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Sony names date for Euro 80GB PS3

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er surely some mistake? The 40Gb is currently £299 but your saying the 80Gb is cheaper :-/

World+Dog lines up for iPhones

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HTC Touch Diamond here I come :-D

Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

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RE: 120Gb - bargain

[quote]Ah, this looks a bargain for us PS3 owners. I can get the same sized hard disk for less than £40, but silly me that's internal. I'm sure if I look at external ones it'll be far cheaper

So it's £76 for a proprietary 120GB drive? Awesome, wish I was invited to that party


lol & point at the PS3 Fangirl.

You seem to forget that the 360 doesn't need a big hard drive!

No 1+Gb installs (which ultimately defeats the point of having a games console) just to play a game.

Bill Gates has gone, what's his legacy?

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1st photo (via link)

Am I the only one that noticed that one of the guys in the photo (centre right, ginger(ish) long hair,beard and glasses) is now a chick!

I also love the way BillG is sitting as far away from everyone he can while still being in shot.

Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey

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James Sherwood

So where's the link or name of the source of this "survey"?

Or is it just your attempt at satirical journalism?

Phorm failed to mention 'illegal' trials at Home Office meeting in 2007

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I smell something....smells like a cover-up to me.

/me dons tinfoil hat

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed

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as since Take-Two said this Microsoft has said that the DLC is on schedule :-/

Asus announces 10in, HDD-equipped Eee PC

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Don't forget....

the Rip-Off Britain multiplier to those prices.

Local mag claims Aussie Eee PC buyers will pay extra for Linux

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Slow news day guys?

I mean come on, this story is basically "Aussie mag makes typo" :-/

Phorm in phormulaic logo phorm storm

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lol this story has made my day!

I'm no legal expert but I reckon Phorm Design have a good case, along with bringing the name into distripute (spl?)

DIE PHORM DIE! (not Design, the crap one)

Blu-ray-for-Xbox 360 rumours restoked

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yeah right

I call Bull Shite on this.

And I'll eat my HD-DVD addon if it happens

DARPA reveals 2009 hyperplane test schedule

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Choc Cheese =! NZ

WTF are you on about Kiwis and the choclate cheese for?

It clearly states where the choclate cheese is available and New Zeland aint one of them (although some of its neighbours are)

"Within the first six months of the product’s launch in Taiwan, CHESDALE chocolate cheese slices grabbed a 10 per cent share of the overall cheese market. The product has since been launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand with similar success."

Come on El Reg, next you'll be blaming GTA4 for some random stabbing. Oh wait....

HD media future may be Blu, but it's not rosy

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I wanna a comparison of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disc sales since the "war end".

Personally I've brought 11 HD-DVD's, 0 BD's and 0 DVD's.

Commodore goes titsup (again)

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I've got a C64 in its box at home, maybe time to sell it while the Commodore name is still being used.

US punters don't want mobile music

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on what they mean by downloading to the phone.

I've used my phone as a MP3 player for over 5 years!

As for downloading direct on the phone, over the mobile network; NO WAY, until Orange come out with a decent (priced) data bundle that is.

But I do download direct on the phone via WiFi :-)

(New) dirt-cheap bots attack Hotmail Captchas

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er wouldn't it be easier for the bots to use the audio version of the Captcha?

I've always thought this was the unsecure part of the system :-s

Yahoo! to Microsoft: No surrender!

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Microsoft should really see this as a good bit of luck, and forget all about wasting such a large sum of money.

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour

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@Iain & Mark

I stand corrected on the HDD :-)

TBH I have never seen the point of a non-HDD model.

I just wish we could all get along :-D

I hate the fanboism, on both sides, and don't see the point of knocking a company just for the sake of it.

Anyway, I've gone off topic. So thank you, and move along please.

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@ Mark

i know I shouldn't feed the Troll but:

""HDD never required" (and then HDD required games appear)"

Er isn't 1 game out of the 1000 available?

""Xbox failure rates withing industry standards" (since when has 40% been industry standard???)"

Er 40%! you just made that up lmao.

(I've never seen Microsoft deny a HDMI so if you can provide a link to that source too I would be grateful)

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I think it's more likely that Lite-On is working on the BD drive for the 360 replacement!

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'

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so BT basically said "Yeah Phorm come on in, here's our network go knock yourself out, I'm off to the pub."

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles

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Microsoft Trolls

Will the Trolls (Mark & 1st AC) please read the article before before posting!

The guy does not work for Microsoft! Typical Troll posting.

As has already been pointed out; what a surprise, a guy sets up a business that would benefit greatly from console's demise, is prophesying the demise of consoles - why are these people given news space?

Boffinry bigwig puts another boot into biofuels

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RE: "All UK farmland would barely run Heathrow"

BAA can barely run Heathrow! How can they expect the UK farmland to.

Desktop Eee PC spied on web

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"Good enough Performance"

lol made me chuckle anyway.

UK gov unveils 'Innovation Nation' plans

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What planet are these people from?

Jeez, to think this sort of "thinkers" are running this country :-(

No wonder it's in such a state and emergrating seems more attractive each day.

Mines the lifejacket thanks, oh will the last one out turn the lights off please.

Top security firm: Phorm is adware

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Paris Hilton

@ Nick Palmer

"They can believe in the *&%$ing Tooth Fairy, for all I care; it doesn't make them right"

That actually made me choke on my coffee and fall off my chair, bravo sir! :-D


Surely if the said ISP's change their T&C's to incorperate this, aren't the user entitled to cancel without penalty as the new T&C's aren't acceptable :-s

TBH I'd be surprised if this takes off, Phorm's share price has nearly halved since this all kicked off - and the more it gets discussed the less viable it appears.

Quake rocks Britain

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"Mr Kipling has apologised for the UK earthquake earlier this morning.

But he has always made exceedingly good quakes"

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2nd time

Yep woke me up, in Stoke-on-Trent.

2nd earthquake I've experienced, and this was a lot stronger than the last.

According to reports only one person injured due to falling masonary though.

To all the kiwi's and yanks, STFU, as a rule we don't have earthquakes so this IS a big deal to us!

Hard drive replacement sparks singed disk situation

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This is news beacause?........

also seems a hell of a lot of solder on that chip.

Pentagon: Bullseyed turkey-sat pieces will all burn up

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1st thing, has anyone independantly verified the Americans story? Or are we all just taking their word for it [that that it's been destroyed].

2nd'ly, this whole episode has been about the Americans wanting to and demostrating their ability to "shoot down" a satelite; but "An American warship in the Pacific, USS Lake Erie, fired a modified SM-3 missile which lobbed a small kinetic kill vehicle into the dead satellite's path. The crippled spacecraft destroyed itself as it smashed into the vehicle at several miles per second." doesn't actually say they shot it down! They basically dumped the "kinetic kill vehicle" in it's path and let nature do the rest.

I feel cheated :-/

Gears of War 2 scheduled for November release

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Ok, no screenies or anything but a nice "announcment" trailer is available on the official site http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/g/gearsofwar2/announce.htm

HD DVD firesale begins on eBay

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@ Hmmm

Maybe Scott is the seller, and trying to bump up the final price ;-)

Think I'll browes the bay at lunch time and pick up some bargains, no point in me buying a hi-def (BD or HD) player at full retail as I haven't touch my DVD player in a year!

Consumer group slams 'unfair' software licenses

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@ The Other Steve


Seriously though, I think they should be forced to show return/refund information if you press the "I Disagree" button!

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)

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I've been using DRM-free (legal) UK download sites for over a year now,

djdownloads and juno.

Ok they haven't got a "major" label signed, but thats a good thing!

MP3 or AAC? Who cares, if you have a decent device it should play many different formats not just one!

iTunes, I wouldn't have it anywhere near my PC out of principal.

Customers peel away from Orange broadband

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>*You know the one, where the annoying hipster family make a telephone and a computer out of their furniture for no reason at all.

I never realeased thats what they were advertising! Thanks for the heads-up El Reg.

(Care to shed light on their advert with the multi-coloured streams etc.?)

Obviously, Oranges shoddy customer service and cr@p T&C have nothing to do with their loss of subscribers ;-)