back to article Leica revamps rangefinder and compact models

Leica has announced some changes to its line-up at Photokina, with its rangefinder stalwart, the M9 getting a titanium makeover and, at the lower end, there are two new cameras, the D-Lux 5 compact and V-Lux 2 superzoom. Leica M9 Titanium The M9's full metal jacket Limited to just 500 models worldwide, this showpiece M9 …


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  1. Matt 13


    are the entry level panasonic/lumix with the branding 'upgraded' to Leica? or a new dedicated model from Leica?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Ah, Leica.

    My first camera, when I was a nipper of 6, was a Leica. My mum bought it second hand for my birthday, think it cost something like £15 in 1975! Took it everywhere for years probably what lead me to my number one past-time these days.

  3. richard 69

    yep, panny's

    oh look, panasonic updated their range of lumix camera's a while ago...and now here's some new leica's....i wonder why that is?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    de’Silva has excelled himself here

    by not mucking up a classic. Shame he didn't do the same at Audi

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