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HP Labs ponders grabbing attention in the age of social computing

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@Jon and Mike

What a refreshing conversation. Glad to hear that someone in marketing agrees that most advertisements are awful. I was wondering this morning what sort of marketing brain came up with a billboard for a Honda SUV where the largest word on the sign was "bloated"... Mmm, enticing!

New Jersey scraps death penalty

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@kain preacher

"Prisoners often have to worry about being rape, stabbed or killed"

Well thank goodness here outside the prison walls we are totally free from those worries.

999 comes to VoIP

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Black Helicopters

Vonage 911

One could register an address as their 911-response address when using Vonage. There was, of course, a lengthy disclaimer to go through when committing to the address.

Mobiles for emergency calls seem a bit trickier, though what am I really worried about? That's how the government tracks my every move anyway...

Dell sits on cybersquatters

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Pretty clear.

Without getting into the debate over whether Dell's computers are worthwhile, it's rather clear that the domains listed as being camped are directly aimed at Dell.

It gets a little more gray when it comes to domains like http://www.shelltrading.com/, where it started off as a somewhat legitimate ownership by a woman who traded shells, but now is being camped - possibly in an attempt to get the trading branch of Royal Dutch Shell to (pun intended) shell out some mad cash.

I'll be happy to see a little more sanity come back to domain registration.

Electrical supe charged with damaging California canal system

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@anon re: @ian

It's not an avatar - it's an "avvie", just like the recent need for "mobe" and "supe". Come on, now.

Wii-like motion-control games to come to the PS2

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@Anonymous Coward who still doesn't get it

I think Graham is supporting the idea that individuals actually have distinct tastes. Just because five people you know enjoy Wii's game styles doesn't mean that everyone does. I know, it might take a while for that to sink in. I'll wait.

Ready, now? Good. I still play, for instance, a game that was released on SNES and repackaged for the PS1. I'm thinking of getting a PS2 so that I can play my single PS2 game, as well as all my old PS1 games, without having to hook up multiple consoles. I'm perfectly fine enjoying the sprite-based ultra-pixellated graphics from my old beloved SNES game, despite the fat cartoonish Wii style, or the super-photorealistic PC/PS3 games I could be playing.

Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft

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How eaxctly are the big bad terrorists getting the actual explosives into the plane itself, that all they lack is a cellphone trigger?

Schwarzenegger terminates data breach bill

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Less law.

The fewer laws, the more responsibility individuals must retain. And who wants that? Want to buy things without being tracked? Introducing this fabulous new concept - CASH.

Arctic sea ice loosens grip on Northwest Passage

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@Steve Roper

Do you really think the US and UK, when calling for for a shipping route to be 'international', will really use anything other than their own twisted definition of the word?