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Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie


The Da Vinci Coed

AC, you didn't dare so I googled it for you. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1280507/

Beeb pushes major new iPlayer release

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Linux version works well here

Ubuntu 9.04, installed it last night and it worked perfectly. Haven't messed with the HD stuff yet mind, just did a quick download and play to make sure it worked.

Jackalope gets jaunty with Ubuntu nip and tuck



Re USB broadband dongles - I don't know about T-Mobile, but my 3 dongle has been supported since 8.10, just plug it in and tell it what provider. Very slick.

Upgraded earlier, so far I'm liking it . A number of niggly little bugs fixed, I really like the new notifications (giving Macslow a job was a great move by Canonical) and the upgrade was completely painless.

KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release


@ minor quibble

"I didn't see anything to justify your implication that the whole desktop is available for Windows or Mac, and I would be quite surprised if it was"

You might want to have a look here - http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/01/testing-kde-42-release-candidate-on-windows.ars

From what I read and see there, it looks very much like you can run the full desktop. Never liked KDE personally and I don't see that changing, but I am impressed with what they've done on the cross platform front.

High Zune: MS loads up for the CES shootout


@ Keep up...

Maybe you were busy having a happy new year of your own - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/31/zune_death/

PS3's Home to debut tomorrow

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Am I the only PS3 owner

who really couldn't give a toss about Home? Love the machine, enjoying the gaming and the Blu-Ray and everything else it does, but Home has absolutely zero appeal to me. Yet on the (admittedly limited number of) gaming sites I visit everyone seems to think it's going to be the second coming.

Mind you, I bloody hate FPS's as well....

IBM takes on VMware virtual desktop


So what they're actually saying is...

...2009 is going to be the year of the Linux desktop ;)

Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary


no support for proprietary nVidia drivers???

Up until that point this was sounding like something that might tempt me away from Ubuntu after all these years, but that's a show stopper for me. I've managed to find a partial explanation for why this is the case, but maybe someone with more in depth knowledge could explain more - and more importantly, is there likely to be a fix/workaround, and is this going to affect me as an Ubuntu user any time soon?

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux



This puzzled me too. Never used the Aspire 1 or any of the other netbooks, but my Linux distro of choice (Ubuntu) behaves exactly as you would expect - all in the gui, browse shares on the network. Simple as a simple thing. I'm amazed the Aspire doesn't have something similar, maybe someone else can enlighten me.

To be honest, my first thought when I started reading the article was "why are we straight into the terminal" - I can only assume that the Aspire either doesn't have, or hides, the gui tools for the applications being discussed. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting article, but maybe a bit scary for a new user coming from Windows.

Channel 4 in Heathrow Playmobil reconstruction shocker


Good old youtube...


Cheeky monkeys indeed....

LHC downed until after Xmas - Boo



Brightened up my Wednesday - nice one Lewis.

OMFG, what have you done?


My 2p...

The fixed width didn't bother me at all on the laptop, it fits quite nicely into the size of my browser window. But as soon as I tried it on my N800 - yeah, I'm with everyone else. It's horrible.

Pretty happy with the rest of the changes, was a bit of a shock when I first saw it but I'm getting used to it now. Just sort out the fixed width. Please....

Vodafone grabs carrier exclusive on HSDPA Dell Minis


where is it?

Took me a couple of minutes to find this on the Dell site...


Google restores Chrome's shine

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Re: No AdBlock? Workaround.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who still knows about the hosts file. There's even a very nice chap who has one ready to go at http://everythingisnt.com/hosts.html

Rockstar confirms GTA IV PC edition

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@ Stu

Square will change weapons in a car...

90 per cent of Sony devices to be networked by 2010

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"Quite why Sony wanted its own standard isn't clear"

Yes it is - they always try to introduce their own proprietary "standard" even if there are perfectly adequate ones in place. MiniDisc, UMD, Memory Stick...

Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers


Yeah, right...

"We have had to recruit extra warehouse staff to work through the night to ensure product arrives on the day of launch."

So that's why up until yesterday my order was shown as "posted on 24/04" then it changed all by itself to "posted on 28/04". Needless to say, no sign of it this morning....

Sorry Play, you've screwed this one right up. Won't be ordering from them again.


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