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MIT eggheads plan Israeli airstrike on Iran nuke factories


Iran's Problem

I'd personally say that Nantez isnt as protected as the Iranians think. Anyone who has worked with gyros knows how sensitive they are. A small earthquake would completely destroy the servicability of every installed centrifuge. It doesnt really matter how many SAM's they have protecting it. Those and the radar stations are the first to go with sub and destroyer launched stealth cruise missiles.

It's my opinion that a country that threatens a neighbor with destruction and uses terrorist organizations to fight their war cannot be allowed to obtain enriched nuclear material of any kind.

Viacom sues Google for $1bn



The way the MPAA does it is like 50k times the number of infringing songs. I personally think that proving damages will be funny because google would only have to get a study saying people who download wouldnt buy if they couldnt or didnt download or people who download are more likely to buy than those who dont. Should this go to a jury trial I would like to see a countersuit by google for racketeering and abuse of monopoly. Viacom doesnt have a monopoly over all movies but they do have over 100 years on the songs they publish which is more than enough in my opinion to be considered a monopoly. Really drug companies get 7 years starting from the day they begin research which would be more fare

Torture and '24' - because it hurts us less than the real thing?


Agree with Alastair

This guy is right. Everytime I can think of they either torture the wrong person or they have to torture and trick them. Torture never yields the real answers on 24. Its quite difficult to credibly criticize something you've never actually watched.


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