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Xiaomi launches Mi Pad fondleslablette – your (legal) move, Apple


Apple haven't a cat in hell's chance of suing if these guys don't intend to sell in America.

Look up chinese copy cars on any browser and you'll giggle for the rest of the day.

Expert chat: The end of Windows XP and IE6


mwuhahaha the fools..people may have laughed when I refused to migrate to windows 95 but now running my entire 200 workstation network purely on windows 3.1 it would seem that hackers, trojan and virus deviants have moved on and I'm as safe as safe can be!!!

and people mention tech savvy pah!

A £30,000, 295bhp 4G MODEM?!? Must be the Audi S3 Quattro, then


Facebook? Twitter? I once owned a tape stereo thingy in my car and promptly got rid so I could better hear the engine and not be distracted from spirited drives on country roads.

Peugeot 208 GTi: The original hot hatch makes a comeback


Re: Turbos...

yes mine is the coupe and here's a lesser known fact .. the 800 with that 2.0 Turbo engine holds the record for a production car on the isle of man TT circuit by Tony Pond the 6r4 works rally car driver. Funny because the stig tried it in an audi TT years later and came nowhere close :D

I also had an MG metro for my first car, also bored out to 1380cc with everything done..pushing out 137hp on the rollers. Done by Watson's rally in wakefield. It had no power under 3krpm thanks to the high lift cam and the gearboxes (unknown to me) were only able to take 95lbs/ft of torque....4 gearboxes in a year and a half and fortunes spent in oil that it burnt slipping down those flexing beer mat thin cylinder walls and I finally had to let it go...most fun car I've ever owned tbh :D


the 205 was the publicity car that saved Peugeot...the 205 gti and the wild t16 homologated car used the group B rally to drum up sales for the company. It worked well...VW never produced anything even remotely approaching the 205 t16. It's often slated that without group B and the 205 Peugeot would have gone under at that time. They weren't coping VW they were competing with Lancia's supercharged and turbocharged Delta and Audi's quattro S1. Personally I've always favoured the little 1.3 106 Rallye as being the best Pug hot hatch I've driven in terms of fun and satisfying drive.


As mentioned earlier I own a shed 1993 rover 2.0 turbo which is pretty much standard and running a little over 200hp with 12psi of boost.

I've had the car 8 years...the rover is my daily hack and I run it hard from cold every day, don't let it cool down after a good flogging...which is pretty much every day and so far have had no engine problems or blown/seized turbocharger.

All this, I'm a specialist in turbocharged cars and overstressed bollocks is a bit too much...

Seeing as people mention 80s cars they'll probably remember Ford making a 1.8 litre engine pushing about 500hp...perhaps the renault 5 maxi making 450hp from a 1.4 litre engine or even the 1.4 litre BMW cars making 1100hp. Now that's overstressed.

Since then the cars performance figures may not have increased so much but manufacturing processes and engine design has so 200hp from a 1.6 isn't so silly these days as to reduce reliability. Also the variable vane turbochargers mean that it isn't just point and squirt like in the old days.

I'd also still prefer any 80s group b turbo road car to any tarted up heavy modern pap.

Let's face it..the lightweight and fun original hot hatches will never be seen built again.


Re: Original hot hatches

any homolation road going group b rally car will do me and although less reliable would be a hell of alot more fun than many many modern cars...I'd choose the delta s4 or 6r4 for giggles but even the normal stuff like the Renault 5 turbo 2 rwd would do me .


Looks like another wishy washy bag of shite that all car makers are producing these days..

the 205 gti was a nice car to drive..would probably trounce this thing on a track and can be picked up for a fraction of the price in mint condition.

I drive a 20 year old shed of a rover that does 0-60 in 6.2 and 150mph on paper...performance never seems to improve on all the so called modern hot hatches unless you want to spend around £30k and for that money I'd buy a second hand rs4 or something elegant.

'Back in the day' a phrase I hate which the author used, it was common knowledge that hot hatches were cheaper run about cars with performance of bigger saloons often owned by younger drivers thanks to cheaper insurance and price.

I just wish that someone like tata would make a real modern day hot hatch, the kinda car that weighs 800kg, looks mean instead of poncey, has no frills and is just a pleasure to drive.

rant over...send the rover owner flames at will :D

Beam me up? Not in the life of this universe


I do like this..rational logical thinking.

Gives me hope that it will one day be very possible by seeing something that the general boffin population of the day do not.

People once thought that human flight would be impossible....

Curses! Reddit plan for fat old beardy to 'smell hot pop girl Taylor Swift's hair' FOILED


I wouldn't mind sniffing Taylor's fringe :D

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


so what happens now?

What amazing news...now all the young people currently using their parents internet and watching porn in secret will no longer be able to have an outlet for their overwhelming hormonal crazyness. Thereby seeking to sate any sexual apetite elsewhere, possibly with people of their own age or likely not. I predict teenage pregnancy will rise like a wild fire as quite possibly will underage rape..which already happens and is blamed on the evil internet instead of actual persons.


Unreal: Epic’s would-be Doom... er... Quake killer


Unreal wasn't too great to me and I found quake alot darker and more gripping.

Unreal tournament however.....to me will always be the greatest multiplayer FPS ever created.

Sadly the later incarnations just didn.t match up in playability and current games like COD just don't have the accuracy or fast pace either. Now most multiplayer FPS games are just a respawn fest for fast paced play.



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