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Transport for NSW scrambles to patch servers missing fixes released in 2007


Is that not the new norm of most liberal capitalist, ehm, neo-feudal, business?

No investment in or recognition of knowledge or skill, full taking of credit for any results, and the feel of bus rubber over you as part of the daily grind?

Because enlightenment only happened in Europe, right?

Great, we're going to get DevOps-ed. So, 15 years of planning processes – for the bin?


Re: Usual DevOps bollocks

Containerless and codeless too mate - why do we need the code in the first place, that's so 2017...

You know what codeless computing is called?

COTS - your infrastructure.


Re: Oh well

This is like 85% of the organisations out there - essentially uninterested and complacent.

The why of it is clear - but then when people look surprised that china is taking over and democracy going belly up is when it gets entertaining.

It'll be a show to watch in the next 15 years - the superiorly footweared uninterested obese vs the barefoot highly motivated spartans (who on the side run all the nail shops, so you won't be able to set them up with those either).


Where's the 'PROMOTED CONTENT' tag in front of the title?

Or has El Reg commited to a particular $DEITY and from now intends to preach $DEITY.GetGospel() as its standard?

Hungry American GTT gobbles Euro network biz Interoute for $2.3bn


Right - so we're just waiting for their HQ to move to the continent!

Those brainy Eastern Europeans, eh?


What's a British telco got to do with Europe?

Haven't you guys Brexiteered?

IBM gives Services staff until 2019 to get agile


That's management talk for announcing there's going to be lots of redundancies - but they'll blame it on the ones 'unable to advocate for the customer'. Probably costs less than saying 'we messed up and owe you severance pay'.

Voice assistants are always listening. So why won't they call police if they hear a crime?


If only real humans could do that...


Re: @Boltar

Well (on Macbeth) - it would detect the guilt - and if any sane/unburdened by the said self-inflicted emotion - it would probably decide to do what you just described - check out.

Do correct me if wrong - but once the asylum decides its collective guilt must be suffered out - there is not much one can do but wait for it to take place - any help only makes the ones who know (or consider) they have done wrong - just accumulate the need for self-punishment (and they know how they want it too - not too soft, not too hard either - no permanent damage, just cleansing of the soul - I dare say (as a complete non-Briton and so to be booed off the stage for exposing the mechanism - greetings from a place I won't name)).

Shocked, I tell you. BT to write off £530m over 'improper' Italian accounts practices


Re: I work for BT


BT don't actually offer any global services - it's all fog and accounting acrobatics. The Italians must have mentioned they'd talk - and got slapped with a discovery they have somehow done it.

Every few years the top echelons go through such a groundbreaking discovery - then back to it again - rig the market, rinse, repeat.

Spectre shenanigans, Nork hackers upgrade, bad WD drives and more


And you all know how it happened, right - the uber capable management, where it is OK to fire anyone at any time - decided the guy/girl who was coding important bits wasn't going to get a rise - so as she walked out, they just sealed the product as ready, swept their incompetence under the carpet - and of course won't be fixing any of it because doing so means admitting to the mistake in the first place.

To my shock, a whole layer of managers think this 'not losing face' approach if the bedrock of western management - imagine when those - and that's your IT mainstream in all but the most genius friendly companies - then need to fix things up - it will happen on 21st of Never (and then 4 years later).

Death notice: Moore's Law. 19 April 1965 – 2 January 2018



The fundamental issue being the increasing anti-intellectualism in the west - for some reason believing you can be super dumb and successful at the same time.

Lacking human intelligence, what chance is there of artificial ever appearing.

We'll just take a swipe at politicians instead - because we are the angry mob, we read the papers every day...

Politicians, btw, with the lack of general brain capacity they represent, are doing a spectacularly good job.

'WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?' Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel spinning Spectre fix as a security feature


Re: Why we need faster MEMORY!

But the problem architecture here is Von Neumann, back from 1945 - it'd be hard to be any simpler than that.

What is needed is a proper hardware separation between kernel memory (and possibly the CPU) and user-space - so a more complex architecture. But that also means rewrite of all OSes and software out there.

Bit more complex than Shakespeare for those monkeys I'm afraid.


Re: "neither Meltdown or Spectre is much of a threat to a home user"

Banking creds might not be stored there - but your system creds always are.

Once those are disclosed it is no longer your system, except physically.

Unless you want to assume none of those - or any unpublished variants - can read kernel memory.

Microsoft reveals first Windows Server Insider Build


Re: 2 updates per year = Microsoft going bankrupt

But but but - the smart and uber-good folks at Google have already established that the way of the future is el-cheapo software that collects your info to sell it...

Windows is just following suit, right?

Russia launches non-terrifying satellite that focuses Sun's solar rays onto Earth


Well since the current international community generally just leaves a mess - someone hinting at maybe cleaning it up can't be a bad thing can it?

Is this a hotdog? What it takes for an AI to answer that might surprise you


What's this obsession with artificial intelligence - as if it can be any better than the non-artificial one - which is denigrated in popular culture (and workplace) - do you not know the hierarchy is always right boy - what do you mean you KNOW MORE!?!?

You can't teach a machine to figure out what is a hotdog - because in all but the most obvious cases humans couldn't do it either (imagine blurred photos - or the whole 'well is that wurst really a hot dog').

Actually, before you start - can you define what constitutes a hotdog - or would you like the machine to feel your request - so it can give you the response aligned to your emotions (which can in any case keep you happy - no matter how dumb)?

Windows Server 2016: Leg up or lock in?


Too true - if you don't know how to run Windows server well, you are better off sticking with dodgy Linux stuff - or studying some properly. Too many an incompetent admin just gave it a bad name - lack of knowledge is the standard in Linux world, but doesn't work well with MS (they - MS - assume you work for money AND have a brain - and will hence expect you to put it to use for real).