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Being one of the 1% sucks if you're a Rackspace user


"When asked for an exact customer count, "It's 1 percent of our overall company revenue," Rackspace Chief Product Officer Josh Prewitt told The Register..."

This kind of crap drives me nuts. He was asked for the number of impacted customers, even if he can't give an exact number he could give an estimate, but instead he chooses to focus on the only thing that matters to them, revenue, and in doing so makes it all about the company rather than the affected customers.

I'm so sick of this kind of attitude from businesses and governments who think everybody is obsessed with revenue / growth / share price etc, and seem to forget that without the customers they wouldn't have any revenue in the first place

Typical selfish, greedy minded response from a C-Suite and tells you all you need to know about the companies focus and priorities.

Or in modern parlance..."Tell me you're obsessed with revenue without telling me you're obsessed with revenue"


COVID-19 was a generational opportunity for change at work – and corporate blew it


A different point of view...

A lot of people are saying they would not want to work for a company that insisted on you being in the office. I'm not looking at the minute (in fact after just over 20 years in I.T. I'm making plans to hang up my keyboard and mouse and go down a different career path) however if I were to be looking I certainly would not work for any company that didn't offer at least the option to go into the office.

When the pandemic started I thought the ability to WFH would be great, it was even something I had previously pushed for on occasion, however as time went on I started to realise just how depressing and soulless it is not seeing and interacting with people on a daily basis at work.

I changed jobs at the end of 2020 and fortunately for me I have been allowed to go into the office a fair amount since (barring lockdown periods and times where more restrictions were imposed). Our team is split pretty much 50/50 between those who go into the office regularly and those who prefer working from home. One thing that I have noticed, that you certainly don't get working from home, is all the little bits of knowledge you pick up simply by being around people:

"Oh, you're doing x ?, do you know you can do it this way?", "You're working on an issue that affects Y? I saw something similar last week and resolved it this way..." "I'm trying to figure out how to do Z. Oh I spoke with someone yesterday, there's an issue with it"

These are all things that just happen naturally when you are around people and pick up on bits of conversation and which don't necessarily translate the same way to Teams / Zoom / Slack etc

I also like being in a proper office environment with proper equipment and facilities and seeing and interacting with people rather than just staring at the same four walls everyday.

I accept the above is not for everybody but would just like to offer a different view and state that not everybody is over the moon with permanent working from home. To me the ideal mix would be 4 days in the office, 1 day working from home because I accept and realise there are some days where it is just easier / more convenient to work from home, but I certainly would not want to make it the norm and would not want to interview for any company that had a 100% WFH policy