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IBM lifts lid on latest bid to halt mainframe skill slips


Re: Most commenters have missed the point

Can't comment on the UK/EMEA, but the biggest telcos in both the US and Australia are doing billing on mainframes and will be for a long time.

IBM’s first cloudy mainframes scheduled to launch this week


Short memories?

First ever cloudy mainframes? IBM offered z/OS as an IaaS for year under the zCloud banner. The only reason they're creating this now is because zCloud was spun off into Kyndryl late last year, leaving a hole in their offerings.

IBM Cloud to offer Z-series mainframes for first time – albeit for test and dev


IBM offered a zCloud IaaS for the last few years, but then offloaded it with Kyndryl. There's been production workloads running on it for quite a while now.

Sounds like IBM are just trying to recreate it on their public site after they sold it off.