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Microsoft teases Outlook Lite for Android

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Re: The main benefits of Outlook

What that means is that Legacy protocols, IMAP and Activesync particularly but also the likes of POP3 and some weird Exchange/Exchange online endpoints bypass "Modern Authentication" so you can't enforce MFA on them, either via Conditional access or by hard-enabling it. Password spray / brute force attacks pretty much all use these protocols which can't be fixed without changing 'the protocol spec' which everyone would moan about.

Instead, sensible IT departments turn them off at the Organisation level to help the department sleep safe at night.

TfL signs £27.6m road CCTV deals

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The Future is coming

Easynet merged with Sky, forming SkyNet.

SkyNet is installing and upgrading monitoring systems.


Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

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This just shows that these "highly paid analysts" are nothing more than overpaid fan-boys. Whenever Apple, Google etc release a new product, these types are queuing up to give them wildly optimistic outlooks in the vague hope some trimming fall off the machine into their lap.

ODF's doomed mission to break into Microsoft Office

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Open source company in "Pissing and moaning that microsoft don't compete with one arm tied behind their back" shocker.

Here's an idea: How about, rather than spending all of this time and effort draging them down, the ODF Foundation work on improving their product so it becomes a defacto choice on merit?

I know. ridiculous ideas are ridiculous.

Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month

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@ Jaqui

Are you mentaly retarded, or just like trolling Microsoft posts with completely irrelevant trash?

I for one look forward to the swathe of Spurious class action lawsuits this creates, as it's another excuse to laugh at people with no crip on reality what so ever.

Care to explain why it is Illegal to Shut down a free version of software that says "Not for Production Use - I shut down on Day X" ?

Please stop using the internet. Forever.

Tech titans meet in secret to plug SSL hole

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I felt a great disturbance, as if a million geeks cried out at once, and were suddenly silenced.

ps. ah shit :/

New police crime-mapping system crashes on first outing

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This site's been available for about 2 years.

Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'

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Recompile it for speed.... not

There is a simple reason why people are not recompiling it for speed, and why it's bloating out of all proportion.


Linux used to be for the pro's. You spent months fighting with a command line to get X compiled only to blow your monitor up when you mis-typed the H & V Sync. You had to manually recompile your kernel to add / remove things to make it work. You ahd to know your shit.

Then Ubuntu came along to make "Linux for everyone". Unfortunately, linux for everyone removed all of the technical challenges form the install, It is lowering the IQ of the collective Linux Userbase. Face it. 90% of the "OMG LINUX ROX!!!11!!" commentards are Ubuntu users wo run it for 3 months, feel superior, then quietly limp back too Linux.

Real Linux users know it bloats, and have been recomiling their kernels for years. It's a non-issue. However it's a massive fail for "Desktop Ez-Mode Linux" as you end up falling into the traps that dog your "most Hated OS in the World".

Welcome to your bed. You made it. You sleep in it.

@Russ: You are wrong i'm afraid. BSD uses a modular kernel. Linux is Monolithic. It loads the whole damn lot.

Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'

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@Michael C

Let me get this right.

You run iPhones, without any security in your 15,000 user exchange enterprise without any problem at all. However, security won't let you use a more secure system ?

I call shenanigans sir.

White hats release exploit for critical Windows vuln

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@ Mosh Jalan

BeOS ?

Brown apologises for 'appalling' treatment of Turing

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GoGo Gordon

Never let it be said that this government pointlessly encourages and engages in popularist policies with zero impact on the real world.

Oh Wait.

Baby-roasting BBQ pulled from Sears site

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@ Jake

This think you describe of as "BBQ'ing" with an enclosed fire box is some ridiculous easy-convenience version of making food out doors. I'm guessing your BBQ has to be left at home when you go travelling as it's gas supply is rather too heavy to take on holiday?

Men cook on Open fires - and improvise. Enclosed boxes are for the ladies.

Google Oompa-Loompas dream of virus-free OS

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@ AC @ 22:35 GMT

I feel sorry for your daughter being brought into this world with such narrow minded and plain wrong information being shipped into her head.

Please explain how, shipping an OS on a ROM is going to help anyone. What do you do when you want to update the version of Chrome on ChromeOS ? Or how about a new kernel that adds support for that new Periphial you always wanted to use?

I Fail to see how this is going to achieve anything. The netbook market is Tiny, around 10mil units. if they get 50% of that (doubtful) then well done, you have provided 5million Netbooks, globally, with a free OS. How much money did that make you?

Then, once you have established yourself as a loss leader in a minority market, you expect other people to do the rest of the work for you by developing an app store, posting the relevant API documents on the web and then sitting back, patting yourselves on the back?

ps. ROM doesn't mean no virus by design. It means limited attack vectors. You are still vulnerable to TSR's. Sure, you can cold-boot the system between tasks, but that gets a bit tedious.

iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit

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@AC 04:53

Dont; worry though - it's not a Microsoft Product so mobody will tell you they are basically wank.

4 comments? Imagine if this was a Windows Mobile Based Phone. Ohh lordy it would get all the retards out of the woodwork telling us how great their Ubuntu phone is.

Boomerang attack against AES better than blind chance

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Tinfoil Time

Of course he'd say that. It's in his best interests to protect the myth of AES.

Firefox 3.5 - it's not a 'web upgrade'

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Unfortunately, the main facebook page doesn't render with Firefox 3.5 on Vista64.

Having 2 pages of .js and .css errors is pretty spectacular.

Warning: Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped.

Source File: http://b.static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/zTNMH/lpkg/708onpvg/en_GB/141/171359/css/yty641oj1jk8sc8k.pkg.css

Line: 13

It works fine in IE8 though.