back to article Philippines national ID registration portal opens, glitches out in first hour

The Philippines’ attempt to expand its national ID program has stumbled thanks to scaling issues with its two-factor authentication tools. The Philippine Identification System – known as PhilSys – commenced registration in 2020 but previously required completing a paper form, an oddity given the rationale for the project is to …

  1. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

    Security lapse exposes 345k documents from the Philippines Solicitor General

    Security lapse exposes 345k documents from the Philippines Solicitor General

  2. Pangasinan Philippines

    2FA? Normally SFA

    Most people here in Manila use cash.

    I once paid FoodPanda meal by card.

    The meal never arrived but it took 6 weeks of me chasing the bank to supply written proof.

    Cash is King.

    My bank uses 2FA to log in and pay for pre-paid cell phone load.

    The wait sometimes means the bank web site times out before the 2FA arrives.

    Then I get a load of texts all at once with the 2FA requests.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Obligatory XKCD

    This ID is just another one to add to the 20 or so different types of ID that are valid for government or financial transactions here in the Philippines.

    I can't see it being of any value unless most of the others are phased out, and I haven't read anything that suggests this will be the case.

    And as other commenters have pointed out, PH doesn't exactly have a good record with either technology or data security.

    So it's a big MEH from me, and I will simply keep using my driving license / postal ID / SSS ID / PhilHealth ID / TIN card / store loyalty card / whatever else is in my wallet.

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