back to article Betfair promises problems are behind it

Betfair suffered a brief outage this morning – one of several glitches the site has suffered in recent weeks. The problems at the betting exchange have alarmed customers, who could get stuck with an open position which they cannot close. An unusually helpful spokeswoman at Betfair explained the problems were related to moving …


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  1. Fuzzbuzz


    Are we taking bets on that?

  2. flashy blade


    I love the idea that Betfair have had "glitch" The website has been a total disaster for about two months. All the guff about a move to Dublin is total nonsense. They changed a perfectly simple website with very few graphics into a jazzy site that doesn't work. Given that Betfair makes its profits on the turnover of bets, I wouldn't want to be owing its shares at the moment. The betting forums have been getting angrier and angrier. I'm not surprised the Betfair lady was unusually helpful. Like all websites, they're only a few clicks away from being the next forgotten website a-la Altavista or Myspace.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Betfair is an awful company when dealing with customers and potential job candidates.

    Went for a interview there a while back, and had absolutely zero feedback re. the interview.

    Interviews were with over arrogant and cynical staff... didn't strike me like a great atmosphere where to work.

    hope they go down soon...

  4. doperative

    online gambling

    Online gambling, an excuse to relieve the moronic of their money ....

  5. regprentice


    The new site is filled with crap and a nighare for slow connections.

    I'm dissapointed to see that they were down this

    Morning again, it's becoming a farce. For a site which encourages it's users to trade (ie place various bets during an event, not to bet on the winning outcome, but to take advantage of price movements a la the stock exchange) it's simply unacceptable.

    I've lost money and many others have too. If there was a viable alternative betfair would be knackered.

    It's like putting your gran on a life support machine and coming in one day to find the nurse flicking the power switch on and off repeatedly because she was bored

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bloody Unix.

    John Lewis runs on ASP.Net / Sql Server and they haven't had a second of downtime in nearly a decade.

    1. little

      John Lewis


  7. David Neil

    The site was donald ducked most of Saturday as well

    Cricket, Rugby, Football, all buggered.

    Barely a word out of them, markets being opened for a fwe minutes to allow you to take a position and then suspended for the next hour meaning you couldn't trade your way out of it.

    If I wanted a plain bookie, I'd go use one, if I want to using an exchange I'm stuck using Betfair, for the moment. Looks like a lot of people decided to open accounts at Betdaq and use that for trading, the liquidity issues should disappear once people decide that Betfair is no longer reliable and head elsewhere.

  8. Nathan 13

    Betfair promises LOL

    Their site was totally out of action from 2pm until 8pm yesterday (saturday).

    Must have caused some big losses for some of their "premium clients", not to mention themselves.

    A few more outages like that and Betfair will be in real danger of losing its liquidity providers and literally becoming an AOL.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    John Lewis


  10. BadgerSam


    Anonymous - I doubt that the John Lewis website has to deal with as many transactions as the Betfair one!

    Anyway, I agree with many of the comments above - their website has gone seriously downhill since they added new 'features' - games/arcade/casino, and trying to add fancy features to the in-play football markets, e.g. categorising football match markets with banner images, and a 'cash out' option. In the space of maybe two years, Betfair has gone seriously downhill! - shocking management to think that the many website improvements were worth it!

  11. DoubleCarpet

    Spam email system still works fine though .....

    They had a bit of bother Friday morning as well ............. but they still managed to get their Spam emails out. The classic one I got was asking me to recommend a friend : -)

    Wouldnt you think a British company would have an idea that Saturday might be a tad busy?

    Surely the data is separate to the presentation layer. It's all down again - currently nothing works (none of the API's, mobile sites, betfar lite, their own staff cant access anything etc etc). Lately they have been changing the whole look & feel, but it shouldnt affect the raw database.

    Anyhow ................... I'm off down the road to William Hills. Ahh yes, I can feel the waves of nostalgia. Let's get the tic-tac men out of retirement.


  12. flashy blade

    down again

    On Saturday, the site is down yet again. No doubt the CEO of Betfair will get a huge bonus this year, but he should be fired for presiding over this kind of rubbish.

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