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Carbon Trust: Rooftop windmills are eco own-goal



By Anonymous Coward

Posted Thursday 7th August 2008 16:18 GMT

Paris ... Breeder

Kindly keep you nightmare apocalypse scenarios to yourself

Boffins prove the existence of jet-setters



Nah it was based in Australia

The 2-3% was just the country folk going to buy milk

Oz driver sticks seatbelt on slab of beer


@Dr. E. Amweaver

I guess bogan would be the closest answer but don't think it is the right match

Are the parents of chav's still referred to as chav's or it it just the young generation?

Also we don't really refer to the little hoddie wearing, hiphop/rap listening shits as bogans

And Jon I think you are confusing us with the kiwis

heart for the love we all feel for our inner bogan

Schoolboy's asteroid-strike sums are wrong



Thank you for the translation but I do believe he actually said "beep boop beep whirl squeak beep"

Unless this isn't the droid your looking for.

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?


@ Richard Eustace @Tom

Hmmm the hotel room still isn't quote right as Tom has pointed out.

Maybe a better example would be coming to a city and staying at a friends house, or even better using a site like couch surfer.

By offering a room for them to stay in they are depriving the hotel of a sale. But if they had to pay for a the room then maybe they would never have come in the first place.

Still not right as the quality and experience would be different but just trying to expand on your example.

i am sure people will come up with a valid metaphor one day

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL


Buying votes

This always was and always will be about buy votes to get re-elected.

Based on their "not overly optimistic" figures then 2.5 mil votes for a cost of $85m equals around $34 a vote.

As a once off that is a much better outcome for them than offering tax cuts that are then ongoing.

"Other than that if you can't trust your kids to do the right thing, then they can't use the computer"

If you can't trust your kids to do the right thing, then having them use a computer would be the least of your worries

Billg quits Facebook


I'll be your friend

My name is Freddi Staur and I'll be your friend, just look me up

@Jamie: I can only give what your pets favourite food in a past life was. You only seend to send a request to 15 people and enter you mobile phone number.

French motorwonk savages hybrid cars

Dead Vulture

Air car has potential

From what I have seen the air car has potential as a city driving vehicle which is what most people use their car for anyway

I don't know anything about the corresponding production footprint so there may be an issue there.

The only concern I have is that while people still choose to drive around in war wagons then safety is still to much of an issue.

Dead vulture as compressed air would obviously be cold not hot

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies


@Howard Longden

I think you mean songs from a distant earth. If not it is more applicable as the sea-scorpion things cut cables and the like to wear as rank badges

Spyware another weapon for domestic abuse

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Available ...yes

Somewhere a brain dead wife beater would be able to find it....maybe not

Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official



Einstein was a veggie for only a year or so, about when his brain started to get addled :P

I don't have much of a problem with vegetarians except when they expect me to go out of my way for them. I remember one time I was at a friends place for a BBQ. A friend of a friend who came to his house started ordering him not to put any meat on his bbq as they were cutting up vegetables to cook.

Needless to say a nice juicy steak was dropped immediately on to the hot plate.

As with most lifestyle choices you can do what you like, start trying to force me to change my choices and you will cop it

Flame icon as it reminds me of a bbq

NASA uses vertical treadmill to simulate zero-G jogging


Interesting but not much use

The alter g is interesting but not much use for what they are testing. "removes all the normal, longitudinal forces experienced by the body in normal gravity"

Although you wouldn't want to eat to many beans before using one, Increase the pressure in the dome and you wouldn't get much of a workout at all

UK withdraws from Gemini telescope programme

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Strewth mate, too bloody right! That' s just what I said as I took a gander at the article

Bank turns London man into RFID-enabled guinea pig

Black Helicopters

Farady cage wallet

Already on the market http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/security/8cdd/

They also have a version for you passport if you have one of the new rfid versions

Wii not the way to lose weight


No, you're missing the point...

As a student project this comes under education expenses which means all the students in this study just got themselves a tax deductible Wii

Software pirates put sizeable dent in UK economy


Stop the trains

I just saw some figures that showed 270,000,000 passengers on public transport in a year.

If we remove public transport each of these 270,000,000 passengers would need to by a car. That is $4,050,000,000,000 that our automotive industry is missing out on each year. Ban public transport immediately for the good of the economy.

Perl.com sends visitors to porn link farm

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In support of BKB

Your coping a lot of flak but you have a point. As usual a lot of el reg readers are forgetting that not everybody is a knowledgeable as us

Assume I was just starting out in programming and somebody mentioned PERL to me. I think that sounds interesting so I go to PERL.com. I then get a whole bunch of p0rn links and popups.

Getting that from an official site isn't going to do much for my opinion of the language.

Bush overrules judge in US navy-v-dolphins sonar case



<quote>Castro adds whale meat as the solution to the starvation his greed and policies have caused</quote>

Hmm I thought Cuba was one of the most sustainable growing economies in the world. Best check under your bed again.

Get a celebrity autograph on your mobile phone

Jobs Halo

Cult of celebrity

I how many of the signatures will be from nobel prize winners and how many from the latest pop idol/sporting "role model"

While the initial selection appears to include a large percentage of people who actually did something, I think this will go downhill fast.

I'm sure that the people who want Winston Churchill's signature would have enough smarts to get it on their phone

Although if they can get Steve's signature for the iphone they have a ready market of fanbois who will be happy to party with their hard earned dosh

Hasbro fires off legal letters over Scrabulous



"If CNN put a game on their site that contained someone else's intellectual property, but generated much traffic (and hence revenue from advertising), think they would be the criminals, not the people who coded it..."

But the point is it is the developers who get the revenue from advertising. Otherwise an IP/trademark/copyright issue online would be the fault of the hosting provider

Tekken set to kick big screen ass


I'm scared

"crap and full of ugly hooker like Americans"

"spent most of the movie with my hand down my pants laughing"

"I'm not expecting much from this one, but if they can pull it off, I would be happy"

Ofcom investigates X-Factor debacle


Its all about control

The reason that these people ring these programs is that it gives them a feeling on control. You know I hold your future in the palm of my hand and I have a phone and I'm not afraid to use it.

They are upset because their feeling of control was taken away and they realised they are just a sad pathetic git sitting at home, wasting money on a crap tv show.

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York


@Mostor Astrakan & AC

great work Mostor, might have to teach the kids that one if I find them being taught the "new and improved version"

At AC in regards the the use of the N-word. If used in the same context as it is in the song I don't think most people would have a problem with it. Calling your mate a nigger when they are listening to rap music isn't that offensive.

But you are also comparing apples to oranges in a way. There is much more history and negative energy associated with Nigger than Faggot.

Do composting toilet worms get the blues?



"you have to have someone with the necessary qualification"

Surely as a council work and middle management she was more than qualified in regards to big piles of shit

New DARPA scramjet-drone contract award


Unmanned troop transporter

Maybe they could auction of tickets for the 1st flight or have a raffle or something.

I'll get a couple of tickets for the mother in law

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill


Unlimited outlawed

Down here in OZ the ACCC has issued statements to the effect that you are unable to use the term unlimited in advertising for plans. Even for plans that are shaped with no excess charges.

While I agree with that it just means that the ISP took another word and twisted the meaning in the small print

The previous best I had heard was a 13 K bill

Facebook takes the Captcha rap

Dead Vulture

Another one

To add to the blacklist

Wouldn't want to upset any of my sensitive clients (They will use any excuse to try and get out of paying)

Skype confirms / denies job cuts



Staff have been put on notice that whoever scores, at the Christmas party, with that bird from accounting that the director has his eye on will be fired.

Neuroboffins develop mind-reading computers

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love it, good call

MySpace makes kids fat, claims minister


Pick a study, pick a conclusion

Breaking news, study reveals energy drinks cause internal bleeding in children and leads to alcohol abuse (BAN THEM, BAN THEM, BAN THEM)


Flying cow destroys minivan



Actually it did meet the technical Douglas Adams definition of flying.

"flying is defined as throwing yourself at the ground and missing"

and technically by collecting a mini van rather than the ground it did 'miss' the ground

DARPA selects 11 robotic grunts to take driver's license test


The winning team will be

The one that enters the flying car. I'm sure i have read a story (or 7) about the recently

NASA sats snap California wildfires



Is that sarcasm or do you need the joke alert icon? I'm confused but find it amusing either way

Finger-chopping jihadis derail MPs scanner system, claims MoS

Paris Hilton

@Leroy Fevrius

[quote]Surely the cops would also spot a blond covered finger!![/quote]

Is that the Paris Hilton angle? Did i miss the latest internet photo release

Unimpressed Sheilas mock boy racers' todgers


@ @me

I understand your point about the racism/sexism in the ads and I do agree with your point in some regards. But as it has been stated before all ads are targeted to a specific demographic be that gender, age, race, wealth or some other factor

When you start using lines like "the misandry that has infected our government and our country" you are moving the conversation from the ad to a country wide issue that, at least in my eyes, is a separate issue in which I think we would have similar opinion.

As for the "slut" defense. The small pinkie gesture is not very insulting, how many of you have never used the a variation of the phrase "Don't be such a girl/pussy" or "You don't have the balls to do that" with your mates.

Compare that to the number of you who would call a female friend a slut to her face.

If somebody said I had a small dick and expected me to be offended I would assume they were try to compensate for something


If you can't handle the heat

Man what a bunch of whiny posters we have on today.

If a random ad targeting a group, that you have some resemblance to, makes a innuendo about the size of your wedding tackle and you get offended I'm sorry but I'm guessing that all the chicks laughing when you drop your pants has given you a complex

There are guys out there who engage in reckless behavior to prove what a man they are. This ad is targeting them. If you aren't one of these people there is nothing to get upset about and if you are maybe you should take a step back and look at your actions

Swearing at work 'good for business'



Personally I have always found referring to somebody as a cockspank more amusing

Watchdog chucks life raft to White House backup tapes


Would never happen in Oz...

considering our pollies think that high level technology is a mobile phone and that high speed 512k/128k 'broadband' with 3 GB monthly allocation ought to be enough for anybody

Their idea of email or electronic mail is sending a word file on a floppy disk via courier

Crudware pusher to pay $25,000 to settle charges


Of course there was errors in the registry

Doesn't every windows system have some errors in the registry. I guess calling them critical was deceiving but an alert that said you have errors in your registry would, I assume, be legal.

However in relation to the fine while it is lower than I would like at least it isn't like spammers where you get fined an d still make a profit

fleeced "hundreds" (eg. 300) x $30 = $9,000

$9,000 - $25,000 = -$16,000

But I guess it depends on what 100s mean and also if that was the total number 'fleeced'

Ohio docks official one week's holiday for data breach



So what personal information do you need to change now that it is for sale to the highest bidder

Nintendo limbers up for Wii Fit


Starting in japan because

The board has a recommended maximum weight of 165 kg so it greatly reduces the potential market in the US

Sell it to all those skinny little japanese first while they work out how to reinforce the hardware

I wonder if they will have a sumo wrestling games

Tasmanian tumours blamed on inbreeding


The poor devils

I thought this article was going to be about the human population and was expecting a good laugh at the expense of our southern cousins

Some how not as much fun as I was expecting

World of Warcraft smites den of orc and elf sexual delinquency


This is bad but

Again this comes down to the perversion of what is acceptable

Simulating sexual acts via chat(and some form of bumping into each other) is wrong but there is nothing wrong with the following statements

- Lets go kill more creatures

- A guy from school I don't like plays that character lets PVP him

- I need some help to kill this guy cause he killed a mob that I hit first

Violence = Good

Sexual activity = Bad