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Discussing TLC and write amplification

How about this thought: "50 full writes/cycles per day for 5 years does not necessarily translate to 89,000 P/E cycles. Please place close attention to the user/flash capacity ratio difference between this drive and the regular Optimis and Ultra. You will see that this ratio is reduced while the number of writes/day increases. This is because the WA is reduced as over-provisioning increases. I calculated the WA for the regular Optimus drive to be 2.58, while Ultra is 1.38 and Ultra+ is 1.03. Over-provisioning ((flash capacity-user capacity)/user capacity) is 28%, 71%, and 156%, respectively. The endurance required in all cases is about 37k cycles. User capacities start at 200GB, 150GB, and 100GB, for Optimis, Ultra and Ultra+, respectively."

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