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Textbook publishers sue shadow library LibGen for copyright infringement

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Re: Welcome to the new corporate Register

AC>Elsevier isn't mentioned in the article at all<

Article>Back in 2017, several domains of the controversial academic paper filesharing site Sci-Hub were made inactive following a court order and Dutch science publisher Elsevier won a $15 million order against its operator<

Here's why cloud credentials are the hottest item on criminal marketplaces

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>Stolen cloud credentials cost about the same as a dozen donuts<

Can anyone point me to the proper site in the dark web to buy working credentials?

Might get me back on the company cloud faster than waiting for our admins to work on my ticket to reset the password.

Norway court upholds miniscule fine against Meta for flouting privacy rules

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>there is no rule of precedent.<

But there is still a fundamental right to equalty before the law so it can come in front of the ECJ if courts in other european countries rule differently applying the GDPR in identical or at least similar cases.

Microsoft: China stole secret key that unlocked US govt email from crash debug dump

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Re: Someone even thought this was a good and acceptable idea?

Yes, it would have been much better to allow the QA and dev team to access the sensitive live server with debugging priviliges to figure out what caused the crash. Hm, wait a moment ....

Microsoft tells partners unbundling Teams is a 'compromise' with the EU

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Re: "The Register was able to download from Microsoft without entering channel partner credentials"

Considering making teams (or zoom) available to victims users an act of terrorism is a viewpoint i can understand but i don't think you can get any court to agree.

IT needs more brains, so why is it being such a zombie about getting them?

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Re: What are IT qualifications for in 2023?

>You find good developers by asking them to supply a complete smallish application they've written as a sample of their work<

Depending on how you ask for that you might although loose talent.

I'd be happy to deelop a sample application during a probationary period of a contract or when getting otherwise compensated but i do not work for free and i'm not going to waste my time to develop some useless application to impress a prospective employer.

Sure, give the new kid and his MCSE power over the AS/400. What could possibly go wrong?

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Re: AS/400

My tin foil hat says it wasn't IBM but <insert three letter agency of choice> back in the days when they didn't have the bandwith to copy all those disk using the network.

Farewell WordPad, we hardly knew ye

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Re: I'll Miss It

>I was mis-diagnosed as a genius<

Obviously, a real genius would have used the command line and unix2dos or one of the other options described in that wikipedia article.

==> Icon for getting the job done without the need to download and install something from the net

US Air Force wants $6B to build 2,000 AI-powered drones

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Human operators make the final call to drop bombs or fire missiles

AI wing control, as i'm probably too busy later you're weapons free when you are 50 clicks from the carrier group.

We'll show you our patents if you show us yours, say Huawei and Ericsson

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Re: Telecoms is too important…

At least it looks like i'm not the only one that thinks a sentence like

This agreement,,,includes patents covering a broad range of standards...

seems to indicate a big problem.

Patents, in other words exclusive rights to manufactore/produce/sell an invention covering a standard (i.e. something we want to be implemented exactly that way) should not be allowed.

Icon for the PTO -->

Why these cloud-connected 3D printers started making junk all by themselves

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Re: Cloud connected? FFS why?

>I also let the washing machine run on an auto cycle while I'm out

While your washing machine uses quite mature techonology and probably has extra protection to prevent water leaks insurance companies still like to claim leaving them unsupervised is grossly negligent.

Most people won't want to print anything when they are not at home and switching off the printer will not only make it safer but although safe power. I know it will probably be only 3-5W in standby but that is still energy that can be used for something more productive.

In my opinion it is ok to have an option to control your printer from the cloud for people that think it is a useful feature but it should definitely not be the default setting.

Want tech cred? Learn how to email like a pro

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My time is more important than your time

What kind of person wants to say that, and would you listen to them?

Seems we found a commentard that wants to send exactly that message.

"I'm too busy to care - my time is more important."

Germany to cut Huawei from networks 'irrespective of costs'

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No, i'd rather not be snooped on by anyone.

I can't tell if you want your post read verbatim or with implied sarcasm tags.

Florida Man and associates indicted for conspiracy to steal data, software

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Re: This is the most problematic indictment for him, by far

The wikipedia article is an interesting read but i'm not sure why you bring this up in the current dicussion. According to the article law enforcement went after them using not only legal but althogh "extralegal" means to "protect the greater good" - do you want that to happen again?

As the illegal stuff the FBI did stopped sucessful prosecution in those cases they'll probably not doing that again.

It shouldn't however be a suprise that law enforcement attempts to throw the book at anyone that uses violent means in capitol in an attempt to stop the normal rightful transfer of power from an outgoing government to the newly eletected one.

Veilid: A secure peer-to-peer network for apps that flips off the surveillance economy

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Black Helicopters

"All apps are equal, we're only as strong as the weakest node and every node is equal."

If that is true all those three letter agencies or other snoops would have to do is put up one intentionally weaked node and they have compromised the whole network. Why is he saying that like if it is a good thing?

India launches contest to build homegrown web browser

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>A prize pool of $411,000 is on offer to participants, along with mentorship from NIXI and other experts.<

Do they have any plans on funding bug fixes and further releases?

Even if they basis is FOSS and they can merge new features and bug fixes from upstream a lot of effort will be necessary to keep the browser viable for years.

Infosys launches 'sonic identity' – an aural logo to 'reinforce brand purpose'

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Sound jingle

When my company decided to pay for a radio commercial we were asked if we already had a "sound jingle" to use so having a kind of aural logo isn't really all that novel but a standard marketing practice.

Larry Ellison a major contributor to Blair Institute vaccine database plan

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So it was Larry and not Bill that added the 5g surveillence chips to the vaccine?

Verizon to 'sunset' Blue Jeans vidconf platform

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(Zoom) Meeting fatigue

If any particular meeting is face to face in the office or online in video chat or even hybrid with some people in the meeting room and others dialing in doesn't make a difference.

Too many meetings where you can't figure out why you're even invited(1) will cause fatigue as will too long meetings that have no clear agenda and meetings with too many participants.

(1) If you ask why they want you to participate the answer is usually "Just in case a question comes up that only you can answer"

S/4HANA was once the future for SAP – but now it's in the clouds

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Re: The one thing...

Looks like the benefit of agile for your supplier is that it allows them to outsource the QA to you as the customer.

Not much room to complain as they can point out that Micros~1 is doing the same thing and claim it's "best practice in IT".

Norway to hit Meta with fines over Facebook user privacy from next week

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Re: Meta

Meta should be very much aware that this is what the GDPR mandates and not what Datatilsynet is asking for.

Given that noyb filed the first complaint about Meta not complying with the rules in 2018 they had plenty of time to prepare that "switch to comply".

"Due process" is what allowed them to keep doing what they do and claim it is ok for different reasons but while that bought them time (and more than it should have) it doesn't last forever.

Meta is running out of time and excuses to collect all that juicy data without informed consent.

Boffins say they can turn typing sounds into text with 95% accuracy

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Practical attack?

What is the accuracy if they get good audio quality but can't train their model on the specific user and keyboard and location beforehand?

If that although falls down to 40% or lower like it does for "skilled users relying on touch typing" the attack is not all that practical.

When you can install a keylogger or similar to train your model there are easier ways to get the password ;)

Two US Navy sailors charged with giving Chinese spies secret military info

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Security clearance and pay grade

Are you saying espionage is unlikely as a PO2 does not have access to any interesting information?

I'm not all that familiar with US ranks and pay grades but i remember that an airman first class posted secret stuff on discord and from what i find on wikipedia that is two pay grades lower (A1C -> E3 and PO2 -> E5).

Junior status doesn't mean no access to sensitive information.

Even the cleaning staff has unsupervised access to anything unlocked in the office and the contents of the bin.

Meta says it'll ask Euro peeps nicely before hitting them with personalized ads

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Re: So they'll ask...

Exactly, the problem starts with them collecting and storing all kinds of data they should not be allowed to use for anything.

Them promising to get "explicit consent from EU users before using their data to serve up highly targeted ads" is not stopping them from collecting every data point they can access somehow.

Hong Kong High Court declines to force Big Tech to ban protest song

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"Ironically, the publicity over this application has apparently generated additional interest in the song,"

One Barbara Streisand could probably have provided some insight how lawsuits to hide things can have unintented consequences.

Clients turn to Indian IT outsourcers for AI faster than industry can train staff

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Re: Hey Companies

Interviewing will not get you very far with big outsourcing companies that have tens of thousands of engineers.

The big outsourcing companies will send their top people to the interviews but unless you have it in the contract that you get exactly th people you interviewed you're unlikely to have the top 10% working on your outsourced project.

TETRA radio comms used by emergency heroes easily cracked, say experts

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Re: Spectacularly irresponsible.

We may criticise security by obscurity but proving it doesn't work is spectactularly irresponsible?

The encryption was intentionally weakened meaning there must be some agency with the clout to push that weakened algorithm through and it is not unlikely they although made sure this is nailed down by the spec so they can listen in during the complete life cycle of TETRA. In effect someone is able to listen in on all the confidential conversations while having plausible deniability and you think the problem are those making that knowledge available to the services using TETRA and the general public and all would be fine if they just didn't say anything?

Just declassified: US senator caught up in Section 702 FBI surveillance dragnet

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Snooping data

Gotta love that the problem is only starting when the analyze the data and directly search for US citizens but nobody has an issue with the database containing so much data about those protected US citzines that it is deemed worth checking.

What are the rules for data acquistion in FISA?

Looks like the TLAs save any communication with any adjactened cell tower an hour before and after any foreigner calls someone on US soil.

Microsoft 'fesses to code blunder in Azure Container Apps

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Repeating the same actions and expecting different results...

After a service fails and fails again within 5 seconds of the restart what is the chance it will run fine after another restart with the next 5 seconds?

Micros~1 should have learned to (rate) limit the automatic restarts for services that fail directly after initialization a long time ago.

Typo watch: 'Millions of emails' for US military sent to .ml addresses in error

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Malicious compliance

When the first email with those instrucations at the end arrived my supervisor replied with "I deleted the email as i could not be sure i was the intented receiver. I will keep handling email with that affix that way and hope you appreciate my compliance with your instructions".

Producers allegedly sought rights to replicate extras using AI, forever, for just $200

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Re: rights to use their likenesses in AI – forever – for just $200

I'm almost sure the studio bosses could find people willing to do it for free if they search for those star wannabe stage hogs and stroke their ego.

"Do you have it in you to be the role model for a waiter (1) in our future block buster films? Sign up for an audition now"

(1)Other roles available

OECD finds 27% of jobs are under threat from AI

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AI or automatization?

An international policy think-tank has found 27 percent of jobs are in occupations under threat from AI and other forms of automation.

Do they see AI as a more efficient way of automation?

In some cases this may work but especially for dangerous tasks and/or those that have an impact to physical safety it is probably better to use a more conservative approach where ways to design it to fail safe are better understood.

Almost all classic US video games 'critically endangered'

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Re: Actually people are pretty good at archiving games

just lobby to get it changed to 50 years after publication

I'd go a step further and ask for copy right to expire once the right holder doesn't publish the protected content for more than 3 years (and using reasonable conditions like price can't be higher than 5 times the orignial price adjusted for inflation).

If their own estimate is it is no longer commercially viable to publish the content they won't be loosing anything.

Fedora Project mulls 'privacy preserving' usage telemetry

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We are not interested in opt-in metrics.

So will you violate the GDPR or just not collect any data in the EU region?

I'll have to read up what they claim they want to use the telemetry for. Wasn't the Gnome team's usual reaction to feedback to ignore it as they know better than the users what is needed?

Ex-Amazon manager jailed for stealing $10M using fake vendor invoices

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Re: "more crimes while on release after posting bond"

Throwing around money buying luxury cars is one of those things that gets colleagues to start asking questions like 'How can they afford that'. Not sure if that was the case here but that is what gets a lot of schemes discovered.

Probably hard to have millions in the bank and not using them where others can see.

Let's have a chat about Java licensing, says unsolicited Oracle email

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Re: Obviously, I would know my compliance position

Keep in mind that it was Oracle licensing expert Craig Guarente, Palisade Compliance founder and CEO that said he'd know his compliance position.

He probably wouldn't mind companies asking Palisade for assistance before responding to that mail from Oracle.

The number’s up for 999. And 911. And 000. And 111

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Re: 112

The powers that were in charge locally back then decided to use 112 (fire), 113 (police), 114 (medical) because it was faster to dial a 1 than a 9 on the rotary dial (and i believe although faster and less error prone to make the connection using those old fashioned two-motion selectors).

Mystery Intel bug halts shipments of some Sapphire Rapids Xeons

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Pentium of Borg: Mathematics is futile. You will be approximated.

Cops told: Er, no, you need a wiretap order if you want real-time Facebook snooping

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What a strange thing - Facebook prevails in court and i like the courts decision.

Rocky Linux claims to have found 'path forward' from CentOS source purge

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Re: Ignoring the big issue

"The core argument is that the free rebuilds of RHEL add no value either to Red Hat as a company or to the open source ecosystem as a whole; they simply deprive Red Hat of revenue that it fairly earned producing arguably the stablest of stable distros… "

The big issue for me is that IBM took something provided with a copy left license and now tries to say they are compliant with the license while attempting to restricting the copy right.

Nothing in the GPL says others have to provide additional value to anyone upstream when they exercise their right to copy/modify/use the source so that core argument doesn't have any merit.

The discussion if free and open source allows for a sustainable commercially viable business model is interesting but i haven't seen anything in any copy left type license that says you are free to add additonal restrictions if the original license doesn't fit your business model.

Think of our cafes and dry cleaners, says Ohio as budget slashes WFH for govt workers

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It doesn't really come as a suprise that the mayor of a big city wants people to keep coming and spending their money in the city, does it?

After all businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, dry cleaners pay municipal taxes and having them move to the fringe area outside the current city limits will cut into the city budget.

Why the state would want it to stay that way is a more interesting question.

Techie wasn't being paid, until he taught HR a lesson

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Re: Unique keys

I never visited a school in the UK but i took an exam for the Cambridge First Certificate in English so having a way to uniquely identfiy someone that takes exams but doesn't have a UPN/ULN is probably a good idea. Of course you could just assign a UPN but my guess is that whoever is in charge of assigning UPN and ULN doesn't care about external guys taking exams at universities.

SSD missing from SAP datacenter turns up on eBay, sparking security investigation

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A majority of servers probably do not use an OS compatible with BitLocker.

While solutions to encrypt data at rest will be available it is very optimistic to assume that all major corporations use that - just look through recent articles on el Reg and you'll find examples where they struggle when they have to restore data from backups.

With good phyiscal security in the server rooms and data that is not very sensitive it might even be a good decision not to encrypt the disks removing an extra complication layer for backups (and saving you some cpu cycles for a software solution or saving some money if using hardware based encryption).

Apple stomped all over NYC store workers' union rights, judge rules

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Workers rights in the US

Judge rules Apple violated workers rights in an unprecedented way and the result is they have to promise not to do so again and post a notice?

I bet Apple managers will unable to sleep soundly with those harsh punishments meted out. /s

Why is Apple allowed to monitor employees on CCTV in an area designated for them to be in when they are not on the clock?

Compared to that Europe is a worker's paradise, might explain why some Americans seem to think we are all communists.

Data leak at major law firm sets Australia's government and elites scrambling

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holier than thou

It is like the rules for breaking encryption. All the politicians agree that law enforcement needs access to encrypted chat communication - unless the leo's want to listen in on the politician's chat.

Whose line is it anyway, GitHub? Innovation, not litigation, should answer

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Consensus reached by whom?

"That certainly has its problems, but the consensus is that it's too useful and not damaging enough to outlaw."

Which group of people exactly reached that consensus and can we get a link to where they posted that decision?

If there was a generally accepted consensus reached on those questions there would be no need for courts to make a new d

No-no cop: Illinois bans drones from using facial recognition or weapons

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Black Helicopters

Ban on "onboard" only?

the statute initially bans "onboard facial recognition software that works in conjunction with the drone,"

Easy to work around, you don't have facial recognition on board but only the camer to record and stream to a ground station.

The facial recognition software can then run on some iron on the ground - easier to do that way anyway if you want to use the power supply of the drone to keep it in the air and not to power some processing.

Bad times are just starting for India's IT outsourcers, says JP Morgan

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

'we have always done it that way' is something you can ignore but you should still keep those grumpy old guys in the communication loop.

'we have tried that a couple of years back and had to roll it back after x' is something that might help you save effort and money.

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Digital assistants and LLM boosting productivity by an order of magnitude?

With 20 years of experience in my field i can get away with just implementing new stuff without too much formal specification and get it to work. I'd need signifcantly more time than implementing it myself to just write the specification to outsource it to a team without domain knowledge and the other systems and interfaces the software has to work with so can believe that part.

Beating a team that hasn't previously worked in our environment will work as long as i'm able to finish the project close to the time they need to understand what they are supposed to do so it should work for at least the smaller projects. Even with having more experience than the 4 members of our smallest team together i can see no way that copilot or Bing chat (or whatever tool) boosts my output enough to compete with that team on my own.

We could probably use LLM to produce the specification and other documentation and not have noticable changes in the quality of those documents but using those to outsource will probably end even worse than our latest attempt (wasn't involved in that until they called me in to help fix it two month after the commissioning date).

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Respected jobs/education

"Other countries where Engineers (or medicine, etc) are valued, push their kids into university"

Seems to be true for a lot of european countries other than Blighty but that causes a problem that might be worse.

There's no respect for traditional craft masters let alone journeymen or apprentices thus parents attempt to send every kid to university (even those that seem to struggle with basic reading comprehension skills).

I predict that the biggest issue with the skilled labour shortage hitting for real is going to be plumbers and other jobs where you need to get your hands dirty and not us IT guys.