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The thing that damore and his supporters missed is that he was only at Google thanks to diversity policies to open up recruitment from other disciplines than engineering and computing that are 90%+ male.

The thing that Damore's detractors missed is that he wasn't anti-diversity. What he was against were some of Google's diversity policies which he saw as ineffective, and in some cases illegal.

NerryTutkins: "Another in a long line of privileged people convinced they earned everything they got, and all their failures are the fault of others."

Richard Jones 1: "his sorts of fundamental issues"

Trilkhai: "Damore's beliefs & insistence that they're "the truth" are both the result of him being a hardcore MRA Red-Pill Libertarian, not because he's theoretically autistic."

Wow! What are the chances that three people who knew Damore personally would appear in a single comment thread on The Register!

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