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War of the workstations: How the lowest bidders shaped today's tech landscape


You said it well and I agree. I went to college in the early 90s and Unix workstations and IBM pcs were in our computer lab. They were cheap and accessible. Also, Linus Torvalds creates Linux based on the Posix (Unix) standard. It was acessible to him and the university was using Unix. The universities and tech programs define the future.

Software engineer accused of stealing $300k from employer was 'inspired by Office Space'


The best Register article of 2023!!

This is too funny! I'm already voting this as the best Register article for all of 2023. Nothing will top this!

Amazon fears it could run out of US warehouse workers by 2024


"the engineer who is suing Amazon for refusing to cover the costs of working from home through the pandemic."

Why does the Register keep bringing this issue about working from home? It frustrates me because working from home is lower cost for most workers anyway. There are not any commuting costs and fewer clothing costs and food costs because you can have your own refrigerator with cheaper food than paying for lunch when at work.

The Souls noob's guide to Elden Ring


Re: Nearly bought the game

Elden Ring is like the other FromSoft games in that the combat system is really good and difficult and requires a lot of controller involvement. I like the FromSoft games, but they are really made for combat mechanics.

Elden Ring is a throwback to the old days of obtuse and difficult games to play with a lack of involved story. There is a fan-base that likes this, but ER does not have the modern features of lots of other open world games today. If you like games like Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Witcher, Skyrim, then expect to be disappointed.