back to article Here's a starter for 10 on smartphones: Who grew in Q3? A) Everyone. B) Asian vendors. C) Apple

2019 was forecast to be a deflationary year for smartphone makers, and calendar Q3 didn't turn up any surprises – sales shrunk 0.4 per cent globally. According to stats from Gartner, 387.47 million new phones found their way into the hands of users compared to 389.07 million a year earlier. "Sales were driven purely by the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love Apple.

    1. KittenHuffer Silver badge

      I can see why you would want to post that comment anonymously!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You must love Apple...they're reinventing the update.

      Have you seen how many updates Apple has put out for iOS 13 since release? It's the buggiest release ever.

      19/09 Release: iOS 13

      24/09 (5 Days Later): iOS 13.1

      27/09 (3 Days Later): iOS 13.1.1

      30/09 (3 Days Later); iOS 13.1.2

      15/10 (15 Days Later) iOS 13.1.3

      28/10 (13 Days Later) iOS 13.2

      30/10 (2 Days Later) iOS 13.2.1

      07/11 (8 Days Later) iOS 13.2.2

      18/11 (11 Days Later) iOA 13.2.3

      And iOS 13.2.3 is still buggy, I like iPhones but honestly, Apple have lost it in terms of the quality of their software, of late, Craig Federighi needs to go, it's not good enough for the premium people are paying for the Apple badge.

      The whole stupidy of three types of charging cable drives me nuts too. But it's not just the charging cables. Take the different chargers supplied with iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro, IPhone 11 have standard USB to lightning, while iPhone 11 Pro are USB-C to lightning. Apple just need to move over to USB-C and be done with it, but because the mark-up on cables is one of the biggest sources of profit, they keep doing what they are doing.

      "It just works" doesn't apply to Apple anymore. Every Apple youtube review seems like a paid shill too, all the same.

      1. DrBobK

        Re: You must love Apple...they're reinventing the update.

        Out of genuine interest, what is currently wrong with iOS 13.2.3? In addition, has anything been done about MacOS Catalina yet or is it still a disaster zone? Whatever is/was wrong with iOS, seems minor compared to what I read about current MacOS...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: You must love Apple...they're reinventing the update.

          For me: Safari Crashing, increased Battery drain, cellular issues/disconnects with hotspot. App issues.

          I've had fewer issues with Catalina but I don't have a big list of legacy 32 Bit Apps like others. A few spinning wheel issues since upgrading from release 10.15.0 to 10.15.1 that weren't there on the initial release, I've not narrowed the problem down, not had time and not using it for my main desktop.

          I still prefer High Sierra, the active daylight 'dynamic desktop' is pretty pointless, nice to look at, but pointless.

          1. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

            Re: You must love Apple...they're reinventing the update.

            I don't have a big list of legacy 32 Bit Apps like others

            The thing is, Apple had warned everyone for a couple of years that they were dropping support for 32-bit apps. It's one thing to lose access to an old bit of code[1] that's lno longer maintained but for big companies (I'm looking at you Adobe) to *still* have sections of 32-bit code in their premier products is unacceptable.

            [1] I lost a couple of old applications - one of which was a CD-burning app. No great loss since I haven't burnt a CD in about 5 years.. All the other 32-bit stuff had a 64-bit release available and I just had to bite the bullet and buy the new release.

        2. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

          Re: You must love Apple...they're reinventing the update.

          has anything been done about MacOS Catalina yet or is it still a disaster zone

          It never really was a disaster zone - there were some things wrong with the original release but they (fairly quickly) got fixed.

          Don't know about iOS - the only non-Mac Apple device we have is my wifes' ancient iPad - it's so old it won't run iOS 9.. But then, she only uses it to listen to the Archers podcast.

          One thing Apple can do to help stop this situation is to not let marketing set the release dates - let the devs release it when it's ready, not on a pre-set date!



    actually it will be the camera that changes things...

    while most people think they are "good enough" once they see photo's from a penta pixel camera with a good ISP then things change...

    ( for example a 108 MP (7P lens), f/1.7, 25mm (wide), 1/1.33", 0.8µm, PDAF, Laser AF, OIS)

    Samsung knows it and has invested the right way in my opinion by selling the camera sensor to other manufacturers who deal primarily in the largest smartphone markets Sony had better watch out !

    8k video with 360 ability in a phone would be a nice selling point and would stop people turning phones around... you just need a front facing 34 Megapixel the same for the back and some nice software...

  3. Blackjack Silver badge

    They told Apple they had to make a stand but...

    They took it too literally.

    I know Android and Windows have problems but Apple seems to have a lot of hardware problems in their products to the point is newsworthy when the keyboard ISN'T crap.

    If you are going to pay more, do it for a better product, not a crappy one.

    1. Tilda Rice

      Re: They told Apple they had to make a stand but...

      Funny, I really like the "newer" butterfly keyboard on the macbook pro I have. Never understood all the rage about it. But must be something in it as they've reverted to the old style keyboard.

  4. bombastic bob Silver badge

    MORE 3D Skeuomorphic, LESS 2D FLATTY

    I bet THAT would help boost upgrading!

    shadowing is a good start, but I bet people want MORE because all of the surveys _I_ have seen suggest that 3D Skeuomorphic is preferred 2:1 over a FLATTY appearance, and if the touch screens look MORE skeuomorphic out of the box, people will WANT them more!

    Apple, Google: G'head g'head prove me wrong, by at LEAST making it an OPTION for interface appearance... and see how many people CHOOSE it over 2D FLAT!

    (I'd suggest Microsoft, too, but they NEVER listen)

    1. Don Pederson

      Re: MORE 3D Skeuomorphic, LESS 2D FLATTY

      Agreed. I have Snow Leopard running in a virtual machine. I had forgotten how nice it looks. Much better than the flat look.

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