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US team create carbon nanotube ultra-memory


Is this news?

If you care to look at the ground beneath your feet with a microscope, you may observe that our immortal giant invisible overlords have been using this storage mechanism for 4 billion years already.

Man accused of arranging wife's rape on Craigslist


and in similar news

Can't remember how it came about but I did an innocent keyword search on Google and was intrigued by a link, which I followed and it took me to some site with a whole scene going on with rape video games. Sick, I thought.

US Forces 'black' budget = 2nd biggest military on Earth


@first Anon Coward

"it's not as if anyone has tried to invade them in living memory."

Au contraire, mon ami! Japs landed in Alaska and held their ground for months during WW2. It was kept quiet

Maybe they're still there :)

Intel playing virtual silly buggers


aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgghhh, not again

fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff


i'd gladly do the same

if i ever decided to get a satnav. Me I like looking at maps and knowing where I am, and I have the luxury of time to do that.

the photo on the bbc site shows a track that I'd hapily drive up in the sticks.

Scareware affiliates playing search engines


a pox on you

I can laugh about it now, but once many years ago I emailed Google when I found a time-wasting website which wasn't what it purported to be, expecting them to remove it or something.

Google searches return blatantly malicious hits: crime pays for Google. Just think how few computer infections there'd be without search engines!

How hard could it be for Google to police their anti-virus search results so that poor users aren't suckered by all the lookalike scams?

Italians boffins prove plausibility of spam-javelin spam

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how much is enough?

It's going on my xmas list

Google bars Android app makers from their own apps



add a clause which excludes refunds from dev phone contracts

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity



And I was so looking forward to Windows 7.

I'm weeping here.

McKinnon's lawyers hope UK prosecution will derail extradition

Black Helicopters

ffs let him go. There's no excuse for the way laws are abused.

Gary, if you're going underground, I'm sure plenty of folks would send you money every month for your food and false moustaches etc.

Also it's about time somebody gave the US govt an almighty slap in the face for being such a bunch of hysterical, bullshitting fairies. Grow a set, you fucked-up loons.

UK.gov 'to create anti-net piracy agency'



The government pirates are anti-internet?

Social networks talk hidden architectures

Jobs Horns


I'm reminded of the saying, "All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing".

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover



...with the censors.

Bjork lays into NZ snapper

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Go, Bjork!

It's rude to take people's pictures if they don't want you to. Being a photographer just means you don't care about being rude, and therefore should get thumped regularly.

International manhunt tracks pedophile suspect to Thailand



"I think you've missed the point about being a pedophile English teacher in Thailand; he's certainly teaching kids."

I think the point was that pedophiles aren't into child-abuse whilst paedophiles are.