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Apple to compel workers to spend '3 days a week' in the office

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Re: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who insisted...

it's not possible to have an affair if you're working from home

It depends in who's "home" you are in, yours or hers.

Cisco admits corporate network compromised by gang with links to Lapsus$

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Re: It's fun ... but

Cisco responded much quicker than most companies do

Most other companies have a (small) team but Cisco, however, has a large army of security specialist plus other subsidiaries, like TALOS.

And the intruders were not prepared. They got in and move laterally exfiltrated a few GB worth of data. They did not lock up any files nor destroyed any. Yup, the intruders were ill-prepared.

Iran cheerfully admits using cryptocurrency to pay for imports

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More popcorn please ...

I cannot wait `til news emerge that the NK hackers have emptied some crypto wallet owned by the Iranian Government.

Chinese chipmaker workers told to sleep at their factories

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Re: If you're still

If you're still buying Chinese junk

Surely, you jest.

Chinese "junk" products are not the only ones supporting "modern day slavery".

Look back a few years and there were a lot of top-end fashion brands that were caught using "questionable" labor practices. And these practices are still in "high demand" in countries other than PRoC, like Bangladesh or India.

Hospital IT melts in heatwave, leaving doctors without patient records

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Re: Legacy system

`tis OK. The fax machine still works.

Florida man accused of selling fake, broken Cisco devices from China to hospitals, schools, military

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Re: " fail completely or not work correctly"

People would not have realized they bought counterfeit 2960X only until they make attempts to upgrade the IOS of the switch. And this happens very rarely. Why? Because those people who purchased counterfeit switches usually do not have access to the files legally.

Most of the time, people who purchased counterfeit Cisco switches just stick these switches in a dark corner of the office/room after configuring them. And they are in this state for several years.

IT reseller giant SHI International knocked offline by cyberattack

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<Insert company name here>

* no evidence ... customer data was exfiltrated

* we take the security of customer data extremely seriously *snicker*

Did I miss anything?

Pentagon: We'll pay you if you can find a way to hack us

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Re: Do I look like a ground-nut farmer?

It is a all-season-pass for the NK, Iranians, Chinese and Russian players, who have been hacking the US for decades.

And when they do get through, like EternalBlue, the "reward" is endless.

Billion-record stolen Chinese database for sale on breach forum

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this exploit happened because the gov developer wrote a tech blog on CSDN and accidentally included the credentials

Wait, if someone gave you the keys to the house and entered, why would the action be called a "breach"?

Crypto sleuths pin $100 million Harmony theft on Lazarus Group

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It can only get worse

Crypto crash threatens North Korea's stolen funds

Kim's insatiable appetite needs to be satisfied.

Why Wi-Fi 6 and 6E will connect factories of the future

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No, it won't.

Why Wi-Fi 6 and 6E will connect factories of the future

Not so fast, genius. Not going to happen because:

1. Cost of WiFi6/6E WAP outstrips the "need to".

2. The cost to install a LAN that can support WiFi6/6E WAP outstrips the "need to".

3. Due to this ongoing "chip shortage", by the time any of the WiFi6/6E WAPs arrive, WiFi8 would have been ratified and ready to market.

India extends deadline for compliance with infosec logging rules by 90 days

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Could be worse

OK, we need the tel number and then we can spam them

I can see the numbers getting messages that starts like this, "Hi, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. My name is Jake and I am from Microsoft. I am calling because ..."

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I hope they have a lot of phone lines

And a lot of full-time staff to replace those fax/printer paper every, what, 5 minutes?

sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

Yet the Directions allowed incident reports to be sent by fax

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *wheeze*, *choke*, HAHAHAHA ... oh, wait. Are you are f**king serious?

Carnival Cruises torpedoed by US states, agrees to pay $6m after wave of cyberattacks

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US$6million is an amount you don't want to toot your horn.

I could use that U$6mil to splash around and make waves.

Cisco compresses Catalyst switches to compact size

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8- or 12-port switches maybe aimed at "home office" users but Cisco is late-to-the-party when they offered 4-port table-top switches, Catalyst Micro Switches.

The Micro Switches run on IOS.

And these switches run on Cisco Smart License! Hoor- ... oh, wait.

IBM settles age discrimination case that sought top execs' emails

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Re: IBM =. Logan's Run

Ya gotta be under 30 to work there!

Is that in cm or age?

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Pull the other one -- It's got bells on!

there was and is no systemic age discrimination at IBM and the data back that up

Then why "settle the case for an undisclosed sum rather than proceed to trial"?

Toyota, Subaru recall EVs because tires might literally fall off

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Re: Three wheels on my

Needless to say, the team lost that particular race.

Needless to say, the car was also clocked the fastest on three wheels/tires/tyres.

Half a win?

Cisco warns of security holes in its security appliances

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The most secure Cisco Security appliance is the one that is still in the box.

RSAC branded a 'super spreader event' as attendees share COVID-19 test results

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sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

I bet there is going to be a Part 2 by next week because Cisco Live happening this week.

Cisco execs pledge simpler, more integrated networks

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Chuck, you and the other MBAs in your company have been totally disconnected from the reality for quite some time. What customers want is quality code, quality products, simple licensing, competent tech support, simplicity and a return of the safe harbor program.

F*ck, man. Here's a beer (and an upvote)!

And for the love of god, kill Firepower already.

No, don't. Every village needs an idiot.

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Re: negligence, Ratner would be proud!!!

I just hope they actually mean it

Remember the adage: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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the presentation was all about working with customers to make their lives easier

*cough* Cisco Smart License *cough*

tighter integrations between the company's existing product portfolios aimed at saving customers the trouble of flipping between multiple dashboards just to do their jobs

Obviously, developers from the DNAC team did not get the memo.

Indian government signals changes to infosec rules after industry consultation

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The Internet Society warned that insistence on using Indian NTP servers would create an unhelpful reliance on that infrastructure.

Unless the business themselves have their own stratum 1 NTP servers (example Raspberry Pi).

IBM finally shutters Russian operations, lays off staff

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staying silent is what is keeping them out of jail

And from getting conscripted into the war.

Costa Rican government held up by ransomware … again

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Re: "...humans were the root cause of 82 percent of breaches..."

The "root cause" is the bad actor sending phishing emails or business compromise emails, attacking RDP ports, web mail, and so on password.

Man really did hack Trump’s Twitter account by guessing password

Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh resigns after being added to EU sanctions list

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Re: Give Ukraine Nukes

Nip it at source, give Ukraine nukes

Tell China that "if" China wants to "expand their borders" NORTH, the US, ASEAN and NATO would not mind.

Feeling highly stressed about your job? You must be a CISO

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Re: Legal?

This. I have no respect for people that burn themselves out working long shifts for nothing.

One of my junior jobs was exactly this. I was "required" to work long hours. If anyone has a change, it was given to us "noobs" to implement and the senior tech/engineers were at home. Never did I have to call them because it was also our "requirement" to troubleshoot if things go wrong.

It has its ups-and-downs.

The bad part was management (local and the mothership) did not really care with our welfare. For them, we were a "disposable item". This practice was not just tolerated but very much encouraged.

Back in 2007, I was coughing (not so bad) so I called my supervisor to say that I could not come in because of my condition. He told me, "If you are good enough to call, you are good enough to come in." No choice. I have to come in or go and find another job, he said.

So in I went. The next day, the coughing because so bad that another supervisor from another team went stormed into our manager's office and demanded that I be sent home on sick-leave. Why? Because two of his team members have started coughing. (My supervisor, who still insist I continue to stay, got overruled.) By the time I came back from sick leave, half of the floor were out sick.

From that time forward, whenever someone exhibit any sign of cough or cold, they were told to stay away from the office.

And this was how that multi-billion-dollar company treated us.

Australian digital driving licenses can be defaced in minutes

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Service NSW, the government agency that runs the app of the same name, told The Register the flaws Noah found are not a threat to users or the integrity of the DDL.

Run, Noah. Run.

Service NSW will be contacting the NSW Police and charge you for "hacking".


Ransomware attack sends US county back to 1977

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China is a Russian "ally" -- Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure

So what if China has been hacking Russian companies? What can Russia do, launch an attack into China?

Cisco warns of up to $720m sales loss: Blames China lockdown, Russia pullout

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Qualcomm sampling Wi-Fi 7 silicon for next-gen access points

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Re: Meh...

To haul that volume of data from/to the Net also demands that your ISP (1) gives you a circuit that can handle it

Exactly. 10 Gbps WiFi speed is nothing if the internet link is only 1 Gbps (or less).

Besides, with this current "chip shortage" BS going around, by the time the first WiFi 7 WAP gets delivered from the manufacturer, WiFi 10 will be available for order.

Putin threatens supply chains with counter-sanction order

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Re: You want to play hardball?

that means that Russia isn't going to be earning the normal rate on it's oil

No arguments there. It is not "just" pumping the oil from under the ground but, rather, STORING them.

When the oil starts to flow it is very difficult to "shut the tap". That oil needs to be stored somewhere. Russia does not have a lot of storage because, in the past, there was really no need to.

But now, nearly every country, except China, NK and India, everyone has stopped buying Russian oil. Those "excess stock" needs to be stored somewhere.

Iran did that a few years ago when they used their own tankers as floating storage units. But there will come a time those storage tanks are going to get full.

So, yes, they may not earn much but Russia will earn a not less because for them to move tiny bits they need to sell those stocks at a significantly reduced prices.

China have a lot of teacups and they are happy to pay in cash, as in "cold" cash, and whatever currency Russia wants.

China state refiners shun new Russian oil trades, teapots fly under radar

Cheap in this case means just 'a little bit less than the market rate'.

I would not call a discount of US$31/b "little bit less than the market rate" if you multiply that with 500k barrels (per shipment).

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Re: You want to play hardball?

Closing that off would be a huge economic hit for Russia

Look east. Specifically, south east asia. There are some countries that would benefit from very cheap Ural oil.

It took a long time for the US government to stop China from "sharing" oil with NK.

China also has a huge appetite with oil. Russia is one of China's biggest oil supplier. The other is Iran.

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Re: You want to play hardball?

He is currently hiding in an impregnable bunker

Hitler hid in an impregnable bunker. And we all knew (except one person) what happened to Hitler in the end.

Your software doesn't work when my PC is in 'O' mode

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It could've been worse.

I read this story about this software that kept on crashing (or does not work efficiently). The employee kept up the complaint but no one listened. So he got frustrated and called the software company helpline and, after a few hours on the phone, promised to "send a tech".

Lo and behold, the next day a "tech" showed up with three other people. The tech then proceeded to troubleshoot the issue and after a few minutes this tech nodded to his companions who then reached into their pockets and pulled out their law enforcement IDs.

The software was a pirated copy and after a sweep, the company was fined several million dollars because it was installed in several work stations.

If memory serves me correct, it was a TV station in Eastern Europe.

Elon Musk flogs $8.4bn of Tesla shares amid Twitter offer drama

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Hey Elon, I can help!

wants to replace the current CEO

I can help Elon sweeten the deal: Offer the CEO (and co) a "free trip" up on SpaceX on goodwill. I am sure they'll get a blast of that.

Data-wiper malware strains surge as Ukraine battles ongoing invasion

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Look, say whatever you want about the Russians but let me point out something: These malwares and wipers are ten times more effective than the weapon systems currently "falling" into the hands of western intelligence.

Let me offer some explanation: Like any countries, Russia is one of the biggest weapons exporters. And, like any other country, there are two "types": The "export" version and the "local" version. Western intelligence have ample information about the "export" versions. The "local" versions, however, opens up a whole world of dimension and the weapons systems currently being used are all "local" versions.

Don’t expect to get your data back from the Onyx ransomware group

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Re: there's going to be a lot of very angry people at affected organizations

the idiot that opened that email with that executable that let the demons in

I am really offended by this statement. </joke>

I believe one of UK's rail operator got hit from a "poisoned" email. A "staff member" clicked the attachment and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

That "staff member" is no other than the CEO.

Growing US chip output an 'expensive exercise in futility', warns TSMC founder

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Why your iPhone may never be Made in the USA

Why your iPhone may never be Made in the USA

sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

Intel seems to know how to build and run FABs almost anywhere while TSMC (at least used to) have trouble doing it anywhere but Taiwan. Maybe Intel knows something that TSMC does not?

I suspect Intel is able to get "subsidies" from host countries while Taiwan, because of China, could not.

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the US and other countries saw professionals moving away from manufacturing

The US government and American business handed American manufacturing talent and capacity to China on a silver platter.

In the meantime, south of the American border, several Latin American countries are struggling with high unemployment.

manufacturing chips in the US is 50 percent more expensive than in Taiwan

The moment a fleet of container ships show up on the west coast loaded with cheap goods from the Far East, "Made in the USA" is all but a dream.

Yes, there are "factories" out there but those factories make more money from the tax breaks than the good they produce.

Apple CEO: Silicon shortages and C-19 lockdowns to hurt sales by up to $8 billion

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If Apple sources it's silicon from China then why isn't it banned?

Because it is Apple and Apple has "a lot of friends".

Remember, there is one rule for the Americans and another rule for everyone else.

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Apple is warning that lockdowns of factories in Shanghai due to COVID-19 and industry-wide silicon shortages will hurt its sales by between $4 billion to $8 billion in the next quarter

So why not "ramp up" the production in other factories, like the one in Austin, Texas?

(Maybe the Austin factory is only there for tax break purposes?)

Broken password check algorithm lets anyone log into Cisco's Wi-Fi admin software

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April 2022 Cisco ASA, FMC, and FTD Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication

April 2022 Cisco ASA, FMC, and FTD Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication

'IBM is now a very different company' says CEO as Q1 2022 beats expectations

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We have strengthened our portfolio

Translation: With RedHat in our wing, we now have more money to burn.

we are leveraging our ecosystem

Translation: HR is doing a fantastic job terminating older staff members and replacing them with cheaper "alternatives".

we are streamlining our business

Translation: At IBM, we doing fabulous job double-crossing our sales team and their bonuses.

While I acknowledge there is always more to do

Translation: IBM is looking for other fat (and profitable) business to "absorb" so we can sink our teeth into that unsinkable bank account.

we are pleased with the start to the year

Translation: I got Ginny's helicopter! Yay, me!

Departing Space Force chief architect likens Pentagon's tech acquisition to a BSoD

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Capitalism is all about "competition" and competition brings about innovation.

Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the US DoD does not have a competition (on home soil) -- It is a monopoly by itself.



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