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A new term for you...

How about "EUROFUD"? I can live with and will happily consider reasoned arguments about why Brexit might be a terrible mistake, but anything that looks a bit like blackmail falls well outside that fairly broad description.

It's all a bit like nice place you've got here, mate; it would be a shame if anyone came and smashed it up...

All the foot - stamping from various bodies sounds like a two year old's temper tantrum.

Dan 55 summed it up nicely with his So where's the cutting off, apart from his nose to spite his face? Intelligence sharing (whether you happen to like it or not) does not require the comfort blanket of the EU around it. Anyway, we've still got "Five Eyes" membership.

I wonder if the fabled little boy who suddenly announced The Emporer has no clothes had to contend with this sort of thing.

The downvote button is just below, BTW. Remainers seem unable to tolerate any non - acceptance of their orthodoxy... I don't doubt the EUROFUD will continue, unfortunately.

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