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Break out your emergency change process and patch this ransomware-friendly bug ASAP, says VMware

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Hellfire and damnation: Two French monks charged over 5G mast arson attack

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Two monks purchasing a sizeable quantities of gasoline. That would rouse some sort of suspicion, wouldn't it? I mean if I was the gas station attendant, I would, at least, ask one of them "Why so much? Are you planning to set fire to something?"

SEC takes legal action after crowdfunded marijuana investment scheme appears to go up in smoke

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Need a name. Something that gives a good buzz to it.

Suex to be you: Feds sanction cryptocurrency exchange for handling payments from 8+ ransomware variants

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Is this the answer to the ransomeware scourge? Go after the "banks"?

What about the elephant in the room -- IT security? What IT security?

Have a look at After ransomware attack, company finds 650+ breached credentials from NEW Cooperative CEO, employees:

* The password "chicken1" was common among the company's 120 employees and was used over 10 times.

Kahn added that the firm's CEO Brent Bunte appeared to have the second highest number of instances of breached credentials while other current executives also had passwords that had been leaked.

* We saw that the Colonial Pipeline breach was ultimately a result of a bad password

The US Government's strategy of going after the hackers, affiliates and their "banks" without acknowledging that the bigger problem is actually the victim's poor response(s) to IT security is not going to fix this.

Not only did the victims shot-themselves-in-the-foot by having very poor IT security, they also made sure their critical systems were exposed to the internet. It was a perfect storm and self-inflicted injury packed in one neat box. Ready for the picking hacking.

We kept making jokes among ourselves about "admin/password" but, in reality, it is way more common and very widespread.

There are many instances that the hacks could've/would've been avoided if someone actually took simple IT security seriously.

Ransomware-hit law firm secures High Court judgment against unknown criminals

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Stay tuned to our next instalment: Revenge of the Hackers.

Apple debuts iPhone 13 with 1TB option, two iPad models, Series 7 Watch

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2) Tracking your sleep with your Apple Watch - it only has an 18-hour life, when do we get to charge it?

I think we need to "read between the lines": You need to have TWO iWatch. One for daytime and another to track your sleep.

A "win" for Apple.

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Re: Apple event

I had to reread your response twice. For a minute there I thought you said "Superlative Batshit Bingo".

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In my humble opinion, current Apple executives and decision makers are just there to "keep the lights on". They have no idea what new product to introduce since the death of Steve Jobs.

When Steve Jobs was still at the helm, Apple lead the way and left competitors eating their dusts.

Nowadays, the only thing Apple knows how to do with the iPhone/iPad is to add "make-up" to an old product and to jack up the price.

Being number one is not as easy as staying number one.

Huawei CEO hopes to woo foreign boffins to work on 6G in Shanghai campus that feels just like home

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Here's an idea: Let the PRoC (and Huawei) pursue, R&D and produce 6G and the west come up with 6.1G or 7G as an alternative instead.

There are handsets that are GSM and CDMA standards. It has been done. It can be done.

Lenovo blames 'firmware' issue for blank-screened Smart Displays, says Google's working on a fix – 6 months after complaints started

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I like how, message 120 and 5 months after the issue was first reported, the administrator asks the people what the problem is (Could you share some photos or videos illustrating the problem?).

Lenovo is "out of their depth". I do not even believe Lenovo made any feeble attempt to replicate the issue in-house.

This is just a reminder for us to "never send a boy to do a man's job".

Chinese developers protested insanely long work hours. Now the nation's courts agree

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Re: That kind of thing is common

You guys really should open your eyes to the European system

As an Australian, I have worked for a European firm and an American company. Let me just say that my first job, I joined a European company and was treated us well.

My next job was a very big American company and junior staff were given the same respect like a disposable cell phone. The CEO likes to brag about the "difficult life" he lives by sending out emails whilst traveling in one of his private jets.

That company tried to stop me from leaving. In my first job offer, they called my new job and told them I was a troublemaker.

South Korea may ban Apple, Google from forcing store payment systems on app devs

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Re: Shaking

It's quite telling that governments of so many countries are shaking just about the thought of making those companies paying tax

This is why there was an "emergency" 2021 G7 Summit in Cornwall.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging for almost a year and many countries' treasury are running on empty. Governments cannot impose more taxes on their citizens unless they want an angry mob on the streets.

Various government had to "convince" Ireland to accept the across-the-board 15%. Ireland, of course, was not happy but it had to be done.

Intel, Qualcomm win deal to design 7nm silicon for US defense agencies

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Re: Who says the DoD "thinks Intel is on track"

Only a question of whether they name their new architecture F35 or Zumwalt

Worst. It will be called Kabul.

Samsung: We will remotely brick smart TVs looted from our warehouse

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NOTE: Not trying to defend the action by any organization.

No idea why everyone is focusing their attention on Samsung.

Nobody seems to complain when Apple does the same thing to, say, iPhones stolen from their stores.

And, if I remembered correctly, some vehicles in America can get remotely disabled if, for example, it was stolen.

Huawei stole our tech and created a 'backdoor' to spy on Pakistan, claims IT biz

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This is EXACTLY the same software system Huawei tried to sell to the UK government

Selling the software is one thing. But getting it to even work, now that is where the scam money is.

However, if the software did manage to get off the ground, I would presume it would be so buggy ANYONE would have backdoor access at any one time. Think of it like a frat-n-sorority party in a broom closet (with room to spare).

In Pakistan, a car company will soon be making Samsung mobile phones

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If Microsoft Built Cars

Just reading the title gave me the urge to look for GM's response to Bill Gates' comment of "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal".

If Microsoft Built Cars

Woman sues McDonald's for $14 after cheeseburger ad did exactly what it's designed to

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Re: “succulent signature dishes by McDonald's”

Improved offer:

1 x Cheeseburger if she settles out of court.

1 x Double Cheeseburger Meal if she comes back next year (Apple Pie if she brings a placard)

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1,000 rubles? You want fries with that?

Just pay her and enjoy the free advertisement.

International Space Station stabilizes after just-docked Russian module suddenly fires thrusters

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NOTE: Open to corrections.

The west are unable to match Russia's dominance in rocket technology and R&D and, if I remembered correctly, full-flow engines were THE engines Russia uses extensively to fling stuff to space.

The west uses a bank of strap-on boosters while Russia uses a single engine.

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Re: Next fast-track mission

Warning: Code brown! Projectiles on the way!

Here's 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West, beams RiskIQ

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Re: if you know the suspect addresses

It should be real easy to block 30 addresses.

It is but APT openly use hosted commercial VM.

UK's National Cyber Security Centre needs its posh Westminster digs, says Cabinet Office, because of WannaCry

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What is the true definition of a FUBAR?

the Cabinet Office said GCHQ had since set up "an internal Commercial and Legal Oversight Group" to ensure blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ...

For short, a committee has been set up. What is the true definition of a FUBAR?

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.

A committee will let you know, in 12 months time, a draft report of the true definition of a FUBAR.

Ajit Pai apparently mismanaged $9 billion fund

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Ajit Pai apparently mismanaged $9 billion fund

Ajit Pai apparently mismanaged $9 billion fund

Biden warns 'real shooting war' will be sparked by severe cyber attack

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Fight a war when you intend to win -- Never threaten to start a war when all chips are down.

Joint Chiefs Seek A New Warfighting Paradigm After Devastating Losses In Classified Wargames

Bezos offers to knock $2bn off his bill to NASA to stay in the running for Moon contract

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Re: Dear Astronaut.

Rockhound : You know we're sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

UK celebrates 25 years of wasteful, 'underperforming' government IT projects

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`nuff said


Money can't buy you love: Huawei continues to throw fistfuls of dollars at US lobbying efforts

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That means that this year alone Huawei has spent $1.24m schmoozing US officials

Only US$1.24mil? For six months? Good luck with that.

$1.24 mil amounts to, what, $200k per month?

No one can buy a US politician for that small amount of money -- It does not even cover hookers-and-blow expenses.

UK.gov's Huawei watchdog says firm made 'no overall improvement' on firmware security but won't say why

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Back in the 50s, 60s and up to the 70s, some of Israel's current "friends" were really against them.

So this government told the lock maker not to send the sample models because this same government agencies were going to buy the new locks.

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Several decades ago, there was this UK-based lock maker. Every time they would come up with a new design, they would send samples to the US, UK and the Mossad. Mossad would return said sample with the note "hard to break in" (or something to those words).

One day, as they were about to send out a new model to be tested, out of the blue they were told "do not send the sample out" to the Mossad. So they complied.

Let us just say, a team of agents unsuccessfully tried, for almost an hour, to go through a lock they have never seen before and from a "brand" they were very familiar with.

Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

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Re: Ticketing machines

This is an excellent case of "If it ain't broke ...".

UK's Digital Markets Unit – the Big Tech watchdog – remains toothless for now but statutory powers due this year

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I will believe it when I see it

if they're found to be in serious breach of new regulations

First off, the regulators will need proof of "serious breach" was conducted. But if it was a "minor breach" everyone is fine-and-dandy? There could be an army of lawyers who can easily negotiate a "serious breach" down to a misdemeanor without jumping out of bed.

Next, if I was to use the past penalties handed by the ICO. "fines of up to 10 per cent" is not really much.

Finally, handing out fines is one thing. Wake me up when news of fines collected have been publicly made available.

These "regulations" are more there to protect big business from getting in trouble.

Far-right UK commentator Katie Hopkins to be deported from Australia

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Far-right UK commentator Katie Hopkins to be deported from Australia

Far-right UK commentator Katie Hopkins to be deported from Australia

Poor girl. All dressed up and nowhere to go. </sarcasm>

So nice of China to put all of its network zero-day vulns in one giant database no one will think to break into

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sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

Malicious exploit code cannot be released

Is China's famed "security services" included in this guidance?

Details of holes cannot be publicized until the bugs are fixed

And if the bugs/exploits are not fixed, what then? Wait for the "proof-of-concept" to be made public?

It's also a dangerous place to be for an unpatched-vulnerabilities database, which would be an incredibly attractive target for adversaries"

A honeypot, no question about it.

Now if someone is going to insert a booby trap in those files and Boob's-your-uncle!

REvil ransomware gang's websites vanish soon after Kaseya fiasco, Uncle Sam threatens retaliation

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President Biden had a phone call with Russia's President Putin about the worldwide ransomware epidemic

1. This does not solve the issue one bit. The problem is still dancing right in front of us, butt naked: A lot of systems are still woefully unpatched, out-of-date, vulnerable and very-much-accessible from the Internet. Like I said, butt naked.

2. Pres Biden probably told Putin to "stop attacking our systems (in the US)" and this, to me, implies anyone else outside of the US is "fair game".

3. What about countries like Iran, North Koreans and PRoC? It is not as if they do not have hackers of their own.

Researchers warn of unpatched remote code execution flaws in Schneider Electric industrial gear

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Re: Blank document

You see it as a "joke", but I do not.

With a straight face, Putin agrees to do something about ransomware coming out of Russia, apparently

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we set up a committee

And this is why this "cooperation" has not, yet, materialize. A committee.

Florida Man sues Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for account ban

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Re: Its the only way to be sure

No need to go this far. Iran still has a fatwa on "the Florida Man living in Mar-y-Lago" for the death of General Qassem Soleimani.

When the Grand Ayatollah says “Revenge is certain”, people around the person in question tend to be wearing bomb disposal suits (or has one ready to go). Talk about "dead man walking".

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Re: Oy!

I think the Florida Orange Growers' Association does --- he's their office spokesmonster.

No, he's not because he's a lemon.

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Rudy Giuliani suspended from practising law in Washington DC following New York suspension

he had violated professional conduct rules as he promoted theories that the election was stolen through fraud

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Re: On Behalf of America

Apology denied. You're fired!

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Re: No Name

but hails from New York, where his father had a thriving real-estate business

Please do not forget this gold nugget: and ran his casino business to the ground.

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Re: Cheers

Interesting echo in here ...

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Thumb Down

FFS. 4 years have past already? Oh, wait ...

IBM insiders say CEO Arvind Krishna downplayed impact of email troubles, asked for a week to sort things out

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Is brand damage to IBM even possible anymore?

IBM: Challenge accepted!

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The possibility of brand damage, however, remains

Scrapping at the bottom of the barrel -- I do not think it can get any worse than before the emails stopped turning up for work.

But then again, this is IBM. And the possibilities are bottomless.

Pentagon scraps $10bn JEDI winner-takes-all cloud contract

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Someone is not getting their uber mega-yatch this Christmas.



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