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Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects


Re: Next Week

Worked on a smallish team with a single QA guy. In a meeting one time he apologized for been such an asshole. We all laughed and the manager said, with a smile, thats why we hired you.

Crooks threaten to leak 3B personal records 'stolen from background check firm'


Problem is these companies are probably owned by a chain of several LLCs all of them holding basically no assets. So the actual wealth is untouchable.

AI red-teaming tools helped X-Force break into a major tech manufacturer 'in 8 hours'


Re: " ... a flaw in the manufacturer's HR portal..."

The problem I ran into is HR chose a system, pay for it and then run by security.

Tesla devotee tests Cybertruck safety with his own finger – and fails


Re: Who's next

The aristocrats!!!

Starlink geofence appears to have some gaping holes


Re: Another headache in the making

Seems to me only known terminals would be authorized. So how do unaithorized terminals still work?

UK's Investigatory Powers Bill to become law despite tech world opposition


Re: Enjoy the noise boys!

Will just give more money to Palantir...

Forget the AI doom and hype, let's make computers useful


Re: That is a quote I will keep

Reading along and started thinking what does pedantic mean...

Feds probe alleged classified US govt data theft and leak


Re: Wait, what? Classified material should NEVER be accessible from the Internet.

Sounds like what one can expect since Reaganomics gave us COTS.

Five Eyes tell critical infra orgs: Take these actions now to protect against China's Volt Typhoon


Re: A bit late?

Having worked in IT for a few decades and the last decade in cybersecurity. The main issue is lack of talent and budget. A big issue that I've seen is HR doing the hiring and being utterly incapable of identifying capable qualified staff. Also unqualified management that keeps buying promises and nothing usefull being delivered. My emploer hired a highly recommended person as CIO who forced Gurucul on us. What do you know they were on the Gurucul board of directors. It was a complete waste of money and never worked.

Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone?


They are starting to do that...

Intern with superuser access 'promoted' himself to CEO


Re: This is where technology lets you down

Being non-union salaried worker I still benefittd fro their being an union. Per union contract I had to be paid fpr over time. If asked to work the third shift worked 6 hours and got paid for 8 at time and a half


Re: This is where technology lets you down

Amateur. All union workers left by 5pm. We just waited until 5:30...

It's that most wonderful time of the year when tech cannot handle the date


Re: Don't people test edge cases any more? [Time Libraries: The Next Problem]

GNU emacs and g m n t

Thar be safe harbor: Reddit defeats third attempt to unmask digital pirates


Re: Good luck with IP addresses...

Most likely a CGNAT pool you that you share an IP with neighbors. The question is do they record traffic by source port mapped to your ISP owned equipment. I bet they do.

IT suppliers hacked off with Uncle Sam's demands in aftermath of cyberattacks


Re: "Trust us. We're with the government, and we're here to help."

I think its more of this is the government agency hamstrung by Reaganomics. Under the Reagan WH and repubs the mantry of Off The Shelf and downsizing government. The US gov has outsourced a lot of IT. Also a lot of oversight has been cut back as interference because all businesses are honest brokers.

Why do IT projects like the UK's scandal-hit Post Office Horizon end in disaster?


Re: Building software is hard...


Office gossips beware – chitchat could choke your career chances


File It Away

Never know when a secret can help come promotion time.

AI flips the script on fingerprint lore – maybe they're not so unique after all


No Evidence for Uniqueness

Interesting article: https://thecrimereport.org/2021/12/06/is-a-single-fingerprint-enough-to-convict/

From the article: While fingerprint matching, for example, is now a common tool in law enforcement investigations, there is still a lack of sufficient empirical studies that conclusively establish the uniqueness of the fingerprints, according to a study published in South Africa’s Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal.

You don't get what you don't pay for, but nobody is paid enough to be abused


Re: Problematic pattern recognition

More like they are leasing office space from a company that is owned by them.

Scripted shortcut caused double-click disaster of sysadmin's own making


Re: cd /tmp && rm -rf *

Set this up for all accounts

alias rm="rm -i"

TransUnion reckons big dump of stolen customer data came from someone else


Its All Smoke and Mirrors

They all claim we follow the best practices. Yet.we keep seeing data being stolen. I was a member of Infragard that requires me to provide a screen capture and copy of government ID to a third party that follow best practices. Not falling for that shit, again.

Lawsuit claims Google Maps led dad of two over collapsed bridge to his death


Re: Were there no signs indicating that the Bridge was out?

Not true, even in the southern states. Now what is true is many people in the South hate taxes and some move into neighborhoods where the roads are all private. Maintenance is genrally not very good. My question is why didnt some of those good southern christians put up some barricades.

ICANN warns UN may sideline tech community from future internet governance


Re: Reality is overrated

Dunning-Kruger aint a thing. Too much bias in the data.

Douglas Adams was right: Telephone sanitizers are terrible human beings


Re: Real Sanitizers

Listening to the radio series on NPR in the late 70s. I swear no Thai sticks were harmed during the listening.

JP Morgan accidentally deletes evidence in multi-million record retention screwup


Re: A different take on that point

I believe if you delete evidence, at least in USA, the judge can instruct the jury to consider it as evidence of guilt.

FBI: FISA Section 702 'absolutely critical' to spy on, err, protect Americans


Re: FBI is collecting foreign intel on a hacker in China

The FBI are police and the CIA are spies. The FBI is supposed to follow rules of evidence collection so it can be legally presented in court. The problem is the law was changed to provide a big loophole for the FBI and thy abused it.

India bans open source messaging apps for security reasons. FOSS community says good luck


Re: Confused Old Person Here.....

Not wireless comm expert, but maybe if we can generste enough background noise and hide actual coms in it.

Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late



Thats seems to be Oracle's standard ops. Over promise and under deliver. But all professional services do this.

Techie wiped a server, nobody noticed, so a customer kept paying for six months


Re: Removing resources and no-one noticed

Worked at a company of 200 employees or so. We all had to send weekly status reports to the owner. After four months I just started recycling them. Firgured he wasnt reading them all.


Re: Removing resources and no-one noticed

We knew no one was reading monthly report. Took a lot of resources and paper to generate and we were told oh no its very important, can do without it. So boss says put a new header on the report notifying that the report would be terminated by a date certain unless told otherwise. After a few months stopped generating the report. Never got one complaint.

Ex-Tweep mocked by Musk for asking if he'd actually been fired


Re: The price of Elon Musk aplogy

It ain't a jury, its the clause that said if fired we owe this guy $100 million (at least that is my understanding)...

ChatGPT has mastered the confidence trick, and that's a terrible look for AI


Re: A very good BS generator

I've worked on a lot of government contracts and they require writing a lot of BS that nobody actually reads just check off another box.


Open Book Test

In the near future rich kids won't need to hire someone to take tests to get into an elite University. A chat bot trained to specialize in a field could probably be put into a small portable computer and hooked up via smart glasses and a "hearing-aide". The glasses would scan the question, feed it into the chat bot, and viola an answer is provided.

p.s. I think the hearing aide method is better as it could be an actual hearing aide with connectivity to feed the answers. Whereas projecting the answer to the glasses might be detectable.


Re: "It’s a Dunning-Kruger effect knowledge simulator par excellence"

I asked ChatGPT if Dunning-Kruger effect is real. It took 4 paragraphs to say probably yes. I then asked it if "It’s a Dunning-Kruger effect knowledge simulator par excellence". Got into a back and forth discussion until it finally conceded that its possible that an AI could appear to have Dunning-Kruger but it can't actually have it cause it doesn't have emotions.

In a time before calculators, going the extra mile at work sometimes didn't add up


Re: Honesty kills

I've worked with too many frauds that retired successfully to accept your first comment. Over here in America a bunch of idiots voted one into office who still isn't wearing prison garb.

Oracle staff share news of sizable layoffs


Nothing Ever Changes...

Almost 30 years ago saw this with Oracle. All of a sudden the help desk help would suffer. Seems like they had laid off all the higher paid support staff. Kept seeing this happen over and over again.

Dev's code manages to topple Microsoft's mighty SharePoint


The wonderful hide all read emails. When the COO calls screaming that we have deleted all of their read emails...

Tesla Autopilot accounts for 70% of driver assist crashes, says US traffic safety body


Re: "a recall of 830,000 Autopilot-equipped Teslas"

True, but there is the possibility it is hw related. Say a fault in a sensor.

Did ID.me hoodwink Americans with IRS facial-recognition tech?


Bunch of Blah Blah Blah

I love how they always claim they saved tax payer monies, "Five state workforce agencies have publicly credited ID.me with helping to prevent $238 billion dollars in fraud. " This is standard fair with government agencies claims trying to justify all the monies spent on crap solutions. I've been in too many briefings by government agencies alluding to how much fraud exists and what they are doing to stop it. In all that time not one presentor showed us actual fraud to justify their claims. My belief is these systems exist to make money and not really prevent fraud. I believe these companies are just better at committing fraud then Thanos.

We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them


I take it you have never worked with one of these fools. I did for nearly 18 years (I was paid handsomely). Here is one example. This CEO calls the CIO and says his phone is broken get is fixed now. So the CIO sends the top Manager and 5 IT staffers (including me). We get to the CEOs office. He dials the number and it fails. He does this again and it fails. He does it again... He is pissed, he is dropping the f-bomb left and right. Yelling that he is the fucking owner and his phone should never fail.

The Manager calmly asks for the phone number and requests that he try. He selects speakerphone and dials the number correctly and it works. The CEO claims we must have fixed something. We all shuffle out of the office apologizing that we will never let that happen again.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. We had one guy on staff who's job was to take this abuse daily. He had a list of things he had to check every morning before the CEO arrived. The newest thing added to the list was dial a number and check that the CEOs phone was working.

FTC sues Intuit for false advertising, says 'free' TurboTax isn't always free


Re: Classic bait and switch

I filed last year and it was free. I started this year (for 2021 tax year) and at the end I can't file for free. No option. I even went to file free and get a but we checked if you needed to file a form (which I didn't) so now we have to charge you BS.

Went to IRS website and found several programs. Found one that I could use to file electronically my Fed and State returns at no cost.