back to article 'Exclusive swag' up for grabs as GitLab flings bug bounty scheme open to world+dog

DevOps outfit GitLab has opened its bug bounty scheme to world+dog, having paid out $200,000 last year and fixed "nearly 200 vulnerabilities reported to us". "In managing a public bug bounty program, we will now be able to reward our hacker community for reporting security vulnerabilities to us directly through the program," …

  1. Semtex451

    Dunno why they're so unpopular these days

    When I was a kid I'd've given my left arm for one, or a curly wurly.

    1. iron Silver badge

      Dark ones are the best.

      Oh and now I want a Curly Wurly but have no idea where I can buy one. :'(

      1. Semtex451

        Have you been good?

        It's not too late to ask Santa

    2. Alister

      My perception is that they are a lot more sickly sweet than they used to be.

      I find a standard sized bar is more than I want to eat, nowadays, although I do still enjoy the bite-size ones.

    3. smudge

      Dunno why they're so unpopular these days

      Have you seen them recently? Had a Bounty yesterday for the first time in years. Considerably smaller than the ones I remember from my youth.

      Bounty means handsome reward - but this was more a measly, grudging tip.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        But can you get a Bounty for a Bounty reward?

        Bounty. Woody sort of word, innit.

        Sorry, mine's got a picture of Cleese and chocolate smeared on the front.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          "No, not that kind of Bounty..."

          Indeed, the bar in the picture is a milk chocolate Bounty. Unlike that (and its plain chocolate sibling), the ill-fated and obscure Bug Bounty variant was significantly less successful, eliciting reactions such as "eew", "is that a centipede on top?" and "I think it was a mistake to print cockroaches on the wrapper".

          The Bug Bounty was withdrawn in 1976 after just three months on sale, when it was replaced with a fondue-based version.

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