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As ususal, Google doesn't know its arse from its elbow and is trying to be too clever with technology.

Being very proud of their language, the French have an official dictionary maintained by l'Académie française.

If you consult that (courtesy of their website), you will only find one entry :


Which is defined as :

As a noun :

1. In the Middle Ages, a rural postman who conducted his service on foot in the countryside.

2. Person who goes by foot (e.g. Un piéton fauché par une voiture)

As an ajective:

1. Destined or reserved for pedestrians (e.g. Rue piétonne, quartier piéton)

Remark: This adjective is preferable to Piétonnier.

Piétonnier being defined as a synonym of Piéton, and described as a pedestrian road or area in Belgium.

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