back to article K8s awaits due date for latest, greatest slate: Extension versioning will reach beta, mates

Kubernetes, the software container orchestration system, is expected to hit version 1.11 on Wednesday, bringing with it a handful of potentially useful enhancements. The software currently supports an alpha version of Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), an API that allows people to define custom resources (aka extensions) to …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    K8s = too complicated

    Is it just me or is kubernetes getting more and more complicated?

    From a developer perspective the already steep learning curve seems to just get steeper and steeper. E.g. Where does helm fit in with the operator framework?

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: K8s = too complicated

      "is kubernetes getting more and more complicated?"

      Generally, K8s is seen as a heavy duty solution. For personal or small grade stuff, Docker might be more your thing - I run pretty much everything (toolchains, linux tools, etc) in Docker containers on a personal laptop.

      It keeps tools and dependencies separate, and if I screw up one container, the others work fine. This is useful when playing with cross-compilers or tools with particular dependancies.

      (I used way BITD to do a lot of Arm cross-compiling on an x86 box, and won't forget the time I overwrote my base GCC installation with 32-bit Arm binaries. Once bitten, etc.)


    2. symb

      Re: K8s = too complicated

      I see k8 belonging to the infra team and not the developers. Devs create the software to run in docker. Infra setup the clusters and k8 to run it.

      1. blondie101

        A new scheme?

        And if you combine the two flavors of users together in one team you get a rough idea of devops.

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