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That's a nice ski speaker you've got there. Shame if it got pwned

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Re: Yeah, but it's *not* the headphones it's the app

This is the only technically competent comment here so far.

Don't buy Microsoft Surface gear: 25% will break after 2 years, says Consumer Reports


Re: Not just Microsoft

For my work, we have Lenovo (old IBM) laptops. 6 months in, and my T450 keyboard is already missing keys. The IT support guys can't be bothered to fix it..too fiddly, they advised me to order a new one!

To contrast, I still have my IBM T60 from 6? years back, running Linux and no build issues at all, despite the best efforts of my 3 years old.


Re: Surface is shit, quelle surprise

My experience is the reverse of Milton's. Have 2 Apple devices in the household, Macbook Air died and costs as much as a new one to fix (see ya later) and the Macbook Pro has had all kinds of firmware issues, battery life issues, and stuff. Now 2 SP4's reign supreme, and they are the good if not better, weigh less, have longer battery life, and run proper Office, not the macro-shy Mac versions. Wife could not be happier, and that, basically, is what matters.

I personally think most computing devices these days dies after 2 years..and if not, the company actively obsoletes it. MacOS has had this issue as have the iPhones. Google Nexus tablets..you name it, if it is more than 2 years old, it probably runs like a wheezing dog.

Job for IT generalist ...


Re: The jobs do exist, but I've no idea how common they are

zanshin - you hit the nail on the head there. You are absolutely correct - everyone interested in this topic or affected in the same way should read and digest this. I am even going to update my profile based on these succinct comments.

So, that vast IT disaster you may have caused? Come in, sit down


Oops that should be: can't concentrate

Or...can't concatenate?

What should Oracle do with Sun


Don't know what the fuss is about. Oracle bought Sun, because they wanted Sun's IP, customers and business - not Sun's hardware, which they couldn't give a hoot about. Why is it a shock that Sun HW sales are going down? Even when it had proper investment, it was already too slow compared with x86 for the low-to-mid segment.

No shit, Sherlock..

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely


How are you measuring attitude?

What sensors do you have that will do this?

Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke


break his arms when he enters the house

carte blanche applies, as per recent ruling

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush


Er...wait a minute..

Where are they dumping it into? Chances are it will end up right back where it started in a few days...

We have been drinking recycled water for billions of years. Get over it.

Spotify apologises for tainted ad kerfuffle


A link to the specific malware removal software would have been nice...

as oppposed to a statement like, ' if you had a decent malware checker, you would have been fine...'

If you open the security hole, you have a level of responsibility to get rid of any infections.

Saying 'sorry' doesn't make it OK...

Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache

Big Brother

Hello World

Did Oracle copyright that too??

Two and a half days in hell


I agree with Mosquito

There was no point to this entry. Not without some decent examples.

What you basically said was, "Manufacturers cannot be trusted. They don't make stuff like they used to. I bet you agree with me, right?"

Unless you are a sysadmin who graduated from college this year, you already know this. It's not even a sysadmin thing, it's a consumer thing.

It's like you wanted to write this nice detailed article, citing exact problems, which could help your readership, but some mate called you up for a beer, and you decided to not bother. Actually, I am with you on that one.

'Jetpack' inventors: US military showing interest. Honest


What about their planned UAV aspirations?

Has not one spotted this? Its mentioned on their website. UAV with hover capability. UAV would be lighter, quieter and ...more versatile where there are no airstrips. OK, maybe there are UAV helpcopters out there, but I guess that is why the military are interested, really.

ICQ chatted up by Russian billionaires


Could not see this article for all the advertising

specifically the stupid sony dropdown advert positioned in the middle of the story.

Premium Compact Cameras: Best Buys


check out dpreview's er..review


Ok its not perfect, but listen to this:

"It's possible that a considerable number of potential S90 purchasers also have the larger, heavier, pricier G11 on their shortlist. If you have, and you're concerns that plumping for the S90 represents a compromise in image quality, the results here show that your worries are unfounded - yes the G11 has fractionally more resolving power, but you need to be looking very close indeed to see the difference."

ok, not meaning to be a S90 fanboy, but this is a *compact* review, which, with the G11, is stretching it. I'd like the G11 for its gripability, but I am short of funds and needed to choose. And the LX3 again isn't as pocketable as the S90.

It compares well (and in some cases better) with the Ricoh GXR, which is twice the price. Pretty good against the LX3 also, apart from RAW comparisons (with some caveats on commercial RAW processing issues). Oh, and it has a flash. heh






Canon S90 should have been included

Agree with one of the previous posters - you can't have G11 and LX3 and ignore S90. Makes no sense. If anything, the LX3 and the S90 are in the same niche, really.

And the S90 has the same sensor as the G11. There are some bits I dont like about it, like the paltry zoom and the lack of HD video but it does have some very good bits:

1) Auto WB works very well in most cases, i havent had to adjust it yet, even in some ropey indoor shots.

2) Anti-shake works and f2.0 lens wonders for low light shots as previous poster said- many shots I needed a flash for, I can take unaided.

3) The video, although 640x480 is still very versatile. I used it to film a torchlight descent on a ski run, and it handled low light in a way both my Sony and Panasonic camcorders would not have been able to.

4) Shoots RAW as previous poster said but also has PASM, exposure bracketing, and all sorts of things I have no idea of yet.

5) The LCD screen is a high-res one, so I dont miss a viewfinder so much - and its whatsit - WYSIWYG or whatever the camera term is - as you change stuff it shows up right away.

6) The best bit is the interface - it has 2 clicky-ratchety rings, one on the lens and the other on the back, and also programmable button, that are programmable for anything you want - ISO, exposure, etc, and they change function depending on auto/P/A/S/M setting like you would want. No more fiddling with menu's and little joysticks or cursors. Just click and shoot.

The very high ISO shots are noisy, but I think thats true for most cameras. I got this camera for scenarios compacts are normally used for - impromptu shots, party shots in low light, shots where you can only carry a compact, like up ski-slopes - in low-light stuff its very good.



RIM Vodafone BlackBerry Storm


Oh Cr*p, there's a credit crunch coming...

You can just imagine the boardroom, can't you?

"Oh send it out there before half our customers disappear".

REG - You can't say 'iphone killer' and 'no wi-fi' in the same review. You muppets.

as for the guy who said this:

"---There's loads more tips on various websites - master them (about 5 minutes reading), and you're amazed at how intuitive everything is. In otherwords, the same as you are with the iPhone when you know how it works."

Duh! Er, hello? INTUITIVE?

For the record, iphone could do with cut-n-paste, before the mac-boys start smirking. Muppets.

Bah humbug.

HTC TyTN II smartphone


Crappy usability initially but great phone

I got one of these from Orange and promptly removed the terrible orange home screen. I installed certain free packages out there that allow me to have the HTC homescreen, plus 'touchflo-like' functionality - I can now use my thumb to control all major functions - swipe up to bring a customisable menu, swipe right for contacts and so on. Also other little things that make it almost iphone-esqe.

But I had to work hard at it; I probably did more research and used more midnight oil to get to this state than I do for most computers, and I'm sorry but its scandalous that MS have not thought about this kind of usability yet - do they expect EVERYTHING to be done with a stylus? Idiots.

The only thing good I can say about WM6 is that, if you have the patience, its absolutely customisable, not like the crap iphone people need to go through to get apps to run.

I'm very happy with it now; Skype works, FingerFriendlyFriends is great, I can use Egress to get vid-casts...GPS is nice, and so is the MicroSD card slot!

I'd still have liked the iphone, but I'm not paying that kind of money - yet. I'll wait for v2. The thing that put me off is the keyboard doesnt seamlessly work in landscape mode. I have fat fingers.


Facebook bug dishes out notes designated private


Agree with Eddie

...Sort off.

First, I do have a Facebook account. But I accept my own clumsy attempt at being more social, when I should really just pop round the relevant mate's house. What I don't do is put anything personal or sensitive on Facebook.

Like Eddie says (is that an alias or a real name, doh) there have been enough question marks about Facebook and exposing too many personal details. If you put all your details or private information on there, you are either a) an idiot or b) young or craxy enough to want to use your details to try for the shag factor.

Either way, good luck to you :-)

Florida uni cops taser shouty student


Sums up the Yanks

Shoot first - ask questions later.

Amusing that he did swear while holding forth, but all he said when tasered (or is that tazered(tm)?) is "Ow...Ow...Ow..."

Although on the plus side they are kinder to foreigners:


Here is an open letter on recommendation of taser use:


Scary reading.