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Space shuttle Discovery launched

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on the hitch

I say they strapped it to the tail with bungee cords and duct tape, thats the only way to go.

But seriously, when reporting on this stuff, terminology should be at least somewhat accurate, in tow was a poor choice on words, but I've heard local news people use phrases like "the shuttles gas tanks" in reference to the solid state boosters and even the horrible analogy of "the shuttle has to glide unpowered as it lands, meaning it has more drag than thrust" which just hurt my brain, gliding indicates a lack of thrust if I'm not mistaken............... news anchors........ oww my brain.

BOFH: The bastard wants to know


Shredder should be the only option

Honestly, I think at some point I just started looking at the idea, shredding everything they hand me, and doing it the way I think is best, but first I tell them a budget based on how they wanted it done, then tell them it needs twice that to be reliable (redundancies you know) then do it my own way for half the original price and sink the rest into some fresh bits of kit for my gaming server nestled between the shop server and office mail server. (the front looks suspiciously like a bank of ethernet with several dozen wires plugged in and dissapearing into a wall, what it really has in it is my gaming server with a faceplate and plugs from an old cisco routing box with the LEDs plugged into the game servers HD and power LED wires, and the cabling goes into the wall and ends about an inch farther in a knot... I love it.)

Chinese bloke games himself to death


Asians must have inferior resistance to gaming

I have heard several stories over the years about someone from the east dropping from a gaming session, I just dont get it, Personally, I have had lan parties, PS2 frag fests and so on last for several days, a 48 hour bender is how me and the fiance spend our weekends, and 3 day sessions are not uncommon either, admitedly theres a need for recovery time after words, but honestly, I never felt like I was gonna die, a carton of smokes, a few cases of newcastle and energy drinks and microwavable pizzas, none leathal so far.... maby those asian gamers just lack the constitution?


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