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You may be distracted by the pandemic but FYI: US Senate panel OK's backdoors-by-the-backdoor EARN IT Act

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Re: Don't use centralised, commercial services

Ok. I shall tell my bank and everyone else I need to interact with right away!

Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'

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Re: Loaded words replaced by euphemisms

Nope! Black numbers represent lost Growth Potential!

The fastest way to become an internet squillionaire is to set up a system to flare off billions of funding, leveraged to 80-200 times with zero-interest borrowing, while skimming (and scamming) a few ppm off that flow! Being profitable is so limiting!!

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Re: Loaded words replaced by euphemisms

What do we gain by replacing words today?

We get Change, without any Change. A very nice and useful thing to have. If one is one of the lucky few that gains tremendously from the current system.

I'd say that Woke-ness and ID-pol has same kind of smells as the CIA influence operations that caused the lefties to atomise and tear each other to shreds rather than having a go at their capitalist oppressors, only now with a wider scope: Getting the proles to shatter into a billion fragments and then rip each other to shreads over words - while Wallstreet gets 200x the Apollo Program in Bailouts that the proles will pay over their greatly shortened-by-misery lifespans!

Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault

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Re: If China has nothing to hide...

The belligerence, concentration camps, militarization of the South China Sea, etc., all happened before Trump's sanctions.

I am confused: Are we talking about the USA or China here?

The USA has the "immigrant processing centers" and Indefinite Detention + Guantanmo to be proud of, Australia, being the poor cousin, has only the "immigrant processing islands" ....

Made-up murder claims, threats to kill Twitter, rants about NSA spying – anything but mention 100,000 US virus deaths, right, Mr President?

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Re: If the author of this PoC

they should not be allowed to suppress free speech since it is unconstitutional.

Nope. The constitution only regulates GOVERNMENT suppresion of free speech (and waddayou know, exactly what Uncle Donny is probably up to). Corporations, being NOT THE GOVERNMENT (yet), can do more or less what they like, including asking any "free speakers" to buy their own lawn and soapboxen to speak from!

Behold: The ghastly, preening, lesser-spotted Incredible Bullsh*tting Customer

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Re: There should be an IT Driving Test

The funny thing is that sometimes they call you in later as a consultant for more money to get them out of the hole they are still sitting in from when the "employee interviews" were done.

HR never, ever, makes mistakes and so the only way forward is to mutate the job and go again!

Twitter sticks a beak in, Clippy-style: Are you sure you want to set your account alight with that flame?

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Re: Scunthorpe

I always liked English Village Naming Standards, like: Ham Spray (Marlborough SN8 3QY) and of course Brown Willy, Soggy Bottom as well as; Ascott-under-Wychwood and Pudlicote (there is something devious about Pudlicote).

The more local attempts, like, "Porrarp" (PornHamlet) in Sweden doesn't have the same ring to it.

DEF CON is canceled... No, for real. The in-person event is canceled. We're not joking. It's canceled. We mean it

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Logging onto DEF CON ... sure, but, not with my own computer or anything I want to be travelling with after.

Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots

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I got an for a Robot named Amelia:

Now I just need a 3D printer and an API so I can properly interview her:


Ex-Imagination Technologies boss tells UK Foreign Affairs Committee: Britain needs to stop overseas asset stripping

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Well, Brexit has put the jinx on all that.

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal

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Re: Hanlon's razor

I doubt the Swedish strategy would have worked in the UK.

Oh, it's working the same way in Sweden, being a materially similar 'heard-immunity'-strategy (also known as Eugenics), the difference is that it is more coherently branded in Sweden.

In fact Sweden is a bit ahead of the UK with a faster growth rate:


Uber, Lyft struck by sue-ball, no, sue-meteorite in California after insisting their apps' drivers aren't employees

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Re: Meanwhile (according to the BBC)...

Reclassification would cost Uber an estimated $500 million a year.

Huh? I thought the purpose of Uber is to flare off as much cash as possible on nothing so it doesn't enter the real economy and causes inflation?

BOFH: Will the last one out switch off the printer?

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The kill-bot protects.

BOFH needs to sleep and recuperate sometime.

With the kill-bot activated and roaming Floor Level 2, maybe with some thermal security cameras feeding it targeting information .... or maybe someone with the BOFH coding skills could re-skin 'The Works' as a pretty and addictive online game, like Pacman, where teenagers navigates the kill-bot around a maze, with a layout just like an open-plan office, eating fat security guards and middle-managers to protect the food supplies?

ICE cold: Microsoft's GitHub wrings hands over US prez's Trump immigration ban plan

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On the plus side of the pandemic, March 2020 is the first March since 2002 without a school shooting!

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Re: Aren't his wife and/or ex-wife born and raised abroad?

Nah. For Donald Trump, only Donald Trump matters and everyone else just don’t. Being racist requires some level of interest in other people that I think Donald Trump does not have.

But he does know what his supporters want to hear and since he doesn’t give a shit about anyone he will just give it to them (deliberately in such a way that courts will later block it and he then can claim to be “sabotaged by libruls”, which keeps his fans angry and “business” happy).

UK MPs fume after Huawei posts open letter stating: 'Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice'

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And 'England' is the loyal, work for scraps only, ultimately disposable, attack-poodle of the USA.

When Donald Trump finds that there is no-one left to blame, bully, threaten and sanction then the UK will get the shaft also because nothing is ever the fault of The Orange Oracle.

Remember that clinical trial, promoted by President Trump, of a possible COVID-19 cure? So, so, so many questions...

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Re: The most important statement in the whole article.

Trump is all what America has allowed itself to become, purified and distilled into one person, so - they are basically fucked!

UK enters almost-lockdown: Brits urged to keep calm and carry on – as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house

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Re: What about the airports?

Yes it does. No matter what 'the science' says about it, it's a pretty hard sell that everyone, except for tourists just plodding off a plane from Italy, should self-isolate and be diligent.

You *have to* treat your own people better than your customers otherwise it causes resentment, and then staff discipline together with service quality will go to hell!

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Re: "One form of exercise a day"

The very job of the politicians is to make reasonable decisions without having reliable data!

'Data' will pull us down: While waiting for 'reliable data', the number of confirmed cases in the UK doubles every four days. Next doubling is from 6600 cases to 12000 on Friday. Out of those 'confirmed, aka as people feeling shit enough to seek medical attention' 1 in 5 cases ends up in hospital. Next Friday, the NHS has to make room for 2400 new cases. Monday another 5000 will arrive. Friday after that 10000 .... Monday 20000 ...

The 'wait for data' people must be writing their school papers from "Assume Infinite Health Care Resources and frictionless supply lines ..."

Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police

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You never know: People can do a lot of supposedly very hard things if the motivation is there.

My young teenage son and his slacker friends had a period where they were busy building levels for CounterStrike, managing to use the swine of a compiler which came as part of the development kit (which ONLY a developer would love). None of that lot had any ideas of computer programming or SDK's but they could do program and compile levels because they wanted to game hard enough.

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Re: Be a government informer! Betray your family and friends! Fabulous prizes to be won!

Everything done shoddily and and on-the-cheap: STASI would pay their informants!

Meet Clippy 9000: Microsoft brags about building Earth's largest AI language model, refuses to let it out of the lab

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Only a few steps to a Skippy we’d love.

It needs a chainsaw attachment. It needs letting loose on the executive floors!

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program

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Re: I know, I know....

The English People making him Prime Minister *could* cause him to form that opinion, yes.

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You forgot to mention the dilapidated facilities, build to the strict quality standards of the WWII War-Effort and still retaining most of their original paintwork & plumbing.

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Re: Immigration

You were negligent bordering on the incompetent border controllers before so why/how would that situation suddenly change? And. Who is "we"?

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Re: Good, good.

And God - or rather political donations working smaller miracles - Forbid that all those fine, upstanding, folks who are paying those "unwanted" illegal immigrants cash-in-hand to "come here" were ever to be taken to court over any of it!

Better to kick the immigrants down, it's much safer.

You're always a day Huawei: UK to decide whether to ban Chinese firm's kit from 5G networks tomorrow

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Re: Thin end of the wedge

If the Chinese had built the HS2, it would have been up and running already for a couple of years!

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Re: Treasury Notes

Uhhuh - The Fed and the ECB can print multiples of 100's of billions and buy all of those treasuries in one mornings trading session, China dumping Everything wouldn't even cause a blip on the exchange.

No, The whole thing is about Donald Trump draining the swamp only to be refilling it with raw sewage. Then letting new-and-improved swamp-creatures made from pure garbage, like Pompeo, run around and stink up the world at large!

Listen to the guy: "To preserve it's sovereignty Britain had better do Exactly what the Fuck I say!

Autonomous Logistics Information System gets shoved off the F-35 gravy train in favour of ODIN

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Not only that, the military usually require a lifecycle of 25 years, sometimes longer. The military also requires that the whole production facility is qualified to MIL-HDBK-520 or similar. ISO-9001 will NOT cut it. The military tends to buy all of their needed product ONCE. Then services and upgrades comes in drips and drabs. Maybe.

Basically, the supplier has to price their offers for 2 Golden Years followed by 10 years of Drought - and keeping the documentation, the tooling and those MIL-HDBK-520 certifications 'alive' for the 25 years contractual lifecycle. THAT costs Money!

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Is there a way to bet that:

That ODIN will be shit too and quietly replaced by, say, the fair maiden GWENDOLIN!?

Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways

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Re: Seriously going with the shrapnel story?

Debunked by the actual experts working with the real data or perhaps by those kinds of experts that always pick up the phone whenever a journalist calls and asks for "an expert(s) opinion"?

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IT Angle

Re: Why is the company still alive?

It's a bit trixy: One can carefully & responsively select an Airline (like SAS) that doesn't have Boeing and then they might farm over the actual flight to one of their Partners, which do, and the Partners are the only ones flying the way that you need to go!

Correction: Last month, we called Zuckerberg a moron. We apologize. In fact, he and Facebook are a fscking disgrace

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Re: Warning!

That's cool and all, however, Government (yours and mine too), Businesses, Intelligence Services ('ours' and 'theirs'), Business People (The Russian Kind, The Murdoch Kind) ... I.O.W.:

All manner of people with actual power (kinetic and political) and influence on the political and kinetic people at their disposal will *continue* to use FaceBook to 'sound out what The People wants' and of course to 'influence what The People will want next'.

We are not safe from FaceBook until it is dead, dismantled, burnt to the ground, its ashes scattered to the winds, the hounds released on its staff and ZuckBerg himself dropped out of a helicopter over the Indian Ocean!

Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data

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Hm. Usually what they do it make the client re-create their total medical record from memory on the application and then deny coverage on the basis of differences between the actual record and what the client put on the form.

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent

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Re: El Reg weights and measures soviet

There is the 'ignisecond' - when slamming the car door she, it is the time it takes between letting go of the car door handle and realising that the key is still in the lock.

Two can play that game: China orders ban on US computers and software

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And? Being Chinese, and therefore obviously incapable of thinking, and they can't just buy one like us sophisticated folks do?

Give AMSL (https://www.asml.com/en) some money and they can do you up with a nice container-sized facility, that does 7 nm in volume and pisses off the Yanks, which is not exactly a losing policy any longer! TSMC are in Taiwan, basically China, whether they like it or not!!

They did buy a couple of Swedish micro-mechanical manufacturers and moved the whole assembly and team to China before the Swedes caught up with the idea that *maybe* it is not a good approach to flog off their best assets to the competition (However, Sweden is neo-liberal lala-land, so, Because Markets! they will stay with the idea and do no action).

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Re: Mr. Trump has certainly taught the rest of the world...

The Donald just blew up a NATO conference https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/08/world/europe/carla-sands-trump-nato.html

The conference wasn't immediately cancelled, it became cancelled when several of the VIP's were "regrettably unable to attend because of sudden commitments". Now Carla Sands will find that her no doubt busy schedule with the top-tier businesses and organisations drying out, being repacked by 3'rd rate triers and wannabes.

The US ambassador is no longer a brand that 'the old money' desires to be associated too much with.

We've heard of spam filters but this is ridiculous: Pig-monkey chimeras developed in a Chinese laboratory

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Re: Is this really necessary ?

Well, The viruses might see them as a 2^16 generations of search and selection to a more glorious future where they can infect not only pigs but also people.

It is speculated that both Ebola and Aids started out as monkey diseases.

Mozilla locks nosy Avast, AVG extensions out of Firefox store amid row over web privacy

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Re: fajensen

Shouldn't you be droning some weddings or something?

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Black Helicopters

Re: Gosh, I remember when Avast was free

I dropped it when I got spooked by Avast secretly inserting a proxy-SSL service in front of my 'NNTP' client, then finding out that it pretty much did that for everything SSL. Only NNTP was rarely used so little tested and this threw some exceptions.

First thought was: "Why the f*ck would they do that!?" to scan for viruses obviously, but, what else could they do with that proxy?

Then I figured that Avast was perhaps much *too* nice, polished and even well-maintained for a free piece of proprietary software. 'Someone' was maybe paying big money for the capability of building hashes of all the files on all computers on the planet and, for example, monitoring which hashes moves over SSL to where and likely having access to getting copies of the traffic going over SSL.

'Someone' rolling in that kind of unquestioned, permanent, funding would be someone with interest in the communication gathering. Like the NSA or just maybe the CIA.

Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup

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The housebuilders of the future will stop faffing about chasing cables for switches everywhere and just power the rings and put individually-controllable relays on each outlet.

You can buy that Right Now with KNX (https://www.knx.org/knx-en/for-professionals/index.php) and you will get nice products, that will not torch your home, from people who knows what they are doing, like ABB, Schnieder, Siemens and so on and so forth.

No 'cloud' needed, but, it will cost money to have installed.

Europol wipes out 30,000+ piracy sites, three suspects cuffed to walk the legal plank

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Re: Lost sale?

Actually, I can think of one reason - people with too much money need to have something to spend it on. That keeps the money in circulation, which is always a good thing.

Taxes does that too. Far more effectively, I might add.

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Re: Duplicity

They kinda had to do it. Hollywood can only imagine a limited amount of material and this was duly done, so they have to make it exclusive for centuries.

EU gets a bit STRESSED out about 5G: With great economic benefits come great security risks

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Re: Comfortable Words

In current management parlance:

A 'stakeholder' is 'person designated to be ending up holding up a long greased pole with their rectum'.

This can be reversible or irreversible, someone having the option of getting off the pole for a fee, is a 'client' or 'customer', someone renting a wobbly chair to postpone the grisly end is a 'subscriber', the irreversible insertions are found amongst 'employee', 'taxpayer' and 'investor' categories.

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Re: Not so sure

Doesn't say who exactly benefits economically so I'd wager it's a solid enough claim.

That code that could never run? Well, guess what. Now Windows thinks it's Batman

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Ach! Scheisse!!

On a Siemens production system, I have seen the error: “Nun bist Alles in die hosen gelaufen!”

Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday

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Re: Contact your credit card company.

'Avec' is posh-restaurant code for an extra serving of booze, usually Cognac, that goes 'along with' the coffee and/or desert served at the end of ones meal.

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Re: This is inevitable

Can't one buy a big, shiny, monitor and supply the 'smart' part by oneself, perhaps as a small Linux / Windows box connected via HDMI? The 'receiver' part is all done in 'apps' anyway!

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Re: Contact your credit card company.

Do you really plan to redo all your electricity at home every 3 years?

Disruption is good, 'they' say. Exponential Thinking with an avec of Sudden Disruption must be even better :).

Baffled by bogus charges on your Amazon account? It may be the work of a crook's phantom gadget

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Re: Liability

The banks and creditcard providers must be bearing a fair whack of the cost of this where they're the ones required by law to reimburse consumers.

Nope. Not how credit cards are wired, it goes like this: Credit card providers do not pay out any money they don't have and even then only after 3-4 months after the transactions were made.

A fraudulent transaction is therefore 'just' cancelled, sticking the merchant, who accepted the transaction with the losses - on top of the 3% service charge. Debit cards, OTOH, transfer the money directly so only Swedish* and straight-up idiots use debit cards on the Internet or while travelling!

The credit card provider simply runs a ledger recording the credit card transactions, at this stage presumably all authorised by the cardholder.

At the end of 'month 01', the credit card provider presents the ledger from 'month-00' to the cardholder.

Cardholder approves the ledger by paying it in part or full OR cardholder rejects transactions that cardholder claims are fraudulent. Cardholder has almost one month to pay the credit card provider.

The credit card provider now goes to the merchant accounts from where the fraudulent transactions were created and requests that the merchant proves that those transactions were correctly authorised by the actual cardholder. If the merchant cannot convince the credit card provider that the transactions are genuine and made by the cardholder, the credit card provider will remove that entry from the ledger and bump a 'fraud-metrics' against the merchant. If that metric goes high enough the merchant will lose access to credit card transaction clearing - for almost ALL cards, globally, because there exists a global credit card issuer cartel against scam-prone merchants.

Now, at 'month-03', the credit card provider has got the money for 'month-01' from the cardholder and at the end of 'month-03', they run down the ledger now containing only valid transactions and transfer the funds to the merchants.

I.O.W: Amazon will be stuck with the fraudulent charges. Too many of those and/or too much lip about not eating their losses willingly and they can lose their credit card facilities, temporarily or permanently.


The Swedish banks for some obscure reason only offers 'Debit Cards linked to an account with an overdraft facility' marketed as 'Credit Cards' to the unsuspecting upcoming victims of credit card fraud. This of course causing an unpleasant discussion between the bank where the overdrawn account resides and cardholder on who gets to eat the loss.



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