back to article Vodafone UK iPhone tariffs leaked

Apple's iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan on Tuesday, and today Vodafone UK let slip its pricing policies — and US iPhoners have reason to be jealous. Although Vodafone UK's pricing was only up on its site briefly, an Engadget Mobile reader had the presence of mind to grab some …


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  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    And in Canada...

    ...the prices will be worse. But we can solve it by complete deregulation! It's the regulation that's standing in the way of the monopolies lowering thier prices, or so they are constantly telling me. Allowing our two largest telecoms companies to merge into Bellus, which they have functionally done anyways regardless of what the government says, is apparently the answer to our woes. It’s also critically important to block a fourth carrier from being allowed to set up in Canada, otherwise “the competitive landscape will be disrupted, and consumers will suffer.”

    So how come the UK does better? I thought competition in the telecommunications space was a) impossible unless you completely deregulated, and b) a bad thing anyways, because a deregulated monopoly is good for the consumer!


    Oh, Canada…you are following the Americans down the wrong rabbit hole…

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Canada ...

      I visted Canada around Easter for a couple of weeks (plus additional 5 days due to a volcanic ash cloud). Biggest shock I got was turning on my (UK) mobile and receiving a text saying that all calls (incming & outgoing) would cost UK£1.35/minute, and each test would cost UK$1.35. My company got an even bigger surprise when we had a server problem and they ended up paying UK£100 for the three calls I made to help them sort it out.

  2. Matt 13


    seems too good to be true... atleast for the moment.. I was expecting 100 for the phone on 45 per month.... not that im complaining! if thats the pricing structure then I may be tempted to up the capacity on my little 8gb

  3. Is it me?

    Well let's hope

    O2 will at least match the Vodaphone price, and please can we get rid of the stupid tethering premium. I know I've said it before, but it's stupid that I can use my trusty 6310i with tethering for notheing, but have to pay to use it on my IPhone. Yes I do know I can jail break it quite easily, which makes it odd that O2 are still persisting in charging.

    Oh if you wonder why I have a 6310i still in use, it's because I go plac3es camera phones aren't allowed.

    1. Frostbite
      Thumb Up

      Don't be ashamed...

      The 6310i is the best phone Nokia has ever made.

    2. nickrw
      Thumb Down

      Re: Well let's hope

      The only reason I jailbroke my 3G was to get around O2's tethering charge? Why should I pay so much extra a month for something I only ever use in emergencies*?

      Considering that I have pulled only 3GB of data (in total, not just tethered) from O2's network in almost two years, I don't think it is asking too much.

      * An emergency = home internet connection not working. Came in handy last night when VM went down in my area.

    3. paulf
      Black Helicopters

      @Is It Me?

      "it's because I go plac3es camera phones aren't allowed."

      So where are these places? I'm guessing the tantalising lack of info is because its not back stage at the O2 or something?

      Helicopters - obviously

  4. Is it me?

    @And in Canada


    Small population huge area, UK large population, small area. Same's relatively true for the US, have to pay for those rural towers somehow.

    1. Eddy Ito

      Yes, but...

      At least in the US our dear Uncle Sam has this thing called a Universal Service Fund to which phone companies make "contributions", mandatory of course, which are necessarily passed to their customers for the privilege of having a line. The FCC tells us that this is supposed to subsidize the costs of the rural population and that passing it on to customers is optional but the only other option is passing it on to shareholders... yeah, as if that's gonna happen. Now, back when I was single and had a land line, my contribution was approximately 25% of my bill.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder if I can switch to an iPhone tariff without an iPhone?

    That's a better deal than I have right now, without having a phone from them for the last 2 years. Frustrating!

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      iPhone tariffs

      If you check the Vodafone website, they've been doing a SIM only for iPhone for a while, for people bringing out of contract units over...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Upgrade to the new Iphone and put the SIM card in your old phone (you will need a SIM card convertor, so look on ebay) get the Iphone unlocked that can then be sold on. And everyones a winner, you get the iphone tariff without an iphone

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Or ...

          Or just call Vodafone and tell them you want a better deal instead of a new phone duh.

  6. Thomas Bottrill

    RE: Well let's hope

    O2 has the tethering charge in place because the T&Cs for unlimited data say that you can't use tethering.

  7. Tom_

    Still expensive

    Just because it's more expensive in the US doesn't mean it's cheap over here.

    Unlimited texts and minutes is probably as big a lie as unlimited data was for the last few years. Let's see how happy they are if you post 1 SMS per second constantly. Would they really let you send 1/4 million texts per month?

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      carrier pidgin

      So, you're planning TCP/IP over SMS ?

  8. Velv

    Fools and their money....

    ... easily parted.

    The vast majority of iPhone fanbois won't come close to using anywhere near the bandwidth they'll be paying for.

    Let's face it - if you're that vain or geeky you need the latest model first, and can afford it, you're not going to have any friends to text and twitter to anyway.

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