back to article Microsoft reveals first Windows Server Insider Build

Microsoft's revealed the first fruits of its plan to deliver twice-yearly updates to Windows Server by revealing the first-ever Insider build of the OS. Available here for users who register with a corporate Active Directory credential, Windows Server Insider Preview Build 16237 adds plenty of features that emphasises …

  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    Updates twice a year = Panic

    When we see what they managed to do with Intérnet Explorer last week this makes my hair stand on end...

    Just as a refresher

    KB4022168 ( knocked out I.E. when viewing multiple pages with I frames

    Kb4025252. ( re-released on the same daY) !!!!!

    We have updated our serveurs since, fed up with the Guinea Pig antics

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Of OS and Men.

    *after being chased by angry sysadmins with pitchforks following various viral outbreaks, backup failures, random lock ups and other miscellaneous issues*

    *George finds a secluded spot and gets out of the car*

    Windows: George? Are we gunna get that big server. With der RAM and space and the fast internet?

    George: Yeah sure, of course. Now get out the car.

    Winfows: George, can we get a Dell server?

    George: Get out of the fucking car Windows. We're going to take a nice walk in the woods, find that server. Drag those fucked back legs out the car and we'll find a nice quiet spot deep in the woods.

    *gets his gun wrapped in a blanket with a shovel*

    *Meanwhile half a mile away*

    *A feint gunshot can be heard in the distance, frightened birds fly off in all directions as an MCSE looks on and inexplicably has a tear rolling down his cheek*

    *AC jolts awake*

    Oh fuck, it was a dream, its still not dead, they're still releasing shit.

    *Removes hat and throws it on the ground*


  3. Najt

    What's up with the nano server now ?

    If I get this right it is now just container OS for running .net core applications ?

    So no more use for Hyper-v and storage spaces ?

  4. David Austin

    For Clarity

    If you are on the current public Windows Server 2016 14393, if you don't intervene manually, will that go onto the twice yearly update system, or the LTSB?

    With most SMB customers I work with, Windows server is basically file and AD, so the stability and less intervention of the LTSB seems more attractive than the bleeding edge version, which will have many (Admittedly cool) features, but few they'll want or need.

    1. ColonelClaw

      Re: For Clarity

      I too am wondering about that. Will the next update be free or paid? Forced on us or not? Avoidable or not?

      It might not be relevant, but I remember when Windows 8 was updated to 8.1 it was a free upgrade, but the corresponding Server upgrade (12 -> 12 R2) wasn't.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The shills are strong in this thread.

    Intense downvoting of anti-windows comments is intense.

    Wheres Eadon when you need him?


    1. Joerg

      Re: The shills are strong in this thread.

      Microsoft , Disney and AMD are the ones with more shills spread all over the 'net to sell their awful products.

  6. Joerg

    2 updates per year = Microsoft going bankrupt

    Just as simple as that.

    No Enterprise and no business with an IT dept made of not crazy people would even remotely consider upgrading to the new WindowServer2016 and Windows10 Enterprise (Pro and Home even worse) nonsense with all the bugs and updates with more bugs and compatibility issues.. and all the added spyware malware adware by Microsoft !

    Having 2 major OS updates for Windows Server each year is just insane. Any Enterprise and business should start switching to macOS and FreeBSD (because Linux is a huge mess).

    1. peterjames

      Re: 2 updates per year = Microsoft going bankrupt

      But but but - the smart and uber-good folks at Google have already established that the way of the future is el-cheapo software that collects your info to sell it...

      Windows is just following suit, right?

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