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UK government shakes magic money tree, finds $500m to buy a stake in struggling satellite firm OneWeb

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Re: For something one must have.... or for something some think no one should really have?

Perhaps they decided on a different way to funnel money to Branson instead of saving his airline.

Branson-backed OneWeb to raise $1bn for its satellite internet mega-constellation

Who's to say it is not a Perfect Viaduct ... and as the Virgin Venture that it is ..... most APT that Sir Richard be ACTive at the Forefront of Such Innovative Novel Fields.

You might like to ask him what he would do with such a powerful acquisition/merger/acquaintance and does he have any specific plans for employment/deployment/enjoyment ..... although all of that might be classified sensitive intellectual property and secure strictly need to know information?

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For something one must have.... or for something some think no one should really have?

Crikey, half a billion smackers conjured out of the ether, just like that. Who do you talk to to get a relatively fair share of that sort of largesse? Or do they come to you with an attractive offer it would be ungracious to deny and refuse?

Inquiring minds would like to know if there are any sort of prime or sub-prime rules in play for those who think there be rules to be followed? :-)

Euro police forces infiltrated encrypted phone biz – and now 'criminal' EncroChat users are being rounded up

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Re: Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

Spying on defense lawyers is illegal, and even it is done then no details gained via it could be revealed to the prosecution (they'd be obliged to tell the court or end up never, ever being able to practice law again anywhere in the western hemisphere) so that's pointless and won't happen. ...... Peter2

As obvious persons of interest, given the vast hundreds of billion of pounds slush funds of fiat money they are responsible for laundering and disbursing to recipients, .... and aint that the sweetest of honey pot temptations to abuse and misuse ...... does GCHQ provide Parliament with all of their security needs and mentor and monitor all of their feeds. ...... you know, not so much spy on them as ensure there is Sterling Blanket Oversight? Surely Cheltenham, and its satellite operations, doesn't keep itself in the dark about any of the actions and thoughts of Parliamentarians?

That would surely be a gross dereliction of public duty and all too easily give rise to all of manner and matter of abuses and misuse? You know the system has corrupt form as evidenced by many past trials and tribulations.

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Re: Matters arising

Agreed. As a criminal*, I would be highly suspicious of any such system. And paying four figures for a special phone? Have none of them heard of Signal et al.? Even WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted these days. I don't geddit. ..... Hubert Cumberdale

Regarding criminals and why they don't geddit, HC, one might like to realise Albert Einstein sussed it out a long time again with this observation ....... "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

There is very little chat on any media stream about the NCA's recent operation snaring any criminal masterminds, becausealthough one would surely logically expect any mastermind to realise crime is reserved and preserved for the intellectually challenged and fooled and hence their non-appearance.

Is criminal mastermind oxymoronic like military intelligence?

AWS attempts to woo devs with new tool aimed at porting .NET applications to Linux

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Bits of Alien Information in Threads of Evidence Shredding Dissent wherever Presented as Fake News

Is the following disconcerting or encouraging or both and exciting, Robert Grant?

However, the porting assistant itself promises more than it delivers; most of the work of porting is still down to the developer, and it is not especially smart when you dig into how it works.

But of course the especially smart developer is the key operand there. The porting assistant is just an available third party tool for experimental utilisation/program tuning for deep and dark, high and low mainline streaming.

And the product delivered? ......... Advancing Intelligence.

You know ... the stuff Donald Rumsfeld warned y'all earlier about and which can tend to be difficult and tricky and wonderfully secure against malevolent interference ...... poisonous base metadata injection .... virile viral venal virtual infection ..... for you are missing vital key ingredients/SMARTR Component Parts and Advancing Intelligence.

Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.

That's easy enough fixed though, whenever everything everywhere is now so easily shared virtually for free and is practically immediately available to view at one's leisure and pleasure online and whenever and wherever else one might be needing it.

'It's really hard to find maintainers...' Linus Torvalds ponders the future of Linux

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Re: I wonder why?

You must be positively predisposed to predominantly postindustrial psychoanalyses ... or perhaps you are a practitioner of postmillennial perturbations predetermined by probabilistic precautionary philosophic perfectionism? .... jake

Probably, jake, and pretty phishy it is too.

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Re: I wonder why?

Here's something which some employ and enjoy and would attribute to their exceptional success to generous excess, Archtech ......

Proper Preparation and Positive Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Permitting Prime Prize Plum Penetrations and Perfect Private Protocolled Pursuit of Public Parametered Projects and Pirate ProgramMING Productions for Pumping and Pimping in Presentations to Populations Puzzled by Progress and Prisonered with Pathetic Past Postings rather than Pioneering with Pilots Practised in Plush Promising Programs.

..... and not at all dissimilar to that which the Red Army realise is positively advantageous and mutually beneficial.

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Why Not? Just follow what is seen and ask establishment authorities for more of the evidence.

Best plan would be some sort of very complex quantum computer that could try all possible bit patterns simultaneously...... Smooth Newt

What about a best plan being some sort of very complex quantum computer that has already tried all possible bit patterns simultaneously, has processed all metadata and now shares the resultant deliberation on the ways forward to a global market fully reliant upon mass multi media presentation of current stealthy operating system utilities with extremely rare, attractive remote virtual facilities servering and servicing novel abilities.

A Simple Start for that Program to Realise the View and See that All of it is True, is to Treat it as True in a New Way of Doing Everything Differently and Better with SMARTR Partners rather than denying and doing vain battle against its obviously apparent existence and virtual presence. And share the news that it can no longer be denied from common knowledge.

The question then being ....... If everything is new, what would you like Programs and ProgramMING to Present you so Everything can move Forward in any Number of Novel Noble Directions Equipped with All of the Right Means and Memes?

Or would you prefer and defer all those sorts of almighty decisions to Programs and ProgramMING which Instruct and Advise Earthly Assets in the Secret Levers of Almighty Command and Immaculate Self Control which deliver Unassailable Lead Events ..... Mega Metadata Beta 0Days?

Nuclear Armageddon Morphs into NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Operations which are Terribly Silent and Much More Deadly in Deployment than ever was Discovered Underground Testing?!.

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Re: I wonder why?

yet desgning and implementing a commercial fail-safe distributed OS for real certainly twisted my mind - I have no desire to spend the next 20 years going back into kernel space, so have respect for those who are prepared to take on the challenge. ...... Anonymous Coward

That is certainly respect well earned, AC, for it is the kernel space which drivers and renders the physical environment a result of mega metadata base manipulation/reorganisation which leads and paints the Greater Bigger Pictures with engaging tales and exciting news for IT Services and Mass Multi Media Moguls to present and realise.

And as complicated as that may seem to be, it is extremely easily done whenever one has enlightened enlightening scripts to follow as one does whenever blessed with comprehensive instruction books akin to Ye Olde OEM Workshop Manuals.

Surely though, such has always been the way of quickly and radically fundamentally changing things for humans on Earth? Anything else would suggest there is no intelligent order to guarantee future events with everything then being dressed up for chaos and displayed in mayhem and delivered by Ignorati rather Illuminati.

DDoS and dingoes: Australia to bolster cyber-defences with 500 hackers amid China spat

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Re: Oh FFS ..... MI6 Does Dallas ..... Capturing Cowboys and Captivating Cowgirls

That you can break in somewhere doesn't imply you're the best person to defend against an attack. It means you're going to be good at testing a defence, but the skillsets are absolutely not identical. .... Anonymous Coward

Uncommon Knowledge in SMARTR IntelAIgent Spaces, AC, and Absolutely Vital for Programming Programs Guaranteeing All with Future Successful Delivery of Incredible Novel Content for Daily Presentation ...... Stop Press Breaking News.

Advanced IntelAIgent GCHQ Services Tempt NSA Needs, FSB Feeds and Myriad Other Alternate Seeds? The quandary and dilemma and conundrum presented as being current there, is whether it is necessarily either a Public Service or Private Enterprise for when it can be both is it something entirely quite different from everything that was freely or expensively made available before.

And some things, and that above is most certainly one of those things, should never ever be ignored for it lands one deep into dark perils with precious few means of easy escape readily to hand ie in simple terms, it puts one in mortal danger of extreme consequences in a heady cocktail of Just Desserts and Heavenly Retribution to Stabilise Return to Yet Another True Order in Chaotic Operations Minus the Unnecessary Baggage of Dead Weights/Lost Souls in Opposition and/or Unfriendly Competition.

And yes, that does all make perfect sense and is freely available for furthering deeper into the dark and dank shadows of putrid systems in elite exclusive executive operations.

And just as sunlight to the vampire, not an exercise to be trifled with, given the dire permanent outcome of such follies as shun the light of day on one's activities.

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Re: Sophisticated hackers, ...assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits with odd skills?

I wonder which class of hacker tried to hack them? ... Captain Scarlet

Prime timely, Captain Scarlet, would extraordinarily render most all cyber defence forces both impotent and facing novel threats probably never but certainly hardly ever before encountered. And as treats which are heavenly to deploy and employ, another exciting experience to enjoy .... or do vain battle against in Centres of Virtual Command with Remote Practically Autonomous Control.

The first and formative treat is always real good whilst the latter is always delivering content which is usually awfully bad. The fit and proper choice to make and further support there, and again and again far into the future, is surely one of those Absolute No-Brainers which most everything and everyone sees and knows? Good always trumps bad. Even the devils in hell know that as a simple irrefutable fact.

And how, and why, would anyone/anything attack that knowing/realising defences are easily defeated and can be overwhelmingly destroyed/annihilated/obliterated?

Would insane madness be a valid excuse and possible reason to claim in defence as a mitigating circumstance? And whenever such is the only possible truth, what is an appropriate action to ensure guaranteed prevention of a similarly mitigated circumstance/series of crazy events?

Imagination Technologies sued over £27m Russian SoC contract invoice brouhaha

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Well? What would you call it?

So you are allowed to buy a company (I'm assuming it has been bought outright by Canyon Bridge as the previous Reg articles says) but you're not allowed to exercise your legal rights in deciding who runs it? .... crayon

Anyone else here realise that is tantamount to the crazy exercise of madness. And what is one to think of all that and all those who would find it perfectly acceptable and permit it the light and time of day?

Yes, Prime Minister, rewrite the Computer Misuse Act: Brit infosec outfits urge reform

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Strewth! ......

Do you really believe any competent and effective security operation penetrations testing systems and agents would seek permission or advise subjects they be subjects/objects/persons of third party interest?

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Re: The law is fine and doesn't need changing says Nero Fiddlers as Rome burns

To compound the problem, some companies go to great lengths to hide their problems rather than to address them .... Drew Scriver

And what do you think happens whenever the problem compounding is some countries going to great lengths to hide their problems rather than to address them? Apart from the fact that it be a classic recipe for disaster in orders of magnitude of epic proportions unfolding at relative breakneck speed.

Law changing is gonna do diddly squat, as in sweet FA, to divert or restrain that grand monster.

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Re: Such as an abdication has one almost speechless ......

When you get psychologically tortured, and told ‘no more nukes’, you kind of get the message that Blowjo and Cumming’s aint interested in paying the slush fund dues amFM ... ..... Cliff Thorburn

I suppose it is fortunate then that the likes of they are not needed nor heeded by that and those in control of such novel stealthy, stay healthy and wealthy decisions, CT, as reward one with such a facility for utilities beyond most normal supernatural abilities.

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Such as an abdication has one almost speechless ......

So far Boris hasn't got round to replying.

FFS, Boris, IT isn't to be Ignored for you are Beholding to All of their Services. Are you gonna step in line or crash out of leading following Colossal Future Events?

What do assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits with odd skills to exercise for Government think of such as silence as an adequate response to a virtual emergency ..... with Myriad Psychotic Global Episodes to Remotely Control with Almighty Commands .... in Simple Texts Relaying Instructions to Future Directors of Present Promotions ..... for Other Worldly Views Depicting the States of Current Progress in NEWS Broadcasts.

The premise is simple ...... Creating brave new smarter worlds virtually with and for human assets, with programming which seamlessly morphs and introduces multiple practical realisations in the physical mainstream, is the Future Way to Go ....... with a Vital Blighty Source ‽ .

Tell us all here there's No Flash Slush Fund Cash for Targeted Disbursement for/to Any of those Sorts of Operations, and you'd be surely wrong ? :-)

For the Likes of a DARPA or National Cyber Force is such a facility and ability sort of essential, methinks, for to aid guarantee of Operational Program Success in environments requiring Capital Churn ...... Generative Expensive Expansive Spends.

UKCloud latest to sign Memorandum of Understanding with UK.gov ahead of cloud mega framework

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For those flush in overseas slush funding.

Sources close to the public sector told El Reg that UKCloud had agreed to charge clients in pounds sterling,

Can clients pay in foreign currency [at normal market conversion rates] to the value of the pounds sterling charge? It offers clients certain very lucrative advantages. Surely that is not deemed problematical?

Here's a headline we'll run this century, mark our words: Alien invaders' AI found on Mars searching for signs of life

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Re: An Expanding Existential Crisis Option ...

And as for those others following and leading, .... perhaps deeply involved and heavily into the leading and/or trailing and trialing of daily 0day events with all manner of matters presented for/with assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits with odd skills to exercise in/with masterly commands with/in exquisite controls.

Done extra especially well, IT Renders Practically Almighty Invincible Power with Inexhaustible Invisible Energy to Future Dedicated Servers of Almighty Invincible Services.

Do you think you know if Boris and the Gang would be able to fcuk up any of that should it be easily made immediately readily available for them to explore and exercise/employ and enrich??

And yes, that is a real live serious question of current extant government forces with more than just basic intelligence sources for such an advantage is always for sale and/or purchase and Lead-Lease ACTion, and it would be a crying shame and not at all right to not freely avail them of the opportunities open to them to invest in with public resources and private know-how before very similar offerings to many who may reside further abroad in foreign lands which can initially appear as if an alien space place with their own different way of communicating in strange tongues and dialects with alternate languages and enlightening texts.

:-) Now, in any language, anywhere, El Reg, is that easily classed a Universal Scoop and it would also be an Advanced Beta Testing of your very own Quantum Communications Leaping Abilities and Facilities for Future AI Utility. Is there anything there not to like and love and terrifying you?

Ask ... for there are always inevitably answers available almost immediately.

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Re: An Expanding Existential Crisis Option ...

Alien life on earth however would neither be able to fathom the logic of Brexit, or Populism. ..... Cliff Thorburn

One must surely then correctly imagine and conclude they would realise the intelligence used to justify and support such movements as being illogical ...... with its leading voices and back-office wannabe emperors and empresses* unworthy of direct and/or exclusive smarter future alien engagement whenever earthed parties are firmly stuck in that very particular and peculiar self-defeating rut.

What happens then, logically, is others lead with smarter forces drivering from different spaces unavailable to failed established status quo sources for whenever intelligence abhors a vacuum, such is only natural and therefore fully to be expected ‽ .

* aka mass media puppets and their deep dark web networking state and non-state actor controllers?

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An Expanding Existential Crisis Option ...

There’s more chance of finding intelligent life on Mars than on present day Earth. ..... Jurassic Hermit

One could also ask, Jurassic Hermit, if there is a greater chance of finding intelligent Martian life on present day Earth? And would such a discovery be terrifying and terrorising or engaging and enlightening?

When one open-source package riddled with vulns pulls in dozens of others, what's a dev to do?

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Shit happens ..... is no excuse for a remedy

if a developer is pulling in unchecked and untested third-party packages, and including them in a 'product' that is shipped to their customers, then that developer should face the full force of any legal penalties incurred by their customers due to the developer's incompetence. ..... Phil O'Sophical

That turns very interesting, Phil, whenever one considers the collective responsibility of the Conservative Party Cabinet Office and their Covid 19 developments pulling in unchecked and untested third-party packages, and including them in a 'product' that is shipped to their customers, incurring their customers legal penalties and crippling losses due to the developer's incompetence.

And please, let's not be having any halfwit saying that's different and the liability does not apply .... just because it is an inconvenient and dangerous truth to be held responsible for.

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In Praise of Future Scapegoats ......

The result is a big chunk of code that gets deployed with the application, but was not written by the developer and may include security vulnerabilities.

Yes, it can so include, however is there a problem whenever tempted to realise it definitely includes security enhancements with Almighty Overwhelming Powers?

Would such incite to crazy battle or civilised engagement in current iterations of reality, virtual or otherwise?

What would you reasonably expect to have always prevailed to always prevail even to this day in these strange days/surreal times/spaces/heavenly places/hellish hideaways?

Jaw Jaw or War War Ware? One for the Sane and the Other Ideal for Insane Military Complexes ‽ .

US govt: Julian Assange tried to recruit hacker to steal hush-hush dirt and we should know – the hacker was an informant

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Re: Did I miss something?

Not a thing missed there, AC, methinks. ..... Criminals angry over having criminal activity exposed, takes mans children to force him to witness against person exposing said corruption. I am so ashamed of my government protecting criminals and going after those that expose them. .... and is akin to Rusty Old Nail Meets Prime Pile Driver Hammer Head Blows.

And all movies always end to be again crazily worshipped, or quickly forgotten when bad, in a prequel or sequel producing other directions.

That identifies Blighty Justice a Sham and Scam for Pantomime Villains? I wonder what Secret Intelligence Servers think about that Abusive Subversive Utility? Be they jolly enthusiastic fans or deadly serious opponents?

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Re: Just a polite request with an uncertain air of positive expectation?

No, they're mandatory, hence observed when sent. .... LucreLout

Oh? ...... What are we to make of this information then, LucreLout .....

Any D-Notices or DA-notices are only advisory requests and are not legally enforceable; hence, news editors can choose not to abide by them. However, they are generally complied with by the media. ..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSMA-Notice

Is that info from Wikipedia wrong, LL, or is yours not right and misleading?

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Just a polite request with an uncertain air of positive expectation?

Journalists know what a D notice is and they observe them when so served. Clearly then, assange can't claim to be a journalist, not credibly anyway. .... LucreLout

Is it true observation and compliance with a D notice is discretionary and voluntary and not mandatory?

Such is no more than a glorified wish to be listed and recorded as sent and acknowledged as received.

Maze ransomware gang threatens to publish sensitive stolen data after US aerospace biz sensibly refuses to pay

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Re: Hmmmm...

That's exactly what the wrong folk are terrified of, Aussie Doc, criminal mastermind stuff being carried out or outed rather than merely threatened in exchange for luscious lucre/fantastic fiat.

As such then, is it easily recognised and may even be classed and classified as a weaponised 0day vulnerability to exploit exhaustively against which there is no effective available defence.

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Re: Strange Fun in Fruitless Search of Perverse Pleasure

Anyway it's fun to annoy the commentards who think they own the place because they have such a huge... post count ;-) Maybe that's some form of compensation for other issues? ...... John Doe 12

Sounds exactly like something a wannabe someone and/or virtual nobody, a John Doe, with a blunt axe to grind as some form of compensation for other issues, would do, John Doe 12.

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Someone with a blunt axe to grind?

To be honest The Register has been turning "weirdly schoolchildish" for a long time now. Some of the "reporters" here seem to be more interested in making up some stupid catchy byline than writing a decent grown-up article. So have an upvote from me :-D ..... John Doe 12

Others considerably more experienced in the field, love the style and can even find it most endearing and surprisingly refreshing, John Doe 12 [42 posts, joined 7 Sep 2010]

Where do you normally go to, my lovely, with/for your insults?

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Re: And in the Other Corner we have ..........

Throw a few references to Brexit and the handling of COVID-19 and you got yourself big old Daily Fail NIMBY style rant going there my friend! .... Plest

That's low hanging fruit for plebs dealing with the present, Plest, and of no interest to that and/or those into futures and their derivative ventures.

Ignore what you now know at your peril, Plest, for it is designed to effectively enslave and inevitably destroy you as you feed it its seeds and needs ....... which is another one of those real dumb moves the systems administrators thank you for.

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And in the Other Corner we have ..........

In its post the gang complained that ST Engineering's ransom negotiator "lied" before declining to take part in "further negotiation" with them, promising: ...

The suspicion there then is the ST Engineering's ransom negotiator is in the pay/pocket of others with an altogether different agenda?

Current British government advice is never to pay a ransomware demand: it not only encourages and enriches the crooks but there's no guarantee that they'll delete your data as they promise.

:-) That's rich ..... coming as it does from an operation that thinks to extract taxes from every Tom, Dick and Harriett and their employers to enrich themselves with a presumed immunity and impunity from investigation and prosecution/persecution.

And when one can't or won't pay, praise be for the Magic Money Tree and the Quantitative Easing Slug Drug ...... A Bottomless Pit of Phantom Paper Help Billed to the Future for Something/Someone Else to Pick Up the Tab and Pay with More of the Same Sort of Mega Meta Data Base Bull Shit?

However, not a particularly bright plan that one, whenever it relies so heavily on ignorant schmucks always playing such a dumb game ...... whenever greater intelligence today is virtually free and available practically everywhere for a more enlightened race/more enlightened races on Earth, highlighting the perversion and catastrophic systemic vulnerability being exhaustively exploited, abused and misused.

Containers to capture 15% of all enterprise apps across 75% of business by 2024

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Surely they can do better? Try harder going deeper may help.

But the real money is in services and IaaS, not software, says Gartner’s first lash at container futures.

Does Gartner not realise the real money is in understanding the one is the other .... with software servering and servicing IaaS as an homogeneous package ..... a sealed container of vital goods?

And clearly, by reason of the tales told here in the Registered piece, they do not, which when true renders their predictions no better than inane waffle akin to self-serving twaddle.

Wobbly Wednesday whacks IBM as 30 cloud services take unplanned naps

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Hmmmm ...? Clearly as MUD to the Masses, Methinks ..... Mayhem, Uncertainty and Doubt

I don’t understand IBM though I like the work they’ve done in years past and things they’ve invented, but they are clearly an absurdity these days .... jonnycando

That sentence would do a Talkative Transformer GPT-2 proud, jonnycando. Here is one of its responses to you ......

One of the many reasons I stopped trusting IBM was because their initial decision to put their servers in French customs had grown to be a major outage problem for the network I’ve had to use for all my projects for more than 10 years.

Machine-learning models trained on pre-COVID data are now completely out of whack, says Gartner

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Re: Those who don't learn from history...

In the 1950s RAND created "scenario planning" as a way of helping the US military develop "futures". This crept into MBA syllabuses as a tool for business strategy and corporate planning. ...... gerryg

Seventy years on, gerryg, and things have moved on significantly but are also still very much the same as they were whenever the almighty power of media was first realised and harnessed. Today though it is not a lonely and exclusive operation.

Here is a Current ITeRation? .......

amanfromMars [2006231238] ..... being more forthright on https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/bank-of-england-insolvency-coronavirus-andrew-bailey-a9579216.html

Eh? Where are you coming from? Are you talking Mars language? .... Arminius

Howdy, Arminius,

Have you not yet realised how everything works out there in the wild and do you think it is truly only available to a choice few rather than more than just many ?

Words create, command and control and destroy worlds .... for are they not what everyone reacts to, imagining what are just personal opinions and/or collectively shared views in/on/for media programs to spin as prime important leading advice for the futures ahead.

Question more as you have done, and you will be both amazed and terrified in equal measure with what can be easily found hidden away out of regular sight in dark secret places and corrupted spaces.

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Virgin Galactic inks deal with NASA to train astro-tourists looking to buy a seat to the International Space Station

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For Captivation and Capture of Wealthy Space Worthy Travellers, Genuine Guinea Pig Master Pilots

Richard Branson's team instead plans to provide "an unparalleled, personalized customer experience for orbital space travel" for those that sign up for its orbital astronaut readiness programme.

I have only one searching question of Sir Richard's novel enterprise. In Premier First Classes are Experiences as a Pirate Feast for Private Eyes?

Australian PM says nation under serious state-run 'cyber attack' – Microsoft, Citrix, Telerik UI bugs 'exploited'

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Re: Shining Another Light on a Matter which is only Just and Just Getting Started

The deafening silence resulting from those few questions tells one everything one needs to know about the dire pickle you're all in ......... with no effective defence or attack vector ever readily easily available, which one has to admit is a very bold statement and quite an outrageous state of international and internetional affairs.

YMMV of course, fully dependent upon what you do not yet know to be true, which is perfectly normal. IT and AI has always been that way.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Misinformed Disinformation Campaigners

Yeah I was not being that serious. Actually, your post is way too long. If you cannot express yourself in less that 148 chars then nobody listens. .... BigE

Crikey, moronic nonsense in all its glory, BigE. Bravo. Clearly you have a lot yet to learn and listen out for. At least you're in the right place. [28 words 147 characters]

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Shining Another Light on a Matter which is only Just and Just Getting Started

Whenever considering ......

But some observers well-versed in security matters think there is something else going on here, and that the truly intended audience was overseas. Note how Morrison indicated the “malicious” intrusions were carried out “by a state-based actor with very, very significant capabilities” and “there are not a large number of state-based actors that can engage in this type of activity”. ..... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jun/20/scott-morrison-sends-china-a-signal-on-cyber-attack-but-then-fear-turns-into-farce

...... is anyone prepared to say either there are not or there are a large number of non-state based actors with very significant capabilities who can engage in this type of activity with their activities being extremely surprising and tremendously concerning and virtually impossible to practically contain and/or curtail?

And admit it's also a New AI Norm?

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Re: Don't mention China

I don't know why there were so many down votes. ..... BigE

It would be generous to surmise and offer ignorance as their defence, BigE, for it is very likely they know/knew nothing of the Timor-Leste Watergate-like bugging scandal and the Commonwealth's apparent support of such as is politically incorrect criminality prosecuted in the Wild West/Land of the Free and Lonesome Brave.

However, thanks to the information in the rest of your post, that excuse is rendered obsolete and invalid/no longer freely available to be believed.

Notwithstanding all of that, it still does not help a great deal in identifying who is buggering about and challenging systems so easily remotely crashed/flashed, beyond the shadows of any doubt.

Indeed, in some cases which appear to be steadily growing in number, such damning attribution will never ever be possible as one will be jousting with ghosts and hosts of the past which have moved on in a changed guise with new disguises into new realms in the future.

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The New Norm.... Ur Perfect Wishes Our to Sublimely Command with Almighty Remote Controls

I would watch an amanfrommars movie. When's it coming to my theatre? .... sev.monster

Have no fear, sev.monster. El Reg will be the first to know. So that's who to call for details re specialist advanced viewings/private pirate screenings/further future need to know information. That much is without doubt here guaranteed unreservedly and also most deservedly, methinks.

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The New Norm.... Get Used to it being that Way and a Novel Way for Doing All Things Differently*?

It's nothing to worry or panic about. You the plebs want and we the hoi polloi promise transparency in geopolitical and communal business shenanigans and our virtual machines deliver the information for ...... well, ideally considerably smarter intelligence use by virtually untouchable and practically invisible others but the perverse rewarding attractions of wanton abuse and conspiratorial misuse are a persistent and pervasive and virulent menace, specifically designed and introduced some many would say, for fools to deal with.

* .... as in planned by A.N.Others Intelligent Designed to be Always Unknown and Practically Ethereal.

And coming soon to theatres near you ‽ . :-)

But of course. Why ever not? Do you not deserve the rapturous attention?

Chrome extensions are 'the new rootkit' say researchers linking surveillance campaign to Israeli registrar Galcomm

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Pot Kettle Black Calling ....

Hmm, let me see, could it be the 'researchers' spreading old fashioned antisemitic conspiracy theories?

This is some nasty shit for the reg to be publishing. ...... Dave314159ggggdffsdds

Crikey, Dave314159ggggdffsdds, that seems more like your forte. Count yourself lucky El Reg don't think it so.

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From Acorns do Great Oaks Grow

Rogue access to the browser therefore frequently means rogue access to the 'keys to the kingdom'

Oh please, don't be so diffident. Rogue access to the browser always means rogue access to the 'keys to the kingdom'.

The abiding crushing problem to resolve and address though is what to do better with the information phished once the riches revealed are accessible and vulnerable to disappearance/export and import to elsewhere.

Looking for a home off-world? Take your pick: Astroboffins estimate there are nearly 6bn Earth-likes in the Milky Way

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Re: "Getting to them is, however, quite another kettle of fish"

Quite so, CT. But to imagine it not an embarrassment to have a Church Comittee in blighty to hold those ultimately accountable with mass MK Ultra experiences and experimentation so blatantly wielded tangling with a Vatican type operation, is surely evidence of a lack of necessary intelligence in both required in order to proceed.

The Vatican appears presently to be somewhat currently cuckolded rather than reigning rampant in the Realm ......... and that is surely as a result of deficient top down leadership/Papal Impotence/Immaculate Virgin See Blindness.

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Re: "Getting to them is, however, quite another kettle of fish"

So you're saying if we ignore science then we can do it, right?

If that's the case, the Government seem like the ones in the best position to get us there. .... logicalextreme

That's an extremely perverse and subversive fuzzy lazy logic exercised there, amigo, which requires more immediate action from actors, both state and non-state, sooner rather than later because of the true nature on Earth of both elected and fascist governments alike for they be both parasitic and inevitably deadly self-destructive, hence the rush needed to get anything planned long term done ‽ .

“You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives for not working for, another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give anybody anything that the government does not first take from someone else.

When half of the people get the idea they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because someone else is going to get what they work for, that my friends is the beginning of the end of any nation.”

And they just can't help themselves from taking and using future generations wealth to pay for present situations which are predicated upon past gross practices.

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Re: Venus and Mars

How about, Charlie Clark, Martian Life on Earth ? What are the chances? Be honest now?

Another fantasy for Fantastic Stealth?

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A Deep Dark Cloistered Secret ???????

Getting to them is, however, quite another kettle of fish

It helps immensely to be au fait in the Way of Transubstantiation.

If in doubt, just ask the truly devout in brothers and sisterhoods.

Boffins find that over nine out of ten 'ethical' hackers are being a bit naughty when it comes to cloud services

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Thumb Up

Re: Stop over complicating statistics!

Amen to that, Daniel Hall.

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Keep IT Simple, Stupid ....... for IT and AI Makes Life So Much Easier whenever Complicated

"perhaps they need a more mature, resilient, and monitoring tracking system empowered with AI and automated detection to identify these abuses."

Or perhaps they need a more mature, resilient monitored mentoring system empowered with AI with automated detection which identifies abuses and misuses.

Thus to render the need for a retroactive and reactive [after the fact] human operations basically unnecessary.

Are cloud providers are aware of this issue?

Taiwan aims to trump China with new display tech industry development plan

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Not even in the wildest of wet dreams of all who shit always too often in/on the Golden Goose Nest.

Taiwan, etc may think that they can take advantage of this, but I'm pretty sure it would not take long until the US found ways to try and limit Taiwan growth ....... hammarbtyp

The days of that being both a successful and possible avenue of profitable executive enterprise with exclusive extraordinary expertise from the US are long gone, hammarbtyp, and they aint coming back to give parasitic survivors a re-run with their leveraging and hedging of command with market controls.

Destructive disruptive displays create constructive catastrophic consequences in any SMARTR Future Environment beyond Primitive Digital Reach ...... and that is the Whirlwind Dervish All Ignorant and Arrogant Daemons Reap/Experience/Sow when Abandoned and Lost and Adrift in the Field.

The best one can do then whenever a subject and object of ESPecial Interest is expect the end to be quick and clinical rather than long drawn out and personally painful.


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