back to article Channel 4 in Heathrow Playmobil reconstruction shocker

It's come to our attention that a trailer for Channel 4's Dispatches - which will next week ask "if the sun is setting" on British Airways - features some rather fetching Playmobil scenes set inside Heathrow's acclaimed Terminal 5. Well, what a very entertaining idea. So entertaining in fact that after El Reg first unleashed …


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  1. Peter Depledge
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    Ah here it is.

    I've been waiting all week for this story. And here it is where it should be. On a Friday afternoon. Excellent

  2. Rob McCann


    I saw that and straight away thought of El Reg! Channel poor!

    Skull and crossbones due to blatant theifdom!

  3. Joe
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    All you need to do...

    is send in the PFY to sort them out

  4. Paul Murphy

    No holds barred then.

    >Cheeky monkeys,

    Well said El Reg, hopefully they will mentioned where they got their inspiration from and stop their outrageous behaviour.


  5. Anonymous Coward

    It's good to see

    That their security has not been penetrated, although obviously the perpetrator here will be shortly.

  6. Jon

    Optimus Prime is needed.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I think they're brilliant myself,

    None of them tricky disclosure agreements needed

    Also, I find it absolutely hilarious when I hear Gerry Adams speaking, that's one person who should have kept the "actors voice" they used when sinn feinn was banned from speaking in the media :)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I felt it was an improvement on the usual fare C4 provides. Long may El Reg take the lead and others follow! Oh, and while you're at it sue the buggers for artistic infringement.

  9. jai


    can we see a playmobile re-enactment of the bods at C4 re-creating the El-Reg playmobile re-enactments of the scenes are T5 ?

  10. Greg

    Good old youtube...

    Cheeky monkeys indeed....

  11. David Frank

    Hi Do me a favour P-L-E-A-S-E?

    Could you guys at old "El Reg" please knock up a monthly playmobil as a screen saver or such featuring the main news topics of the month. Would love to see your take on the current banking crisis and particularly your Mr. Darling character.

    Smiley face becuase that is how I would fel if you did!

  12. Andy G


    exactly what u thought when i saw that. Channel 4 robing b*^%$rds


  13. Narlaquin

    I'm not quite following the story...

    I'm not quite following the story: I think a Playmobil reconstruction of Channel 4 editors meeting Advert Creating wonks and the latter demonstrating a story board of the advert would help.

    And the crew of the Good Ship Navratilova would have to be there at the lunchtime pitch in the Ivy.

    And Optimus Prime, the Devil Dog and Ms Hilton, naturally.

  14. Elmer Phud


    We'll know if they are copying if they use Maximus Prime as a baggage handler.

  15. alan


    dispatches producer: "But how did you find me?"

    optimus: "EBAY!!!"


    </BLAM BLAM>

  16. Tom Haczewski
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    Cheeky bastards

    El Reg, how could you. How could you go forward in time (with that machine, YOU KNOW THE ONE) and steal Channel 4's idea.

    You cheeky, cheeky bastards.

  17. Dale


    Come now, El Reg had a great idea, someone else saw that it was a great idea and used it. I sure hope no-one takes legal action against me because I saw their bathroom wall painted a certain colour, liked it and decided to paint my own bathroom the same colour. Do we really want to be asserting ownership of ideas here?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Guys, guys, guys - think of the licensing possibilities

    Since Channel 4 are clearly big Reg fans, its time for a full make-over. No more Davina - instead the lovely Asus lady will front (and what a front) all life-style programming. Phil and Kirstie will be replaced by Optimus Prime, Paris becomes the station's international correspondent, and Lester and a Devil Dog can host the evening news programme - politicians answer the questions or have their faces torn off (repeated later on More 4 + Pi).

    Let's do lunch and I'm in it for 10%. Call me11

  19. DAN*tastik
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    @ Mike Richards

    I agree with everything - but keep big brother please.

    Instead of those but no more nicey nicey things like that task where they were getting electrocuted. We want blood, let them use Vista until they lose the plot and start eating each other.

    Also, I would suggest, a spelling course? just for the basics really:

    its != it's

    they're != there != their

    you're != your

  20. Mike Morris
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    A little credit.... most definitely due to El Reg for blazing the Playmobil trail. Using those cute little plastic creatures to depict the harrowing situation at T5 among others is priceless. You'd have to expect a little ripoff flattery.



  21. Piers

    much. more. playmobil. required.

    ...and who at c4 has been reading the reg?!?

  22. Warhelmet

    The Adam and Joe Show

    The use of Playmobil figures does not portray the true reality of being in terminal 5. I saw many people resembling Weebles - verily, they did wobble but fall down they did not.

    And if you put a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on it's back, would it be able to right itself.

    Where's Action Man?

  23. alex cee

    They say....

    ........that imitation is the best form of flattery!!

    But i'm glad you lot picked this up! I honestly I thought that I was going mad when I first saw this on Channel 4!

  24. John Browne
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    It is possible...

    that unleashing Optimus Prime at C4 (or T5 for that matter) might be cheaper, and ultimately better for humanity, than a long-winded copyright lawsuit?

    Just a thought.

    BTW, is Optimus P going to join a reality show anytime soon? I might just watch that one 8-)

  25. Alex Wright

    Both Ch4 and El Reg are late on this one.

    Lego representation of news events was alive in the 14th Century!

  26. Anonymous Coward

    What about Branson's mob?

    So C4 are picking up on BA's shenanigans, but what about pointing out how many times BA have been caught with sticky fingers due to Virgin running to The Authorities and saying "Look at this dodgy deal we're in with BA"...

    C4 are obvious guilty of piracy, m'lud. Make 'em walk the plank, the scurvy dargs. Aarrgh.

  27. Steve B

    Blatant breach of IP.

    The Channel Four action scenario, despite coming later in the game is obviously moving, whereas the Reg ones definitely aren't.

    Therefore any further El Reg illustrations will be, albeit a frozen moment in time, a clear breach of the real IP holders rights and will result in patent litigation.

    Whoops, sorry there, ignore all that: for a moment I thought we were talking US software.

  28. Jeff Trotman


    And now:

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Channel 4

    Damn you C4, I wanted to see that.

  29. Iain

    Oh yes, definitely a rip-off...

    Sure. Look, they even used the same "Airport security scanner" set you did. Bound to be a rip-off, and not that _everyone_ would do the same when they saw Playmobil had released that set shortly before T5 went titsup.

  30. Tim
    Black Helicopters

    All I want to know is...

    How did PlayMobil have the foresight to provide parts for T5, devil dogs and lesbians in their sets? Spookily well anticipated.

    Black Helicopter...uh...coz it looks awesome!

  31. Simon B

    channel 4 rip off

    I saw the advert on TV too and thought what a blatant rip off of El Reg!! Have you sent them the bill for your idea yet?

  32. Louis

    The cheek of it.

    My other half thought I was a bit weird for shouting 'CHEEKY BASTARDS' at a kids toys on TV... that took some explaining.

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