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Our local primary is covered in green beige, like a billiard table. Literally. The tarmac is covered in green beige.

The infants walking near the river: boys have to wear incandescent pink whilst the girls get to wear standard green hi-vis.

Our council spent a few £million moving the servers a few feet to the left during the recent banking crisis. They popped some RCJ's underneath the current server room and said it wasn't safe. It had an ICL mainframe in there for 30 years.

Queue many ground staff job losses, management is still considering their options. One manager is lost through "natural wastage" (caught viewing porn) and another management position is sold to the public as saving money. It was actually a re-designition of an existing job whereby that manager was retiring.

Two years later manglement has moved the server room a few foot to the left. Then they discovered there wasn't enough space so extended right on top of where the old server room used to be. Oh. Forgot. The whole reason for this debacle was flood defence. Running out of money they replaced the 1st floor aircon with a pair of sub river (massive) hoovers.

The leader of this project got promoted. They couldn't *not* promote him. We all know why don't we boys & girls?

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