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Software-defined networking (SDN) may not yet be at the top of your data centre to-do list but if you want the benefits of private cloud, it should be soon. Our recent Regcast, during which HP discussed SDN and “virtual application networking” (the concept name for how it sees SDN and virtual networks developing), provides a …


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  1. koolholio
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    Which flavour

    ZeroShell looks quite a featurefull full distribution that I guess could run on a virtual environment?

  2. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    But, umm

    If the SysAdmin job gets too simplified, might the day come when we're only needed one day a week? With, umm, pay to match?

    I guess we could just keep making it LOOK like we're busy...

  3. mbushong

    Promise of SDN depends on abstractions

    [full disclosure: I work at a startup in the SDN space, and previously drove SDN strategy at Juniper]

    The discussion of SDN as more than a means of automating provisioning is spot on. If all we get out of SDN is a better managed system, we have aimed too low as an industry.

    That said, I thought it odd to talk about OpenFlow. For any of the really cool application-network interaction to happen, we need to settle first on some of the higher-level abstractions. The underlying protocols are perhaps the least interesting thing to settle on.

    I would rather see discussions about how to describe workloads, what properties need to be preserved for those workloads, and how we manipulate work loads. I think that those in the OpenFlow camp might prove to be right in picking an underlying protocol, but they will have failed to deliver anything exceptional because they missed the forest for the tree.

    Mike Bushong (@mbushong)


  4. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    @Tim Phillips


This topic is closed for new posts.