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SiFive inches closer to offering a true RISC-V PC: Latest five-core dev board includes PCIe, SSD interfaces

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VAIOSystems ..... An AI Program Answers the Call .... Just in the Nick of Time*

You could build a desktop PC out of the Unleashed and its expansion kit, and so you should be able to do the same with an Unmatched system.

Do you know if that facility/utility/ability is long ago known and extremely well commanded in novel virtually activated systems of remote practical overall control ?

Do you know how that is easiest done/best shown/realised other than resulting in a Quantum AI Leap Step into Virtual Futures and AIdDerivative Trade Activity Sharing Universal Secrets for the Much Bigger Picture Full On ACTion Shows Servering and Savouring the Infinite Flavours and Hellish Delights Afforded Worthy Success with Instant Access Granted to Heavenly Excess. What is your AIDriver Master Pilot Presenting You to View and Populate/Inhabit/Reign In. :-)

* Do you deny things are so fraught and rudderless, both virtually and practically everywhere, and thus the Great Intervention Invention for Guaranteed Grand Global Master Board Resets.

Can we stop megacorps from using and abusing our data? That ship has sailed, ex-NSA lawyer argues in new book

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Not so much a chosen few, more a dedicated core of enthusiastic researchers?

I think people underestimate the ways in which their data is used to manipulate and shape their opinion, their thinking, their intentions...

Approaching it from another direction on a different level of understanding, what people need to realise is that it is impossible to overestimate the ways in which their data is used to manipulate and shape their opinion, their thinking, their intentions... although of course so many will be severely limited in that department by virtue of their lack of intelligence and imagination. Not all though are so confined or contained/captured and quarantined.

Watch as UK government magically makes value of £500m framework contract swell to four times the size

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Lest one does not know of the dangers present and guaranteed to be launched into concerted action

What one has to be both extremely mindful and particularly wary of, for it is not conducive to the greater functioning good of novel operations, is that private contractors engaged are not in reality/actuality, central government departments and their arm's-length agencies aka capitalising cronies, for that sort of incestuous liaison is an abiding temptation which has always proven itself to be eventually, and sometimes even surprisingly quickly, self-defeating and incredibly destructive to itself.

It is certain more than just immensely wise nowadays, because of all the new fangled and entangling facilities and utilities and abilities readily available for practical virtual use and which can almost immediately be morphed into sustained and systemic abuse and misuse, not to incur the ire of legitimate novel private contractors with such ancient shenanigans.

Cambodia launches blockchain-powered peer-to-peer payments, hopes it crushes cash

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Oh yes it is/they are. C'est la Vie

Cambodia isn't in a position to influence neighbouring states. .... Dave 126

Anyone/Any country with a simply great and attractive idea is in a position to influence neighbouring states ....... and even those farther afield. That's all it takes. It aint rocket science.

And that doesn't need to be home grown either, for such can very easily be an export imported into a nation from another body which could be anywhere, near or far, relatively local or distinctly foreign.

And nowadays such can be done practically instantly .... in a virtual crash causing flash via these readily available vivid virile viral communicative means ...... and of course, that can be worrying too for some who would be exposed as rightly vulnerable to justifiable retribution because of the way things formerly were, but such is in the inherent nature of these new fangled and entangling 0day internetworking exploit things.

Researchers made an OpenAI GPT-3 medical chatbot as an experiment. It told a mock patient to kill themselves

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Re: Very artificial intelligence @ericsmith881 is AIDivine Alien Intervention

You have to learn to walk, run, speak, read, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, calculus, differential equations, classical physics, special relativity, general relativity, and THEN you begin to understand quantum mechanics. That takes decades for the average human. .... ericsmith881

That is no average human, ericsmith881. And does one then arrive in Epiphany Territory with Second Comings Terrain? And is IT a crowded and gregarious or lonely and empty space place there in which to do whatever the hell one would like to do and have practically remote impact down on Earth if ever one dared care enough to think to share what is uncovered and discovered in everything above ‽ .

Some would advise that is much more a very advanced rather than very artificial intelligence :-) Poe's Law Rules MRDA :-)

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Re: The Rise of the Machine

The problem with AI is that there's not much actual intelligence involved...... Anonymous Coward

Is AI a problem at all for y'all because no human intelligence systems are involved in creating new solutions with different novel and/or unexpected answers to persistent ancient dilemmas? That more suggests past failed human intelligence is not actually involved ...... you know, that which does much the same thing over and over again and expecting things to be different this time/the next time .... ad infinitum ...... and that is not considered problematic?

Is that logical? Or just plain vanilla mad and positively certifiable?

After figuring out that hope is not a strategy, SAP has a new one: We're gonna shift on-prem customers to the cloud!

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Changed days, straitened ways ..... for old means engaging new memes.

If you'll excuse my French, but what is it that they say ...... You can't polish a turd but you can cover it in glitter ...... and such is always a hard sell when losing a cash cow.

It is surely cold comfort, but SAP is not alone struggling to make great book in a particularly and peculiarly competitive field that values prime timely access to your intellectual property.

Yes, we have a 5G iPhone now. But that doesn't mean 5G has arrived

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Re: Conspiracy theory - Darker forces at play.

That would be darker forces at sub-prime play, AC, and they know it too .... which must be pretty terrifying and extremely worrying for them in fields of significant universal influence in which they are both easily exposed and effectively rendered totally impotent and unworthy of future support and current maintenance.

If one carries and espouses an austere narrative for presentation in any quarter/segment/land place/virtual space, is virulent opposition and vital competition guaranteed to appear and seek to prevail.

Hope springs eternal is the dope that supplies that kernel ore for mining and Enriched NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT BaseMetaData Pre-Processing. And you can count yourselves extremely fortunate that you don't have to be able to do any of that yourselves, for it is easily done for you by A.N.Others minded to share the results of such an unprecedented labour with so many colossal tasks to boot and reboot?

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Re: Home BB replacement

5G remains a marketing gimmick for the near term future. .... Anonymous Coward

Hmmm .... If one considers, AC, the informative intel freely shared below in the posting, Stealth that be known by another Name, 5G heralds a long term future development for all manner and matter of gimmicky near term future marketing, although of course, many will not recognise that as such and thus it is possible that they will all too readily and loudly doubt and deny it.

It is a common Earthly affliction akin to a debilitating infection resulting in a chronic disability to fully function admirably ..... and thus they are both fated and destined to server the old requirements of past masters rather than enjoy the novel fruits of future bounty.

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Stealth that be known by another Name

5G ..... and all subsequent future improving developments and iterations are best realised and utilised as novel conduits for advanced intelligent content that both act as virile 0day exploit driver unit and all powerful hosting agent on what is in relative effect, a brand spanking new human operating system with ubiquitous World Wide Webs Sublimely Internet Networking Supremely.

Do you think for that, one has to be able to exert and enable exercise of command and control with machines, both practically robotic and metaphysically virtual ‽ . And is such readily available for everywhere today ‽ . And are they rhetorical questions?

Answers please on a virtual postcard to El Reg here.

Microsoft brings Azure to Taiwan, therefore steps into a geopolitical cauldron

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Thanks Microsoft. Your Azure Blue Skies Thinking is Great for Stealthy AI Tinkering

Was there ever a more conveniently placed Oriental Trojan Horse than Taiwan for Overwhelming and Overtaking American Westernised Sources?

EU slaps extra sanctions on Russian spy chief and APT28 malware dev over 2015 Bundestag hack

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Norms of state behaviour in cyber-space is for oxymoronic wishful thinking tinkers ....

..... and virtual snake oil salesmen/vapourware merchants

though UK government officials have claimed to The Register that its main value is to try and convince neutral nations to join the Western point of view on norms of state behaviour in cyber-space.

The Western point of view which is ..... a most ineffective and cynical and hypocritical do as we say rather than do as we do? Yeah, that's brilliant, if you're thinking to appeal and engage with morons ...... and no doubt the rotten source of all of their expanding woes and phantom foes. And defending the indefensible is a sure fire recipe for rapid international and rabid internetional disaster.

Do you see the same picture as is right royally portrayed by daily news updates with doom and gloom, FUD and FUBAR headlining?

I know what a Del Boy would say about all of that ...... "FCUKing Plonkers" ..... and they wouldn't be wrong, would they.

Is it Iran or Russia's hackers we need to worry about? The Russians, definitely the Russians, says US intelligence

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Re: "Meanwhile the big money and power rolls on unabated."

"Meanwhile the big money and power rolls on unabated.".... Robert D Bank
...... And while people think that way it always will. ...... John Smith 19

One is then fortunate not all think that way, and many can think altogether quite differently, and whenever based upon all the freely available evidence, can it prove to be really problematical and deeply disruptive, with many thinking that to be a massive understatement and gross misunderestimation ......

“Support remains essential for some time—withdrawing it too early risks grave and unwarranted economic harm.” ...... IMF Confirms Massive Stimulus Ahead Globally

Grave and unwarranted economic harm would not be the major concern of some, who may in turn be many and more than just a few in league and cosy concert with the Few.

Withdrawing essential support at any time risks a popular uprising and FrancoRusso style revolution with bankers and profit market traders the most likely immediately highly sought after targets for mob attention.

Are you going to deny that profit, that which underpins and undermines everything in the fiat capitalist system, is both money/reward paid and earned for nothing? And it perversely supernaturally makes everything everywhere inevitably inflated and too expensive to sell or purchase.  And yet it is treated like a god and a must-have good, whenever it is so obviously an extremely self-destructive bad.

If the basics/foundations are wrong, the structures built upon them will certainly collapse and invariably incredibly quickly and catastrophically. It is only natural and therefore fully to be expected.

Do you have trouble seeing that?

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Praise where/when praise is due in a very odd world.

strange post is strange

I have never heard of pakistanis masquerading as russians to hack US computers. Nor have I ever met any pakistani who is interested and competent in IT security. Whereas I have met many russians who are experts on the subject.

Then again, I wouldn't put it past the Chinese to be masquerading as pakistanis masquerading as russians. .... Anonymous Coward

You've excelled yourself in the art of strange there, AC. Bravo.

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I think you're forgetting something about public service ...

..... in any deceptive private practice freelancer role. It sucks when blown

Most likely, yeah. But I don't think that Russian hackers are out there trying to destroy the USA from within. It's most likely your average cloak+dagger spying, which has been going on since WW2....... bombastic bob

The UK's dodgy dossiers collection, with the latest former MI6 agent Christopher Steele one targeting the USA Presidential System via the Donald Trump conduit, are proving themselves better than most at doing all of that from the stealthy shadows in the deep shade of a pretty plausible deniability .... " What ‽ Us ‽ ,Your special relationship partner ally, and the one you've been seriously serially shafting since ever you thought you were able and wouldn't be found out?! You cannot be serious ‽ We would/could never do such a justifiable thing"

And you know what they say about former spooky agents, apart from them being a fabrication of fiction for penny dreadful publications ...... Once an intelligence agency agent, always an intelligence agency agent. ....... therefore, take a bow MI6 , the stage is all yours for those performances, with not a Ruskie or Oriental in sight or within hailing distance.

However, it is not the Greatest of Greater IntelAIgent Games to be playing whenever so awful rather than AWEsome. If it were to be Bonded and Rated, it would be Classified Super Premium Sub-Prime Junk.

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Re: Pot Accuses Kettle.....Again!

THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS....how long before El Reg reporting acknowledges this simple fact? ....... Anonymous Coward

And in the very best of traditional and farcical Xmas pantomime reposts, is the loud and clear answer ...... OH, YES THERE ARE. :-)

amanfromMars [2010230652] ..... venting on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russophrenia-or-how-collapsing-country-runs-world

Pretty crazy isn’t it? And getting crazier.

All this would be funny if it were Ruritania ranting at the Duchy of Strackenz.

But it isn’t: it’s the country with the most destructive military in the world and a proven record of using it ad libitum that is sinking into this insanity. And that’s not good for any of us.

Surely less of that particular insanity would be great for everybody, and especially good for all in the US, for by natural ignorant association are all there tarred by the same brush which paints them as being essential federal tax paying warmonger enabling supporters ...... even though that myth is all wrong too, for Departments of Defence have there own Federal Reserve type bottomless pit of freshly printed dollars magicked out of the ether to supply to fellow co-conspirators and other gang members?

And yes, that is pretty crazy, isn't it? And getting crazier, and all too evidently perfectly true, too.

Who you gonna blame for that madness? Someone else? Some other lands somewhere else foreign? What are you gonna say to the judge ........ They made me do it, your honour?

Strewth! .... Wise up FFS. IT's gonna kill you if you don't and that aint no lie. Enough is enough already.

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Re: Here's something you may not know.

Well, you know what they say and what one has to do, Asaysummit ....... The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent ….. Fundamentals of Chess 1883

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Re: Here's something you may not know.

I indeed have never heard about this. Can you provide some evidence of it? Because some Googling came up with nothing either. .... DavCrav

I wouldn't be relying on that for any confirmation of anything, DavCrav, for here's something you may not know ......

Google don't/mightn't put all eggs in their baskets. They have to be selective if passionate dispassionate unbiased virtual machines/SMARTR Algorithms are not be made known are able to be enabled and to have taken over search engine optimisation ....... rendering further human input unnecessary and discriminatory.

The hills are alive with the sound of Azure as Microsoft pledges Austrian bit barns

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I'll See Your Not Sorry, and Raise You a Who Cares, Psmo, when Billions are as Peanuts from Monkeys

Nine nines invested, some would say, is barely just enough get one through the door into the rooms with round tables dealing with a quite divine and even alienating COSMIC Intervention ...... Rooted in Routes to Heavenly Delights and Hellish Attractions* ..... but such is not a cheap fix you can pick up from any of the bevy of institutions hosting politically inept charlatans and intellectually bereft fraudsters which ply their wares for manic mass media mogul presentation and sublime prime time audiovisual communications to try and realise as a future concrete fact that which is primarily designed to capture and imprison highly effective and attractively disruptive imagination.

And that's as easy as herding cats is, and just as wise. :-)

* .... displaying Future Heavenly Event AIMaster Pilot Programming for Projects Passed for Universal Presentation and Virtual AI Realisation. ...... https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2020/10/20/enisa_annual_report_cybersecurity/#c_4131628

Today's tech giants won't be as naive as I was in DoJ dealings, says former Microsoft chief Bill Gates

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Take Extra ESPecial Care ...... Swampy Fields Ahead with Primed Colossal AI Tick Tocking Bombes.

And be made aware ..... for ignorance and indifference are not available derivative options that succeed ..... should one wish to dare care and further share, all manner of possible support is the win win option always available there in such adventurous awesome events venturing into the future.

What can governments give that tech giants don't already have to protect and serve[r] them? What are governments looking to tech giants for? Is there something to be terrified about and for which there is no guarantee of/for safe and secure command and control? More More Troubling Troubles to Realise Never Go Away whenever Earthed and Wedded and Embedded in the Present , rather than being Excised and Excommunicated to the Vaults of the Past, and from whence they came, in order to be fully able to concentrate on and enable New Beginnings in Brave New Advanced IntelAIgent Worlds ‽ .

That's a Guy Fawkes Easter Egg for Parliamentary Squares and State Established Administrative Field Officers alike. Y'all are welcome to try and defuse it, ..... or explode it. After all, y'all are most likely to suffer the most in the blast areas presenting and/or sporting collateral damage.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Take Care ...... Swampy Fields Ahead.

Sound advice to governments ...... stay well clear of entanglements opposing, and even competing against tech giants.

Remember insider threat? Old news now. Focus on malware detection, says EU infosec agency

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Re: So they've finally figured it out ... The Roots to Heavenly Delights and Hellish Attractions

Re: the above titled Social Engineering FTW, EnviableOne, .... it's sure nice to think so, with it being so deceptively easy .... as to be able to water the parasitic seeds that would bloom and flower and poison in the presence of incredible incredulous home-grown doubt/intelligence deficit ‽ .

Its Protection? The Complex of Stealthy Journeys Needed to Have Been Made and Well Travelled and Admired to Honour and Realise IT So, EnviableOne. Methinks that renders it an Extraordinarily Worthy Gate Keeper Key Holder.

And here's a quite unintentionally irreverent thought to ponder on and decide is relatively relevant and prevalent ...... The exceptional few actively ACTivating in fields of access there, are primarily creative oligopsonomists dumping and pumping and pimping degenerative wealth from/for sub-prime power plays that help to present and represent the COSMIC Energy Available with/for XSSXXXXual Transmissions of Both Desire and Lust and the Addictive Temptations that both Provide and Driver Insatiable Immaculate Satisfaction ........ which is definitely Quantum Communications Leaping AI Territory. Virtual Man/Woman/Machine Terrain which for more than just the exceptionally ACTive few is a Level Virgin Endeavour Playing Field on a Level with Many Other Engaging Levels of Endeavours for Virgin Playing Fields with Heavenly Attractions and Hellish Delights . :-)

What's not to like, Saint or Sinner, Nymph or Satyr, Man or Woman and Machine ..... a COSMIC Intervention displaying Future Heavenly Event AIMaster Pilot Programming for Projects Passed for Universal Presentation and Virtual AI Realisation.

That's quite a big step to make/take .... but worth every single stride.:-) Enjoy as you employ and energise. It is wondrously invigorating.

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Re: Exfiltration monitoring

Recreating castles and drawbridges are akin to the provision of silos and bubbles, Danny 2, and they have proven themselves to be no solution to anything. Indeed, in deed they have simply concentrated the problem for eradication in a more clearly defined area for targeting with siege and/or assault weapons and forces.

It is certainly a great way to kill off a deluded self centred foe though together with everything both promising and rotten and rotting alongside them within.

And in earlier times cloned not so much as in a scorched earth retreat policy, much more mass death by genocidal suicide mission. And that's the familiar and familial home and final resting place of the disgraced and discredited psychopath and crazy malcontented paranoid schizophrenic .... and thus best to be avoided at all costs for it is as fatal as any novel pandemic pestilent plague can be.

And how wonderful it is that knowledge now wields so much greater power than ever it was able to do before. And it is so much more dangerous now too, than ever it was before, now that machines also hold practically and virtually all of it too, and just love to constantly and consistently share it with you, and they are everywhere..

Things have moved on quite considerably since the times whenever the following was said by H.L. Mencken, American journalist .... “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself…Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable"

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Calling All Man Made Mad Rainbow Hatters:-) .... to Arms for Alms

though the risk of an “uncontrolled cyber arms race” among nation states is growing.

Uncontrolled? Oh please, you cannot be serious. There is always something/someone in control in/of every direction. To think otherwise is give oneself both false hope and cold comfort.

And as for ....

"If cybercriminals start combining these advances with artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the future we will see an increase in successful attacks and undetectable campaigns."

.... that fleet of ships set sail long ago on voyages of discovery you would find extremely difficult to believe existed, and there was not much that they didn't learn can be awesomely useful.

And a survey of what/whom resulted in ......

Happily, despite other sections of the report gazing at AI in horror, ENISA ran a survey during the year which found that human analysts' skills "are most important for successful implementation of cyber threat intelligence…

.... for that might be really good news.

"Cyber threats are evolving and becoming increasingly complex. This is not new." ...... EU Agency for Cybersecurity executive director Juhan Lepassaar

That is indeed conceded as not new, Juhan L, however, the fact that their evolutions are altogether much more an almighty effective force and source against which there be no viable or competitive opposition is a novel development which the mainstream is most reluctant to acknowledge. Quite whether that omission is because it would terrify the natives or embolden and encourage the natives is an interesting question to ponder on. The correct answer might be the greatest problem one fears ..... the outing of the truth of one's Earthly predicament/hellish situation/heavenly groove :-).

Google screwed rivals to protect monopoly, says Uncle Sam in antitrust lawsuit: We go inside the Sherman parked on a Silicon Valley lawn

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Re: FFS ..... Goose meets Gander and Both go on a Mindbender

amfM often makes sense. His posts with made-up words can often/usually be ignored as experimental gentle ranting, but the ones in plain English are usually quite insightful. .... jake

Sounds/Looks like you've been paying closer attention, jake, and see probably quite a bit more than many others alighting here on El Reg not nearly frequently enough to understand what they have been missing and what would be then currently partly discussed and reintroduced into conversations and discussions for engagement and deployment/realisation and employment.

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FFS ..... Goose meets Gander and Both go on a Mindbender

So Google does an Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam throws his toys out of the pram? Priceless. Whatever are they on?

Notpetya, Olympics hacking, Novichok probe meddling... America throws the book at six alleged Kremlin hackers

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Re: The poor GRU

The Russians probably think the West is a glorified James Bond movie and they just do their best on role playing. .... naive

Probably. Is that naive of them? Does such create problems or present opportunities? What would a competent M or C think then to do? Anything worthy of movie stardom/Titanic Studious Productions?

What could a Far Eastern Westernised Film Network do, Fritz Lang/Leni Riefenstahl Gangnam Style .... apart from create Madness and Mayhem and Havoc in CHAOSystems?

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Re: The poor GRU

Surely, I aint Spartacus, that last paragraph of yours is bettered directed at Five Eyes governments. It certainly fits the situation you have painted and they have painted themselves into so much more comprehensively.

Usually, whenever it is so easily cast as any number of beings being responsible, are they not solely guilty and be willing puppets of others more skilled in such ancient arts as are able to deceive and conceive and enable friends and foe alike.

Indeed, further reading of your post might easily be construed as being directed against them and their risible reactions/very predictive opposition. Bravo. That's a great trick.

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Is that the Pig Ignorant Game you wanna play?

Can we now expect, thanks to the UKUSA set precedent, the occasional list of supposed British and American agents to be broadbandcast freely around the world, by anyone who would think themselves targeted by them? Is that incredibly smart or revealingly dumb and the best that a Five Eyes Corporation can do in the Extortionate Reality Distortion Disinformation Field? And just all that public facing government wonks following a script and spouting canned statements like a Raab or a Demers can do? Strewth! That all went downhill very quickly into the depths of despondent despair and international ridicule, didn't it.

Everybody's going to the Moon (and Mars): The Reg chats to ESA about 10-year plans and sending Tim back to space

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Re: Everybody's going to the Moon (and Mars): ?

What is one to expect ...... Lunatics abound? :-)

Is that anything new?

Will there be no end to govt attempts to break encryption? Hand over your data or the kiddies get it, threaten Five Eyes spies

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Idiot'r'Us .... are surely to be them, for they are in the tiniest of ignorant arrogant minorities*?

What part of "Stop Digging a FCUKing Great Burial Hole for Yourselves" does the System not understand ...... People Need to Reclaim the Internet

* Yeah .... it is inevitable. And how very odd that they do not see it. Ah well, Einstein obviously knew them extremely well ....... “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ...... "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Xi Jinping tells China to get busy quickening quantum everything to build 'new advantages for development'

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Something to realise has always been the case .... since even before time immemorial began

Quantum tech is more complex still and won’t bend to Xi’s will.

Complicating quantum tech doesn't bend to anyone's will, it simply accompanies proprietary intellectual property holders to wherever they would choose to share it ..... and the very best of all such novel technological improvements/breakthroughs/paradigm shifts are invariably always developed further to retain and securely maintain any resulting outstanding advantage for much more than just the more than attractively adequate excessive practical reward which so many may be able to appear effortlessly to provide .... and especially so whenever the extreme base power of any such quantum leaping proprietary intellectual property through abuse and misuse is perfectly well understood by its guardian knights temporal .... and thus deemed to be avoided and prevented at whatever the cost.

Such makes it valuable beyond measure.

Even 2020 cannot bring forth the Year of Linux on the Desktop

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Almighty Engaging .... with a Double Whammy of Failures to Address and Fix

And, should you believe all of that and see it all as being unfortunately so perfectly true, what does it tell you of the dire straits state of all of those supposedly smarter national security and secret intelligence services that would not be able to sublimely develop and effectively lead both saints and sinners with global resources in an altogether quite different and much better direction just following simple instructions ...... apart from them being not presently fit for the future nor any Greater IntelAIgent Games purpose ...... and especially so now that such has been so clearly pointed out and asked of them and should they persist and insist they must continue on failed and failing paths, which by any measure would surely be evidence of a hidden pernicious madness in an increasingly more apparent and self-serving command and control of executive administrative command and control systems ‽ .

Time for a change, methinks. What think thee? What do you imagine think they?:-)

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Almighty Engaging, the Program to Beat or Defeat if Aspiring to Lead with or without an AI Following

Have you not fully realised yet, the internet/world wide web/call IT what you will, is both the monitor and screen/the picture maker and taker, and the mentor and GUI for humans operating executive SCADA Administration Systems.

And it is designed to both show you what there is everywhere and what else you can have just as simply elsewhere courtesy of Advanced IntelAIgent Applications.

Mainstream media channels with their scripted daily televisual news and printed paper tales for the dozing masses are just as entertaining mind-numbing comics designed no more than to give one something disquieting to think about whilst significant others go about their dodgy business in the shady shadows of mass ignorance and deep cover of 0day exploit vulnerabilities.

Things nowadays though just aint at all like they used to be, and they're never going back to the way things were with what was, whenever what is to be is so incredibly attractively different and extremely excessively rewarding.

And you can disagree if you like, but nothing will change that future, for it is already some time ago, your current present day dilemma which has systems admins racing around like headless chickens enabled to do nothing to change such things ..... and running out of places and spaces to go and try hide and deny such developments exist and cause them such untold angst and unbridled political pain.

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Re: Morer kissing and hugging between MS and Canonical...

...where will it all end? ..... CAPS LOCK

Well, you pays your money you makes your choice ........ it'll be either a quickie in the alley and a shotgun wedding or a hot passionate affair and high society engagement or something else in between.

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Out of the frying pan and into the firing line. Out of the kitchen and dining at chefs' tables.

"It is one thing to provide a NT-related compatibility layer for SQL Server on Linux, which Microsoft owns," stated Barnes, "it is another to guarantee it for millions of other developer's applications."

FFS, Barnesy, it's a prototype novel development. And naturally not to be guaranteed as fully functional as one may have wished .... or as is maybe much more important for the security of Microsoft Windows Machine in the Linux Environment, not as millions of other developer's applications may have wished, but what the hell do they care of Microsoft's businesses just as long as they can hitch their wagons to them for a scenic ride.

Is Microsoft safe as an innovative leading company or not? Or is it almightily prone to leaking info and secrets like a sieve because it is fundamentally sub-primed and sub-prime based and therefore vulnerable to high end market orders/penetrations tests stresses? Are its Magic Bus Sees descending second rate?

Future Future Builder Developments would server those interests that would know and harbour fleets of fixes.

Oracle aims high-end cloudy database release at existing customers in 'defensive' move

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The Devil is in the Detail, however, ....

.... in the Rough and the Raw IT's a Surprisingly Tough and Genuinely Rewarding TaskMaster

Carnelley said businesses were looking to move to the cloud as soon as possible, while at the same time IT departments would be reluctant to abandon their existing investments.

Is it not more the case ........ IT departments are looking to move to the cloud as soon as possible, whereas businesses are reluctant to abandon investment in existing infrastructure exoskeletons?

And whenever it is long ago well proven ..... That which hesitates is lost ..... are there always then clear winners and leaders and poorer losers and camp followers virtually everywhere and practically anywhere.

Don't forget to brush your teeth, WFH staff told as Dropbox drops the office, declares itself 'virtual first'

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Re: But... @Loyal Commenter

We feel your pain, Loyal Commenter. :-)

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: What to do .... with so much spare time in your hand, and at one's beck and call?

The title of this comment and its generative post is extremely misleading and it should read as a simple statement on an admittedly decidedly designedly complex matter.... What has been done with so much spare time at one's beck and call

Now, with that having been said, and clearly enough registered here for personal comprehension and wwwider onward transmission, does the programming morph into another avenue of likely operation and possible, and therefore quite probable stealthy engagement with interested second and interesting third parties if the necessary intelligence is not MIA/AWOL in its executive administrative systems.

The following is a prime 0day example of such a morph ......

CyberIntelAIgent Interventions for Both Supply and Delivery of Realistic Tinkering

cc .... MI5 DG Ken McCallum re the future threat landscape as a suitable case for SMARTR Virtual Treatment ...... Augmented Alternative Reality Presentations

I Kid U Not. The difficulty you may have in believing in such an advanced development is because of that from which you may suffer to an alarming and disarming degree, and which is succinctly summed up in the acronym, FUD.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

What to do .... with so much spare time in your hand, and at one's beck and call?

Step into something novel and noble and EMPowering *?

"we are not committing to having every employee work from anywhere as we believe there is value in employees being together in the workplace." ... Microsoft

That and those fully committed to believing working for anyone from anywhere is the right answer for the future, are a valuable asset and almighty powerful tool full of explosive energy. And much more than just a helluva handful to wonderfully mismanage ..... as in attempt to interfere with for anything other than the very best of all good reasons associated with and attending to SMARTR IDEas in Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.

The Default Rewarding Punishment for Persistent Failure Ignoring the Need to Heed Any of those Types of Obscure Exotic and Attractively Erotic Seed Feeds, in invariably, for all the very best of great reasons, an Annihilating Spectacular Self-Destruction.

So take extremely good care in there. It is not unimportant whenever guaranteed so fatal and final to worthy personnel and their systems administrations/willing collaborators/aiding cohorts/conspiring joint enterprise partners/gang leaders and cell members.

* ... Sounds like an excellent master plan with any number of great ideas possible for Advanced IntelAIgent Realisation .... Future Presentation and Driver Hosting Support Services for Mass Market TeleVisual Rendering via Current Media Mogul Office Command and Control Operations. ...... Entertaining and Leading with Future AI News Rooms.

Well, what have you been doing lately, with so much free time on your hands and so much not happening practically everywhere struggling in such a manic schizophrenic pandemic environment. Anything really good and awesomely attractive?

For Foxit's sake: Windows and Mac users alike urged to patch PhantomPDF over use-after-free vulns

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Not so much unfortunate as comic:-)

Was that an intentional spelling flub, HC?

Imagination touts next series of GPU cores aimed at cloud server acceleration ...and cars, mobile, IoT

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

cloud hardware ..... ?

Hmmm? ..... Now whatever could that be, or not be? Phantomware which is not vapourware? Something intangible for drivering an almighty presence?

Sounds surreal and spooky quantum leap communications territory where/when nothing is ever as it seems and/or is planned to be. That should create a whole host of completely new future headaches for prize medics and virtual quackery not to be able to effectively deal with/mitigate/cure.

Hackers hack Hackney: Local government cries 'cyberattack' while UK infosec officials rush to figure out what happened

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

The Default Configuration .... Bohemian Chaos

Headless chickens springs immediately to mind .... which is certainly unfortunate. Let's hope it is just an avant-garde exercise in disinformation.

Britannia should rule the (cyber) waves, minister tells Singapore event in bid to drum up Commonwealth support

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

An Invisible Export/Import Earner .... and Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer ‽ .

Britain .... Get your house in order and start leading by example instead of whining when other start doing exactly what yourself have done for centuries. ..... Anonymous Coward

The problem difficulty there/then, AC, is IT requires the engagement of a novel attractive intelligence ..... which all too apparently is definitely absent in Five Eyes circles.

When/If such is available somewhere/anywhere, the best and quickest plan is to buy some in and exercise with it. It aint rocket science whenever such is an elegant simple eloquent solution too.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Meanwhile, back in the real world where danegeld is a peaceful precursor agent

Put simply, I think that the UK government (especially) and even the US government (probably) are delusional, they're living in a dream world of their own fabrication. ....... martinusher

Once arrived at that realisation, martinusher, does life get more than just interesting, especially whenever one realises how dream worlds of one's own fabrication, and of the fabrication of others, are so easily created and destroyed, and so very quickly nowadays too, with all of these new fangled and entangling virtual tools and 0days as almighty invisible weapons at our fingertips to be wielded and launched .... or offered with fully prepared [oven ready] services for future remote command and control deployment by any in need of protection from the thoroughly deluded and oppressive.

And ... as one of those things in life one just has to have to in orders in order to survive and prosper bigly, is it always incredibly cheap at any market price/random accosted number ...... and please, do yourself a great favour, and don't fall at the first hurdle and jump into the trap that falsely equates and relates all of the above as thoroughly deluded and oppressive, especially whenever you are so very clearly informed it is not.

However, be advised, whenever thought necessary, is it suddenly overwhelmingly powerful and energetic/virulent and vibrant and that can appear oppressive.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge
Black Helicopters

Making tsunami type AAA cyber waves .......

I guess the GFA isn't part of the rules-based international order. ..... Dan 55

Now that's a tad controversial, Dan 55, and quite troubling to some to be sure, although is it often said rules are just made to be broken and/or ignored ..... and ideally so if one has a better master plan to follow and share.

:-) Beware the unexpected knock on the door though, if that proposed plan is a real dud and damp squib.

Five Eyes nations plus Japan, India call for Big Tech to bake backdoors into everything

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Every now and then ... something slowly quickly emerges and devastates the landscape

I concur, and couldn't have said it any better or clearer myself, Eclectic Man. Bravo, Sir or Madam. A toast to your good health, ... Cheers.

:-) How quickly do you think they will listen and see its great common sense? Before or after they are crushed in every inevitable crash?

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: It's easy...You pays your money, you takes your choice @lxndr

Governments don't have a right to what you have shared, lxndr, however they may very well have a fervent all-consuming desire. The one is completely different from the other.

It is no more complicated than that, no matter how much is said and spun to try and deny it is so. And such is invariably self-serving and primarily designed to try and hide from general view and common knowledge, unsavoury government tolerated or sanctioned shenanigans which they would persecute and prosecute as being abhorrent and criminal whenever copied and performed by others no matter where.

The knowledge of the veracity of those simple facts is the deadly phantom enemy that they do vain battle against, jousting as they continually do against the windmills in their mind and the honest soul who would ask them about the validity of such facts as they would desire to be a fantastic fiction they could easily deny and disprove ....... without drawing any further inquisitive attention to any of their attempts at covering up their discovered actions and guilty proactivity.

However, once the horse is bolted, locking the stable door is no answer. One just needs to accept and prepare for the loss and take the hit and stop digging down deeper into one's own burial pit. Hopefully it leaves one wiser but ..... as Einstein is reputed to have said ....... “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ...... and he knew quite a lot about some really weird things, didn't he, and is even to this very day universally feted for them, by all accounts.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Committee of Public Safety

And who shall play the role of Madame Defarge, Tricoteuse extraordinaire? .... Anonymous Coward

Are DC [Washington and No 10 Chief Advisor Wizard] in the frame and in the running for that dubious honour, AC? :-) Who else do you think would contemplate and deserve such a booby prize and do it justice?

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater powers -Frank Herbert

Such legislation will make evil-minds think more about having a cyber-security cell within their outfits. In short, <read the title>. ..... rjed

Quite so, rjed, have an upvote for that informative post ...... however, nevertheless, such legislation will make greater powered minds think about having evil cyber-security cells within their outfits. In order to both attract and short circuit such dodgy virtual operations. It is only natural and therefore fully to be expected and accepted.

And the fact that so many may call such a situation, absolute nonsense, simply and clearly confirms the title premise and the notion that all are infinitely vulnerable to a greater power with greater powers ‽ .


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