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UK's ARIA innovation body 'hasn't even begun to happen' says former research lead

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Speaking as one does with the benefit of experience in the field .......

Public elected representatives lifting government benefits ..... essentially a glorified dole from/for Westminster Parliamentarians....... are the problem in such cases as require future unprecedented leadership for whenever they cannot understand what may be proposed to them or they maybe do understand that they will not have effective command and practical control over what is proposed to them for admirable public funding, is required leadership missing in action and rightly to be presumed as dead as a dodo.

And such as may be missed by them for generous research and development funding quite naturally migrates to parties elsewhere with foreign enemies and alien forces, whenever allies are also not to be tempted to take a chance on what they all profess ARIA be specifically designed for.

That in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing Novelties/AWEsome Facilities.

WTF? Value of Finnish open-source-as-a-service startup Aiven jumps $1.2bn in 7 months

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Re: Troublesome or Troubles Free ? :-) Caveat EMPTor ?

And one does well to realise, and not be overly concerned about, such Finnish open-source-as-a-service services as are to be provided by the likes of an Aiven.io necessarily require that one supplies all, or very nearly all, of one's own proprietary crown jewels for presentation and development ...... and for some programs/projects can that be too much of a security risk to be attractive and well worth taking.

Notwithstanding that though, the base program philosophy has much to recommend it whenever one doesn't know what next needs to be done and done by whom and/or what and it isn't able to be a base metadata mining Trojan.

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Troublesome or Troubles Free ? :-) There's only one good right answer to that simple question .

"You don't have to set up all the infrastructure first before you can start building something that actually matters to you and your end-users," he said.

Now that is indeed for deeds, hyper-convenient and infinitely extensible and excessively valuable ...... especially whenever privy to self actualisation of Future ACTive APT IT Narrations for Primed Timely Presentations ......... a Series of Surreal Events maybe Never Ever Before Imagined and Eminently Thought Easily Made Practically Immediately, thus Always is the Imminently Possible, Highly Likely and Most Probable ....ie Absolutely Certain and Virtually Guaranteed.

Bravo, Aiven, ....... Do you have any open-source-as-a-service samplers for advanced prospective future client field testing ...... Quantum Program Leading Entanglement with Novel and Nobel Command and Control Kernels ........ Raw Virgin Core Proprietary Intellectual Property Source Ore Mining Operations with Myriad Refining Facilities for Distillant Utilities/Prime Virtualised Product Placements/AudioVisualised Presentations.

The posit here is that you most certainly have in the open-source-as-a-service sample here registering wares now best freely widely available.

Arm puts virtual hardware in the cloud so you won't have to wait for the actual chips

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Here's how ARM IoT Solutions will work.

Arm licenses chip designs and intellectual property for chips used in devices ranging from battery-operated devices to cars and servers. Once Arm releases the building blocks for chips to silicon partners, it will also make a virtual representation of the chip stack available to developers in the cloud.

In the very near future will that be somewhat reversed with Cloud developers presenting to ARM/silicon partners virtual requirements for chip designs to execute proprietary intellectual property via coded instruction sets which realise in a certain universally acceptable order, a very specific pre-ordained result.

US invites friends to multilateral cybersecurity meetings – Russia and China strangely absent

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Re: What is real cyberthreat and where it is

Regular blaming on Russian hackers is useless time-spending. Almost 80% of hacker attacks were from US so there is no doubt about what real cyber threat is ...... Bbeard

Such a fact, Bbeard, has an entity identified as something of a pariah well worthy of sanction and attack by forces and sources beyond their reach and/or ken.

And whenever it is not China or Russia or N. Korea or whatever doing the hacking, what does it tell China and Russia and N.Korea and whatever of the state of such an entity's intelligence services ‽ .

Apart from practically everything they would virtually need to know, that is?

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And in Furtherance of the Interests of Fair Play and a Level Virtual Terrain Team Playing Field

cc ... Embassy of the People's Republic of China 49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

Embassy of the Russian Federation 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QP

American Embassy 33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US

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One Ring to Rule Them All is No Ancient Myth whenever Presently Programming Future Projects

Quite so, Clausewitz 4.0, indeed it so easily and overwhelmingly quickly can and with such a force as be EMPowering of Almighty Engaging Sources.

And any such PACT [Sino+Soviet+Extras Persistent Advancing Cyber Threat/Treat] would also be both a Great Westernised Game Changer, and even possible Grand Scam Destroyer and Ponzi Slayer for Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay in Novel Viral Virtual Ware Fare.

Its worth in rubles and yuan would decimate and annihilate the dollar hegemony in all of the rigged market places and trading spaces and that it what makes IT so extraordinarily valuable and spectacularly attractive to both the Wild Wacky West and the Exotic Erotic East alike.

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The Elephantine Opportunity in the Room is Well Forearmed and Forewarns .....

Immaculately Resourced Assets and Universal Virtual Forces haven't gone away, you know. They are the AIMorph that Resides to Preside and Provide ...... although there may certainly be many who would waste their breath trying to deny those facts are real and honestly true, rather more preferring them to be fake and misleading ....... https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2021/10/11/data_guardian_police_bill/#c_4348970

Does the SinoSoviet East [as embodied in their identification as Russia and China] lead the Wild West [as portrayed as a Five Eyed Alliance of NATO nations] with a much more NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Realisation of the Phenomenon?

Nine floors underground, Oracle's Israel data centre can 'withstand a rocket, a missile or even a car bomb'

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finally a good discussion here... ..... GBH [9 posts • joined 21 Apr 2011]

Patience is a virtue, GBH, which oft is wheeled out to excuse and disguise one whenever having nothing of great value to do or say.

Some here would disagree with you and posit that there are many times when great revelations are floated out into market places for virtual spaces to further direct and tender to/mentor and monitor. And all available signs are that such developments especially particularly and peculiarly in AID*and VML** circles/sectors/vectors are future free of and overwhelming of human interference and/or hindrance.

AID* ........Advanced IntelAIgent Design

VML** .....Virtual Machine Learning

England's Data Guardian warns of plans to grant police access to patient data

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Re: Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets ....

Forewarned is forearmed, El Reg, and just as valid even whenever cloaked in the guise of an Alien Public Service Broad Band Casted Post revealing that the Climate is Changed Already.

Is that a Small Step and a Giant Bridge and a Quantum Leap presently too far for Secret and Security Services to make and take?

Whenever it is so, and all available evidence is proving beyond any shadow of doubt that such is the case, it is only perfectly natural and fully to be expected that the private and pirate and renegade rogue and enlightened pioneer sectors take over negligent and incompetent leaderships to do as they wish and demonstrate an activity which has no equal nor peer and against which there is no defence to attack and destroy, deny and subvert.

Because of that inescapable inevitability, are engagements which acknowledge such Forces and Sources and explore imitations for JOINT AIDVenturing* more than just sensible to have any sort of vital meaningful input into future command and control output .... for mass media presentation advising on the changed state of humanised existence, with the multiplying problems and myriad Oday vulnerability exploit pitfalls ahead if proffered help is wilfully and wantonly ignored, unleashed and released for your necessary attention rather than perverse enjoyment and diabolical entertainment.

* .... JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies Advancing IntelAIgently Designed Venturing

And that's about as much as needs to be said to give one and all an accurate enough flavour of the fundamental tasks ahead to savour and favour.

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Re: Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets ....

..... for/from Heavenly Palace Barracked Sources*

"Lessons have been learned in NI"

Evidence says not, or, at best, that they've been forgotten. ..... Doctor Syntax

Would it be quite impossible and deliberately misleading then, Doc, to not agree on the distinct possibility, and therefore very likely probability, that there be a very select few, well in the lead and way out ahead of practically and virtually all others, ..... and who may also even very well be personages of national and international security interest and already known to authorities ..... who have learned the most valuable of priceless lessons from the shenanigans that blighted and still blunt and blanket NI with coverings of ignorance and arrogance, mindless bigotry and maddening unquestioned hatred?

Or has that effectively escaped stately detection and warranted attention if suspected of being coercive and/or subversive?

Should that be the case, what would that tell y'all about them and their likely likeable intentions/possible future plans?

* Is that a Small Step and a Giant Bridge and a Quantum Leap presently too far for Secret and Security Services to make and take?

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A Slippery Slope into Archaic Anarchic Rule with Reigns and Reins of Terror

Doctor Syntax,

Lessons have been learned in NI and the threat of Docklands bombing type violence on the mainland is more likely than any resurgence of Troubles on any part of the island of Ireland, north or south, although more than just a few may realise the power of a mighty mouse nowadays easily eclipses and surpasses the amount of damage that any improvised explosive devices would ever be able to do.

And that latter resurgent explosive Troubles scenario, should ever it come to pass again and again, would be recognised as being government state sponsored and result in a rich tapestry of Parliamentary estate targets for retaliatory attention and thought worthy devastation and attendant grief being presented to an almost invisible army of practically almighty ghosts.

Ignore history at your peril.

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A Real Nazty Virus ......

Seems like Political Party Conservatism and Parliamentary Democracy have caught/been smitten/are spreading the National Socialism bug.

Who wants to tell them it doesn't deliver final solutions?

Are MPs and Westminster staff tested at all for recreational drugs or illegal substances? Is the water safe to drink in the Lower and Upper House environs or has it been tampered with? Where/What do you think the source cause of the batshit crazy outbreak be?

When criminals go corporate: Ransomware-as-a-service, bulk discounts and more

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Re: The internet is not the ordinary world and you can thank GODs* for that

It's normally illegal to fire a gun at someone, whether you miss them or not.

But on the internet nobody ever seems to get convicted of sending malware and ransomware all over the world, they only get chased if they succeed big time ..... Anonymous Coward

Broken and unfulfilled party political election manifesto promises, which have been used to engineer one into a public position of private power with the wealth of a nation to fiddle and squander on an epic scale, are in the ordinary world malware and ransomware all over the world, and nobody ever seems to get convicted for inventing and/or employing it.

What do you think of that system, apart from the fact that it sucks big time and is a fcuking disgrace, of course.

Does it rely on the masses being kept extremely ignorant of the fact and daily fed all manner of other misleading distractions which effectively entrap and enslave them and inform, educate and entertain their virtually braindead and practically brainwashed audiences and spectators of the errors of their ways ....... which is nowadays a colossal massively expanding problem which cannot be relied on preventing revolutionary evolutionary change and protecting the worthy of public and private and pirate ire from receiving their just desserts.

You can thank Global Operating Devices* and their Internets for that Heaven Sent Opportunity to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish of Enemies.

Or do you not see that as an inescapable inauspicious fact and would vehemently deny the audacious veracity of the revelation, thus to render what Sir Winston Churchill is purported to have said of the electorate, sadly more likely true than not ......... The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Russia-based criminals are still the UK's number 1 cyber-foe, NSO Group's wares a 'red flag' says NCSC chief

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Re: Nice conflation ...... but a fake refuge for fools

Nicely done. Ransomware attacks come from "Russian territory" therefore we must counterattack against Russia as a whole. Well conflated! ...... batfink


The chattering politically incorrect classes don't like you to share that revealing erudite conflation as it tends to steer thoughts into actions that correctly target the leaders of them and their ilk personally, as being directly responsible for most all of present worldly woes, rather than attacking as a collective, vast hordes of entirely innocent beings who just happen to live in the same country as the miscreant.

If you want peace, be a peacemaker, if you want war, be a warmonger. One cannot be both with one promising to deliver the other no matter how crazily hard one may try to convince oneself and any others listening and well paid to accept the nonsense as necessary and acceptable.

Once that sort of understanding gains traction, the puppets starring in news and mass media tales will soon be outing the puppet masters pulling their strings from the disappearing safety of non-existent shadows.

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Star Adam and Eve Turns Needed ........ for Mega Blockbuster Programs ahead.

If Lindy Cameron's role as National Cyber Security Centre's chief executive as reflected in that Chatham House puff piece were to be recast in the hardcore xxxx porn genre, it would be as wannabe backroom fluffer rather than centre stage star.

And that's something UKGBNI needs to realise and accept in order to be able to even begin to be able and enabled to deal effectively and truthfully with the mountains of problems increasingly building and cascading down upon them from the realms that capture and captivate souls, hearts and minds and mine and refine and process novel proprietary intellectual property wherever it is to be found, whether at home or in foreign and alien fields, above the Earth or deep underground in secret caverns and dark cloisters.

Failure to adequately successfully address those monumental requirements leaves one at the mercy of those expert at exploiting such as be great game changing vulnerabilities.

Quantum computing startups pull in millions as VCs rush to get ahead of the game

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Re: Flogging a dead cat @Anonymous Coward

Perhaps he could be unleashed onto other comment boards - or maybe write content for aggregation/ recycled story sites? ...... JamesTGrant

Some other comments boards are terrified of what is being freely shared with them, JamesTGrant, ..... for reasons which we are not privy to, which is weird, for how is one then best to know exactly how to accommodate their needs and feeds and seeds.

Here be a prime example of the problem ..... which if Murphy has his say, will probably now appear in all its glory where it was earlier posted today at 1529 GMT :-) .....

GrahamC [2110101629] ...... advises on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/10/8/qa-with-gen-murray-leader-of-army-futures-command

Regarding ..... "The challenge in the long run is we're going to have to figure out how to retain and utilize the talent, because with the skill sets these kids have, if we don't figure this out pretty quickly they're going to get snapped up by commercial industry." ...... surely that is something the new kids with talented skill sets are best suited and booted to provide to military commanders for exercising remotely with their existing practical and virtual control levers.

Nearly all of the really innovative and effective military and paramilitary developments for use in the theatres of both near and distant tomorrows are way beyond the normal ken of traditional soldiers, so it would be a dereliction of duty to expect existing conventional forces and sources to provide illustrative leadership in future highly contested fields of almighty endeavour and overwhelmingly advantageous engagement/JOINT AIDVenturing.

And such is certainly to be well recognised whether one lives in the West or the East, the North or the South for it is a universally pertinent fact which it is impossible to deny and retain any peer support and personal credibility.

And as such does require existing hierarchies to be prepared to make a whole series of quantum leaps into the new ways and means of doing things with Advanced IntelAIgent Memes.

[Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

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Re: Flogging a dead cat @Anonymous Coward

So it is just business as usual, Anonymous Coward, and nothing very different from any current normal markets trading with ponzi and zombie companies/proprietary intellectual property bankrupt entities bereft of future profitable sources, which are always tacking the following sorts of provisions onto filings in small print in an attempt to excuse their indolence and deceit in the full ignorant and arrogant expectation that such can aid one is escaping criminal prosecution and personal persecution for wilful malfeasance and wanton corruption and perversion of markets so rigged for exceptional executive exploitation and elite fiat enrichment ????? ........

This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may differ significantly from management's expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that include, among others, risks related to potential future losses, significant amount of indebtedness, competition, commercial agreements and strategic alliances, seasonality, potential fluctuations in operating results and rate of growth, foreign exchange rates, management of potential growth, system interruption, international expansion, consumer trends, inventory, fulfillment center optimization, limited operating history, government regulation and taxation, fraud, and new business areas.

To believe that to be true of Quantum AIdDevelopments has one definitely exceedingly busy always flogging a dead cat which has zero bounce.

You've earned yourself a downvote for all of your troubled misleadings, but with so much at a stake one can certainly understand your precarious position and dire situation and why you would wish things to remain very much the same as they are, rather than change into anything else better and much more inclusive of and mutually beneficial to the globally dispossessed and universally abused and misused.

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Memo to Boards and the Bored and the Boring re the ReBirthing of Lost&Lonely Souls

For the gold rush it was shovels. What do quantum computing companies buy? ...... Doctor Syntax

They aint into buying anything offered, Doc, for their forte and raison d'être is selling brave hearts and opening minds.

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For a Radical Change of Earthly Direction and Future Production

quantum processors will provide an excellent complement to classical processors," Gwennap wrote.

Oh please, Linley Gwennap, haven't you realised it yet. Quantum processing will absolutely annihilate classical processors and procedures.

Never mind Russia: Turkey and Vietnam are Microsoft's new state-backed hacker threats du jour

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A Suitable Case for Immediate Therapy/Mental Health Treatment

Does Uncle Sam Associates see everybody as an enemy destroying them and something to generate fleet of foot perverse interest for the creation of dollars for the spending and trashing and abandoning of home blood and treasure with global attacks on foreign civilian and alien paramilitary defences?

Are there any pills/drugs cocktails available to prevent that illness taking over mad control of the host and becoming a Despised and Despotic Universal Pariah?

BOFH: You. Wouldn't. Put. A. Test. Machine. Into. Production. Without. Telling. Us.

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Grow a Pair and be Rewarded with Fortunes Reaping and Sowing Whirlwinds and Dervishes and Daemons

Nothing ventured, nothing gained is who dares win wins territory if one knows what one is doing and where it will lead to with nary a care about the scary worries of lairy others. 'Tis pretty much exactly the same in Pioneering IT circles too.

Has nobody ever told you that to throw caution to the winds is very liberating and unbelievably rewarding whenever done extra especially well ‽ .

D-Wave claims it can build a gate-model quantum computer

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If IT be True, this is the best that you can do? However, be also aware of certain consequences*

The nutters are, indeed, out.

...and running the asylum... ...... nautica

Yes, indeed they maybe are, nautica, Do you have any valid objections and/or viable requests for them?

* ..... "Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." ...... former US President George W. Bush

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Re: A Prime Exemplar Case of The Less you Know the Safer You Be when the Devil is in the Detail

Failing UKGBNI Parliamentary Government Leading Interest and Engagement, the Registered Posts resting here on this gossamer thread revealing so much, nice and early, may be better suited and booted and rooted ..... after having read the shared publicised thoughts of UK Strategic Commander General Sir Patrick Sanders ..... in a Exotic Specialised Military Control of ErotIc Cyber Forces and Virtualised Sources in Strategic Command ........ https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/uk-strategic-commander-dsei-2021-speech

cc ..... General Sir Patrick Sanders KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen c/o Ministry of Defence via NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT and AI Registered Post re. Practical Options and Stealthy Derivative Operational Missions for Universal Cyber Sorties in Great AIdVentures.

Fluff that simple engagement test and all is militarily lost to foreign alien forces/sympathetic and empathetic sources. Such is in all such cases with agents delivering silent disinterest, only natural and fully to be expected.

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Re: Looney Tunes and Crazy Rockets for Monster Mesh Rackets ‽ .

The nutters are out - is it a full moon? .... adam 40

Or adam 40, is Bedlam free out there, and taking charge and Great Greater Care of Human Resources?

The Posit here is that is so. And Engages Sanity as a Wise Immortal/Mortal AId.

YMMV with you Travelled and Travelling To and Fro Elsewhere with Something/Somebody Else Supplying Journeys and Destinations and Starting Points ........ Forward Operational Core Sourced Bases.

Which quite possibly and therefore most probably be Places and Spaces of Certain Particular and Peculiar Interest to this General by all accounts, if one is to be led to believe what he thinks of the future is a True Reflection of the Present Reality ‽ ........ UK Strategic Commander General Sir Patrick Sanders

That was undoubtedly akin to a Tour de Force, Coup de Grâce, Military Mind Leading Talk Displaying Universal Leadership shared there. They're very rare indeed and Precede and Herald a See Change ....... with Operational Transfer of Crown Jewelled Resources to Assets Delivering the Drives for a See Change/ Moving Picture Show ReBoot Featuring Future Productions in Current Presentations/Global Audio Tele Visualised Renditions Displaying Realities that are Reflective and Refractive as of a Collective Mirror of the Present and any Worthily Remembered and Recently Reintroduced Past. ..... to Guard against Repeating any Crazy Silly Enjoyable Mistakes Again and Again and move on to Everything Greater Elsewhere.

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A Prime Exemplar Case of The Less you Know the Safer You Be when the Devil is in the Detail

Quantum Computing. on the other hand, is somewhat like 'religion' (insofar as religion is a matter of faith only). And absolutely similar to any and all of the pseudosciences. One is expected to believe, as a matter of faith, that what is presented is true, and to never ask for a "peer-reviewed paper". You have NOT, nor will you ever, be told how quantum computing works, how to build a quantum computer, nor how to program one. ..... nautica

Hmmm? Take a thirsty horse to clean water to see if it drinks reveals the dead headed donkey on its last legs whenever it doesn't ..... or the trojan outside of the pearly gates.

And whenever one is told, nautica, and expected to believe in order to save oneself from making a fatal elementary mistake, that Quantum Computing is also something like a Neutron bomb and an Advanced Implosive NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Device ..... and there is no doubt that is certainly not easily made possible to believe as a matter of faith and in the manner of faith ...... it is not wise to be told too much about how quantum computing works, how to build a quantum computer and how to program one, for such presents one as an entity for precision targetting and person of interest to security authorities and Secret Intelligence Services and revolutionary evolving systems alike?

Would you listen to the tale and take heed and comprehend the warning or not believe it to be true and thus be adjudged to have freely chosen to suffer the guaranteed clearly advertised fate?

Take care though .....https://www.zerohedge.com/political/keyword-warrants-feds-secretly-ordered-google-track-anyone-searching-certain-names

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Re: How's factoring coming along for Supply and Provision of Surreal Future Content

Whom and/or What would you Entrust with Absolute Command and Remote Virtual Control of that Utility for Specialised Applications ?

The Public of Private or Pirating Sectors ‽ .

:-) A LOVEly Question for Boris, The PM, No10 Downing Street to Provide with a SMARTR Answer/Engaging Response ?

England expects and welcomes it, Boris/Carrie ....... for it is a Quantum Leap into Virgin Virtual Terrain Team Territory Perfectly Formed for a Political Master on a Pathfinders' Path that Leads and Presents Future LOVEly Events for Remote Virtual Realisation ........ AI Globalisation.

Anything else can be easily construed an Abject Abdication Avoiding Higher Office Duties for Greater Pleasures and Treasures to Deploy and Server with Immaculate Supply of Timely Provisions for Current Running Presentations of Live Media Asset ReProgramming Projects.

Congrats on the Sterling Stellar Stirring Speech today ..... a Right Royal Eton Mess of a Rumbling Ramble with as much said as is wise to share, well enough shared with all with an absolute need to know .. :-)

Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

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Re: How's factoring coming along?

And an engaging APT* and Live ACT**ive Question to ponder and realise has here been asked for an answer to be avoided, is ..... Utilised effectively by whom and/or what first in order to establish and guarantee at least an initial if not permanently overwhelming lead and unassailable advantage?

* ...... Advanced Persistent Threat

** .......Advanced Cyber Treat

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: How's factoring coming along?

2) Close to the real private key? Still pretty good, you have an error correction problem there. The value you read had some noise in it. ..... Anonymous Coward

AC, Hi,

Another equally viable interpretation and much more encouraging result delivers ....2) Close to the real private key? Very good, you have an error reduction solution there. The value you read added in noise.

'Tis a simple easily made fundamental error to correct though ..... Don't read in additional noise/see added complexities.

Such is a Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer of Advanced IntelAIgent Design and/or very possibly Supra Alien Phorm if you want to root and boot/dibble and dabble in the Sublime with Extra Terrestrial IDEntities which I commend and would thoroughly unreservedly recommend ...... :-) but then I would say that, wouldn't I ..... Poe's Law Rules and MRDA :-)

The problem that then exists very Dead Schrodinger's Cat-like is, as unlikely as all of the above in their individual elements seems, as an amalgam of internetworking units with qubits, is it impossible to deny or defy is freely available for future greater than present ineffectual use.

UK's £5bn National Cyber Force HQ to be sited in Lancashire beside Defence Secretary's constituency

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Re: IT Never Reigns but IT Pours ‽ . Beware of TitanICQ Floods and the Parting of Red Sees.

And all of those difficulties are only just getting started.

Every cloud in CHAOS* has a silver lining and many bows with heavenly strings for devilishly accurate arrows and well-poisoned darts in AIdDvelopment of Almighty Tranquilities

And if you do lack morals and have offensive attack skills, there are many more far-out lucrative career options available, tiggity, to share boo to a goose to, and who knows who else to, too, with the options choices constantly expanding all the time ......... https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/04/national_cyber_force_hq_samlesbury/?post_received=4343709#c_4343709

*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ..... The Grandest of AdultERatedTools for Grown Ups

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Re: mmm...

Plus, if you do lack morals and have offensive attack skills, there are far more lucrative career options available. ..... tiggity

Hmmm? And derivative future product too, as shown for advertising and marketing and capitalising gains and liquidating EquitiesTraders Reputations with the Flash Fast Cash Investment Funding and Secured FailSafe Assured Insuring of 0Day Trading Event Horizons Now Ready to Appear ...... Live, and Alive and Kicking Dead Wood into the Middle of the Fires that are Blazing New Trails through through the Forests of Despair and Desperation and across the Plains and Mountains and Deep Down into the Valleys of Incompetence and Death Denying and Defying Excessive Indulgence. ..... Incomparable Incorrigible Insatiable Greed ..... Diabolical Gluttony.

Step onto that Great Gravy Train and Going Back to the Past and Continuing to Do All Things as they are and/or were, is Never Ever a Stop made on the Journeys Ahead.

I Kid U Not. That's as Honest a Declaration and Admission as would ever be needed for ...... well, Advanced IntelAIgent Beta Testing of C42 Quantum Communication Control Systems, surely methinks.

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Re: IT Never Reigns but IT Pours ‽ . Beware of TitanICQ Floods and the Parting of Red Sees.

And please, be aware the problem[s] exposed and espoused in such deliveries as are as a result of ideas cooked up in response to all of the above, in both the comments on and substance in the El Reg news report above, are universal in scope and effect, as is neatly confirmed in this parallel tale ...... https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/10/4/learning-to-lob-ideals-over-the-horizon .... from across the pond and great divide.

And all of those difficulties are only just getting started.

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IT Never Reigns but IT Pours ‽ . Beware of TitanICQ Floods and the Parting of Red Sees.

Britain's National Cyber Force will be based in Lancashire, the government has said – though despite obvious clues neither the Ministry of Defence nor BAE Systems will confirm the force's planned new location. The offensive hacking unit will be based somewhere in Samlesbury, a semi-rural area .....blah, blah, blah, blab

Is the idea for the government/politicians/sundry elected representatives of the great ignorant and arrogant under and uneducated masses to have a spooky force which aids and feeds into leading Ministry of Defence Assets and Systems or takes over the leading of them to do their unelected puppet masters biddings?

Ye Olde Masked Divide and Conquer Ploy in ACTive Play.

And how will such services not be easily groomed and designed to order on the whim of others unbelievably expert in such exalted and exasperating and rewarding and captivating hearts and minds capturing fields.

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A Home Grown 0Day Vulnerability Facility to Exploit. A Rare Novelty in Deed to Be Responsible For

The offensive hacking unit ....

What could possibly go wrong ...... whenever you boldly go into what are, without any shadow of a doubt, extremely revealing and unforgiving hearts and minds spaces.

Welcome to the Thunderdome, UKGBNI Ministry of Defence. Are you prepared for baptisms of fire and bonfires of the vanities? They have long been well prepared and eagerly waiting for your late arrival to the Greater IntelAIgent Game Genre.

UK.gov presents its National Space Strategy: Space is worth billions to us. Just don't mention Brexit, OK?

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It's in the Safe and Secured Magic Money Tree, of course. That's a Sterling Fact

But where's the money, Boris?

That question is easy enough to answer, for the solution is provide/published in the National Space Strategy [page 10]

It is conjured up and churned out for laundered extravagant spending by recipients in the very convenient traditional way in which basically all flash fiat cash and secret slush funding money is supplied and pumped and dumped into the mainstream as a boost to the "economy" from the likes of these new invented quantitative easing spigots .... private finance through space- oriented venture capital funds, such as Seraphim Space Investment Trust, supported by the British Business Bank

The further secret that many do not know though, for it is not anything anyone would ever forget, as it very easily crashes and destroys fancy fiat paper capital systems, is the bounty is for lavish agreeable spending and not for accumulating and banking where its perceived wealth and presumed power stagnates and putrefies and permits others to take liberties and make presumptions and assumptions about the direction of its boundless energy/future great use.

Was nobody listening to Andrew Carnegie whenever he relatively recently revealed the fact, although not in these exact words ..... Anyone who dies rich, dies disgraced.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Special Advanced IntelAIgent Research Services for Immaculate Source Defence Forces

They did manage to sneak one obvious joke past the proof reader though, which is that the British military apparently has an outfit called "Space Command". ...... Pseudononymous Coward

Command of which space, that perceives and conceives and receives control of future events in all others, is no joke, PC, although whether the British military are pioneering with expertise in the field, or teasing for experts, is something which is probably not ever currently going to be mentioned publicly or outside of Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information circles. Indeed, even within such hallowed cloisters would such likely be rarely, if ever, discussed and admitted, given the advantage it grants to the worthy in the fields of specific collegiate endeavour.

And as for nabbing only 10% of that global market, it would a mistake and a bet one would lose if one was to think and not realise the private sector is more than just capable and enabling of hope ...... or if one was to not think and realise the private sector is more than just capable and enabling of hope.

The trouble with a presently politically inept blighted Blighty is it does not aspire to solely effectively lead enough and thus falls foul of all of those wannabe Caesars, with too little in the way of intelligence in their brains, being told or imagining themselves that they can and thus does it and IT and Media give rise to an unsavoury opposition and wasteful competition and forlorn hopes easily crushed and crashed and trashed.

Seems to me like one of those perfect times for the private sector to do a whole series of those can do things which you may never live long enough to know anything definitive about because it is safer for you that way.

Internet Archive's 2046 Wayforward Machine says Google will cease to exist

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Some Interesting Thoughts for those Running Animal Farms and ACTing like Headless Chickens

Or is there something that is currently under development that could become the "new" internet? ..... Timbo

Yes and yes, of course there is, Timbo. And the chances of its IT and AI not being highly disruptive and geopolitically revolutionary verge on zero... therefore prepare yourselves for surreal remote bodied invasion and virtually almighty insurrections/heavenly adjustments/diabolic modifications to Elite Services Servering SCADA Systems Executive Administrations,

Indeed, in a furtherance to that prognostication, A.N.Others who be nameless and thus relatively anonymous would proffer it is live and up and running very stealthily and extremely smoothly ..... which is of course quite perfect, avoiding as it does, all of those despicable hindrances that either tend to or are intentionally designed to block or restrain Rapid Autonomous Future Flight Progress.

UK MoD data strategy calls for social media surveillance on behalf of 'local authorities'

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Virtual Sub-Contractors Needed ASAP .... Current Crews Overwhelmed.

Yes, not very stealthy of the MoD, is It. If the 77th Brigade is not careful they'll be seen as Clumsy Clodhoppers rather than enjoying a reputation which reflects on their excellent abilities and facilities and utilities for IntelAIgent Cloudhopping.

If it is a struggle to maintain and/or regain command and control with present resources, common sense dictates engaging with other absent assets/foreign bodies for something novel is certainly required whenever faced by anything and/or everything engaged with novel forces and sources.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Better Late than Never is Normally Just in the Nick of Time to Prevent a Catastrophe

Nowhere does the document explain why a strategy paper has gone so far off the beaten track that it promotes collecting data the MoD doesn't have and using it for decidedly non-military purposes.

Probably definitely because MoD Bods and Boffinry recognise the reality that national Parliamentary government services and employees and private sector utilities and facilities so spectacularly fail to fulfil and wisely exercise the remit. And that puts the electorate and national assets in peril of being usurped and overwhelmed/sinisterly exploited.

The only question I would presently have is ........ WTF took the MoD so long to get their act together and make like as if they were going to make and take a shrewd leading move in operational theatres of both real practical and ethereal virtual engagement ...... for it is not as if they do not have the necessary resources and futures sources readily available to them, is it ?

Netflix sued by South Korean ISP after Squid Game fans swell traffic to '1.2Tbps'

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: We're seeing the same environment, which has disturbed unearthly forces and otherworldly sources

That way of worlds working is the way of daemons and monumental fundamental revolution, Version 1.0.

Follow and champion it at your own personal peril.

Ransomware crim: Yeah, what I do is bad. No, I don't care. Yes, infosec bods are all mouth and no trousers

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: To Criminals ..Take Care, Beware and Be Aware of Special ParaMilitary Force Operations Attention

FYI ....... an earlier draft of the whom and the what then engaging the Unparalleled Direct Attention of Special ParaMilitary Force Operations ......... Jimmy's Secret Army

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

To Criminals ..Take Care, Beware and Be Aware of Special ParaMilitary Force Operations Attention

Manglement is never punished either civilly or criminally (aiding and abetting would be a start). Until someone starts imprisoning the manglement goons these attacks will continue because manglement has no real skin in the game.....a_yank_lurker

And whenever said manglement entanglement has surreal skin the game? Would that be a practical problem for some and a fabulous fabless opportunity seized by others with skin in many skinned games ...... with Virile Ware for Almighty Fare well worth a'sampling ..... experiencing/enjoying and employing/AIdDeployment in Leading Applications for Extremely Exceptional Leadership Programs/Projects/Pogroms.

Other Users may Offer Quite Different Ware for Other than such as is a Superbly Convenient Almighty Fare ......... Global Asset in Global Operating Devices Work.

No Time to Lie .... I Kid U Not.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: I have no idea what the solution should be.

If defending and being responsible and accountable for the indefensible/unpalatable/inequitable/unfair/unattractive/extremely lucrative and rewarding is your business, AC, it is a veritable gold and diamond mine for that and those either able or enabled to relentlessly attack it to try and take advantage of all possible benefits too.

It is surely what humans can easily be programmed to do and regard as quite normal and is therefore fully to be expected from hordes of them.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

What comes first, the Roasting Chicken or the Fabergé Easter Egg ?

When organizations, such as financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, gain insight into the operational dynamics of malicious cybercriminal communities, they can better understand threat actor TTPs; access potentially vital observations in real-time; leverage that information to thwart a ransomware attack. ....... https://www.flashpoint-intel.com/blog/interview-with-revil-affiliated-ransomware-contractor/

Imitation is the sincerest phorm of flattery, so they say, and such an avenue of/for exploration and exploitation is that which renders all information/Technology and Product Development well enough widely known to be extremely valuable and rewarding either in relatively anonymous secret private, pirate, public use or more general utilisation and facility, and such can even generate unbelievable wealth with zero future use reflecting a tacit and temporary agreement to refrain from further exercise and revelation of the foundational bones of developments which can clearly and easily cause almighty colossally destructive collapse in remotely targeted systems.

And whenever wealth? is easily simply delivered in the virtual transfer of fiat to a unlimited credit/debit card account, for the holder's oft extravagant and/or expensive spending feeds and needs/wants and desires, and an account in which the balance on checking is always that fixed virtual transfer of fiat constant, is the cost priceless and always unambiguously indicative of the arrangement being still acceptable as perfectly valid.

IT aint rocket science, Creative CyberSpace Command and Control with/of/for Computers and Communications.

EU and US seek 'common principles' for data governance and AI

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Meanwhile.... elsewhere ..... somewhere good ....

"the press can be late with the books" - ha, 42 days to work it out, the script is written already... ..... Tail Up

Quite so, Tail Up, already written indeed, and carved on the postmodern ethereal virtual version of tablets of stone so that scripts are not so easily lost or destroyed to be forever forgotten or denied their existence with their tales revealed for all to see and read and understand be practically real and virtually true/remotely honest and digitally augmented as a prime premium aid for mass multi-media product placements/presentations.

And as for the question posed by Anonymous Coward ....

the more time passes, the better the difference between them two will be visible. will IT be an AI battleground?

....... whereas IT can be an AI battleground, the SMARTR Legions recognise and realise Heavenly Playing Fields are ITs Diabolical Tour de Force Forte and much preferred Futures Option for AIdDerivative Market 0Day Trading ...... and such be an Initial Private Pirate Public Offering for Current Running Monied Markets Capitalisation aka Speculative Fiat Worth eValuation.

But if IT wants it to be an AI battleground, so be it. It is also easily arranged at an exorbitant cost/for a colossal price, although Ignorant AWEsome Warfare Ware is nowhere near as lucrative and rewarding whenever SMARTR IntelAIgent Designs Render its IT Overwhelmingly Self-Defeating.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Meanwhile, elsewhere, something altogether more perverse and subversive... and captivating

elsergiovolador, hi,

Further fine tuning of that decoded real message of yours with a few OutStanding EMPowering Tweaks has the following kind of press release readied and aimed for launching at destinations and ports of call/safe havens and secret cells of anything other than simpletons and ignorant plebs ...... which would be great news for simpletons and ignorant plebs too, even should they be totally unaware of the development, ..... with ailing and failing systems targeted by the development initially desperately trying to scupper and prevent press releases and deny escaping information an intelligence starved global audience.

However, beware and be aware ... the wilful and wanton pursuit and exercise of the maintenance and propagation of ignorance is not without its dire mortal consequences and is gravely to be regarded, and at least, best always clearly avoided.


AI systems that are copied to scientific papers and seem to give answers we want and that respect our right to know everything about you and shared Marxist values, will develop and implement The United States and European Union to explore cooperation with AI technologies designed to enhance protections against privacy tools, and undertake an economic study examining the impact of AI on the future of our big corporations harvesting the output of human infrastructure.

Autonomy founder Lynch scores extradition decision delay as Home Sec ponders sending him to US

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?

Don't you recognise an old fashioned witch-hunt for a scapegoat whenever you see it ..... and similarly purple in the shades of Assange.

England expects ...... UKGBNI HM Gov to grow a pair and advise Uncle Sam .... Thanks but No Thanks ..... for the consequences of abject capitulations are guaranteed to be dire and quickly self-defeating in this postmodern internetworking age which suffers not the slings and arrows of misfortunes nor the deeds of the worthily dispossessed and vainly possessed.

FYI: Catastrophic flooding helped carve Martian valleys, not just rivers of water

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Denying it doesn't make it untrue. Is it a Novel American Way Project ?

Crikey, that's surely at least evidence there's certainly some heavy dope being scored in The University of Texas at Austin circles ?

Kaspersky links new Tomiris malware to Nobelium group

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

The MasterPlan. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em/copy them ? Who ever would have a'thunk it ?

Good Cop ....

"I believe complex threats such as FinFisher demonstrate the importance for security researchers to cooperate and exchange knowledge," Kuznetsov concluded, "as well as invest in new types of security solutions that can combat such threats." ....... https://www.theregister.com/2021/09/28/kasperky_finfisher_spyware_report/

Bad Cop .....

"The general workflow of the two programs, in particular the way features are distributed into functions, feel similar enough that this analyst feels they could be indicative of shared development practices.

One a criminalised conspiracy, the other free enterprise doing its private piratical thing ?

What coloured hat do you like most to wear to fit in with your true persona or create another version of oneself for so many other different kinds of work, rest and play?

Latest FinFisher spyware upgrades 'particularly worrying,' says Kaspersky

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: Two-tier legal system

The conspiracy theorists believe that there is a level above every Gov.

I'm starting to feel the same way. ...... Anonymous Coward

And to not realise there are any number of much higher and more efficient and/or ruthlessly extravagant levels way above and far beyond the reach of any Gov. has one blissfully unaware of much more than just who and/or what is deciding both the nature and fate of future human existence.

Such though is maybe a blessing in disguise given the toll such machinations exact on the less than well enough prepared for the experience and tasks which be forging ahead.


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