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California Governor signs child privacy law requiring online age checks


Re: Simple way to dispense with the need for an age check

"Hence such age checks are Unconstitutional."

so does that apply to drinking, driving, owning a gun?? (not all at the same time hopefully)

Oracle seeks $1b savings, staff prepare for layoffs


Oracle's internal mantra (yes ex-employee here)

If you are not sales or marketing, you are considered an overhead....

Thinnet cables are no match for director's morning workout


Token Ring

Brings back memories of broadcast storms on Token Ring (11Mb?) networks.

Happy Fridays ---->

ZX Spectrum, the 8-bit home computer that turned Europe on to PCs, is 40


sorry youre wrong. Linux would have never been a thing without the QL


Russia bans foreign software purchases for critical infrastructure


back to these days?


It took them how long to reverse engineer just the Uncommitted Logic Array??

Samsung updates its most popular smartphone range


Re: *This* shiny stone is much better than that shiny stone I sold you yesterday!

happy fridays.

got to say that I am getting f**king sick of this. a new shiny every few months has perpetuated this attitude that I MUST have the latest and f**k the environment when i bin a perfectly functional device.

icon? our world, soon.

Machine-learning models more powerful, toxic than ever


hummm ----->

Amazon cuts credit for charities to access web services


Re: Isn't this just bait'n'switch?

behaving like every drug dealer. fist one is always free.....

Sony Interactive Entertainment pulls PlayStation from Russia


Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

I think you will find that Putin made the unilateral decision to elect himself leader. Elevating himself from Prime Minister to whatever the f**k he is now.

TikTok under investigation in US over harms to children


Re: It's the algorithm?

Let people find content for themselves? these days people expect information to be spoon fed to them.

finding out for themselves, sounds to much like hard work!

The main issue is, children do not have the wisdom to understand what they are watching is harmful or not.

The press have a code of conduct, so you can call them out then they publish something harmful/slanderous. We require that sort of oversight here....