being from a particular place, yet they never seem to be in that place, if it's so good, shut up and go back, otherwise just accept that you're just another earthling like everyone else

iPhone beats RIM for reliability, sales, consumer favour



as my girlfriend learnt on saturday when she turned hers on to be greeted by . . . . no icons, well, an uninstalled but still showing as -not quite installing yet, 'jelly car' icon, and , , no others, not even in the space along the bottom for mail etc, had to to a restore to get it back to factory, what a pile of crap, mine does my head in more and more every day, the edge one was fine, the 3g is a sack of goat turds

Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adaptors


Macs are shit?

Quite what the fragility of a mobile power adapter has to do with a range of computers is beyond me, you guys must be aware of some magical technology shared by the two (other than electricity)

Obviously never tried to produce a song on a windows machine have ya?

iPhone auto-correct puts Euro tongues out of joint



autocorrect on this thing does my frigging head in half the time, no matter how many times I write new entries it never remembers them, and always changes things to the wrong word, it takes me ten times longer to write a message than it ever did with good old numpad based predictive text, or a proper keyboard, with actual buttons, yknow; the thing that makes touchtyping possible,something you can feel

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash



so anyone who downloads an album has no idea what goes into a song, na of course I don't, I played guitar for about 15 years, keyboards for about 10 and drums (only for a month, but still, I own some drums)

but since I downloaded a few albums I effectively volunteered to have all information relating to these activities wiped from my brain,

boo hoo, you get up at 3 in the morning to write ideas down, yeah, THATS YOUR JOB,

If I was making a living from playing the drums, I would be absolutely delighted that i could survive off doing something I love doing, regardless of how much I made, or how many people managed to nick a cheeky copy, I'd be more pissed about the record company who sit back making £££ more than I was when they did f**k all to produce it and I spent months on tour but then again, I'd be the one who signed a contract with them, and I'd be the one going around the world playing to thousands of people rather than sitting in an office full of retards like I am now, I know which I'd choose in a heartbeat

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility


all the moaning...

about a beta?! of course it doesn't have all the features of the other browsers, are they in their first beta too?

Chinese boffins crack invisible-shed window problem



I have a volcano, is it your fault, if it is, THANKS

Lockheed demos AI-based roboforce command tech


The astronaut dismantles HAL

HAL in charge of an army of T-1000's?!?! Where's my brown pants

'Googlebomb' blows up in Daily Mail hack's face


@ Chris

I agree, I hate the Mail too, and I have on a few occasions submitted comments to their retarded stories which do not concur with the general concensus of the wail reading population, not a single one appeared on the wail's site, and you're clearly right, it's only done to further compound their deluded readers scary view on the world (which they learnt from sources such as the wail in the first place)

haha, daily fail, i like it

UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on snooping silo


what do you mean

It'll prevent all these pesky terrorist attacks!! I can't walk down the street without a car bomb going off or a plane crashing into where I want to go, particularly irritating when I just want some milk

Rumour of redesigned iPhone



haha, iphone a brick? I used to have an n93!!

I think this is actually a good idea, think about it, kids who have nano's are also the most likely to have PAYG mobiles, a cut down PAYG nano version of the iphone is therefore ideal for this market!!

still, this talk of a scroll wheel AND a touchscreen is just nonsense, the whole point of the touchscreen is that it is the input device, its like having a car 'now with handlebars AND a steering wheel'

MPs report back from internet's dark side



I think ms byron is pretty hot!! And her report was pretty sensible really, a LOT more sensible than this utterly spasticated "YouTube watershed" idea, or any of the other displays of total ignorance we seem to read on a daily basis (like the facebook "knifing game" aka a single option in "superpoke" - hang on they can also type the words "stab" and "knife" in this comment form too!!?? The owners of the reg must be round up and incarcerated forthwith)

Apple iPhone 3G


makes me laugh

That most people banging on about it being expensive rubbish blah blah are the ones who are prepared to pay 20p to send a 320x240 image - haha, what are you, t-mobile fanbois? Before you need to prove your masculinity by telling of how you need mms to send the wife a reminder you DO still have a penis after all these years, I have a girlfriend too, wow! Except she must be that little bit more intelligent than your wife, AND all you friends as she can use email from her phone!! Wow!! And there was me thinkng this is only 2008.

An unsurprising amount of misinformation on here "nuhh sending emails on iPhone you'll have extra costs mms cheap!!" no numbnuts, iPhone = unlimited data, decent browser; understand?

App Store clean-up follows allegations



technically woz did push in, what a twat


if something is free

it may be crap, but you won't have missed out by ignoring it in future

I could sit here all day posting comments whining about things I haven't paid for that I don't like, then again, I don't have all day to spare


boo hoo

yes, that was shoddy journalism, i want my money back


by the way

i dont have a problem with the guy, i thought it was kinda funny, but then everyone shouts and screams about having his name 'cleared' - i dont see anyone else being able to call up a shop to reserve a place at the front, or getting away with handing out tickets from 5th place on like he supposedly did before



didn't exactly queue up like everyone else though did he,

Nokia E71 smartphone


@ netean

yeah, I wouldn't hold out much hope for future versions, they've been stuffing the same things in different shaped boxes for years, yeah it'll be 'symbian s60 2.4.1119 instead of 2.1.42395, but it won't enhance the end experience to the user in the slightest, the picture just gave me horrible flashbacks to my n93, which impressed me at the time . . about 2 years ago, but I soon got sick of it's stupid stupid face, I still love my iphone after having one for a year, no nokia has maintained my interest for anywhere near so long, but then again, if I actually enjoy using anything made by apple, I'm just an ignorant fanboi and should be ignored, it's not like people buy any of their stuff because it's actually any good now is it

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters


@matt bryant

I was able to connect to and use my PC remotely via VNC through my iphone months ago, get with it grandad,



I don't need entertaining 24 hours a day, but I do get a lot of buses and trains as I don't drive, and after a while just sitting there gets really quite boring, that said, I'm not prepared to buy and take a laptop with me just to get out for an hour or two on the train, I'd rather just have my iphone, I don't have any videos on it at all, just a bit of music, and that and the fact mobile safari does a big smelly poo on all the other phone browsers is reason enough for me, seriously, trying to look at the web on the nokias/SE's I've had has been a seriously painful experience



my girlfriend had an n95, it was pretty crap really, it says it has all these features like gps but then when you try and run it it doesn't even bloody work properly, it's all crap, she got an iphone a few weeks after i did, im sure theres some sort of specialist use people have for them, so whatever, the experiences i had with the things were terrible and the experience i've had with my iPhone, particularly for looking at the net when travelling, has blown it out of the water face first into a pile of old bums

3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call


all ok here

they let me take mine unactivated on friday, although it took a few attempts it activated fine after 20 minutes or so friday evening, all working fine now & i'm loving it!

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand


the sad twats are. . .

the ones who post on forums whining at other people to be more like them!

I didn't queue up to be 'first' with an iphone, what would be the point in that,

if you were sent a text message saying ANYTHING you've bought recently could be upgraded for free, to a better model, are you saying you wouldn't bother? The shops opened at 8 today, perfect chance to pick one up before work, I haven't even bothered to activate the thing yet, ill do that later and play about with the new features in my own time,

It's very easy for people to get the wrong end of the stick, i used to think apple was crap, that everyone with an ipod just wanted to bum steve jobs, but then i started using a mac to produce music instead of PC, and low and behold - it wasn't such a massive pain in the arse anymore, in fact it was almost effortless,

apple make decent stuff, if you gave it a go instead of just dismissing it because its clearly had a bit of thought put into its design maybe you'd actually quite like it, then again, im not going to tell you what to do, buy what the fuck you like, i have no allegiance to apple, it's just they've made the best phone i've used so far, so I'm sticking with it until i see something that does what i want it to do any better