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Microsoft resuscitates 'I'm a PC' ads to fight Apple


MS Only Do The Software

Apple have an advantage in that they have all that lovely shiny hardware to show you in the Mac adverts, while MS can only show you the OS.

Apple make pretty computers, everyone else makes fairly ugly computers. The ugly computers are usually a lot cheaper though.

Mine's the ugly, but fairly cheap computer that is loaded with virus and spyware protection.

Slimline Xbox 360 due in December?

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No more overheating

The new xbox is slimline so that it can easily fit in the door shelf of your fridge to prevent overheating issues.

Sony Ericsson confirms Xperia X1 UK launch

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@Graham Lockley

Maybe this is why your friend is an ex-pro photographer. Phone cameras are handy for a quick snap to illustrate something but you wouldn't want to be printing the images for your wall. The sensor is way too small to offer the quality that any real photographer would want.

Sony names date for Euro 80GB PS3



Maybe they have introduced it to compete with the 60GB Xbox.

Sony must be running scared.

[gets coat and quickly leaves]

Trust on the slide, Chris Moyles on the up at BBC


Flame War Alert!

I really like the Chris Moyles show, he plays some decent music and it's one of the few shows that make me laugh out loud. Much more entertaining than the commercial radio stuff as well as the pipe and slippers wogan crowd. Each to their own.

The PS3 is crap as well, the Xbox 360 is much better ;o)

Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

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Size isn't important

I've still got about 4GB left on my original 20GB 360 HD - I could fit a whole PS3 game install on that.

Maybe we'll see an Xbox 360 Elite Pro next.

Built in WiFi would be nice, if my phone can have wifi then I'm sure they can fit it in a 360.

If MS went for Blu-Ray they'd have to put a decent speed drive in. The main reason you need the game installs on the PS3 is because the drive is too slow to stream stuff.

The proprietry xbox hardware is a bit of a joke though, I want to be able to use any 2.5" drive or be able to transfer files about with memory sticks.

Paris, because she must have an opinion on size.

Xbox 360 pricing downed Down Under



Surely he just makes comments like that so he can sit back and watch the flame war he creates.

Don't feed the trolls.

Grand Theft Auto reportedly inspires teen rampage


Wanted by the police?

If only they had gone home for a sleep, the police would have lost all interest in them.

Mine's the trainee pickpocket.

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features


Calm down fanboys, it's only an update.

Nothing like an innocent console story to start a fanboy flame war.

Sony is obviously adding the features because of how popular they are on the 360. Why they didn't have in-game messaging available at the start is a mystery.

The Trophy thing does sound like a bad idea. On the 360, the achievements and gamerscore idea has been built into the machine from scratch and is integral to the gaming experience on that platform.

Adding unlockable pictures to a game is hardly an exciting feature. Will it be compulsary for developers to use it? Little point if it just an optional extra.

PS3 is crap anyway. Go on fan-boys see if you can ignore that flippant and baseless comment.

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release

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Achievements and stuff

Achievements on the 360 have changed what it means to 'complete' a game.

Even when the story has been finished with, there are often other things you can do to gain achievements which helps extend the life of the game.

There are some stupid achievements about, but on the whole it has been getting better as developers become more used to the concept.

It's fun to compare achievements with friends or to try and get the last few for a game. Games are about fun, so achievements are a good thing in my opinion.

Lets hope Sony do a decent job of it.

As regards the usual console flame war - I own an Xbox 360 and have yet to see any games on the PS3 that would make me want one of those instead. However, if I was recommending a console to someone who was new to 'next-gen' gaming then I would have to recommend the PS3. Some of the more current multiple format games like CoD4 and Burnout have been identical on both systems plus you get blu-ray and wifi straight out of the box with PS3.

MS bashes Gay(wood) Xbox Live gamer



Jenny Taylor - [snigger]

I've seen many a person on forums who hail from "S****horpe".

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


@"RROD whiners" whiner

I've had 3 friends' consoles die of RROD in the past few months. One of those was a relatively new machine.

Saying that, I'm very happy with my 360 (crosses fingers and touches wood) and haven't seen anything to make me want a PS3 instead. 90% of multiple format games are better on the 360.

I'd also heard about PS3 version supposedly being better than 360 version, but I also heard that was an early preview build of the game. We'll find out more next week.

You don't need to pay anything for the Xbox Live service if you just want to download the extra episodes.

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

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Clit Bang

Yeah, I read it as that too.

Halo 3 UK launch fails to fire


People got them on mail order

I think a lot of the gamers who were waiting for Halo 3 would have pre-ordered the game from mail order companies.

Most of these people, like me, would have received the game yesterday.

Why queue up at midnight?