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Weird flex but OK... Motorola's comeback is a $1,500 Razr flip-phone with folding 6.2" screen

Matt 13

Re: Koenigsegg

If I spent £2million on a koenigsegg I fully expect the phone to be worth more in 2 years time!! probably sooner!!!!

Microsoft: New icons, new drivers, AI! Everything is awesome!

Matt 13


Yes, like touch screens have worked so flawlessly with the built in Linux driver support...

or the penguin fanatics asking if Linux drivers are available for every new shiny laptop that's reviewed on here!! hardware needs drivers, especially if one is to leverage all aspects of an exotic bit of equipment.

Linux is good, it has its place, but perfect in every way, it is not!!!

EU turns screws on Android – report

Matt 13

Re: Typical EU

I agree... in the old days it was all guns at microsoft for bundling IE with windows, etc....

Apple Bundled Safari with OSX - noone cared...

Now Google are bundling their browser with their OS (which the end user can remove and replace) and they are being targeted

Apple Bundle Safri with iOS (which in my recolection you cant remove) - noone cares

its one rule for apple and another for everyone else.... Apple arnt the underdogs, they are up at the top table and so should face the same rules as everyone else

Foxconn warns phones prices will rise

Matt 13


they hire a new PR company, then issue a press release that states product prices will be increasing... that doesnt sound like good PR to me!! maybe they need to have another meeting!!!

Leica revamps rangefinder and compact models

Matt 13


are the entry level panasonic/lumix with the branding 'upgraded' to Leica? or a new dedicated model from Leica?

US college girls: Fatter roomie helps control 1st-year plumpening

Matt 13
Paris Hilton

simple reasoning....

the reason why wone room mate gets larger, while the other slimmer is easy....

Observer the following scenario...

Fat & thin do the grocery shopping...

Thin goes out for a typical thin girls night out, ie, lots of booze, sex and drugs = physical movement, sweating and vomiting - all great ways of keeping weight down!!

Thin arrives back home sometime the next mid afternoon and heads to the kitchen... on the way avoiding Fat who has been playing WOW all day/night/day...

Thin makes it finally into the cupboards only to find that the groceries have been converted into a thick layer of crumbs and wrappers on and around FAT...

Fat & Thin then go out grocery shopping

Thin goes out for a typical thin girls night out................................. the cycle continues........

Paris - as thin girls have more co.... er... fun!!!!

Sony PlayStation Move

Matt 13

just got mine...

Ive already got the eye toy and on a whim grabbed the move controller for 28 quid from tesco...

Bugger me its good!! knocks the Wii mote into a cocked hat! Ive downloaded the demos and found that a couple of titles I already own are compatible (Mini Golf and hustle kings)

Ive Just spent a bunch of time playing Ruse - a C&C type strategy game... Its taking some time to get my head round the 3D control method, but zooming about the battlefield with the wand/six axix combo is almost intuitive and almost as quick as a mouse!

I was aprehensive, but waving the thing about reclining on the sofa isnt too bad! you dont need to be standing up and waving your arms about... all in, for sub 30quid, not a bad punt!

Undiplomatic tweet from French diplomats

Matt 13

oohh.. now theres a thought...

maybe twitterbomber should have used that as his excuse...

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job

Matt 13

But he wasnt in an airport!

If the chap was in the airport, stood up and shouted, "sort this place out, or come friday, ill blow this place up!" then, he deserves everything he gets... thats just stupid! but...

He was at home, on bloody twitter!!! there is a bit of a difference! Context people! please!

grenade... as im on hold and if the buggers dont answer soon, Ill hunt them down, strap them to a rocket and fire them at the sun..

Matt 13

go on!!

pull the string... its friday afternoon!!

Intel to keep laptops from losing cool in bed

Matt 13
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Intel does make cool chips....

I have used my intel based laptop in bed plenty... it has no vents and no fans... indeed, the case is totally sealed and water proof...

The battery wont catch fire as the charging circuit reduces the charge when the battery or case gets warm... hell, this laptop actually has a heater inside it to keep the hard drive warm on cold days!!

The beauty of the ULV 1.66 Centrino, heatpipes and a very large fully magnesium case to act as a heatsink...

Panasonic solved this problem years ago!!!

Recession drives pies sky high

Matt 13

breakfast pie?

work has officially stopped!

All i can think of is tasty pie goodness!

suddenly biscuits and coffee really dont cut the mustard!

but it appears as though I am 3 hours, 12 minutes from satisfaction... god darn it!

Air mouse targets TV - Apple to follow?

Matt 13
Jobs Halo

whats this to do with a***e??

a poor attempt to collect more clicks by randomly using that brand!!

You reported on Hitachi's working gesture controlled TV back at CES 2009 and managed to not mention the fruit...

Anyway, back to my comment...

Erm, havent hitachi already demoed a working prototype TV using gesture control? how can this be anything new?!

SJ for el reg's shameless brand whoring!

Matt 13

oh, i miss read the article...

this isnt a new remoteless device, its just a copy of whats currently available to buy...




oh... goodness! JVC have been at it for ages!!!

http://www.reghardware.com/2007/10/08/jvc_clap_tv/ their 2007 prototype!!!

Doc develops RSI-reducing rolling mouse

Matt 13

looks funky, but....

where is the bluetooth version! i only have a finite number of usb sockets and I have a real aversion to having stuff poking out of my laptop, spoiling its clean lines...

Hoax Facebook virus makes more trouble than a real virus

Matt 13
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thats a good idea... better put the thing in caps too so they notice it!!!!

Dodeca-core Apple Mac Pro coming next month

Matt 13


I love the Mac Pro, but the spec is a little meh for a quality workstation... yes, it looks pretty, but only 32gb of ram? I would have expected atleast double that... and isnt the 5870 a gaming card, not a proper workstation card?

Lite-on iHBS112 internal Blu-ray writer

Matt 13
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not everyone is just pirating movies on BD, with HD camcorders DVD just doesnt hold enough data...

My parents have a blueray player in the lounge, to them its just a flash dvdplayer...

all my home video if my son is recored in AVCHD, while I could copy that to a hard drive and post it to them, talk them into copying it to a PC (which they barely know how to email from) then carry that to the front room and connect to the TV, its much eaiser to just burn a BD, pop it in the post and they play it like a normal dvd... 130 is a good price, its good to see costs slowly going down...

Apple ad-addled OS scheme resurfaces

Matt 13


why do you think all new apple products will have a forward facing camera... video chat?? or... using facial recognition - the adverts pause if it detects your eyes moving away from the screen...

What's the difference between an iPod and an iPood?

Matt 13
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do apple own the letter 'I'??

if I wanted to to sell t-shirts with 'i like to club seals to death, wipe my arse with the warm pelt, then grind up the cute little carcasses and wear their heads as a hat' written across them, would apple sue me? the statement is plenty more offensive and just as tenuous a link to apple products...

ipood - has a direct and obvious link to the tool and its use

ipod - well, whatever that is, is anyones guess....

big, bully boy apple...

Russians quizzed over parasailing donkey

Matt 13


maybe he has been asking for it... working the beach for years, giving excited kids and fat tourists rides.... always looking to the skies at the crazy people flying... one day, as he rested in his little tin hut, he dared to dream, to wish that he could join the elite and soar across the skies...

the next day.. those dreams came true!!!

whatever the story, its worked... how many parasail agencies did you know exisited by the sea of Azov??!!

Advent MT22 21.5in touchscreen all-in-one desktop

Matt 13

exactly what i thought...

A lot of the time, less is more! especially when it comes to logos... Im no designer, but even I can see that mirror glued on the front is just plain awful! 'advent' stenciled in a non-obtrusive font and colour in a corner would have upped the classyness no end!

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog

Matt 13


This update is for all iphones, not just the 4... and the mis-calculated signal bars issue is apparent on all models... does this mean that my iphone 3, which appears to have a signal strength meter that works as well as my Sony Erricson and doesnt appear to be buggered, will be brought inline with the new iphone 4 signal strength and start showing wildly fluctuating signal!!??

Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4

Matt 13


It still looks good - shut!!... and was a good workhorse, bar a few niggly details, mine was a gigabit Ti-book, so all the paint on the carbon fibre flaked off... then the hinges cracked and I would get electric shocks from the bare carbon which became more pronounced when i was hot and sweaty... but it was a lovely machine to use...

My Powerbook 1.6SD also looks beautiful, runs lovely and apart from 2 superdrives, needing a new battery every other year was a good tool until the charging regulator gave up the ghost...

so what is my laptop of choice now? a Panasonic toughbook with Win7! stellar battery life, un matched outdoor useability and so far no hardware issues at all... and this ones been dropped, soaked and used by my 2yearold!

Apple, - meh!

Apple MacBook mid-2010

Matt 13


Well, this isnt a business laptop so the inclusion of 802.11a is a bit of a moot point... how many home users enjoy that frequency?? and isnt the whole focus of apple based on the adoption of the fastest network speeds - hell, if your a real apple fanboi you are even more limited as the airports and time machine dont support 'a' anyway!

Matt 13


sorry, im as much of a mac fanboy as the next person... but 850?! for a Core2Duo??!! eh gads! id expect it to give me blowjobs for that!

no 3g, but it does have wifi! thats much like saying 'this laptop comes with a battery' is there any laptop (except barebone kits) that dont have wifi??

it is pretty, but no... just, no!!

LaCie touts tough truck-resistant flash drive for tough guys

Matt 13

Corsair Survivor...

withstands me jumping on it, but then im only 12stone!

the lacie certainly looks pretty... but is is stonger than the corsair??? there is only one way to find out..........


Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

Matt 13

these are not the faults you are looking for........

surely, for a recall, the phone would actually have to have a problem and it would be possible to recreate that problem under various conditions with various phones... and we know that all the so called 'tests' are just a great big conspiracy!

But the phone is just perfect, I know as our lord Steve Gods has said so...

(although it can be a little more perfecter for a paltry $29.99!!!)

Intel boffins usher era of 'I know who you are' TV

Matt 13

sounds good to me...

the remote will sense that whenever the adverts come on, i switch over... thus will learn that I am not bothered about them and tailor my viewing to cut out all advertising........

or am i being a little optimistic!!

Treasury turns to Facebook for cut plans

Matt 13

oh yes, democracy...

one man, one vote...

and he isnt any one of us!

Apple sues three more over power adapter 'knock-offs'

Matt 13

have you seen one??

if you have had the chance to come into contact with the apple PSU then you would see why... its not like a normal laptop psu, more like an oversized phone charger but for a laptop its as close to perfect as I can see... its half the size of the usual black slab and is integrated into the plug... so less crap on the floor... the end of the adapter has little flip out ears for the cable to wrap round and the cable clips to its self - when transporting the adapter you will use a fraction of the space a traditional one takes...

Apple, (for once!) are well within its rights to hunt down those that copied it...

mines the one with a giant Panasonic power brick weighing down one side...

Waterfall Niagara speakers

Matt 13

at 60kg....

the small child will either explode on impact, of be crushed beyond recognition as the thing topples over onto it....

Dead Pink phone fallout hits Microsoft's top brass

Matt 13

the original windows mobile...

I think was awesome... multi tasking and working in a tiny memory footprint...

sometimes it could be a little laggy, but so is my iphone.

app store? I dont think that there is much on my iphone that I didnt already have from handango and I had the freedom (if I had the skills) to write my own apps for the phone...

windows mobile had a much wider market than just phones too... have a look in your local Tesco, there will be probably more winmo devices in there than all phones put together... pretty much all the handheld devices in retail and delivery are windows powered... end user modification and lockdown, custom rom images, etc are all possible...

not sure what im getting at here, but basically winmo hasnt been a dead duck... although winphone7 does look to be dumping all that for a closed, fluffy, apple clone system.... which could cause issues for these markets....

Apple, AT&T slapped with iPhone 4 lawsuit

Matt 13

I did read it...

and that is exactly what my post is all about... that review, most other reviews and one person that I know who has one - they all say the phone works better in low signal areas...

this whole class action lawsuit thing its just the attention seeking/something for nothing brigade that are out for what they can get...

We do have our consumer rights... and as far as I can see, the pjhone works fine in 'most' conditions,.. its a combination of sweaty palms and un-naturally tight grip which triggers the dramatic signal drop, so is not unfit for purpose, and even if it was, apples most dramatic requirement in the SOG act would be a refund... hence my give the whingers a refund and see who actually takes it up... these people are just out looking for 'fame' and a freebie...

And im far from an apple hater, I will end up with an iPhone 4G, and over the years ive had a Powermac G4, Ti-book, Powerbook, iPhone 3G, iPods nano, Video + mini. and amongst the various accessories an Alpine X001 ipod only car stereo...

Pixel Qi releases sunlight-readable netbook screen

Matt 13

yes please!

i wonder what the colour is like, both indoors and out??

netbooks are all very well, but maybe they should look at a 13.3" display to augment all the panasonic toughbooks out there... I get 13ish hours with the lid shut, but only 6ish hours with the backlight on full so being able to dispense with that would be awesome!

A lot of toughbooks are used outdoors so the market could be worth a bit more than the home netbook market!

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

Matt 13


much the same here... the number of perfectly 'good' 1.5yearold pc's that ended up in the bin due to the capacitors ooozing is scary... in the end some got new mobos, but the general response was 'outside of warranty'

and I still ahve a tiny recon SX280 USFF chugging away on the desk :)

Flying car gets helpful road-kit weight exemption from feds

Matt 13
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cool, but...

its the fugliest thing I have ever laid my eyes on!!!

Hoodies swipe bus for YouTube joyride

Matt 13


'"To drive a bus like that takes a considerable amount of training.'

I shudder to think just how much training is required to drive a bus properly!!!!

Hybrid hard drives: what's not to like?

Matt 13

4gb is enough?

what system is he booting from a 4gb partition?? in my world 4gb is atleast half of enough!!

My v-lite-ed win7 install is around 5gb add antivirus, important apps and office and my ready to roll footprint is about 9gb, but that still leaves 20gb of ssd to play with i suppose... and another 16gb on a memorystick duo

Buyer's Guide: 3D TVs

Matt 13

3d without the glasses...

I was at an exhibition back in january and there was a telly there that was 3d without glasses, you had to stand dead central to the image or you had ghosting, it was running a demo so the clips had obviously been chosen for maximum effect and impact, but it was surprisingly effective... I cant remember who the manufacturer was though...

Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

Matt 13


no wallpaper for the 3g?? thats a bit crap! why on earth would that not work? i can sort of see why the multitasking is a no-no (although having read into it a little it looks like the multitasking is stretching the definition a little! needing the apps rewritten for the task, etc...) but surely the little 3G can display a jpg under some static icons!!!

AOL offloads Bebo - for 'exceptionally uninspiring number'?

Matt 13

aol, bebo?

they still exist?? whod have thought it!

Orange outs iPhone 4 pricing

Matt 13

looks more like it...

I thought the leaked vodaphone pricing yesterday looked a bit optimistic... this is more the bending over I had expected!

200 for the 32gb phone on 35per month for 2 years! ouch!!!

Vodafone UK iPhone tariffs leaked

Matt 13


seems too good to be true... atleast for the moment.. I was expecting 100 for the phone on 45 per month.... not that im complaining! if thats the pricing structure then I may be tempted to up the capacity on my little 8gb

£15 a month for legal P2P?

Matt 13

If i paid 15-30 per month....

Id expect my downloads to not be throttled or capped... and id have fricking steam pouring from my router as I downloaded 24hours a day, 7 days a week, all the current releases as full HD un-DRM'd files....

if not, feck em, ill just stick to buying the odd film.......

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

Matt 13


just out of interest, how does the ipad deal with photos??? my iphone compresses and reduces them to impossibly small files... pinch to zoom is crud when you loose all definition!

Vexia Econav 480 satnav

Matt 13

id like to have a go....

how does it deal with bends and corners? does it give you a rally style apraisial of whats coming up? or will all the really twisty NSL roads that i drive on confuse it and the thing instruct me to charge down them at warp speed without slowing for the copious hairpins?!

its fun, sort of like seeing how low and long i can get my current mpg on the incar computer (4mpg - Volvo C70 T5) but I wouldnt want to pay for it!

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR ruggedised laptop

Matt 13


The battery is woeful! my toughbook can manage 7hours with display on full brightness, wifi on and several internet pages running...

The XFR's are nice looking but after a few toughbooks, I wouldnt choose anything else! - Ive thrown an old CF-27 over head height, in the garden and it apart from dislodging a pcmcia card carried on working :D

Olympus Tough 8010 rugged camera

Matt 13


phnarr, phanrr!!

Lexar Echo ZE ultra-compact backup drive

Matt 13


erm, shouldnt the stuff stored on the network drive be covered by a backup system on the server, as opposed to relying on the collection of clients personal backups to recover a DR situation???

I find memeo and a mirrored NAS as a rather efficent backup for my home laptops, seamless incremental backups as soon as they connect to the network, no plugging in, no worries