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Even Facebook struggles: Zuck's titanic database upgrade hits numerous legacy software bergs

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Re: Facebook's key motto...

MySQL v8.0 was released on 19 April 2018 and v5.6 was released on 5 February 2013 - 8 years ago. So I would argue that Facebook have used MySQL v5.6 "well beyond its use-by date and because they never had a plan for updates of any kind" and are still struggling to tackle this problem that has been in the making for over 5 years (since the release of v5.7).

I updated a non-profit from MySQL 5.x to 8.x two jobs ago. (actually we went with the MariaDB equivalent because MySQL v8.0 was only available to paying Oracle customers at the time)

Intel: 'Another one to two years before the industry is able to completely catch up with demand'

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Two years before industry will catch up to demand or two years until Intel can catch up with the current tech from the rest of the industry?

By then TSMC will have moved on.

Russia's ISS Multipurpose Laboratory Module launches after years sitting on a shelf, immediately runs into issues

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Re: No problem!

Dangerous / Deadly in '84 (I can't remember which) and triple Elite in ED... I might need someone to translate the controls from Russian though!

In the '80s, satellite comms showed promise – soon it'll be a viable means to punt internet services at anyone anywhere

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Re: Can't wait...

So they could hire an expert to set it up for them. Why should the average person think they can understand how IT works when we spend years learning and studying to make it work for them? If they had to hire a techy they would end up with a better service that is actually secure.

Gung-ho tank gamer spills classified docs in effort to win online argument

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I read a piece about this on a supposedly technical site last week. Someone in the comments boldly stated that since they had not signed the Official Secrets Act the game devs are not liable, which is wrong. You don't have to sign the OSA to be bound by it, signing it just means you have read it, understood it and understand its relevance to you.

Like any other Act of Parliament we are all legally bound to follow the OSA.

Malaysian Police crush crypto-mining kit to punish electricity thieves

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Re: Why not...

Sell them to whom? They are single purpose mining rigs, NOT COMPUTERS.

OpenAI shuts down robotics team because it doesn't have enough data yet

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Re: Does it matter ?

> It isn't as if the film maker was trying to deceive the public about what Bourdain had already expressed.

I disagree.

“If you watch the film ... you probably don’t know what the other lines are that were spoken by the AI, and you’re not going to know,” Neville said. “We can have a documentary-ethics panel about it later.”

At the very least Neville doesn't want you to know or think about where the opinions voiced in his documentary are coming from. He wants you to listen, presumably agree with the viewpoint he is expressing about Bourdain and not know that he is decieving you, albeit in a fairly minor way.

Neville's expressed opinion about ethics shows he is a total piece of shit and shouldn't be making documentaries because he has no interest in the truth.

This page has been deliberately left blank

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And much of the UK establishment thought Mr Hitler was a jolly nice chap with some good ideas.

In a few years will be over 80 years since the war ended and those colluders are either dead or incapable of influencing Bretonian politics. So what is your point?

IPv6 still 5–10 years away from mainstream use, but K8s networking and multi-cloud are now real

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Re: Is this the most sensible Gardner report ever?

Which means 67% is not. Which is the more serious number?

I don't remember the seriousness of numbers being discussed in Maths but I'd suggest the number that is double the other number is the more serious one.

Plus not all internet traffic goes to Google, yet.

Hubble, Hubble, toil and trouble: NASA pores over moth-eaten manuals ahead of switch to backup hardware

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Re: Sounds Like...

Dragon isn't a pickup truck, you can't just add an arm and we're good to go. It would need a complete redesign. Dragon lacks a proper airlock to support spacewalks for a start.

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Re: Sounds Like...


Small, drone like, reusable and probably in space on a secret mission right now.


UK govt draws a blank over vaccine certification app – no really, the report is half-empty

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Two seperate health services in two seperate countries. Why did you think they would be connected?

Something smells about your claims. If you are not resident in Scotland how did you get a vaccine here? Our system relies on sending letters to residents with vaccine appointments, so did you turn up at a vaccination centre and jump the queue?

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Re: Here in the EU...

The virus doesn't care where you were born or what passport you have. By travelling you may be spreading the virus the same as anyone else, so why should you have special treatment?

Not to mention you are resients of Germany so presumably pay taxes there, the UK doesn't owe you shit.

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Re: Here in the EU...

Why did you only get your second vaccine today? I had mine weeks ago, all you have to do is arrange two apppointments for everyone. Why is the EU struggling so much with this? Could it be because you failed at ordering your vaccines?

Also there is no UK when it comes to NHS and health, this article is about NHS England, something you should really have known if you worked there.

You'll never Guess whose data has been nicked as US fashion firm confirms systems breach

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Re: As a fashion company...

So Experian are behind all the ransomware gangs? Wouldn't surprise me tbh.

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> an organised cyber-attack which was carried out with considerably vicious criminal intent



deliberately cruel or violent

So in what way was this "cyber-attack" cruel and violent? Did they somehow rig the servers to explode? Were they particularly nasty to the servers as they transferred data off site? Did they threaten the server's child processes?

With a straight face, Putin agrees to do something about ransomware coming out of Russia, apparently

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Re: Its just criminal activity.

If I were looking to write malware in the UK I would ensure the build machine was set to Chinese, Korean or Russian language, include some Google translated comments in the same langage and write it so it doesn't infect computers using the same language.

I'd also ensure my C&C servers were hosted in China / Russia / NK or somewhere friendly to those countries.

AV vendors, TLAs, etc would then identify me as a Chinese / Russian / North Korean hacker and blame them rather than the UK.

It's pretty obvious spycraft imo.

Security warning deluge from 'npm audit' is driving developers to distraction

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Re: This is strangely redolent..

Not to worry, I was also in two minds but downvoted for that very reason. So between us we have covered both our opinions.

OpenUK's latest report paints a rosy picture of open source adoption

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Re: A company's commitment to participating ... would be much more prevalent

Reporting bugs and testing fixes is one of the ways I contribute to open source however it can be a thankless task. Some maintainers can be less than friendly and there are a couple of libraries I'd love to ditch because the maintaner is an arse but can't because there's no decent alternative and I haven't found the time to write my own version.

Three-dozen US states plus DC sue Google over Play Store's revenue cut, payment system, and more

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Re: re: How is this any different, than say the Apple, Appstore

> What is it with useful idiots defending mega corporations against "unfairness".

That accusation could be levelled at your own arguments for backing Epic games, a company whose bottom line really doesn't need your help.

Salesforce's Patterson blazes a trail for humble-braggers everywhere

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Re: Question

The olympic marketing wonks don't understand the difference between GB and UK. Which seems appropriate for this article.

IBM insiders say CEO Arvind Krishna downplayed impact of email troubles, asked for a week to sort things out

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When I tell my octagenarian father about it over the week end they will suffer brand damage so yes, it is still possible but you will need to find someone whose finger isn't on the pulse of the latest in the industry.

Audacity fork maintainer quits after alleged harassment by 4chan losers who took issue with 'Tenacity' name

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Re: The Audacity of them!!!

Instead they will just SWAT you and get you killed by your own cops.

Laptop option on the way for ortholinear keyboard hipsters in form of MNT Reform add-on

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If the keys were in a standard layout, just ortholinear then maybe but with the wierd layout pictured no way I'd use this. The placement of Home, End, Pg Up, Pg Dn and the arrow keys on a normal laptop keyboard causes me enough problems without doing stupid things like moving Ctrl, Esc and the punctiation used for programming!

Kaseya says it's seen no sign of supply chain attack, sets SaaS restoration target of Tuesday afternoon, on-prem fix to follow

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That is the attackers trying to hit ASP endpoints with known vulnerabilities, it doesn't mean the Kaseya product is written in classic ASP. Probably the attakers realised Kaseya were running IIS and hit them with all the usual IIS exploits.

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Re: They had zero-day vulns in their product

> a zero day attack is not a buffer overflow issue

If it is unknown before being used maliciously then a buffer overflow is a zero day attack.

Not for children: Audacity fans drop the f-bomb after privacy agreement changes

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Re: Depressing

Crash reporting sure but you could try asking your users which features they use and which should be improved rather then peering over their shoulder every minute that they use your app like a Cold War spy on a black bag job.

I don't do that to my users.

NHS England staff voice concerns about access controls on US spy-tech firm Palantir's COVID-19 data store

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Re: blah, blah, blah

We will, once we've left the rotting corpse of your Union to sink on the iceberg the Tories steered it into.

Audacity is a poster child for what can be achieved with open-source software

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Devs love telemetry

> Telemetry is a touchy subject. Developers like it because they get data about how users are using the app, but users dislike it because it's a form of tracking.

Actually Devs don't love telemetry because it invades our privacy when we are users and prevents some users using the fruits of our hard labour.

Management love telemetry = yup

Marketing love telemetry = yup

Accounts love telemetry = yup

Devs? Not so much.

Google has second thoughts about cutting cookies, so serves up CHIPs

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> if the users have not yet created an account and the support widget is helping them sign up, then retail.com would have no notion of identity to forward to support.chat.com

If the user does not have an account then retail.com has no relationship with them and no history that might be useful to the support service. There is no need for them to identify a potential user of their services to a third party purely to provide support when signing up. None.

That Google think everyone should be identified to every company and third party online shows the root of the problem. Chrome will never be secure and protect privacy because Google don't even know what security and privacy are, their engineers can't even wrap their heads around the concept.

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Re: more acceptable use cases

I've had 3rd party cookies disabled since the days of Netscpae Navigator. The only sites it breaks I don't want to use anyway.

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Re: Optional

Alternatively... just so you can get a counter to stroke your e-peen you sell your visitors data to a random third party? That seems a bit evil.

Android devs prepare to hand over app-signing keys to Google from August

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Re: None of this sounds like a good idea

Fortunately all of what you said is wrong.

AABs mean smaller download sizes for ALL users so data and bandwidth are saved for everyone. All my apps had download sizes reduced by over 50% when I moved to AAB distribution last year and none of them use optional features or trial versions.

With the old APK you are downloading language files for languages you don't understand, files for resolutions your device doesn't support and potentially ABIs for an entirely different chip architecture. With AAB the dev uploads all these things in a single AAB, Google then splits it apart into individual APKs for each language, resolution, ABI, etc and only serves the user exactly what they need. So you don't get x86 code on your ARM phone or resources for 50 languages when you only speak one. It really is a good thing.

International law enforcement op nukes Russian-language DoubleVPN service allegedly favoured by cybercriminals

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He's thinking of the children, duh.

When free and open source actually means £6k-£8k per package: Atos's £136m contract with NHS England

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Re: A Pity

There may not be anyone in British government who knows how to write.

Watchdog bans crypto super-exchange Binance from 'regulated activities' in the UK

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Re: Shady

Or don't chose one at all since the whole damn thing is a giant elaborate ponzi scheme.

Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse

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Re: Well said

If I don't do it someone else will is not a good argument for doing something. Logic like that votes for facists, leaving the EU and reality TV personalitlies that want to be President.

Pull your Western Digital My Book Live NAS off the internet now if you value your files

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There are very good reasons why my NAS is not connected to the Internet, not even through a VPN, and this is now Exhibit 1.

UK competition watchdog launches investigation into fake review epidemic across Google and Amazon

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Did someone in UK gov buy a '3 wolf and moon' shirt but it didn't have the requisite panty dropping effect?

Bug at payments processor WorldPay swipes £2k+ per ride ticket from Brighton Pier revellers

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> The amount of people [this has affected] is enormous

Really? How many Typhoid Marys are visiting Brighton beach in the middle of a pandemic?!?

‘What are the odds someone will find and exploit this?’ Nice one — you just released an insecure app

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The problem is not developers knowingly releasing insecure apps, the problem is the management who make them do so.

I used to work for a small oil & gas consultancy. They had all their data on a SQL Server directly connected to the Internet, no VPN, no API, just an open port on a non-standard port number. This was 10 years after CodeRed so the risks should have been obvious. I brought this and other security issues up regularly but management's answer was "why would anyone want to hack us?" Perhaps because you supply data and software to the all the major oil companies in Europe? Everyone from Greenpeace to Fancy Bear would have been interested ffs.

The board only became interested in security when they sold the company. Then myself and the sysadmin (who was in his first job) had to secure everything asap. I left shortly afterwards, leaving a dev team who had no idea how the security I wrote worked and didn't care. I hear their stuff is all online now using React, I dread to think what kind of security swiss cheese that is.

Google creates 'optimized' Android for one smartphone — that will only be sold in India

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Re: Android Go and One are not the same

Yup I fail to send a correction every time I see the mailto link is still the required method. Also they don't work for anyone who only uses webmail. It really is time to drag the corrections process out of the 1990s.

Three things that have vanished: $3.6bn in Bitcoin, a crypto investment biz, and the two brothers who ran it

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Re: Surprised?

Intelligence doesn't come into it. Like the people who were conned by a Nigerian prince the main factor is greed. These people are too busy thinking how much money they will make to realise it is a scam. It serves them right and I have no sympathy.

Hubble Space Telescope may now depend on a computer that hasn't booted since 2009

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Re: Sad to see End of Life

James Webb does not replace Hubble. It can't see the same breadth of wavelengths (UV IIRC) so the plan is for them to complement each other.

iron Silver badge

If like Hubble your phone had four backup memory modules and an entire backup main board, SoC, etc it would cost twice the price. Would you have still bought it on the off chance it has a problem or would you have bought the much cheaper version that wasn't full of redundant backups?

Facebook granted patent for 'artificial reality' baseball cap. Repeat, an 'artificial reality' baseball cap

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Re: contraption ... that keeps heating elements away from the wearer's skull ?

The FART hat can use the 5G from your Covid vaccine, simples.

Spacey McSpaceface: Artemis takes shape ahead of '2021' launch – but first you need to name the crash-test dummy

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The dummy should be named Senator Shelby, obviously.

Nominet is back to 'the same old sh*t' says Public Benefit campaign chief as EGM actions grind to halt

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Re: Nominet's handing of EGM voting data to a market research agency, Savanta

What do you mean from now on? Sounds like standard practice for as long as I can remember and I can remember almost 5 decades now.

'Google is present at almost all levels of the supply chain' for online ads: It's time for a competition probe, says EU

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Re: Really ?

I haven't seen an advert online or on TV in years. Yet recently I was able to find several online stores I'd never visiited before to buy a new coat. How did I achieve this amazing trick you ask? I used something called a search engine.

From I'm feeling lucky to I'm feeling Brave: Browser maker erects web search engine beta

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Re: Brave is a must-have on a mobile phone

I did. It was far too Chrome like and I ditched it. I still have it on a work machine for testing but for not actual use.



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