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Former Oracle execs warn that Big Red's auditing process is also a 'sales enablement tool'


A few points

1. We have a rather large application that brings in a huge chunk of revenue and the vendor doesn't offer any DB options aside from Oracle. Users of this system don't care about the ridiculous licensing costs and need for 250k in staffing to keep it going.

2. We licensed a dedicated VMWare cluster to handle it and a few other Oracle databases. Send Oracle screen shots of our storage and VMware setup so they can certify our environment.

3. Pro tip: Original licenses were purchased about 20 years ago and the maintenance has compounded nicely in Oracle's favor. It would provide a payback of only 3 years to purchase completely new licenses and get the all new updated maintenance rate. A sales rep with a conscience told us this but made us swear not to let anyone know. I'm sure he's moved on. Still our management hasn't raised the issue with budget powers but one day we will stick it to Oracle by handing them a million dollars and thumbing our noses at them.