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Please don't mix facts and opinions

" the transition plan is a flawed amalgam..."

Once again: this is not journalism; this statement turns it into an opinion piece. ..... Yes Me

Of course it is journalism as virtually practised by practically all mainstream media outlets/propaganda channels. Haven't you realised the shenanigans that control you yet, Yes Me .......

Oh, and this is pertinent too and an uncomfortable truth which will rightly disturb more than just quite a few with nowhere in cyberspace to hide ........

Food for further thought and APT ACTion and Proaction/HyperRadioProActivity, Max and Daily Bellringers, .... ...

and valid enough to be perfectly true confirmation of the premise ..... In Live Operational Virtual Environments and all of those Novel Model Places too within IT and CyberSpace, Smarter Worded Orders Command and Control Deaf, Dumb and Blind World Leaderships and Capital Oligarchs in the Thrall and Service of the Catastrophically Intellectually Challenged? ..... shared earlier.

Fun and Great Gamesplay for none but the Smart Brave and Stalwart Lionhearted:-) ....... "Thieves Emporium": Part 5 - The One Gets Away

The times they have a'changed with virtual space racing ..... leading heads ahead to green virgin pastures.

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