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It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer


Re: Well, I'm going my part...

I'm old enough to remember dealing out those VMs to developers like hot cakes and then later reducing the number and consolidating environments when the vendor decided to significantly raise prices. Too bad for VMware, other solutions exist.

Would you buy Pegasus spyware from this scammer?


Beware anyone who sells "permanent access" to any software

If the company is not selling a time based license which also states that ownership of the software remains with the supplier, you know it ain't real.

Ten years ago Microsoft bought Nokia's phone unit – then killed it as a tax write-off


Great article Reg!

I love these types of deep downs.


Re: Nokia menus

Definitely! and I think on the Nokia 2100 series you could progress through the menu by using a series of numbers instead of needing to go through the lists each time e.g. main butto-3-5-7


Re: Software updates

If you could successfully install and use Nokia Suite. Unfortunately, I was not able ever...

Software glitch saw Aussie casino give away millions in cash


Curious to know who let the casino know

I'm wondering if the 44th person who used the trick was the good samaritan who made the casino aware of the bug.

NASA, Lockheed Martin reveal subtly supersonic X-59 plane


Re: Slow down

The November, 15th judgement by Judge Sarah Wallace was a farce and anti-democratic and not based in the local law.

Pennsylvanians, your government workers are now powered by ChatGPT


I'm amazed the unions have not protested or resisted significantly

AI bots do not pay union dues.

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten


How many new cars are picked up with a full tank of gas or full charge for an EV?

Here's a list of thousands of artists Midjourney's AI is ripping off, creatives claim


Re: Piles of styles

Certainly, music artists get royalties for even short samplings of their music so perhaps AI companies should also pay artists when someone wants a reproduction in some specific style.

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


Re: The interview is lengthy...

Dude just came back from a tour of Israel and saw first hand was barbaric 'freedom fighters' did to Israelis on one single day.

Tesla, Musk likely aware of Autopilot deficiencies behind Florida fatality, says judge


Re: My best advice while driving a vehicle

You are right but this is about 'merica' where people do not have to take full responsibility and lawyers and judges can and might sue corporations for zillions for that.

Long-term space missions may make liftoff harder for male astronauts


Re: It could make starting a Martian colony

Those experiments have been confirmed but the issue here is long-term effect.

Web Summit CEO's comments on Israeli conflict 'war crimes' sparks boycott


Re: A rocket is a bomb

"this conflict is not going to end with the use of force" This is a post-modern concept that has no truth to it. To get to the political solution, force is needed. In Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and wherever.


Re: Missing the point

Dan 55, get on Telegram for all the barbaric Palestinian snuff you can handle. All the graphic evidence is there posted by Palestinians themselves to be proud of.

As it prepares to abandon its on-prem server products, Atlassian is content. Users? Not so much


My company is already preparing for the switch .... from Atlassian products to server-based products

Starting with Bitbucket, then Jira and Confluence too. Sorry, putting this on some external cloud is not an option. Too bad, I liked the products.

Nvidia boss tells Israeli staff Mellanox founder's daughter was killed in festival massacre


Re: Ironic

So you accuse Israel of kill 1300 of its own people?


Re: The thing people forget is...

Palestinian leader of the last generation Hana Ashwari: The Palestinians never miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity. This attack sets back any real desire for a real country for many many years.


Re: The thing people forget is...

They already hate Jews. Not all the militants who crossed the border into Israel and carried out atrocities were actually terrorists. The clips show many who were just 'regular Joes' who went to get some Jewish blood, rape Jewish women, decapitate Jewish babies, and then bring back hostages and bodies for ransom.


Re: The thing people forget is...

What prevents a peace deal is that the Palestinians don't want peace. Their explicit goal is to rid Israel of Jews. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, the PLO and more only want to get rid of Jews.

Robocall scammers sentenced in US after netting $1.2M via India-based call centers


I love the Scammer Payback type efforts on Youtube

Where law enforcement can barely keep up with these fly by night operations in India, the Youtubers can track the scammers down and prevent the crimes and exact some pain on them.

IBM Software tells workers: Get back to the office three days a week


Re: Impact on staff

Perhaps misleading. It's not only 'senior executives'. Even junior management might struggle to manage people remotely. 'Getting the work done' is not the only parameter when people are working on a team. So John and Sarah might be able to do their tasks whenever, but what happens when they need Susanne or Robert who are also 'working' from home?


Why do people assume it is only upper management that supports back to office?

FWIW, productivity is not the only parameter.

ChatGPT study suggests its LLMs are getting dumber at some tasks


So chatGPT is quiet quitting on us?

who would have thought...

Twitter ad revenue has halved since Elon Musk took over


Re: "the argument in Twitter's favor has been that there was no viable alternatives out there"

Ultimately someone needs to host a 'universal communication platform'. Who will pay for that if not people who want to create something they can get paid for.

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?


Re: I think…

Billionaires are people too but there can and is indeed forums of activist billionaires who can think they are more intelligent than us plebs. But ultimately, there is that 'luck' where the conspiracies work or not.


Re: Freedom is an illusion

+1 A very unpopular thing to say on this site, because the truth is not easy to digest.

Canada plans brain drain of H-1B visa holders, with no-job, no-worries work permits


Re: For once, Trudeau's government has made an actual smart move.

That is highly misleading. My company has a ton of H1Bs and they are brought over because of lack of Americans to fill the spots and because they are good. Many are great enough to be kept even after getting a green card and longer. The size of India means that the US can take the top .1% of the brain pool and offer them the American dream instead of third world quality of life.

Intel to invest another $25 billion In Israel


Re: Bottom line

Israel has a water surplus with so many desalination plants online. That water is also pumped into the Palestinian Authority despite the misleading accusation of apartheid which is itself a denial of what apartheid really is.

Brits start 'em young with 20% of tots 'owning' a smartphone


The algorithm is the new remote control

Back in our day, we only had a limited amount of channels to scroll through, so ultimately kids hooked on TV would be exposed to A LOT 'content' that was not in their direct interest and ultimately, watch other stuff.

Now, my kids are only watching 'entertainment' and Youtube will by nature never expose them to other content like science and nature. And even if I do try to reengineer their feed, the algorithm will always reconcentrate on their entertainment choices.

Atlassian to dump 500 – by email – in the name of 'rebalancing'


Re: I’m fine with it…

We actually like Confluence, much better than Sharepoint at least.

Big Tech is building the metaverse of its own dreams. You don't want to go there


It is inevitable and a lot of sci fi movies predicted it well.

Much stronger computing power, better headsets, 3D projection, holograms. And the masses will desire it to escape their bleak post-smartphone lives.

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected


Off-shore better than outsourced

My company has a relatively significant presence in India with real offices so I don't think they are considered outsourced. I guess that is the price to pay to have higher quality off shore talent who are not mere virtual assistants to the US-based company. The salaries of my colleagues in India are definitely not as low as Nigeria and due to the increase over the years, the company is looking for cheaper counties. Outsourcing to Ukraine failed even before the war, and the company was not yet ready to establish an office to properly off-shore.

Big Tech bosses call for computer science to be taught in all US schools


Re: Start with IT skills

Exactly! Studying computer science should not only be about coding languages.

Canadian ISP Rogers falls over for hours, takes out broadband, cable, cellphones


I'm speculating on some software third-party license expiry

Expired Jul 1 but had seven day extra warning. Something overlooked in some automated license check. Maybe some expired ssl certificates? Reg, please follow up on the story.

Google said to be taking steps to keep political campaign emails out of Gmail spam bin


I will continue to help the spam identifier work better by marking all political emails as spam.

I don't want it from any side.

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America


Re: Democracy

You do remember that the last US election had the highest voting numbers ever, huh?

Tech hiring freeze doesn't mean people won't leave


What is really driving the media scaremongering?

" the biggest tech companies have dropped trillions of dollars in valuation, setting off alarm bells across the industry."

Have sales dropped by trillions of dollars to warrant layoffs and general anxiety or is this a case of media hype and wishful thinking? Google, Facebook, and Amazon certainly caused a lot of disruption by offering gobs of money to attract recruits, but the underlying challenges of the industry remain - shortage of stem workers and universities are not close to supplying the demand.

Elon Musk orders Tesla execs back to the office


Re: "They should pretend to work somewhere else"

Before Covid, people who worked as you described would be flagged for potential burnout. The company I work at does flag people who clock many overtime hours but there is no real disciplinary action. Is that good for the worker?

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA


Typical populist 'do something' even if not relevant

If the NRA has not incited anyone to murder, than this is just a petty action to 'feel good' by some woke employees.


Re: "How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time? "

The term mass shootings does not mean only the massacres like happened in Uvalde rather includes when anyone takes any gun and shoots up their family or crime colleagues.

Elon Musk needs more cash for Twitter buy after Tesla margin loan lapses



"after supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6 last year under the belief that the election of Joe Biden was "stolen" – something Trump falsely claimed ad nauseam."

Trump did not 'falsely' claim, rather he claimed, period. If TheReg is going to take a stand that the election was not stolen, then the word should not be in quotes, rather as a matter of plain fact, a claim that still does not need a description.

Meta to squeeze money from WhatsApp with Cloud API for businesses


Apprehensive to use the business api

As a user, I want to keep my Whatsapp for personal use and hate that some companies are moving most of their customer service to that. As a small business owner, I'm apprehensive to get hooked into using Whatsapp and then getting dependent on it why Mark has access to the gobs of data that will be generated for him to exploit. For now, not feeding that shark.

Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests


Was there a control group of human drivers?

In the same situations, how did humans fare?

Canada wants Big Tech to share its riches with news publishers


Re: The other way for Gooface to fight this:

That is indeed the logical and natural response from big tech. Create news orgs (which pay It salaries to big news talents) to further cause more legacy media to close up shop before anyone notices or lawmakers can react and by then less competition to worry about.

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code


Why pull a Will Smith moment that could easily come back to haunt you?

Over the years, I've know many who've been let go. The company never limited anything and even encouraged the employee to continue using the company premises to look for a new job (as well as a job search workshop). Taking out some impulsive revenge would just follow this person around the industry. And everything is backed up anyway.


Re: Extra credit

@J.G.Harston, depends on how people look at their career path forward. The CEO of Walmart started as the simplest worker in high school. Usually, tech support managers will not want to hire overqualified candidates exactly because of this, but sometimes they can't help themselves. I've worked with a few who gave awesome support and it was bittersweet to hear when they found something else in the company.

The monitor boom may have ended, says IDC


What is missing is the comparison to growth or decline from pre-Covid

Obviously there was growth during Covid with monitors, webcams, and other accessories and peripherals. Many people even had to buy printers since they could not longer exploit the nice one at the office.

Only 29% of techies truly want to stay in current job


The current period is temporary

WFH for all is not sustainable in the long run so enjoy it for the near future. It is destroying loyalty to the company and to colleagues. How do you build cohesiveness with a once in a month meeting in person? The reason for the 'great resignation' is because it's no longer about friends at work, rather the people you see on the screen or only talk to on the phone/Skype. And all this is luxury of WFH is great if you live in the west with a large home but a disaster if you live in the east and have been working in a home which houses an extended family, without air-c, and power and internet that drops once a week on average. My colleagues in India are dying to get back to the office.