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We don't know why it's there, we don't know what it does – all we know is that the button makes everything OK again

Pangasinan Philippines

There are different types of thermostat.

Wooden equipment building in the middle of a field of h.f. antennae.

Big 12 inch Xpelair fan wired to a heating thermostat.

Increase the temperature setting and the fan would run non-stop!

Pre-orders open for the Mini PET 40/80, the closest thing to Commodore's classic around

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Black Helicopters

My first computer - To repair, that is

My work, in a certain Govt Organisation (see icon), involved the repair of these.

I had a working Pet for comparison and drawers full of 40-pin DILs.

I put sockets on the working PET and found most faults by substitution.

Also had the calibrated floppy disks that generated the 'eye' pattern on a 'scope.

A few C64s came my way for repair, but the chips kept changing with each new build.

FBI paid renegade developer $180k for backdoored AN0M chat app that brought down drug underworld

Pangasinan Philippines

It's all about timing

The operation appears to be terminated now that the cover is blown.

There is probably a reason why the time is now instead of letting it continue.

I suspect that something big was being planned by the crims which had to be stopped at the expense of blowing the cover.

At least the police will have plenty of leads to follow up with.

So what will be the next tool for the law enforcers?

Philippines national ID registration portal opens, glitches out in first hour

Pangasinan Philippines

2FA? Normally SFA

Most people here in Manila use cash.

I once paid FoodPanda meal by card.

The meal never arrived but it took 6 weeks of me chasing the bank to supply written proof.

Cash is King.

My bank uses 2FA to log in and pay for pre-paid cell phone load.

The wait sometimes means the bank web site times out before the 2FA arrives.

Then I get a load of texts all at once with the 2FA requests.

Spy agency GCHQ told me Gmail's more secure than Microsoft 365, insists British MP as facepalming security bods tell him to zip it

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Darn, That was my password

Bless you: Yep, it's IBM's new name for tech services spinoff and totally not a hayfever medicine

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Building a shed

Make sure that the wood is Kiln Dry.

Or else . . . .!

For blinkenlights sake.... RTFM! Yes. Read The Front of the Machine

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Re: Not Me But.......

Red . . .Green....- Colour Blind maybe?

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Communicating with only obscenities?

I'm not one for for swearing, but I was down the pub explaining that the job I had just landed in Saudi Arabia was tax free.

Having checked all the UK tax info papers (1981, before internet) a farmer was trying to tell me that I could not return to the UK to visit without incurring tax, or so his brother said.

This guy became insistent that he was right. I knew different having read all the rules.

" I don't care what your fucking brother says". said I before going out to a night shift.

You could feel the shock among those propping up the bar.

The next visit to the pub the landlord was all smiles and gave me a free pint.

Printers used to be a pricey luxury in Asian homes, then along came ... you know what

Pangasinan Philippines

Copy shops closed

Casualty of the lockdown (but don't call it a lockdown), are the low margin copy shops in the malls.

Thrived on students report submissions but no customers.

We have to use expensive book store copiers.

What used to cost 40 centavos now costs 2.5 Peso each copy.

Explains a lot of the above.

Remember Apple's disastrous butterfly keyboards? These lawsuits against the iGiant just formed a super class action

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Apple was immediately available for comment.

. . . .

and? . . . .

Faster than a speeding... tab opening? Vivaldi 3.7 is here

Pangasinan Philippines

If Only . . .

If Vivaldi can easily import the speed dial from my Opera browser, then I would use it tomorrow!

Don't be a fool, cover your tool: How IBM's mighty XT keyboard was felled by toxic atmosphere of the '80s

Pangasinan Philippines

Not Smoking but . . . .

A security gate with PS/2 PC.

The queue of cars entering the gate caused a build-up of gunge that made the key caps illegible.

I sourced a keyboard condom and a new keyboard.

Barcode scan app amassed millions of downloads before weird update starting popping open webpages...

Pangasinan Philippines

Get it for free!

Why can't Android have this app package included in the distro?

I always wonder how these 'free' apps make their existence worthwhile.

Vote machine biz Smartmatic sues Fox News and Trump chums for $2.7bn over bogus claims of rigged 2020 election

Pangasinan Philippines

I was watching on election night, both Fox News and CNN by switching the two channels.

Early results showed Fox presenters smugly announcing Trump leading.

When the postal voting results swung towards Democrats, the Fox team were firing of all types of accusations against the Dems and the voting 'irregularities'.

They were not happy bunnies.

It was a good popcorn session.

Missing GOV.UK web link potentially cost taxpayers £50m as civil servants are forced to shuffle paper forms

Pangasinan Philippines

Any others?

Yes, My Adobe photoshop Elements 10 help pages give me 404 page not found errors.

Attack of the cryptidiots: One wants Bitcoin-flush hard drive he threw out in 2013 back, the other lost USB stick password

Pangasinan Philippines

Hard drive disposal

Keep the magnets though.

Fantastic for retrieving dropped screws far impossible to get at places.

Faster optic fibers and superior laser sensors set to descend from space

Pangasinan Philippines

Frequency egnar

Normal quote Frequency Delta from low to high.

Not high to low.

SpaceX blows away cobwebs at dormant California pad with satellite launch as a Falcon 9 makes touchdown number 7

Pangasinan Philippines

Rotor Blades

Rocket Labs will try to catch one by helicopter as it descends.

Just stating the obvious. <imagines a helicopter flying upside-down with a large butterfly net>

Boeing 737 Max will return to flight after software updates, says EU's aviation regulator

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Steps are still widely used

There was a recent picture of many Ryanair planes at Stansted airport parked away from the airbridges.

That same thought came into my mind that Ryanair were saving by not utilising the bridges.

Calls for 'right to repair' electronics laws grow louder across Europe

Pangasinan Philippines

Deliberate Brick

I have a Denon CEOL Piccolo internet radio that worked just fine for seven years until it needed a firmware update.

The update failed and it went to the service agency for the update.

When it was returned, all the radio stations were wiped. No problem I thought, just reload the stations.

BUT, there was a message telling me to look at radioDenon.com

That was a page run by Vtuner who have taken over the station 'tuning' from Denon.

They want a yearly subscription to enable station updates.

This is all new to me as I thought that Denon would supply the stations. My 'contract' when I bought it was with Denon.

So I now have a brick which is technically very capable of working except that I have to pay to use it again.

So the moral is don't buy a Denon as a retirement present to yourself. One day it will just stop working!

The engineer lurking behind the curtain: Musical monitors on a meagre IT budget

Pangasinan Philippines

flying text screensaver

Yes I remember the text one.

Type in volcano and get a geography lesson!

For Foxit's sake: Windows and Mac users alike urged to patch PhantomPDF over use-after-free vulns

Pangasinan Philippines

Foxit Free Fail

The option to acquire with scanner disappeared after an update.

i.e. required update to paid version.

The answer is to revert to previous version and never check for updates

Just Saying

UK govt advert encouraging re-skilling for cyber jobs implodes spectacularly

Pangasinan Philippines

Cyber gets the budget

Where I worked before retirement.

Anything "Cyber" was important.

But ask what is Cyber?

----< Blank expression >----

The perils of building a career on YouTube: Guitar teacher's channel nearly deleted after music publisher complains

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Unfortunately...Andre Previn.

I'm playing all the right notes . . . .But not necessarily in the right order!

Epic, Spotify, ProtonMail and pals rise up as one against Apple's 30% cut, call for end to Cupertino-style markets

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: How about...a Linux Phone?

Would that be too difficult?

Or any open source OS.

.uk registry operator Nominet responds to renewed criticism – by silencing its critics

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Other companies try to silence their critics

Could of!!!! - FFS

0ops. 1,OOO-plus parking fine refunds ordered after drivers typed 'O' instead of '0'

Pangasinan Philippines

Any letter is OK

Here in the Philippines.

I O and Q are all valid. Number 0 has a small gap in it.

New cars here are using dealer plates for years after purchase because the Govt contract with a dutch firm was cancelled due to (suspected) corruption. Govt set up a plate manufacturing factory, but is taking long time to catch up.

No NPR here so it don't really matter.

Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers' privacy

Pangasinan Philippines

You mean Facebook has adverts?

I must disable Ghostery sometime to see what I'm missing.

The internet is Free!

So... just 'Good' then? KFC pulls Finger Lickin' slogan while pandemic rumbles on

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Knowingly Foul Chicken

Or, in the local SM Southmall, Kenny Rodgers chicken.

Whole chickens spinning over the flames!

ANPR maker Neology sues Newcastle City Council after failing to win 'air quality' snoopcam project bid

Pangasinan Philippines

Legal are not technical

Legal cannot tell the difference between one technical proposal and another.

The suitability is decided by those who know. (the people who draw up the contract requirements).

Legal get involved with the monetary Ts & Cs.

Vivaldi composes sweet ad-blocking symphony for users of browser's Android version

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Re: Just in time, too

I want to go with Vivaldi on Desktop, but can't find a way to import Speed Dial from Opera.

Philippines president threatens local telcos with expropriation

Pangasinan Philippines

Duterte has threatened a pair of local telcos

Correction, 'the' pair of local telcos. There are only two until 'Dito' comes along (delayed until ) next year.

There is a need for 10,000 towers in the next five years - to catch up with Viet Nam.

That's a lot of towers especially when it takes 25 permits including Right of Way (ROW) which comes from government and takes 6 months of pushing paper before any construction can take place.

Talking of paper, most government departments use filing cabinets as storage which is why absolutely NOTHING has been processed during lockdown.

The telcos are not guilt free, the signal coverage is only 63% so once you leave metro Manila the coverage is patchy.

At least we get fast fibre direct to home in Manila but the strain on international connections shows at times.

When the facebook cable connects to the outside world, we should expect improvements.

Here's why your Samsung Blu-ray player bricked itself: It downloaded an XML config file that broke the firmware

Pangasinan Philippines

Seems to be the normal nowadays

In the space of a week, my Sony Blu-ray player wont use Youtube because the O/S is Windows 7.

Also my Denon DRA-N5 internet radio wont connect to radio stations as Denon have abandoned updating the radio lists.

At least the Sony still plays discs but the Denon is a brick after 7 years good use.

You call Verizon. A Google bot answers. You demand a human. The human is told what to say by the bot

Pangasinan Philippines


Put down your weapon.

You have ten seconds to comply!

Philippines government tech agency seeks 750 percent budget boost for COVIDigital transformation

Pangasinan Philippines

There's Free, and there's 'Free'

The Malls are the place to go for free WiFi, (*) but during a weekend evening, a connection that works is almost impossible.

The system cannot cope with the demand from students who crowd the malls after school all using cell phone data.

DICT has been ordered to construct 20,000 common cell towers during the next five years to catch up such advanced countries as Viet Nam.

It takes about 7 months and a fistful of permits before construction can begin.

The National Fiber (fibre) backbone project years ago was abandoned due to alleged corruption in the issuing of contracts to a Chinese firm.

(*) Disconnected at the moment along with reduced air-conditioning to discourage crowds from the malls

A volt from the blue: Samsung reportedly ditches wall-wart from future phones

Pangasinan Philippines


I sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that my phones, iPad etc are using the manufacturers' chargers.

After reading of (often fatal) fires caused by poorly made chargers (five stars on Amazon!), I will never used unbranded chargers.

The future is not bright.

Just saying.

LibreOffice community protests at promotion of paid-for editions, board says: 'LibreOffice will always be free software'

Pangasinan Philippines

Free Vs Paid

I worked in Government office and the time-keeping (flexi-time) was originally a paper exercise.

A co-worker wrote a simple program that allowed time entry and updates to hours worked etc.

This gave a paper printout which we handed to line manager. Costed nothing.

Then the department decided to use on-line forms.

The free version was not considered as there was no long term support or updates available.

A commercial version was bought for (I believe) a few thousand pounds.

July? British government could decide to boot Chinese giant Huawei from the UK's networks by this month

Pangasinan Philippines

So why buy Huawei /.

Better technology, or cheaper.

I suspect the latter.

iPadOS 14: Apple's attempt to pry fondleslab from toddlers' mitts and make it more businesslike

Pangasinan Philippines

Samsung Galaxy Note

Apple playing catch-up.

Just saying

Samsung combines 5G, AI, drones and cloud in conspiracy ... to ease network maintenance costs

Pangasinan Philippines


If this is an Americanism it should be productize, surely?

But it still means nothing to me.

I am confuserised.

If Fairphone can support a 5-year-old handset, the other vendors could too. Right?

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: planned obsolescence - It's everywhere

The machine is BDP-S490.

It is obviously first generation due to it being slow to react, and poorly designed user interface.

I never used it much as an internet device as I have an (old) Apple TV which does everything better.

Pangasinan Philippines

planned obsolescence - It's everywhere

Just this week discovered that my Sony Blue-ray disk player has Windows 7 and no longer wants to talk to Youtube or most anything on the internet.

Just today, after my Denon internet radio returned from repair for a failed firmware update, it refuses to access internet radio because Denon, in their wisdom gave that job to another company that now wants a subscription.

Asia's Uber equivalent Grab lets go of 1 in 20 staff

Pangasinan Philippines

Multi purpose

They are handy for delivering my afternoon burger meal or for sending packages across town.

About to use them again very soon.

Their motorcycles beat the usual traffic jams here in Manila

Philippines government makes cloud-first a post-pandemic ‘new normal’ for all agencies

Pangasinan Philippines

They have much to do

I am dealing with HLURB a govt housing authority.

They moved Office in September to a shiny new block.

As of now, there are no landlines connected, although someone must have internet to update web pages, (I suspect off site).

One cell phone works provided it is placed near to a window.

Currently they only in the office on thursdays if we can catch them via the one cellphone.

They accept no visitors during current climate.

Most files are paper based in filing cabinets.

Forward planning don't really exist here.

Smart fridges are cool, but after a few short years you could be stuck with a big frosty brick in the kitchen

Pangasinan Philippines

Win 7 anyone?

My Sony Blue ray player is acting dumb.

No Youtube or Netflix for me.

At least I can play discs.

The longest card game in the world: Microsoft Solitaire is 30

Pangasinan Philippines

The Solitaire cheat was handy

I missed that cheat where you could advance a single card from the deck using Ctrl/shift +another?

Helped to complete tricky games. Not available now of course.

A lady at work who was confronted by Windows 3 and mouse was afraid to touch the mouse in case something "bad" happened.

I introduced her to Solitaire and her phobia disappeared.

Oh, and hard disk prices were a GBP per Megabyte!

Good days.

Worried about the magnetic North Pole sprinting towards Russia? Don't be, boffins say, it'll be back sooner or later

Pangasinan Philippines

it’s moved south

When you're at the geographic north pole, any way is South.

This hurts a ton-80: British darts champ knocked out of home tourney by lousy internet connection

Pangasinan Philippines

British darts champ knocked out of home tourney

And here's what you could have won!

Apollo 13 set off into space 50 years ago today. An ignored change order ensured it did not make it to the Moon...

Pangasinan Philippines

Re: Free Publicity for Major Tom BBC

Your quote "If they'd tried to compete" would have been true except that the musicians' union imposed strict "needle time" on broadcasts and the pirate radio formula of playing discs all day would not have been allowed.

Philippines considers app to trace coronavirus carriers

Pangasinan Philippines

He's a laugh a minute our pres.

He just says things for effect and to make people take notice.

The uneducated people in the poorer areas probably believe him.

The Philippines DICT had not responded to The Register's requests for further information at the time of writing

Likely they are all at home like the rest of us. I had to drive my car around the block yesterday just to check that it works!

At least we get to skype the grandchildren in the UK more often



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