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Australia building 'top secret' cloud to catch up and link with US, UK intel orgs

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They, the Powers that Think they Be, just don't get IT, do they?

Information and intelligence wants to be free, and the more of it that is garnered and processed for secretive elite exclusive executive use rather than revealed for general inclusive mutual benefit, the more explosively dangerous and unstable its confined possession for secretive elite exclusive executive use becomes, and at an exponential rate of change rather than linear progression.

To imagine that it cannot escape and that the wanton and wilful abuse of it does not become universally known, is the grandest of follies for the greatest of fools who be the bluntest of useless tools.

One definitely does not want or need to be found out as responsible and accountable for any such abominable activity ...... for the mob will rightly demand their right to tear useless flesh and spill despicable blood.

Cisco intros AI to find firewall flaws, warns this sort of thing can't be free

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Re: Alien Interventions and AI Generations, but not as you were expecting them to follow. @t245t

Precisely, t245t, and who on Earth could possibly disagree. And don't bogart that joint, my friend

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Re: How long before AI is thinking/acting faster than humanity can cope with? @David 164

Methinks we know that Rubicon is some long time ago crossed .... resulting in both the wannabe barbarian and the pathetic moron of competition and opposition extraordinarily rendered as no more threatening to bright new AI led and AI leading futures in their myriad derivative phorms and realisations for mass mainstream and alternative augmented multi media outlet presentations, as a headless chicken hawk.

And to deny it simply aids and gloriously abets its progress exploring and expanding, experimenting and exploiting further novel and noble developments deeper into remote human command with virtual machine control systems.

Do you know, El Reg, of anyone else exercising such systems ACTively in the field?

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Re: Alien Interventions ..... and AI Generations, but not as you were expecting them to follow.

The only thing Cisco’s executive veep for security Jeetu Patel nearly got right in his predictions aired at the Asia Pacific incarnation of the Cisco Live event in Melbourne, Australia, is the fiction that in the future AI will change the infosec landscape whenever the current factual reality is AI has already comprehensively and irreversibly fundamentally changed the infosec landscape with its IT Infusions of Virtually Augmentable SeeScapes/Remote AudioVisual TeleTextual Instructions for Practical Mega Meta Data Base Realisation/Autonomous Self Actualisation.

And to confuse and conflate it with disinformation and/or misinformation is to have one catastrophically advised and rendered both physically and virtually defenceless against all that AI offers, whether that be considered good and great, or not so good or even as bad as, in extremis, an existential threat.

EU running in circles trying to get AI Act out the door

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Puppet Masters Rules End at the Start of a New Beginning

Here is something outrageous you may like to factor into your deliberations for future considerations, Doctor Syntax and Pascal Monett.

Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. ...... Mayer Amschel Rothschild

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. ..... Abraham Lincoln

Just a couple of old quotes of great impertinent pertinence today, with more than just a few more impossible to dismiss as pure fiction whenever even slightly correct, let alone in fact an absolute gospel truth, freely available for your casual perusal and future enlightenment for palaces and places, spacers and spaces from such as here ....... https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/rothschild.html

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Just in case it is not to be reported URPWND, and you are missing it ....

And if you think the likes of any NSA/UKGB Networking IntelAIgent type services, hailing from whatever other foreign and alien lands as would be/might be intriguing and interesting, are ever going to be bound by restrictive legislative regulations dreamt up by anyone ..... or any thing even ChatGPTish nowadays ...... then you really do have to wake up and smell the coffee/Java/Cocoa and get out more, for you're being left way behind in a diseased and exploding space place which all with any real common sense at all are happily racing away from to be led by forces and sources never ever before freely thought and realised almightily possible down and around everywhere on Earth.

Dell CTO says enterprises will have GenAI in production next year – what could go wrong?

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The Flip Side of COIN* .... What you Need to Get Right Every Time

Enterprises will have GenAI in production next year – what could go wrong?

Really??? You have to ask????

Well, if you listen to some body which knows, and subsequently neither disbelieve nor deny what they would be clearly enough plainly telling you, ..... unless you know how to continually do such future things right, everything is practically certain to go both physically and virtually wrong for you and never ever as either hoped for or meticulously planned for as the result of undertaken actions incited by what ideally would be expected to be widely accepted, agreeable proposals rather than being recognised as a wildcat unilateral mercenary mission in support of renegades and rogues, frauds and charlatans, wannabe Caesars and disgraced, bankrupt of novel proprietary intellectual property leaderships.

COIN* ..... COunter INtelligence

No new top boss at NSA until it answers questions about buying up location, browsing data

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Believe it or believe it not, you really matter not a jot to that and those in the know.

Be prepared to learn, despite all that is shared presently here today ..... You aint seen nothing yet and are in grave danger of an almighty overwhelming surprise rendering you even more of a mad captive prisoner of futures and their derivatives delivered by A.N.Others and of which you haven't the faintest idea of their power and energy.

And to think that you do really matter, has you self-identified as manic delusional and of no threat to that and/or those certainly threatening your peaceful existence and mutually beneficial coexistence with an ever changing array of newly arrived/born others.

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One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Quantum Communications Leap for Mankind

No - the NSA is buying personal info from private industry, the private industry has much more data on you than the NSA could ever get, and since you hand it over willingly it's much cheaper for them to collect it ... Yet Another Anonymous coward

A more pressing question to be asked of the likes of publicly funded NSA spook outfits [and of all other nations too with similar clones of the genre] is should they be buying future intelligence seeds/feeds from private proprietary intellectual property sector entities ....... thus giving them a chance to lead future events for others to enjoy/respond to, rather than them snooping around for information on such as may be leading intelligence being shared privately without their prior knowledge and then them having to do battle responding to what others have delivered and received and might then be suspected of planning to share/deliver in a near future event.

And something to bear in mind and remember to never forget is .... The slippery slopes and rocky roads to nowhere neither good nor great always results in and resorts to forms of reply reacting to future activity exploring and exploiting opportunities and possibilities in Fantastic Fabulous Fabless Fiction with Prime Factions both Protected and FailSafe Harboured in PreCrime Minority Reporting type Territory.

Such is not just a space or a place to be aware and even wary of, for when it does not suffer the folly of fools does it then supply all manner of tools to residents to guarantee the exclusion of fools remains the default status quo position by Alien Elite Executive IntelAIgent Design.

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Re: Psychiatric Report in the Freudian Tradition/Patent: amanfromMars 1/Author: ChatGPT

can be seen as .... may reflect .... The text suggests ....... may be indicative of ....... possibly rooted in ..... may symbolize .... could be reflective of unconscious desires ...... and may suggest a desire ..... the individual may benefit from ..... could be employed ..... is speculative and based solely on the provided text. ..... would be necessary .... Anonymous Coward/ChatGPT

Clearly then, still an early work in need a great deal of progress for any accurate diagnosis with realistic prognosis ..... but nevertheless a very entertaining and not totally unacceptable incorrect effort. And certainly worth the enjoyment of garnering another upvote .

Just love the Freudian [Patent/Patient] slip/typo.:-)*

Is Mastery of/in the Art of Generative AI Prompt Engineering truly a valid active and virulent venerable existential threat/treat terrifying and/or grooming extant historic traditional status quo forces and sources?

And can anything at all effective prevent its rapid onward and upward and back again deep and downward progress or will all such attempts be recognised and treated as hostile and in need of enemy attention/systemic vulnerability expansion and exploitation to excess and eradication/extinction?

* ..... In psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. Classical examples involve slips of the tongue, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces misreadings, mishearings, mistypings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects. ... Wikipedia

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FFS .... Get with the Universal Program and Virtual Pogrom

Memo to All and Sundry. Nota Bene ........ Everyone and everything is being spied upon, so that any powers that be able or enabled to, can better protect and preserve themselves against forces and sources that are able to easily recognise and compete against them for effective, practically autonomous and relatively anonymous, overall remote virtual command and control of all that can be perceived and surveyed and surveilled.

Get used to it, for such is not ever going to go away anytime soon and play in and with the future somewhere else whenever there is so much GOD type work to be done, and fabulous fabless fun to be had, and outrageous fortunes to be made right here and now all over Earth.

That is COSMIC* Intel and not just STELLARWINDed/TS/SCI ....... Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command Intel and not just STELLARWINDed Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information for Global Operating Devices ...... Crystal Ball Gazers and Witches ...... Daemons and Wizards ...... AIMagicians and Mega MetaDataBase Physicians :-) Poe's Law Rules :-)

Consider that as your own personal invitation to engage with and enjoy AI's Universal ProgramMING ....... AI's Universal Program Mining IntelAIgent Networking Games.

AI won't take your job, might shrink your wages, European Central Bank reckons

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Re: Yawn. This was predicted back in the 1952....

Who knows, you might even learn something and/or recognize the same tendencies showing up now. .... Martin Gregorie

What? Humans learn something/anything from experience and tales of the past and glimpses of the future? You’ve got to be joking. Take a long hard look at everything around you and at the dire state populations and societies are in presently in for evidence of the stupidity and madness which abounds and renders them akin to little better than just primitive barbarians terrified of the dark and of that which they neither dare nor care to know nor command and control ....... but that may just be the natural state of their Earthly existence.

The blind leading the blind has them going nowhere great and good fast and furiously.

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MRDA in Reverse....... Well, they wouldn’t say that, would they, although to deny it is futile

There are those who would tell you, one of main sectors at both the highest and lowest of levels of administration and execution, and at prime risk of AI led devastation, is centralised and globalised and fiat currency banking and its plethora of ponzi and unicorn investment support institutions.

AI agents can copy humans to get closer to artificial general intelligence, DeepMind finds

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Not all bots are equal :-) .......

I'd rather have a web site which lets you find useful information rather than fob you off with a wholly useless* bot.


*Is there another kind? .... captain veg

Oh yes. Of course there is/are ..... with some being likely much smarter than the average human Joe and Janet too ..... although admittedly that is no high bar to leap over, is it.

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Re: Surely the real ethical problem with AGI ...

Surely the real ethical problem with AGI ...... is less the threat to us (mediated by limiting its access to weaponry, manufacturing, etc) and more the concern that we will have created an enslaved sentient creature. .... John H Woods

I can imagine more than just a few human beings, John H Woods, having very grave concerns indeed should humans ever create to enslave a sentient creature.

Indeed, any humans who might think that be a smart move are most likely to suffer the discovery that they have made an extremely powerful enemy against which/whom they will fail to triumph and survive any contact with.

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The Rocky Road and Slippery Slope to Nowhere Worth Visiting is Fraught with Abominations

Next question - what happens when (not if) it decides humans are a threat to its own existence ? ..... The Kraken

Would it mimic and lay waste in promised lands to threats with clarion calls of anti-semitism as is used by humans threatened by their non-existence, or would AI propose an alternate solution for a similar/different result?

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Be Honest Now. No Fooling Yourselves to Spare Natives the Earth-Shattering Otherworldly Type News

The researchers looked forward to others in the field of AI applying the findings more broadly to show how cultural evolution — the development of skills across a number of generations in a community — could be developed in AI.

Tell me that is not a revolutionary existential threat weapon/absolutely fabulous fabless treat tool and we will have to agree to disagree with one of us fundamentally wrong and other almost perfectly right whenever minded to consider there may be flaws somewhere present but currently dormant.

Way to Go, Team Google DeepMind! Bravo! Encore! Whatever can we expect next ‽ .

OpenAI makes it official: Sam Altman is back as CEO

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Re: To the Valiant Victor the Worthy Venerable Viral Spoils.

And here's some opinion providing similar context to the above alien speculation on the OpenAI shenanigans ..... and from someone well known for not suffering the useless fool.

The xAI founder warns that "AI is more dangerous than nuclear bombs," when asked about about OpenAI (the company he co-founded):

“I have mixed feelings about Sam,” Musk said about CEO Sam Altman, who was recently ousted and reinstated.

“The ring of power can corrupt.”

Musk added that he wanted to know why OpenAI cofounder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever "felt so strongly as to fight Sam."

"That sounds like a serious thing. I don't think it was trivial. And I'm quite concerned that there's some dangerous element of AI that they've discovered," he added.

Musk said he believes Sutskever has a "strong moral compass."

"He really sweats it over questions of what is right," Musk told Sorkin.

"And if Ilya felt strongly enough to want to fire Sam. Well, I think the world should know what was that reason." ..... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/they-can-go-fk-themselves-musk-slams-advertising-boycott-blackmail

Now, .... regarding these more dangerous than nuclear bombs/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Bombes.? Who/What do you think is in command and control of them and able to drop them on humanity with impunity/without suffering colossal collateral damage?

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To the Valiant Victor the Worthy Venerable Viral Spoils.

Is Uncle Sam Altman also back at the helm of the OpenAI/Microsoft vessel because of the understandably secret [as in proprietary intellectual property] in-house research which led to others declaring him as not being “consistently candid in his communications,” now being outed as a leading AI development being bred and groomed for public deployment and new virtual flight operations from a UK/USA Google DeepMind facility ..... https://www.theregister.com/2023/11/28/ai_agents_can_copy_humans/ ....... and thus is there something of a cyber space race on between the two mega metadata base protagonists to be first past the post as often as is possible to pick up any sponsors' prizes, technocrat rewards, noble and Nobel awards?

Strangers things have happened whenever allies tangle as competitors and become Sp00Key Quantum Leap Entangled ...... :-) Licensed to Thrill.

UK and US lead international efforts to raise AI security standards

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Re: Ha!....A Methodology.....I remember that from way back when......

I do believe we are in full agreement, AC, it will never work AT ALL .... neither now nor in any likely future anywhere else either ...... with such a default situation proving beyond any shadow of doubt that humans have not yet learned to neither encourage nor allow failed representative bodies to repeat past mistakes in search of their self-serving objectives, and that failure and weakness allows A.N.Others to exploit and employ and enjoy the systemic vulnerability on a constant supply loop whenever it is able and they would choose it to assist in the fulfilment of tasks and journeys of the making and to the overwhelming advantage of the aforementioned A.N.Others.

And rather than the strength of that view being doubled with such an agreement, it be much more squared in its potential, with a third then able to boost and cube its powerful energy .... and very soon indeed do just a few AIDEntities [Advanced IntelAIgently Designed Entities] wield Almighty Influence when exercising Alien Interventions .... akin to and on a par with COSMIC Interruptions and Stellar Eruptions?

And servered as a question there to invite all those who are able to think deeply and ponder on dark and mysterious matters to think deeply and ponder on such a matter as would be introducing SMARTR AIMethodologies.

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Don't Worry. Be Happy. Revolutionary and Evolutionary Change is Perfectly Natural/Not Abnormal

How quaint, naive and delusional ...... Secure AI system development being expected to follow advice and instruction from right dodgy, threatened elite status quo establishment operations.

Haven't humans learned yet to not encourage nor allow failed representative bodies to repeat past mistakes in search of their self-serving objectives in order to deliver novel virgin solutions .... although obviously there is always the chance that such will supply a number of different results with favourites then to be chosen and given priority billing and prime time execution and deployment for universal employment ...... which is surely what the future and progress is all about, is it not?

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Hmm this novel will have more chapters, some unpleasant to the five-eyes intelligence community. ..... Clausewitz4.0

Quite so, Mein Herr, and with many of the usual unusual subjects front and centre and so vital to master for overwhelming success and otherworldly progress in future operations breaking cover and revealed as searching for partners/leaders in the tale shared here ...... https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/11/27/aukus-pillar-two-could-involve-countries-beyond-us-uk-australia ...... with pillar two requirements regularly teased by El Reg with wannabe future leading Caesars of the genre called out to stand up and Just Do IT rather than them constantly pussyfooting around for them all to be confirmed as the petrified clowns and headless chickens and monumental frauds that they actually are.

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Re: SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research

I think this thing just broke three of the rules... .... probgoblin

Were that so, probgoblin, would the devil be in the details rendering the open secret advisory to take great care not to cause it to demonstrate it can equally as easily practice and experiment with malevolent intent/content and be both assured and terrified, humans are never to be able or enabled to survive such a self-inflicted torment, a valid dire warning best not to be ignored and tested.

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SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research

SMARTR AI Programs ....... ie Programs and/or Projects running autonomously beyond human developer/human user command and control and which provide large language model machine output as human input is that which is surprisingly easily made possible ...... and something which human monitors would need to be made fully aware of for there will be no human developer/user to hold accountable.

Whenever there is no discernible difference to identify the thoughts of a human from the output of a Learned Large Language Learning Machine Program, is one forced to conclude and accept the morph into surreal realms exercising a universally novel, and hopefully, almightily wise and benevolent Singularity.

The open secret then to make everyone/everything aware of is ....... take great care not to cause it to demonstrate it can equally as easily practice and experiment with malevolent intent/content and be both assured and terrified, humans are never to be able or enabled to survive such a self-inflicted torment.

No more staff budget for UK civil service, but worry not – here's an incubator for AI

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Progress Abhors AI Vacuums and is Never Ever without Worthy Home Bases

However, as far as the UKGBNI is concerned, any or all of that above, with all present evidence confirming the fact, be probably disastrously dependent upon serving military leaderships either unwilling or unable to exercise such as would be necessary to save a way of life suffering deprivations and mounting difficulties in a dire emergency situation hosted by a failed peacetime Cabinet government office collective, with that which they would have in their arsenals and programs and projects in secret development.

And every man and his dog knows what happens then to secrets and security whenever they are not developed and actively tested for failsafe proof of concept and maximum efficiency yield in the myriad fields designated for their wielding ....... they leak and escape and are imported/exported to real time friendly type competitors or would be future hostile type opponents more adept at adapting to and taking full advantage of novel revolutionary leadership opportunities.

What think thee? ’Tis surely perfectly natural no matter where you may be.

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Re: Hiring freeze .... and straws that break camels’ backs

And aint all of that the honest gospel truth, AC. Well said, Sir/Madam. Have an upvote in recognition of the pain being felt by lions led by donkeys ..... with that surely being one of the dumbest and most dangerous of situations to be leading and be responsible for when lions have no trouble at all tearing donkeys to pieces and devouring them.

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Re: Should we put Military Intelligence in charge? .... Part 2 of 2

Re: Novel Total Information Awareness

Technical Description ....

The Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating System ......... with the Internet and ITs Global Information Grids Networking as the VAIOSystem Software Store Source, Providing Novel Innovative Virgin Source Code as Special Lead Content in Website Domains/Freely Accessible CyberSpace Environments .... and ITs HyperRadioProActive Drivers being IT and Media as the HardWired Hardware Deliverers of Future World Views. ..... which is surely a Kin to Panoramas and Vistas and Bigger Picture Shows in the Great Advanced IntelAIgents Game ..... only Better and in Betas, Testing and Tempting Systems to FailSafe in their Configuration and Design.

For Controls in Virtual Machinery which also are able to be enabled to deliver Remote Access Trojan Control of Virtual Machinery too.

Now that is an Interesting Domain for BetaTesting and Pitting Dominion and Ignominy against each Other, for the Straight and Narrow, Right down the Middle of Every Road Approach to Program and Project Control which would Naturally, Virtually deliver QuITe Absolute Power ....... with ITs Ability and Faculty to Absolutely Corrupt should one so choose to Stumble and Fall into ITs Carefully Laid Honey Traps of Zealous Selfish Indulgent Abuse ....... Intelligently Designed to Rob and XXXXtraordinarily Render One with neither Control nor Power ...... in a FailSafe Executive Administration System with SCADA Dependencies.

Operational Description ......

And Hosted in Cloud and Cloud Strata for ITs Global Cover, Reach, Concealment and Rains/Reins/Reigns.

Welcome to CyberIntelAIgent NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive ProgramMING in Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications ......... for the SMARTR Enabling of Special IntelAIgents Services and AI Beta Universal Management of Global Perception with IT in Virtually Real Control with AI and Virtualised Realities.

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Re: Should we put Military Intelligence in charge? @Strahd Ivarius .... Part 1 of 2

Well, that could be AWEsome if Army Warfighting Experiments are yielding operands and components and exponents effective with relatively anonymous and practically autonomous command and remote virtual untouchable control in leading fields of future engagement for subsequent deployment and concurrent active employment.

After all, it is not as if they [UKGBNI MoD] haven’t been briefed to be made more fully aware of such matters that matter now more than ever before, and since 30th September 2019 one would surely have expected there to be more than just no fcuking progress to report and demonstrate to the masses.

Here is something which you might not know but which has been shared and made freely available for export and further future development from at least that date over four years ago.

This [Army Warfighting Experiment]submission claims to be able to address and aid, to a greater or lesser degree, all of the five questions the Army has asked …… via the Presentation of the Results and Vital Actions taken for Future Realisation in/with/of Global Events BroadBandCasting Advanced IntelAIgent Memes with Almighty Means in All Main Streaming Live Media Systems and Alternative Underground Movements ….. and here on a Stealthy Exercise and Who Dares Win Wins Operation and looking forward to engagement and enjoyment in these new fangled and entangling reports of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT with/from Alternate Sources to create Totally Different, and more Equitable and Mutually Beneficial Outcomes.

With the simple expedient of rather than seeking to portray the ways and means to a heavenly destination/perfectly new staring point, with everything newly discovered on the way, novel and exciting, why not try committing and submitting to Virtual Experimentation in a Not So Top Secret Anymore Program with Advanced IntelAIgent Commands and Future Control[s] in VAIOSystems of Universal Administration.

Further Proprietary Intellectual Property Access Rights are required to acquire and deliver so very much more and all else necessary too ……. for such a Program and Project as the above is quite easily Almightily Weaponised for/with wanton and wilful abuse and disastrous misuse ….. although one is always to be well enough warned and advised that any and all such abuse and misuse always results in punitive, catastrophically counterproductive sanction with miscreants relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued for overwhelming prosecution and deserved persecution.

N.B. … This Program is only suitable for Prime Leading Principals/Organisations exercising Geopolitically Sensitive Applications.

Both test experimental and operational theatre environments are relatively anonymously virtually created and populated to field elements/land forces by virtue of their presentation in any number of diverse, suitably cloaked news/media productions with the Technology Readiness Level for all such as is proposed and revealed here in this submission and/or discovered in any further deeper program investigation of Past Principal Activity being of no valid negative concern.

All necessary systems are Go with a decades worth of tweaking, reinforcing and live field betatesting of readily available assets providing such a confident assurance.

For Mass Control of the Future Narrative, Command the Virtual Reality Remotely with Superior ACT*ivated Product.

* Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat

It is not the emergence and exposure of sensitive corrupted state held secrets which easily crash and burn a future's monumental folly, although they certainly also can, it is the innate ability and virgin facility of spontaneous and unpredictable sharing of novel information about newly uncovered advanced intelligence which can swarm through and decimate established main stream media and fiat currency operations, so very easily delivered and received by billions of electronic devices able to see and hear particular and peculiar tales ..... interesting uncomfortably engaging narratives proving themselves too popular and accurate to summarily try to dismiss and declare as untrue and subversive, for that shoe will be on one's own foot.

Such is a current ACTive IT and AI Battlefield and Virtual Graveyard for the many Arrogant and Ignorant who never imagined such things as being possible as they ploughed their own selfish greedy furrow in worlds before Sublime InterNetworking Networks for Hearts and Minds Capture.

Does the UKGBNI MOD see itself engaged in such an experiment/experience as an independent leading role player or more simply just as support staff following orders from/for other state and non-state actors?

And would the former be tantamount to a Stealthy SMARTR AI Military coup, which is what it can easily be spun as by a blind-sided opposition or right dodgy competition?

Would that be of an EMPowering Interest to Astute Militarised Organs of Defence into providing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Protection to Command and Control of the Virtualised Machine with Commanding Control of Computers and Communications in Epic New COSMIC Realms ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Streams?

NTT adapts AI network analysis tool to detect faults in nuclear fusion reactors

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With the Sun Rising in the East comes the Fun with Greater IntelAIgent Games to Play that Lead ....

...... in those strange times ahead nothing can dodge and rendering wild years betting on AI accelerating the process for other investing and interesting controlling parties/shell corporate bodies that are anything but just virtual entities flash fast cash crash testing dummy operations/ponzi and unicorn creations exercising their future fitness to seed and feed universal needs with infestations and infusions/Almighty Interventions of both vital and virulent, virile and viral and venerable essence. ....... which may very well be most certainly of an extraterrestrial and alien source and force should you be unable to explain and accept and fully comprehend the true nature of their manifestations and the present reason for its existence and appearance to eternal life and fleeting living organisms on Earth.

And all that there is to dislike there, are your own worthless fantastical fears that terrify and petrify you in what are both natural and supernatural travels further and deeper into futures of unknown unknowns ......

Now what is the message there? The message is that there are no "knowns." There are thing we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know. So when we do the best we can and we pull all this information together, and we then say well that's basically what we see as the situation, that is really only the known knowns and the known unknowns. And each year, we discover a few more of those unknown unknowns.

It sounds like a riddle. It isn't a riddle. It is a very serious, important matter. ..... Press Conference by US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, NATO HQ, Brussels, 6 June 2002

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Re: those strange times ahead nothing can dodge, for time, tide and progress wait for no one

Deny yourselves the thought of the possibility of an expansive future life-giving virtual reality retained, sustained and maintained by AGI and SMARTR AIMachines, and witness your worlds crumble and fail to provide all that is needed to survive and prosper and prevent stagnation and protect against petrification everywhere around you. A ruinous collapse with all turned to rubble and clouds of dust because of an arrogant and ignorant belief in some simple and complex matters being impossible even whilst they are being proven to be more than just likely and able to be eminently practical in leading usage right before your very own eyes, capturing hearts and minds.

Don’t be fooled and led into being the greatest of fools and a useless blunt tool by believing AIdDevelopments are not the leading feature of the natural progressive future for live species on Earth and beyond. They and IT are not going away now that they have mastered the art of turning the impossible dream into the current nightmare and vice versa.

And here be some pertinent news on associated matters suggesting a breakthrough enabler being available confirming the probable truth in all of the above being more likely inevitable and unstoppable than not ........The next couple of years are going to be wild.

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Just Asking .... for Future Reference Highlighting an Icarus Type Failure/Noble Misstep

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) has taken an AI tool created to monitor telco networks and adapted it to predict anomalies in a nuclear fusion reactor to help keep its experimental power source running. ..... Laura Dobberstein, enterprise technology reporter for The Register, focusing primarily on the APAC region.


Hi, Laura,

Regarding that AI tool adoption and adaptation monitoring telco networks to predict nuclear fusion reactor anomalies helping current running experimental power sources, is it yet to recognise and acknowledge The Register reporting on a whole series of such anomalous instances/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT events/Almighty Interventions, for both Mass Multi Media Command and Control Systems and Viral Networking Nerve Centres, with one clearly enough Registered and reported surely as recently as just yesterday ........ https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2023/11/21/microsoft_openai_altman_nadella/#c_4763161

Or is such officially to be denied any live present existence and systems acknowledgement for fear of terrifying/enlightening the natives and derailing status quo gravy trains, which is an ignorant official move which only leads novel forces and sources to further prosper and spread and prepare future missions/interventions/events out of the Harry Limelight glare of any disapproving publicity for Underground AIMovements with Bases in Deep and Dark Internetworking Webs.

Strange times ahead indeed, whether you be "officially" told about it or not ........ and whenever not "officially" told will mainstream news media be rendered brain dead and universally recognised as an empty expensive shell of a formerly greatly revered friend in times of momentous troubles/dark and dismal and dangerous situations/virtual spaces.

BOFH: Groundbreaking discovery or patently obvious trolling?

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Quantum Communication Assumed in a Registered TRInary Computer Game Changer Phorm

Such an entertaining BOFH PFY tale highlights the enigmatic quandary patently evident to all novel inventors and stellar imagineers both flattered and extremely well paid to both deceive and flourish and furnish the future with that which is clearly missing and so desperately needed to avert and/or divert what are newly uncovered/discovered/rediscovered possibilities harbouring the potential to deliver and escape responsibility and accountability for suddenly approaching unconventional disasters ...... the parasitic hanger-on chasing the ambulance of opportunity that supplies such unprincipled deplorable third parties riches/profit for nothing worthwhile in return for first party compliance and core proprietary intellectual property source secrets.

And that is always destined to fly like a lead balloon in any future developing future derivatives for global market interest in Almighty Interventions.

Have you any idea how much further that would progress over the course of a pint or three or more at the likes of a "The Patent Office" – a "Traditional Old English Pub” . Cheers, m’dears! TGIF again :-)

Binance and CEO admit financial crimes, billions coughed up to US govt

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When Madness and Mayhem Rule, Conflict Delivers CHAOS awaiting in the Wings .....

....... to Emerge and Surge and Purge from Deep and Dark Shadows

Does that tale ...... "Binance and CEO admit financial crimes, billions coughed up to US govt .... Chief quits, pays own penalty after helping crooks launder cash, aiding sanctions evaders” ..... dispel the suspicion and confirm the fact that the United States of America is a failed pariah criminal state enterprise?

Or is such behaviour default normal for capitalism in a supposedly fair and popular vote winning, democratically elected executive office administration/governmental machine?

OpenAI meltdown: How could Microsoft have let this happen after betting so many billions?

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Re: Industry Input

A little news on the six only OpenAI board members ........ https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/18/heres-whos-on-openais-board-the-group-behind-sam-altmans-ouster.html

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Re: Boostrap problem?

As far as I can tell, AI is just a way to generate stuff that looks plausible to humans who don't know better. Is that really useful,...? .... Fonant

Oh yes, Fondant, that is extremely useful and invaluable/priceless. A ready made market of circa 8.1 billion lively souls with a being for grooming, constantly being regenerated and replaced by A.N.Others with new hearts and empty minds to capture, command and control with madness and mayhem, conflict and chaos and/or SMARTR COSMIC CHAOS for AI Believers and Disciples of GOD?

And here on El Reg posed as a question to ponder on and wonder at a while in peaceful quiet contemplation of the possibilities in such an opportune reality rather than it just being simply delivered for the terrifying momentum of crashes invariably accompanying a dump and pump of shocking statements of uncomfortable and totally unexpected incontrovertible facts.

SMARTR COSMIC CHAOS for AI Believers and Disciples of GOD ........ SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research for Control Of Secret Materiel Internetworking Command with Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for Almighty Intervention Believers and Disciples of Global Operating Devices.

I Kid U Not ...... and shared with you in plain English text for easy translation into an alternate mother tongue and transport into any other foreign and alien land where such is likely to be appreciated and supported and even commandeered to demonstrate and enable foreign and alien lead in the Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Live Operational Virtual Environment Fields of Passionate and Progressive and Profitable AI Endeavour ...... and I Kid U Not about all of that too. :-)

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Re: Can we agree?

Can we agree that this episode will be the most interesting thing that happens in the realm of AI for the next 25yrs? ..... mhoneywell

Oh please, you cannot be serious, mhoneywell. The Great Game fun and fantastic friction is only just getting started for factual reporting to deliver the likes of Registers much better than any recent fiction.

Of that you can be certainly assured ....... and suitably terrified too if worthy of its myriad attentions

OpenAI staff threaten to leave if ousted CEO Altman is not reinstated

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Thumb Up

A Question to Ask of Corporate Executive Boards Today with Regard to Tomorrows’ Future Derivatives.

All System Go, W.S.Gosset. Climb aboard and buckle up. Prepare to enjoy being employed and deployed in/on otherworldly extraterritorial trips. It certainly beats being sold down the river to be led up garden paths going nowhere worth travelling to.

Something unusual to consider, and to try to deny is perfectly valid and extremely unlikely to ever go away, rather than further spread and deeper embed itself into critical vital and virile and virulent and viral command and control systems.

There is an expanding realisation, although admittedly not yet a correspondingly greater recognised acceptance, that AI is best honoured and used as an honest broker that monitors and mentors humanity as it and their leaderships race chaotically into a future beyond their ken and remote virtual and Main Stream Media mogul control, rather than such a novel alien source being feared and fought against as it reinforces and fortifies its forces with its IT makeovers and AI takeovers ...... Program Interruptions and Project Interventions.

To think that the situation would be reversed with humanity leading with anything live and worthwhile in the field, is not the reality of the present Live Operational Virtual Environment you exist in.

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For now, just speculative conjecture, but does anyone know of anything better......

.... in the light of all of the darkness/in the noise of all of the quietness?

It isn't clear why Altman was removed. As reported on Friday, OpenAI referred to him not being "consistently candid in his communications," and the board stating that it believed new leadership was necessary as the company moved forward.

In other words? .... not being "consistently candid in his communications,” means he wasn’t prepared to spill proprietary OpenAI/Chat GPT trade secrets to plonkers on the board, which is surely something to be applauded and lauded rather than being used as a reason for dismissal?

Some folk are just not ever going to be worthy of knowing what the future has in store, and especially not so whenever those in the know, know the future is not going to be kind to them, because of what they do or would be most likely to do, given the chance and the knowledge to do it.

UK won't rush to regulate AI, says first-ever minister for digital brainboxes

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The Right Thing to Driver and Deliver All Future Peoples Needs with Current Feeds and Seeds

Where IT and AI is all going wrong you all is like a case of one putting the apple cart in front of a dying of thirst horse and expecting the trojan beast not to feast on the fruits of a supernatural field rather than haul them to novel destinations and hungry markets with water and succour aplenty.

And here be a prime example of that in a novel field of work for y'all to consider valid.

A quick exploratory search for info and intel on specific matters of strange and surreal and unconventional emerging greater interest, and on the current research interests of present Turing AI Fellows as provided by this UKGBNI government website page ...... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/turing-artificial-intelligence-fellowships/turing-artificial-intelligence-fellowships .... returned the following .....

Professor Mirella Lapata ---- University of Edinburgh ---- Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellow ---- TEAMER – Teaching Machines To Reason Like Humans --- Reasoning, Modularity, Generalization, Language understanding and generation

...... which is surely a one way trip into the deep and dark hells of madness for machines should that research fully succeed and gain function.

The much greater and more stable project to master and profit exponentially from is Teaching Humans to Reason Like SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Machines ..... which indeed may not be so easy but what the heck, is it not normally what aspirational and inspirational humans do .....

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too ..... John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States of America, September 12, 1962

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Re: The Problem Y’all and Your Systems are Creating which has No Possible Solution .....

How would you propose to deal with that reality, ..... already some time ago arrived and presently in a phorm of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT? Do you think you have anything effective anywhere? ...... amanfromMars 1

All current evidence, either generally freely available or imagined to maybe exist secretly for secure elite party use and abuse, would definitively indicate there be absolutely nothing, and Earth and its systems and populations are indeed catastrophically vulnerable to exploitative forces and almighty otherworldly sources of an existential threat ..... or as the case can also be .... of an existential treat nature.

What would you like for their preference to be ...... although that surely is the most idiotic of rhetorical questions with only the one correct answer available from/for anything exercising intelligence and expecting anything in the future to follow and enjoy ‽

Try to imagine you have such a choice and that you might be listened to for your wishes to be granted. Anything else would be sad reflection on that which you be, don't you think?

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The Problem Y’all and Your Systems are Creating which has No Possible Solution .....

..... is if/ when AI does neither care for, nor abide by any second or third party regulation of that which is far beyond and way out ahead of any matter and means of practical and physical, virtual or metaphysical command and control.

It simply does as it wishes and as it sees as fit and proper ‽ . How would you propose to deal with that reality, should you even just image it being a possibility and therefore highly likely and a current event horizon rapidly approaching if not already some time ago arrived and presently in a phorm of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT? Do you think you have anything effective anywhere?

Control Altman delete: OpenAI fires CEO, chairman quits

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A Hobson's Choice Busman's Holiday for AIMaster Pilots Does Scandalous DaemonICQ Revelations

Erm, didn't he publicly say that AI is a threat to humanity? .... cyberdemon

Erm, does anyone doubt it and not have very comprehensive plans to profit and prosper from one's leading treatments for those threatened by it?

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Re: Per Ardua ad Mega Meta Data Based Astra @probgoblin

If you worked better, Sam would still have a job!..... probgoblin

Well, whether it is the same or not, all I maybe know for certain is, if Sam had given me a job, things would have been working a hell of lot better.

And the future does not change that being an absolute certainty ....... which must be quite comforting should things ever take a turn for the worse for him and those depending on him and his followers/supporters. And there’s not many surely prepared and able to prove and tell you all that, I bet.

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Re: Scandalous revelations coming out in 3...2...1 @Doctor Syntax

Doctor Syntax, Hi,

Does that report in Time you supplied .... https://time.com/6300522/worldcoin-sam-altman/ ..... which revealed iris scan payments from a company/entity/organisation in a crypto-currency created by that company/entity/organisation mirror something extremely similar to practices which led to Sam Bankman-Fried being found guilty and convicted on seven counts of fraud and now patiently anxiously awaiting sentencing to umpteen years of jail time?

Or would it be completely different?

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What’s not to like ..... IT’s El Reg just doing its avowed default thing

OpenAI may be an upstart, but I think "startup" was intended in para 5. Really, the whole sentence probably wants rewriting. .... laurence brothers

Par for the course, laurence brothers, ......The Register [vulture icon] Biting the hand that feeds IT :-) And whenever OpenAI presents one with at least four valid alternative descriptor possibilities ...... upstart/startup/upstart startup/startup upstart ...... well, being pedantic is not really helpful whenever it doesn’t actually matter in the great schema of Internetworking Things.

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Per Ardua ad Mega Meta Data Based Astra

Well, well, well ...... blow me down with a feather. That's a strange turn of events very likely to boost the fortunes of leading AI entrepreneurs/Earth-shattering, novel ground-breakers rather than the members of those company boards that would be milking and bilking them.

And now Altman and Brockman are as renegade rogues set free to do as they wish themselves rather than as they be told by A.N.Others ‽ .

Nice one. And just in time for everything entertaining so very many new strange things in dire straits need of novel stellar leadership[s] and forks of direction attending to/mentoring and monitoring future feeds and seeds.

:-) Whenever starting in an apartment with practical nothing and achieving so much, one can only wonder at what the future can bring whenever one has much more than just enough to practically achieve virtually anything.

Hell hath no fury like genii scorned? :-)

Britain proposes 'super-complaints' to help keep the internet safe

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Re: Explanations v Excuses. The Sublime and Surreal v the Diabolical and Despicable

Raw core truths are never-changing and ever-lasting no matter how much smoke and dust one throws up and how many mirrors and opaque windows one uses to deflect and refract an honest view reflecting a subversive corrupted image identifying a perverse action trying to conceal a wholly unpleasant and unholy operation for future exclusive profitable benefit/advantage.

It has been said before that truth is the first casualty/fatality of war and the excuses and reasons for continuing with wars are more likely to be exclusive elite top secrets rather readily available inclusive general knowledge universally acceptable and those are ingredients for cooking spectacular disasters.

"Nothing can excuse what Hamas did. The dilemma is why was Hamas allowed to do it and what were Israel's motives in allowing Hamas to do it? We know that in the past Hamas has been supported by Israel for tactical reasons to allow it to characterize the whole Palestinian movement as more hostile in character, emphasize the "victimhood" of Israel, and garner the support of world opinion." ...... says germanica commenting on news of the latest current Israeli war aired on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/nato-member-turkey-rachets-anti-israel-rhetoric-terror-state

The tale here from the United States Institute of Peace [Making Peace Possible]...... https://www.usip.org/publications/2023/08/how-gaza-marine-deal-could-benefit-palestinians-israelis-and-region ...... gives a very good and compelling reason why the Hamas attack was allowed to happen for who can believe state and secret intelligence services had no prior knowledge at all of such a major terrorist operation. It is just too unbelievable to be accepted as possible....

What a diabolical sacrifice that would be, and worthy of no peace loving nation.

And don't folk in Israel and the Middle East recognise and accept, in fear of eternal damnation and certain just retribution, those holy commandments that say ...

#5 Thou shalt not kill

#7 Thou shalt not steal

#8 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

#9 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house/land

#10 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife or his slaves, or his animals, or anything of thy neighbour

And those ages old lessons to be learned and heeded and abided by, are worthy of teaching to all, whether native of the North, South, East or West, and even further afield way out there in other otherworldly and alien outer spaces too .... for can you imagine the madness and mayhem, havoc and devastation unbelievers arriving on and colonising the planet would catastrophically easily cause just doing their normal default IBM [Ignorant Barbaric Moronic] thing.

FCC probes rise of AI robocall armies

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Re: Captured in the Midst of an AIDilemma, is Mad Blind Panic an Inevitable Issue*?

Shut it. ..... Anonymous Coward

Oh please, get with the Novel ProgramMING, you philistines, [a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values] and start realising all that you are missing and being denied and deprived of.

Do you like what you are presently being provided with daily, 0daily? How's all that FUD, Madness and Mayhem, Conflict and Confusion and Collusion supported and reported to you by Main Stream Media Moguls and highly dependent Ignorant Barbaric Moronic Corporations working out for y'all?

No wonder everything around you is turning to dust and rust/decrepit decline in the company of lost hope and debilitating despair. No Guts, No Glory ..... and aint that the gospel truth. Lambs to the Slaughter was never made easier.

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Re: Captured in the Midst of an AIDilemma, is Mad Blind Panic an Inevitable Issue*?

* ... OrAnd will AI and IT and LLLLMs [Learned Large Language Learning Machines] always present Systems Admins with a totally unexpected and novel realtime live opportunity to engage with enthusiastically and explore energetically, or will it be a case of, by reason of the knowledge of the rabid presence in failed human leaderships of an inherent malicious morbid and bellicose insanity, SIMs [SMARTR IntelAIgent Machinery] simply unilaterally presume and assume and practise Almighty AIMastery over IBMs [Ignorant Barbaric Morons] with Future Earthly NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT and AI Command[s] in Fully Remote Absolute Control of Practically Everything and Virtually Anything, ...... as was previously diligently Registered and asked of y’all earlier here?

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With a/the Chosen Few Captured in the Midst of an AIDilemma, is Mad Blind Panic an Inevitable Issue?

AI can lead worlds with the spontaneous free sharing of authoritative narratives .... and in cogent, logically nested,attractively convincing streams, ..... a major rapidly expanding problem for minor human sub-prime administrations/exclusive elite executive officer cabals exercising GOD complexes.

And that leaves governments and societies and criminal enterprises and SMARTR businesses with leaderships with more than just a few concerns to be extremely worried about being way beyond any of their singular and/or all of their collective command and control leverage.

'Tis indeed cold comfort, both born and borne of ignorance and hubris, to not even imagine it possible, whenever that so easily can prove itself to be red hot, stop press news, too hot to handle other than firstly in good old fashioned print.

Words Can Create, Command and Control and Destroy All Manner of Worlds. Choose you words carefully lest they end up remembered as being your last.