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El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Yet another of my favourite websites has downgraded

What is it with so many websites recently changing to this stye of 'design'?

I have a decent sized monitor - I'd like to be able to have sites display across the width of the browser and not have to scroll so much. The really large images and fonts are a bit much too... you seem to be too focussed on tablet use by people who don't want to actually read much!?

I HATE these new design 'guidelines' that several of my favourite sites seem to have opted for, e.g. whathifi.com, pgatour.com, various Trinity Mirror-owned local news websites and now El Reg. Also The Guardian seems to be toying with a similarly annoying layout, which they are inconsistently trialling across their site. In all of the other cases, I don't visit those sites anywhere near as much as I used to as I want to be able to access information and read articles, not be bombarded with large images and text, and having to scroll for ages to see what's actually on each page! Oh, and I also miss the thumbnails for each story... El Reg, you're getting way too boring and corporate for my liking!

Natwest net and phone banking goes titsup


Online banking back up (for now...)

Have finally been able to login. Seems to be working, but for how long?...

Also, I wonder whether us Nat West customers will get a proper apology and explanation?

Betfair promises problems are behind it



Anonymous - I doubt that the John Lewis website has to deal with as many transactions as the Betfair one!

Anyway, I agree with many of the comments above - their website has gone seriously downhill since they added new 'features' - games/arcade/casino, and trying to add fancy features to the in-play football markets, e.g. categorising football match markets with banner images, and a 'cash out' option. In the space of maybe two years, Betfair has gone seriously downhill! - shocking management to think that the many website improvements were worth it!

'Mad captain' sole entrant in Vodafone compo


Quebec... no-go zone!?

Am slightly surprised to see that Quebec is being lumped together with the likes of North Korea and Iran!...

Contest is open world-wide excluding residents of Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

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Wot no audio comparison?

Seems like quite a half-baked Which report as it only compares 'viewing results'.

Having upgraded to blu-ray and a HD audio home cinema surround system fairly recently, I am still impressed at the improvement in sound quality compared to my old non-HD 5.1 system.

Come on Which, write a proper report which also includes audio quality!