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Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons

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Re: Liberals

Open liberal democratic states

It's a code phrase. Signals that the authors are "with the team".

Open" means "Global Markets", "Liberal" means "Markets Decide", "Democratic" means "Legitimate" and "States" refers to a Club which follows The Code: "Global Markets Deciding Democratic outcomes is what makes this State Legitimate" - which keeps the colour revolutyions, drones & sactions away. For a while!

The Liberals* are most likely concerned that heathen communist competion will lower the market value and exclusivity of, say, FaceBook's data hoarding and "influencing interface" :).

*)Euro-style, liberals a.k.a. neo-liberals, market-fundamentalists, et cetera.

Take your pick: 'Hack-proof' blockchain-powered padlock defeated by Bluetooth replay attack or 1kg lump hammer

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

and I couldn't cut through them.

Not even with an angle grinder? These things are portable nowadays.

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Re: I've come to believe

Whenever an adjective is used for marketing or in naming a protocol, it's meaining becomes inverted!

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Re: Sounds familiar

The one problem electronic voting does solve solve is that the losers does not get their fweelings hurt by having their little faces rubbed in tiresome facts like maybe they ran a rubbish candidate or their program was shite or maybe everyone by now just hates their guts and wants them Gone!

Instead they can blame The Russians for their losses and argue endlessly on how they actually won!

Drone firm DJI promises 'local data mode' to fend off US government's mooted ban

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US govt claims to hate State Aid ...

They should look at what happened to the UK, with Thatcher: The Tories had the Insiders bs-ing all the time about Purity towards Outside, all while on the Inside they were happily finagling things, however Impure and Socialist the methods.

Now, a bunch of Outsiders, 3'rd rate flunkies kept away from Important Things for good reasons by the elders, thus ignorant of how things were done, comes into power while totally *believing* the entire bs-fascade of their Saviour Saint and turns the official agit-prop bs into Government Policies ....

Something to look forward to: Being told your child or parent was radicalized by an AI bot into believing a bonkers antisemitic conspiracy theory

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Re: Modern AI machines are like 2yo with enormous knowledge

They don't think. They are just models that can map one hyperspace of data onto another with zero comprehension of what any of it means.

Any two year old can one-shot a chair. Then, because a two year old understands what a "chair" is and what it does, it can easily identify other things that "are not a chair" but can be used as "chair", leaving Modern AI sucking down dust!

Current AI cannot do basic things like that and probaly never will because it is mindless. It hasn't got a world model and nobody understands (yet) how to begin to build something that could have one.

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I have some trouble believing in the "Radicalisation Brain-Washing Rays over The Internet", primarily because the prime Ad/Malware-slingers specifially *wants* us to belive that such a thing could exits and that they have it and we should immediately pay them big bucks for it, before the competition does!

I think that the only thing FaceBook, Google, Twitter and so on actually does well is Finding People based on search criteria. That allows all of the worlds cooks, loons and nutters to find each other and form a distributed network of crazy and stupid never seen before!

Three middle-aged Dutch hackers slipped into Donald Trump's Twitter account days before 2016 US election

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Re: What this means

Maybe The Russians should be running things? They seem to be infinitely capable, with no limitations on manpower and dedication to duty!

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan

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Re: State Aid????

The British Army's 77'th Brigade will no doubt work out a cunning device to make the Brexiteers see enlightenment and blame the EU, the Germans and Angela Merkel for demanding their humiliation by the WTO. Or Something!

The UK won't be a rule taker, it will be a rule maker.

It is clear that the Brexieers have this idea that when Great Britain makes rules, those rules shall not be limited by the borders they also need to have 'Cause Sovrinty' (in practice to have juristiction where the UK rules apply and to keep the darkies out)

I.O.W. The UK wants the EU to follow their rules and they don't want to follow any of the EU's rules -> It is all about Restoring the Empire without doing any of the work!

US ponders tech export ban on SMIC, China's biggest chipmaker

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Re: Red Scare

The US hasn't got much left to sanction.

Except Rocket Engines, Uranium and Titanium. However, being all about "free markets", the USA only sanctions things that hurt their competitors and they do have a big chip on their sholders about the EU.

Digital pregnancy testing sticks turn out to have very analogue internals when it comes to getting results

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Re: Low tech is too old tech

They need to do a Better Job: Push all of the dataprocessing to "The Cloud", make it very complex and power consuming so the data center can suck down all that Green Power so it is not used for anything baneficial and have crap security and be sure to let FaceBook leech the data generated, just in case.

Funny, that: Handy script for wiping directories is capable of wreaking havoc beyond a miscreant's wildest dreams

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Re: My contribution ...

It's always good to see someone having a shittier day! or Cats!!

Amazon spies on staff, fires them by text for not hitting secretive targets, workers 'feel forced to work through pain, injuries' – report

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I wonder what the "cash in a clear plastic bag" is for. Toilets and vending machines all take credit cards around here and I don't suppose they would have those mechanical coin-op meters to pay for workers to pay for heat and lighting at their work stations?

Zuck says Facebook made an 'operational mistake' in not taking down US militia page mid-protests. TBH the whole social network is a mistake

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Re: Endless Cycle

Eh ... No, I haven't. I don't even know anyone who does.

Former HP CEO and Republican Meg Whitman – who split HP with mixed success – says Donald Trump can't run a business

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IT Angle

Re: @Flock of Kroes not hearing

And then there's Biden's promises that will bankrupt the country... while Hunter profits.

As long as the totally voluntary, with unending bipartisan support, and even public fawning over it, millitary expenditures can continue to grow at a rate of 5%/p.a. it is pretty damn silly to imagine *anything else* that will "bankrupt the country"!

The biggest exponent crushes "the rest", so "the rest" dosen't matter - IT-Angle: O-notation.

Reply-All storm sparked by student smut sees school system shut down Google Classroom for up to a week

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Re: Surely they're using G-Suite Enterprise for Education?

How should they do that?

A company will restrict the selection of "own" devices for you to "buy" to something that their IT management system is familiar with and can operate on.

It will be very clear from the beginning that the user consents that this is a business device and therefore business can do things to it.

In school, one gets almost one implentation of Android per 4 children and a smattering of Apple devices, the Apples (if they are recent) have a fairly decent management interface, some Andoids have something that could work and the rest has something that runs from China.

These devices are 100% their owners property and one cannot legally dick around with them - even assuming one could support the volume of management scriptiing to do this.

It's the usual cheapskating and shortcutting, then whining when something breaks: If they need to control user devices, suitable user devices has to be provided. But that costs money and they don't want to do that, rather they push the costs onto the users but of course then they can't do management because of the explosion in diversity that creates.

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Re: Not possible?

Don't have to jam anything - just (get telco to) set up a picocell at the place where one want to control cellphone access, create a list of devices allowed access to data services, to be switched on, and so on und zu weiter .... but ... with everything "important" in IT it is never important enough to put in the work or pay someone to do it!

Where there's a .mil, there's Huawei: Pentagon allowed to keep using Chinese tech deemed too dangerous for everyone else – report

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Re: "That hasn't however, stopped the US and other nations . . ."

Trump wants Chinese comms out of the network, he can push the budget to do it.

But ... that would be Work. The Donald doesn't do Work, it's demeaning!

Norfolk's second-greatest cultural export set for return with 3-metre monument in honour of the Turkey Twizzler

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Is that a fact?

"The fact it's taken Bernard Matthews 15 years to reformulate the Turkey Twizzler shows what a truly terrible product it used to be."

Alternatively, It could have taken them 15 years of solid Tory party donations (and the boost from an upcoming no-deal Brexit) to undermine UK food standards enough to make them declare 40% more of whatever was originally in that thing to be "Meat"!?

Uncle Sam says it's perfecting autonomous AI-powered drone, vehicle swarms to 'dominate' battlefields

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Re: Did none of these people see the movie called...

.... And it took so much longer because it had also to develop nano-technology to find those brains!

Intel NDA blueprints – 20GB of source code, schematics, specs, docs – spill onto web from partners-only vault

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Re: 10 and 7nm

Sure. Maybe this leak is an intelligence operation to lure China into using non-working Intel technologies?

Bill Gates debunks 'coronavirus vaccine is my 5G mind control microchip implant' conspiracy theory

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Re: It's the Russians, stoopid

It's Everyone!

Runnning a global influence operation used to be reserved for those with the capabilities and ressources of nation states. States, squllionaries and maybe some DOW-20 corporations "back in the day".

Today, thanks to digitalisation boosting efficiencies, it can be run out from a seedy flat in Manchester!

The Algorithms are on the side of "seedy flat guy": The shittier the content, the more impotent rage it generates. The more rage, the more shares, pageviews, comments and click-troughs, which means proportionally more funding for The Algorithms presenting it so they will adopt for even shittier content!

Basically, anyone can become The Daily Mail! Thanks Internet!!

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Re: Very good skeptoid podcast recently debunking this stuff

If we do decide to preach to the heathens and not the choir, there some guides online in how how to talk to conspiracy theorists.

Tish, Tosh: The well-proven British Empire way of deling with heathens is way, way better: Lee-Enfields and Maxims deployed from fixed positions, a liberal supply of Redshirts and a plentitude of Ammo!

If one is not willing to do important work properly, why bother at all, eh!?

Besides, Going "online" and "talking" to conspiracy nutters / bots is *exactly* what THEY* want: THEY need especially the smarter people to waste their time and effort on a futile and meaningless crusade so that they dont spend their irreplacable time on changing things or creating new things or indeed doing anything at all that can affect the world that the oligarchs created for themselves.

*) THEY - Anyone who are sitting high on the hog and want that to remain so, Anyone who sees other nations as competitors in a zero-sum game and the weakening and the fragmenting of their people and institutions as A Good Policy!

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got insanely rich by pushing sub-standard products,

OTOH - All sucessful ecosystems have parasites, meaining: If those products were of a higher standard, people like I would be driving crappier cars and live in smaller, crappier, homes because we wouldn't be fixing them all the time!

Chips for Huawei are fried: TSMC stops shipping parts to Middle Kingdom mega-maker this September

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The USA is becoming more and more like the old USSR but somehow in reverse .... instead of spreading its ideas to the world, it is isolating itself into it's own bubble-world of strange thinking that was maybe seen as edgy 70 years ago. Guess that comes from letting all those geriatrics into High Office.

You may be distracted by the pandemic but FYI: US Senate panel OK's backdoors-by-the-backdoor EARN IT Act

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Re: Don't use centralised, commercial services

Ok. I shall tell my bank and everyone else I need to interact with right away!

Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'

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Re: Loaded words replaced by euphemisms

Nope! Black numbers represent lost Growth Potential!

The fastest way to become an internet squillionaire is to set up a system to flare off billions of funding, leveraged to 80-200 times with zero-interest borrowing, while skimming (and scamming) a few ppm off that flow! Being profitable is so limiting!!

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Re: Loaded words replaced by euphemisms

What do we gain by replacing words today?

We get Change, without any Change. A very nice and useful thing to have. If one is one of the lucky few that gains tremendously from the current system.

I'd say that Woke-ness and ID-pol has same kind of smells as the CIA influence operations that caused the lefties to atomise and tear each other to shreds rather than having a go at their capitalist oppressors, only now with a wider scope: Getting the proles to shatter into a billion fragments and then rip each other to shreads over words - while Wallstreet gets 200x the Apollo Program in Bailouts that the proles will pay over their greatly shortened-by-misery lifespans!

Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

The belligerence, concentration camps, militarization of the South China Sea, etc., all happened before Trump's sanctions.

I am confused: Are we talking about the USA or China here?

The USA has the "immigrant processing centers" and Indefinite Detention + Guantanmo to be proud of, Australia, being the poor cousin, has only the "immigrant processing islands" ....

Made-up murder claims, threats to kill Twitter, rants about NSA spying – anything but mention 100,000 US virus deaths, right, Mr President?

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Re: If the author of this PoC

they should not be allowed to suppress free speech since it is unconstitutional.

Nope. The constitution only regulates GOVERNMENT suppresion of free speech (and waddayou know, exactly what Uncle Donny is probably up to). Corporations, being NOT THE GOVERNMENT (yet), can do more or less what they like, including asking any "free speakers" to buy their own lawn and soapboxen to speak from!

Behold: The ghastly, preening, lesser-spotted Incredible Bullsh*tting Customer

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Re: There should be an IT Driving Test

The funny thing is that sometimes they call you in later as a consultant for more money to get them out of the hole they are still sitting in from when the "employee interviews" were done.

HR never, ever, makes mistakes and so the only way forward is to mutate the job and go again!

Twitter sticks a beak in, Clippy-style: Are you sure you want to set your account alight with that flame?

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Re: Scunthorpe

I always liked English Village Naming Standards, like: Ham Spray (Marlborough SN8 3QY) and of course Brown Willy, Soggy Bottom as well as; Ascott-under-Wychwood and Pudlicote (there is something devious about Pudlicote).

The more local attempts, like, "Porrarp" (PornHamlet) in Sweden doesn't have the same ring to it.

DEF CON is canceled... No, for real. The in-person event is canceled. We're not joking. It's canceled. We mean it

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Logging onto DEF CON ... sure, but, not with my own computer or anything I want to be travelling with after.

Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots

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I got an for a Robot named Amelia:

Now I just need a 3D printer and an API so I can properly interview her:


Ex-Imagination Technologies boss tells UK Foreign Affairs Committee: Britain needs to stop overseas asset stripping

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Well, Brexit has put the jinx on all that.

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal

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Re: Hanlon's razor

I doubt the Swedish strategy would have worked in the UK.

Oh, it's working the same way in Sweden, being a materially similar 'heard-immunity'-strategy (also known as Eugenics), the difference is that it is more coherently branded in Sweden.

In fact Sweden is a bit ahead of the UK with a faster growth rate:


Uber, Lyft struck by sue-ball, no, sue-meteorite in California after insisting their apps' drivers aren't employees

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Re: Meanwhile (according to the BBC)...

Reclassification would cost Uber an estimated $500 million a year.

Huh? I thought the purpose of Uber is to flare off as much cash as possible on nothing so it doesn't enter the real economy and causes inflation?

BOFH: Will the last one out switch off the printer?

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The kill-bot protects.

BOFH needs to sleep and recuperate sometime.

With the kill-bot activated and roaming Floor Level 2, maybe with some thermal security cameras feeding it targeting information .... or maybe someone with the BOFH coding skills could re-skin 'The Works' as a pretty and addictive online game, like Pacman, where teenagers navigates the kill-bot around a maze, with a layout just like an open-plan office, eating fat security guards and middle-managers to protect the food supplies?

ICE cold: Microsoft's GitHub wrings hands over US prez's Trump immigration ban plan

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On the plus side of the pandemic, March 2020 is the first March since 2002 without a school shooting!

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Re: Aren't his wife and/or ex-wife born and raised abroad?

Nah. For Donald Trump, only Donald Trump matters and everyone else just don’t. Being racist requires some level of interest in other people that I think Donald Trump does not have.

But he does know what his supporters want to hear and since he doesn’t give a shit about anyone he will just give it to them (deliberately in such a way that courts will later block it and he then can claim to be “sabotaged by libruls”, which keeps his fans angry and “business” happy).

UK MPs fume after Huawei posts open letter stating: 'Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice'

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And 'England' is the loyal, work for scraps only, ultimately disposable, attack-poodle of the USA.

When Donald Trump finds that there is no-one left to blame, bully, threaten and sanction then the UK will get the shaft also because nothing is ever the fault of The Orange Oracle.

Remember that clinical trial, promoted by President Trump, of a possible COVID-19 cure? So, so, so many questions...

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Re: The most important statement in the whole article.

Trump is all what America has allowed itself to become, purified and distilled into one person, so - they are basically fucked!

UK enters almost-lockdown: Brits urged to keep calm and carry on – as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house

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Re: What about the airports?

Yes it does. No matter what 'the science' says about it, it's a pretty hard sell that everyone, except for tourists just plodding off a plane from Italy, should self-isolate and be diligent.

You *have to* treat your own people better than your customers otherwise it causes resentment, and then staff discipline together with service quality will go to hell!

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Re: "One form of exercise a day"

The very job of the politicians is to make reasonable decisions without having reliable data!

'Data' will pull us down: While waiting for 'reliable data', the number of confirmed cases in the UK doubles every four days. Next doubling is from 6600 cases to 12000 on Friday. Out of those 'confirmed, aka as people feeling shit enough to seek medical attention' 1 in 5 cases ends up in hospital. Next Friday, the NHS has to make room for 2400 new cases. Monday another 5000 will arrive. Friday after that 10000 .... Monday 20000 ...

The 'wait for data' people must be writing their school papers from "Assume Infinite Health Care Resources and frictionless supply lines ..."

Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police

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You never know: People can do a lot of supposedly very hard things if the motivation is there.

My young teenage son and his slacker friends had a period where they were busy building levels for CounterStrike, managing to use the swine of a compiler which came as part of the development kit (which ONLY a developer would love). None of that lot had any ideas of computer programming or SDK's but they could do program and compile levels because they wanted to game hard enough.

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Re: Be a government informer! Betray your family and friends! Fabulous prizes to be won!

Everything done shoddily and and on-the-cheap: STASI would pay their informants!

Meet Clippy 9000: Microsoft brags about building Earth's largest AI language model, refuses to let it out of the lab

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Only a few steps to a Skippy we’d love.

It needs a chainsaw attachment. It needs letting loose on the executive floors!

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program

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Re: I know, I know....

The English People making him Prime Minister *could* cause him to form that opinion, yes.

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You forgot to mention the dilapidated facilities, build to the strict quality standards of the WWII War-Effort and still retaining most of their original paintwork & plumbing.

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Re: Immigration

You were negligent bordering on the incompetent border controllers before so why/how would that situation suddenly change? And. Who is "we"?



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