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Microsoft hits Alt-F4 on Windows 10X: OS designed for dual-screen PCs axed


In other words..

We saw one of our competitors doing something that looked cool so we thought we'd throw lots of cash at what was essentially a vanity project and, being Microsoft, tried to shoehorn Windows into a use-case that it was fundamentally unsuitable for.

Untill someone with slightly more sense canned the whole thing.

Oh well.

Us? Pwn SolarWinds? With our reputation? Russian spy chief makes laughable denial of supply chain attack


Re: So, it's not the Russkies because of something the NSA did a decade ago

You're just spreading bullshit as well

To be fair that kinda is his job..

Your private data has been nabbed: Please update your life as soon as possible while we deflect responsibility


Re: Close encounter of the Turd kind

The clumping type of cat litter made of bentonite clay would be best

We use the compressed wood-pulp kind - once the solids[1] are removed the rest can go into compost heap.

[1] Either by us or one of the dogs.. hmmmm.. warm cat-nuggets!


Re: Fake PII FTW.

You *need* nothing from me beyond a method of payment and an address

A lot of the better vendors allow checkout as guest where the only thing required is an email address and the payment is handled by their payment processor. Since I run my own email server (and no - it's *not* MS Exchange) I generally use $firstname-$sitename@mydomain.blah.blah as the email. That way, if I start getting spam to that address I can dob them in to the Info Commissioner on GDPR violations..


Re: Boilermaker?

My fave was a pint of snakebite (strong lager and strong cider)

At my 21st (many years ago in a town far, far away) I was force-fed[1] Guiness and Southern Comfort[2] by my then fellow-students. Presumably on the basis that it would get me amusingly drunk quite quickly. What they didn't realise (not being close aquaintences) is that I'd fully inherited my dads ability to drink almost everyone under the table [3].

[1] Well - they offered to buy al the drinks and it would have been rude to refuse. I was bought up to be polite after all..

[2] A commbo that covers the deficiences of both drinks and almost produces something drinkable. But, as intimated above, the drinks were free and that dramatically improves the flavour.

[3] One of the few useful things I inherited.. I won several "draughts with whisky" competitions at the student bar.. (draughts with whisky shots - you take a piece, you have to down it in one. I used to have a pint of mild and a nice sausage and bacon butty beforehand to act as a buffer)


Re: Boilermaker?

Less a cocktail, more just lining drinks up

And thus spoiling the taste of both. Mined ewe, if it's American "whiskey"[1] it's probably going to be improved by the application of beer (especially American beer - a case of two wrongs really do make a right)

[1] As the saying goes: they call it sippin' whiskey because only someone with no taste buds takes more than a sip..

Mac OS X at 20: A rocky start, but it got the fundamentals right for a macOS future


Re: Its still a bit marmitey though


There's a very nice addon I use called TotalFinder..

On his way out, Trump emits exec order suggesting US cloud giants must verify ID of all foreign customers


Re: Fact is…

Two of them have a requirement for official photo ID

Which is a pain if you don't have it.. (my drivers license is the old paper style with no photo card and my passport expired a couple of years ago..). Also my work pass doesn't mention who I work for (and could be mocked up in about 5 minutes by someone with access to a card printer).

Which is why, if I have to prove who I am, I have to use utility bills. Which really, really don't prove who I am since I could easily print up something that looks vaguely correct on my nice laser printer upstairs.

Top engineer who stole trade secrets from Google's self-driving division pardoned on Trump's last day as president


Re: Colour me surprised

unconditional pardon to all tangerines and any looky-likey politicians

I suspect that Trump finally listened to the legal advisors who let him know that, despite Trump's fantasies, the right to presidental pardon didn't extend to the president himself.

And that pre-emptively granting himself a pardon might look a tad... suspicious.


Your 3 - 6 rounds overly ambitious for a muzzle loader

Not for the British army of the time - they were expected to be able to fire 2-3 rounds a minute (even the riflemen and their longer and rifled muzzles made loading more awkward).

It was one of the things that allowed Wellington to kick the French out of Spain (along with good tactics, support from the guerilla army and Napoleon foolishly deciding to start a war on a second front..).

Scotch eggs ascend to the 'substantial meal' pantheon as means to pop to pub for a pint during pernicious pandemic


Just drink Guinness. The fourth food group

Ew. Just ew.

Now if it was cider.. that'd be an equine of a different hue..


Re: "has only left people scratching their heads"

was today put in extreme danger by the delivery driver from a well known supermarket chain

Which why my wife handles all the deliveries and everything (except cold stuff) goes into the dining room for quarentine and fridge/freezer stuff gets wiped down with detergent and rinsed. We then both wash our hands (I do the drying of fridge stuff).

But for people on their own I can see how it's going to be a problem. I hope she gave the supermarket some feedback?

(PS: None of the delivery drivers we've had have been a problem.. and they've all kept their distance.)


Re: "has only left people scratching their heads"

Hello from Cornwall

Kernow bys vikken!


Re: It's all bollocks

Those of us of a certain age were advised not to go out at all and arrange for food deliveries

I have the good 'fortune'[1] to be part of the vulnerable group and (eventually) managed to get priority delivery slots (and to be fair, it was a lot less hassle with Asda rather than Sainsbury [2]) so we at least managed to get food for us and the pets (within the limits of stock availability - bread flour? Don't have any mate..)

[1] I'd rather not have to take immuno-supressants or diabetes medication but life is what it is. You can't change what's happened, only your response to it..

[2] They consistently said no until I realised that I had to change my login to match the email address used with my Nectar card. After that, it worked fine.


Re: It's all bollocks

virus might consider a variant which only killed those below a certain IQ?

IQ isn't the determinant - tp put it into RPG terms, the problem is a lack pf WIS, not INT. Or, in RL terms, the determinant is selfishness and "me first" (AKA Chaotic Neutral). All of which are pretty prevalent in all levels of IQ.

Arecibo Observatory brings forward 'controlled demolition' plans by collapsing all by itself


Re: ::insert moment of silence::

with the money going to places where it's really needed, like figuring out new and novel ways to funnel money into politicians pockets

There. Fixed it for you..

Is that a barrel of pork I see? Trotters out, it's mine!

Manchester United email servers remain offline amid what is being called a 'ransomware' attack


by getting the players to do all the IT support

But they couldn't find the "any" key..

It may date back to 1994 but there's no end in sight for the UK's Chief customs system as Brexit rules beckon


Re: Let's see

Then we can laud or lay the blame.

That's a rational response that won't be a majority view. Most people (on both sides) will continue to blame the other side and those of us in the middle will continue to marvel at the lack of most people to argue from a rational basis even when both side is using the same "facts" to prove their point.

Let's face it - most people are just not capable of being rational when they care deeply about something - especially something where they have been taught to despise the other side. The same is seem in the US with the 'pubs and dems.

Not sunshine, moonlight or good times – blame it on the buggy


Re: Ave Alistairus!

..morituri te BSOD..


Re: "only to insist there was an error with the car."

size of the so-called 'Mini' continues

I have a friend who is a old-style Mini enthusiast.. he has been known to spit on the ground if someone mentions the BMW so-called Mini.

With good reason. The original Mini was designed as a small, cheap, easy to maintain car. The BMW reskinned 1 (AKA Mini) is none of those things.


Your computer is developing the haruspices skill..

The answer to your Wednesday/bird/L dilemma is easy. Your computer is learning the ancient Etruscian skill of reading the Haruspices and is warning you about some impending doom that is about to affect you/France/the world (delete as applicable).

Of course, like all haruspices, the interpretation is entirely in your gift. So - what's it to be? Small cup of fine doppio espresso is going to mysteriously fall off the table just as it reaches the perfect temperature and you are about to drink it? Small meteorite is about to strike and turn your house into something resembling the Night of The Living Dead?

Or merely that it's Wednesday, a bird has flown past and you pressed that dodgy L key again..

Biden projected to be the next US President, Microsoft joins rest of world in telling Trump: It looks like... you're fired


Re: Trump is more Scottish though

a native Gaelic speaker

A bheil Gaidglig agat?


Re: Good

you're an American when your a mutt

Same thing for the UK - my surname comes from (probably) the Forest of Dean, my mothers side is pretty much all Welsh, my Dad was from Yorkshire.

And I have a blood group that is very common in Celtics whereas my wife (Devon/Cornish extraction) has a blood type most common in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anyone that talks about purity of bloodlines is a moron. None of us have 'pure bloodlines' - especially those restricting their gene pool to keep things 'pure'.


Re: Good

decent candidates that aren't geriatrics

It takes a lot of time to raise the cash to buy the elections in the US..


Re: compared to Trump he's an elder statesman

either of my cats would make a better president

Likewise any of mine. Except the youngest one - she's a bit feisty..

(Oh - and the one that craps on the front door mat - she's probably not suitable given her complete lack of anything resembling brains[1]. But she's *very* cute..)

[1] Which is why she's the only one of the seven cats that can't handle the road outside the house. Which is why she only has a small stump of a tail left and a pelvis held together with titanium with no head of femur on her left-hand rear leg. She still climbs onto the garage roof though and chases her daughter round the house.

Three rips up call centre outsourcing contract with Capita 2+ years early


Re: Capita discovers too late

Capita will be quids in either way

Except that Crapita are truely getting a reputation for failure - even the organisation I work for won't touch them with someone elses bargepole..

With less than two months left, let's check in on Brexit: All IT systems are up and running and ready to go, says no one


Re: Have an upvote

What customs class is horse manure again

Depends on how fresh it is.. give it a bit of time and it becomes a pretty useful fertiliser..

Unlike Farage. He just gets more toxic over time. And he's now started an anti-lockdown political party because he *really* objects to people being protected from CO-19 and wants everyone to have the right to infect other people on a whim.

Pustulent little parasite. The sort of hypocrite that quite happily takes the very generous MEP salary and benefits while telling everyone else how evil it is.


Re: Aimless Anglos

Though I'm not sure we ever really did

Sure we did - keep those pesky Continentals in their place, invade and subdue about 1/3 of the world by figting against people at a lower tech level than us and then extract vast abouts of cash from them. And beat them up if they dare to complain. While forcing the Chinese to buy drugs from us while we are committing industrial espoinage to steal the only thing that they were selling us so that we could grow it elsewhere in the countries that we've stolen..

Oh - and to drink warm beer and cold gin while playing^W watching a game that takes 5 days and can still have no clear result.

(PS: I actually like cricket. Something about those bails is so... alien. And tea is the true drink of the gods.)


Re: QR

imbibing in a location known for local produce of a liquid kind

Or alternatively, being unable to organise a mass sexual experience in a house of negotiable afeections..


Re: QR

I get the feeling Britain is going to get a nasty lesson in January

..from which absolutely no lessons will be learnt. After all, they haven't learnt from any of their previous disasters^W learning opportunities..

Iran sent threatening pro-Trump emails to American Democrats, Russia close behind, says US intelligence



If only recipients used SPF!

You know a lot of places don't bother with SPF? All the domains I manage have their SPF properties correctly set but I still get lots of bounced mails where the originals claim to be from one of my domains..

And it's quite clear (looking at the headers) that the scumbags that sent them are using mail servers that don't even make a pretense of looking at SPF (my servers are neither in Brazil nor Russia. Or Thailand or China[1] or some parts of Eastern Europe).

[1] A lot of those places are geo-blocked on my firewall - I know it's not going to block everything but it does vastly reduce the attacks on my webservers and also the amount of spam that I get. And every little helps.

FYI: NASA appears to have scooped dirt from an asteroid 200 million miles away and plans to bring it back home


Re: To boldly go where Japan has been ten years ago?

and just says "yup, it's dirt."

Unlikely given how few bacteria and worms there are in space - the majority of usual soil is lifeforms of various sorts and the... 'output' of said creatures.

Pedantic I know. But without pedantry, where are we?

Samsung aims boot at Apple's decision not to bundle a charger in with the iPhone 12, foot ends up in mouth


Re: Pay more, receive less

Way to gouge us

You are not required to buy one. Too expensive? Don't buy it.. Too loaded with crapware? Don't buy it (which is one reason I don't buy Samsung).

Moral of the story - buy the phone that's at the price you want and with the features you want.

Yahoo! Groups! to! shut! down! completely! on! December! 15!... Tens! mourn!


"Then again, we're getting on fine without Alta Vista."

I'm not sure about "fine" when you look at some of the alternatives.

Fortunately, Usenet still exists.. And because it isn't known much, no more Eternal September..

Mark Zuckerberg, 36, decides that having people on his website deny the deaths of six million Jews is a bad thing


Re: Ever increasing totals

Or being several generation Sabra, Gadot probably has a historically correct look for Cleopatra..

Same goes for Western depictions of Christ - he wouldn't have been a tall, handsome white guy.. (especially when you take Isiah 53 into account: "he had no form or beauty that would attract us"..).


Re: I met one the other day

China appears to be trying to obliterate the culture

They are doing much as the UK[1] did with parts of Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland in the 17th-19th century - forbidding expression of culture and forcing an overlay of their culture in its place. The problem is, now there isn't somewhere to do the Dance Called America for the refugees to go.

[1] Yes - the spawn of the UK (the US, Canada and Australia) did a similar thing and are still doing to a greater or lesser extent.


Re: I met one the other day

Communism has always been a totalitarian regime

Depends on your definition - the 1st Century Christians practiced a form of voluntary communalism which Acts describes as "they gave as they could and were given as was needed".

So that's pure communism. Communism in the last century and this is somewhat different in that it relies on the destruction and suppression of the owning class by the working class. The trouble is, once the owning class is destroyed, the bits of the working class that did the destruction (or the leaders of said subclass) become the new owning class and tighten their grip on power by controlling said owned resources while maintaining the forms and rhetoric of the working class. Which isn't communism, it's communal facism.


Re: One awful conspiracy theory down

It'll be Stole the election

AKA "stabbed in the back".

Look for the 2nd US revolution to start in a beer hall somewhere.


Re: So it only took this long?

That is when Biden gets his shot to destroy America

He's too late - Trump has already destroyed most of what made America 'great'.

British Army develops AI shotgun drone with machine vision for indoor use


Re: RE: applies an equal and opposite force to the launch platform

there is nobody standing in the opposite direction to the target

Much like firing an anti-tank missile (or so I've heard)


Re: What could possibly go wrong?

a new AI based on labaratory cats to the thing?

And call it "A game of rat and dragon"?


(I remember reading that many, many years ago..)

NHS COVID-19 app's first weekend: With fundamental testing flaw ironed out, bugs remaining are relatively trivial


Re: Call me Mr Cynical but...

thorough the testing was

It compiles! Time to release it..

SAP S/4HANA rollout at Queensland Health went so well that hospitals bent over backwards to avoid using it


Re: So tell me if you heard this one: an ERP deployment goes horribly over budget...

So what terrible Indian outsource shop/slave market did they use?

Doesn't need an Indian outsourcer - sometimes an internal team can do just as badly. When I was at a certain bat-winged supplier of cellular base stations in the late 90's, we had a project to deploy what was called a "factory management suite" - it did component ordering, build tracking, inventory levels, order and shipping tracking etc etc rather than relying on paperwork and people.

To say that it was badly done is an understatement. Each of the modules was late and, when 'finally' implemented, we could ship anything for several weeks - until they (reluctantly) paid for external consultants to actually fix the problems.

The project manager got a handsome promotion out of it even though the project ended up successful (despite being way over time and budget) depite the PM rather than because of the PM..

Outsourcing just makes failure more likely..

First-world problems: The pumpkin spice latte is here, but the Starbucks loyalty card app has wiped my balance


Re: Coffee chain coffee

If there isn't a decent café around?

Drink tea.

(We've got a couple of local chain coffee shops here - they sell good coffee and decent food - certainly better than the big international chains do).


Re: What's a Starbucks?

I have a jar of Nescafé if that helps

That would certainly help me have a migraine.. (for some reason, normal cafetiere/filter coffee gives me migraines but espresso doesn't unless I let it drip for a long time before removing the cup). Probably something that gets extracted on a long soak and the water being pumped under pressure doesn't give it time.

So it's lattes all the way down for me. Or doppio espresso..


Re: entitles them to free extras in their drinks

Heh, it's starbucks

I'd rather drink McDonalds coffee and I hate their coffee.

Support a local coffee shop - there are plenty of them around and they don't sell overburnt and bitter 'coffee' at extortionate prices like Starbucks do.

I'm saving up for a bean to cup machine for home.

Brexit travel permits designed to avoid 7,000-lorry jams come January depend on software that won't be finished till April


Re: Dont worry, the pain

The stronger The Faith

"But I tell you this, faith without works is dead. You say you have faith - then show it by the works you do". So, all those people putting their faith in Brexit are going to be very, very disappointed


Re: Dont worry, the pain

archaeologists will decide the markings on the outside of the units had religious significance

"It's a lorryhenge and undoubtably used for ritual purposes.."


Re: What's in a name...


And a version for Southampton, Harwich, Plymouth, Fisgard..

Is it just me or is it odd that they are focussing on Kent and seem to be utterly ignoring the other ports? Some of them have a throughput somewhat equivalent to Dover..


Re: What's in a name...

end up referred to as Kermits

I prefer zmodem myself..


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