back to article Vexia Econav 480 satnav

Arguably there’s been nothing really innovative in satnav for some time. But the Econav 480 claims to be able to help you save fuel and the environment by telling you how to drive in a fuel efficient way while getting you from A to B. Vexia Econav 480 The Green Economy: Vexia's Econav 480 It does this by comparing your …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    "When you set the Econav up you feed in your make of vehicle and registration year."

    Presumably if you put in "Bugatti Veyron - 2009" it commits suicide on the spot?

  2. David Gosnell

    Insightful company name

    Reads as "vex ya", which I suspect this device would after about five minutes...

  3. Anonymous Coward


    If people just learn to keep their foot level on the pedal, travelling at a constant speed (65 to 68mph on motorway) then efficiency would be increased.

    If someone is this stupid to need a device like this, I would suggest they are more likely to crash. Driving and using fuel efficiently is obvious.

    Plus, with the extra CO2 expelled to work for that cash that enables you to buy that fuel inefficient 4x4, this is just another bitter pill to swallow. CO2 is a long chain of events, and not just the rating of a car at purchase, but the entire process that gave you the money to buy your car, fill it up every so often. How does the petrol get to the filling stations? I bet some tankers are more fuel efficient than others.

    Companies are happy to jump, on the bandwagon, but the fact is money could have been saved in other places by the purchaser.

    1. James Hughes 1

      Can't be that obvious

      or you would have got it right.

      Keeping pedal level does NOT necessarily mean optimum fuel efficiency. It depends on the road- hilly roads benefit from varied use of the pedal, flat roads, you can keep a constant speed with a flat pedal. Speed would be about 62mph, rather than the figures you quote. And of course, keeping the pedal in the same place whilst trying to go round a corner could be non-optimum in the bumper bending department. Since most roads in this country are not motorways, methods of improving driver efficiency are to be welcomed -for example, do you know the optimum acceleration for your particular car to get from 0 to 60mph? No? Thought not. Acceleration and deceleration are where the savings are to be made, not doing a constant speed on the motorway.

  4. Bonce

    Save fuel by saving weight in your car

    Go to the toilet before travelling and do not attach this numpty device to your windscreen.

  5. Matt 13

    id like to have a go....

    how does it deal with bends and corners? does it give you a rally style apraisial of whats coming up? or will all the really twisty NSL roads that i drive on confuse it and the thing instruct me to charge down them at warp speed without slowing for the copious hairpins?!

    its fun, sort of like seeing how low and long i can get my current mpg on the incar computer (4mpg - Volvo C70 T5) but I wouldnt want to pay for it!

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