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SourceForge reverses ban on US foes

Richard Hebert

Move em then ?

Moving " en masse " to servers located outside the US is an alternative.

Which basically is a good idea.I think sourceforge is and has done a terrific

job over the years but this may be an occasion the other software sites need to

take advantage of to position themselves favorably.This is an occasion for another

service to grow.

Linux webserver botnet pushes malware

Richard Hebert

Patch , patch and patch

Servers need to have their security patches applied !

Most the time when something happens like this it's some lousy admin

too lazy to install the patches for the servers.

Patch your boxes , run regular updates and pay attention to GLSA's or

their equivalents for other distros.Stay out of trouble and have a pint.

Apple Store pillaged in 31 seconds

Richard Hebert

Time to get busted ?

As soon as those machines show up on the net they will be

able to track them.Hope they arent clever enough to immediately

wipe the hard drives and most of all , stay off the net.

These guys move fast though .. think ill call them when i need

a team of movers , anyone's got their telephone number ? ; )

New trial means Unix ownership still up for debate

Richard Hebert

Yes and no

In fact when you read everything about the SCO case ( and there's volumes , best bet groklaw )

you will find that this is very little and too late. The only one that can allow any more litigation is the Trustee ( which still remains to be appointed afaik ) On the whole debate of copyrights of unix , we , linux users , dont give a hoot. there is nothing in our code that was proven to infringe at any time .IT's been said time and time again .. show us the code that infringes and by tomorrow it's gone .. except that noone ever showed anyone just that . It's all bullcrap and whether Novell or SCO have the copyrights after the asset sale is totally irrelevant to us.

SCO is out the picture . Relax , use Linux and be merry

First success for vulture breeding programme

Richard Hebert

Adopt-A-Vulture program ?

Would be fun to actually have a vulture adoption program

We could all chip in , have the vulture called Reg and well .. simply know

we did something good. Or someone take it one step further and start a

Save the Vultures foundation.. ( with funds channeled through our beloved bofh ; )

All in all good news , everytime a species is saved is a great day for all living creatures.

OpenOffice bug/feature stirs 'horde of angry chimps'

Richard Hebert

Time for a switch

Sorry for being obvious .. but cant we put in a switch in a menu somewhere and have both behaviors available , menu selected ? Sounds like a lot of fuss for a simple plumbing job.


Whining serial commentard bemoans Reg bullying

Richard Hebert

beer time

Really .. his foul mouth needs a good squirt of toilet cleaner and brush.

We should be allowed to harass him online till his Mother tells us he's learned

his lesson. Meanwhile .. im going for a few cold ones.


Stilt-walking Cirque du Soleil founder turns space tourist

Richard Hebert

Being there helps understand

Guy started the One Drop foundation ( and i was there for the event with the Prince Of Monaco visiting the headquarters here in Montreal .. quite a treat ) because so many children do not have access to clean safe drinking water all around the globe. That is the purpose and mission these

people have invested themselves and their money ( 200 millions to start ) in order to provide communities in need with a supply of clean water. In itself , the new Cirque buildings have also been made to recycle rain water etc etc .. to top it off .. on the 7 th floor , they made a gigantic cone shaped rain collector . The intent is clear , help people. Raise awareness and money to help.

He worked hard to get there . We are proud of him. His mission was to put a smile on people.

It still is The whole of the Province of Quebec and Canada are proud of him.And if he gets a blast out of it , so much the better. He worked hard to get there and by all means , have a heck of a trip blasting off.

Bon voyage Guy :)

Microsoft supplies Interpol with DIY forensics tool

Richard Hebert

Useless in .. hmm .. 5 days

A copy will find itself on the net soon enough , then in a few days , all their tricks

will be known and soft spots it exploits , and within 5 days all that soft will be useless.

Cheer up .. we're about to have a good time with that toy kit. ; )


Superfast-charging batteries? Whoa there, MIT

Richard Hebert

quick charge

the alternate to quick charging is quick swapping.

get out the highway and get to the battery station .. bit like in a car wash you

drive your car up to the track , vehicle is then took over the change pit.

robot takes the complete battery pack and sends it to the charge station ,

( at which point we dont care about charge time/amps /wiring etc. )

then while still rolling a second robot gets a charged pack and swaps it in

the car We would need a standard battery pack size for all cars.

There's ways to get a fresh charge

An alternate is a charge lane on the highway equipped with electrified

tracks that you can connect to using a set of pads / rails .

We will work it out, and get rid of the gun against our heads held by the

OPEC and gas producing countries.

They are running the economy of all countries to the ground by charging

high gas prices. They know it. In fact as far as appearances go .. they count on it.

Gas is our enemy , the gas industry is the enemy of the people.

We need all the good ideas to set ourselves free from the slavery brought upon us

by the use of gas.

The coat : it's dang cold over here :)

IT questions Obama's IT stimulus

Richard Hebert

This aint protectionism

Exactly .. this is a stimulus package , a one shot deal meant to boost back the US economy ..

So we all have to understand this is not something permanent .. we're talking about US taxpayer

dollars and the way this is used to make a maximum effect on the home economy.

I totally agree with them. Their money in their pockets where feasible economically.

IT's just plain common sense .. Reverse the situation and think about your hard earned

money .. would you like to send it overseas ?


Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

Richard Hebert

a page of irony

Come on .. you cant possibly be serious :) and you're not , we know. First .. let me call 911 and get you to a nice place filled with good guys that dress you up warm in one of them new trendy shirts that close at the back , and give you some of them feel good pills ..

my 2 cents worth :

Expect to pay 300 to replace WinME , cause it was so crappy ..

Expect to pay yet another 300 to replace XP ( it's so old and passe .. join the Vista generation )

Expect to pay yet another 300 bucks to replace that total crap Vista you got .

See a pattern ? no ? good .. I wanted to talk to you about shares in the great Brooklyn Bridge, a sure investment ..

Microsoft is the wal-mart of computing. Personally i just cant stand to buy crap that will end up in the garbage.But you go ahead and pay them yet another 300 bucks .. Bill Gates needs it to put a gold mast on his yatch .. Come on .. fork it out .. :) You can afford to make him rich .. while you stay poor :D , mentally and economically.

Robotic exoskeleton gets gardening job

Richard Hebert

Batteries ?

Err nice suit but where are the batteries ? and how much do they weight to assist a worker for a half day ?

will he have to carry an ac cord around the feild ? Dosen't look too comfortable either.For now it's certainly a curiosity and research item but imho .. we're far from the bionic farmer taking his cows in by throwing them over his shoulder :)

Good day

Sony rallies chums round proprietary standard

Richard Hebert

Sony ? well .. errr make mine a lager

@Sam Turner Worse. Twice in the middle of a firmware transfer to a controller, the vaio i had bluescreened and scrapped the controllers. had to send the processors back to factory for repairs.Crestron controllers are very expensive and this is unacceptable. That vaio is now used for unimportant mail and web stuff.

For the rest : trust Sony to make the wrong moves. I stay away from them.But on a lighter note. I have a portable 7 transistor Sony AM radio dating back to early 60's and it still works very well. Much of their professional stuff i work with is top notch. Yes they do have a bunch of stuff they invented and still do. Yes as a company ( service and sales ) they do suck , big time ( selling direct to important clients after a company made the sale , happened in Canada ) and all round being hard to deal with.But their equipment works and broadcast would be in shit without them. So ..

Though they are highly dislikeable , they do make stuff work.Proprietary or not if it works , people will buy it. Not because it's a Sony , simply because it works.People need simplicity, Auntie Clarice dosen't see the difference between an open and a shared proprietary standard.

All in all , i don't need it so why should i care ? :) Time for a few pints at the bar


Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade

Richard Hebert

Typical BS

It's typical , happens all the time in America, both north of the line and south ..

But then again .. are we asking to those people to show intellectual honesty ?

I mean .. are you seriously thinking that those politicians can show deep , real

genuine intellectual honesty ? Come on . These are politicians after all ..

Politicials will cheat , lie an do whatever it takes to keep hold of power.

They are low lifes . All of them . What's worse .. we keep electing them ..

Do we deserve our politicians ? hmm .. thinking about it , perhaps we do.

As for the girls .. leave em be .. they need our support not hatred or laws.


The Alien : You got to be one to beleive you can stop prostitution.

AMD unleashes open-source 3D code

Richard Hebert


radeonhd's efforts are extremely honourable, and they work .

im using radeonhd for a few weeks now and it does most the

common tasks required by a desktop.

It's experimental , unstable , needs a bit of research to make it work

but it's already for those common tasks, imho, better cause it resolves a set of

issues that were annoying under fglrx ( ctl alt f 1 2 .... didnt work . exiting x freezed the machine etc )

are gone.

All around a good peice of work . much needs be done , but keep your ear to the ground.


mine's the coat : got to go shovel :(

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

Richard Hebert

About Dave

Sorry to hear Steve.We all need a Dave in our lives.

A spot check. A reference. I call Philippe my sanity check.

Loosing a friend is always hard.

From all of us, to his family and yourself our sincere condoleances.

The article is nice. But what we forget at times as readers , is the

people behind the keyboards.

All the best , and by all means , find a new " sanity check "

God do you ever need one :)


Caterpillar plans 600 tonne godzilla-lorry robots

Richard Hebert

Easy to take out

what you need to take out one of these easily is a Druzynic battle tank.

unfortunately .. they come only in one color . ( check New Captain Scarlet episodes ) .


CERT: Linux servers under 'Phalanx' attack

Richard Hebert

some results ..


i checked .. at least on latest available versions for Gentoo rkhunter chkrootkit at 5 am EST do not detect that particular rootkit .. at least it aint in the list that they check for.

bit amazing but that's what the program spits out in it's out on terminal.

bunch of rootkits .. but no phalanx.

still the solution is the same : dont need ssh on the public interface running ? shut it down.

btw .. that's an issue known for months and a non issue on a lot of

distros .also .. that aint the first rootkit .. that aint the last...

a lot of noise for much of nothing. :)


FuzzyTheBear ..

Houston, we have a virus

Richard Hebert

you're all missing the obvious ..

They get those surfing for pr0n ..

heck .. the guys get lonely .. give them a break !


Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

Richard Hebert

let's change the headline a bit

to " Scientists invent a better emergency cutoff switch. Top electrical engineers find using squirrels as emergency cutoff switches to be more efficient than traditional breakers .. more details pages 34-37 .. "

The Humane society might object for a bit .. but heck .. it's them or us ..

lets fry some Quaida butt ! ..


Lesbos climax as lesbians lick Lesbians

Richard Hebert

" Our interrest "

" Our interest in the matter is purely legal, except for a couple of the Vulture Central adsales boys, whose interest in the matter is strictly illegal."

< ahem >

Not to mention tickle the funny bone till all the vultures

are in a heap , laughing their asses off so much they

couldnt lick a stamp to save their lives .

Which i still cant .. medics tell me ill stop laughing

around 2010 where they will be able to try make a

rescue attempt ..

Good day .


Japan kicks off electric car format war

Richard Hebert

special lanes

special lanes with conductive strips of some kind would be nice

just get on the highway electric car lane , get the brushes to make

contact with the power lines , and let the car be powered by the

grid ..

hmm .. im smoking way too much

File system killer Reiser rejected 3-year sentence

Richard Hebert

opportunity knocks

makes space for some bright new kid with new , fresh ideas

that wants to fiddle a file system " just for fun " with a bunch other

guys in computer labs.

why not even make it a competition betwen universities ?

and may the best fs win

DOJ sinks another EliteTorrent admin

Richard Hebert

Disturbing ?

Well .. there's a disturbing part in all this ..

How can websites have films before they are released ?

Cause they are leaked by the studio employees themselves !

Stop complaining , get a grip on your employees and if anything

take a beer , a valium and go to bed


ill be off for a few weeks .. this story is too much to handle.

San Franciscans prep monument to US prez

Richard Hebert

A fitting punishment ..

need i say more ?

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

Richard Hebert


We're getting it fine here now.

In the right version i might add.

Great new browser , whatever the record attempt's result

you win downloading it. Everyone wins.


Romanian and Turkish scientists turn circuit boards into oil

Richard Hebert

More plastics , more oil ..

Read somewhere recently people were using

12 microwave guns at different frequencies , to

decompose plastics and turn them back into oil ..

Now this ..

What we'd really need right now is a way to get rid of

our oil addiction altogether.Not more ways to get some.

Time for a pint.

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead

Richard Hebert

Alternate explanation :

Simple .. the author read the article on pot and decided to

prove them wrong about their insanity figures :)

err .. or did she just prove them right ?

ill be off

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy

Richard Hebert

Just legalise

Imagine the drop in criminality if the gov instead of trying to throw us

all in jail would instead sell us the stuff ..

Can you see the new roads , schools and additional health care

funding ? ...

I certainly can .. heck .. can't anyone think in government ?

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

Richard Hebert
Black Helicopters

Leave it at home ? LOL

If you travel with an empty laptop and just download the data once you're in the US you're still screwed .. they check all the data going across the internet and feed all that to the NSA .. any way you look at it . they have your data.

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

Richard Hebert

Congrats :)

Thanks for those ten years .

Hope to see you in another 10 .. at which time ill make sure to

have a few pints raised in your honor.All i got is soda . .oh well

Cheers :)

Schmidt and Benioff try to rain on Microsoft parade

Richard Hebert

interresting notions for discussion

I do agree with the " private data , private hardware " principle.

In fact one does not null out the other at all but is the basis for

something totally exciting.

If all the known apps are on a server somewhere , no matter where ,and

that this is a known " clean source " of applications , i wouldn't mind at

all being anywhere on the planet, take on any computer , put in my USB key , or whatever device i keep my private data on , and use the apps that the server is loading on the PC.

I could have any program that i paid licenses for , served to me

on any computer i wish to use and sit at . ! .. im in Rio and need to

change a drawing ? fire up autocad the web edition and do it right

there at any workstation .. The concept is fantastic.

It's application in reality is another.

We need to look forward to the future , and dream ,

dreamers that shape tomorrow's reality.

We need to reinvent and shape the future to make

it a better place for all.In this matter , Google has made

tremendous steps.

Right now , it's pretty dang pathetic :D

I'll be off


Yahoo! to post Google ads on Yahoo!

Richard Hebert

Pot Calls Kettle .. Pot Calls Kettle ..

Pot calling kettle black ?

" Microsoft fired back with a warning that a formal Yahoo-Google alliance would give Google too much control over the the search advertising market. "Any definitive agreement between Yahoo! and Google would consolidate over 90% of the search advertising market in Google's hands," Smith said in a statement. "This would make the market far less competitive, in sharp contrast to our own proposal to acquire Yahoo!"

Who's got 90 % of the desktop market again ?

Ill be off

AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer

Richard Hebert

Here we go again !

Software patents are a plague.

Need i say more ?

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

Richard Hebert

Farewell to a Dreamer

He has inspired a many to reach for the stars.

He gave us a lot. Time for him to find rest and peace.

He will be missed


SCO details bleak future

Richard Hebert

Cant sell what they dont own .. at least in part ..


that's exactly what the Novell case was about ..

Novell never sold the copyrights and IP to SCO for the

part they sold to SCO .. Groklaw has plenty on the matter.

So .. SCO don't hold the copyrights . therefore a great deal of it

they cant sell cause it's not theirs .. See the rulings from the judge.

An extremely interresting case to say the least.


Nintendo Wii hack opens door to homebrew games

Richard Hebert

Happy ?

Shouldnt Nintendo be happy that people can actually

use the hardware for their own games ?

I mean .. anything that could boost the sales of hardware

should be well seen in my book ..

In fact .. why not let people make games and develop

games ? Sell em to Nintendo if they think it's good enough for

distribution .. give the guys credit and royalties ..

In fact : when is the first " open " platform going to appear ?

Would be fun for the consumer and game players to be able to use any game they want on their hardware..

Google suffers patent blow

Richard Hebert

SCO wannanbees

nothing else than people trying to get rich on

the back of other people's work ..

moving right along folks .

Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

Richard Hebert

Heck of a reference ..

For such a position , wouldnt we all get a

reasonable background check made ?

This is quite embarassing im sure .. and i beleive they

will be WAY more carefull who they hire next.

i hope ..


BTW : is the content of wikipedia checked for accuracy as much

as they checked her background ?

/end sarcasm

Canadian Taser death caught on camera

Richard Hebert

Unacceptable all the same

There was no justification for the tazing period.

The 3 of them could have made the arrest without shooting

the guy with the tazer.

Those cops were just showing they're cowards.

In fact .. i wonder when a cop will be held criminally

responsible for a death in such circumstances.

About time that they use the same standards for the cops

as they do civilians. Murder is murder.

Homicide by negligence whatever you call it.

Just hope someone does jail time here.

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

Richard Hebert

How about El Reg readers ?

It would be interresting to know how much linux users are visiting El Reg


What's the ratio of win / lin / mac /other that come visit these pages :)

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

Richard Hebert

Mustard with it ?

The only thing really worrying is that MS really can do anything

they want with machines that run windows.

If they can .. what's preventing the NSA and other spying agencies

of getting in just as discretly as they did and plant software ?

Or for that matter , disable all microsoft rinning computers in case of

cyber warfare ?

Think about it .. it aint all that farfetched ..

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

Richard Hebert

Come on :)

All open source development on top of windows ?

really ? Is he on drugs or something ?

Think that we are going to waste our time making his product more attractive ?

Dream o .. oh .. true .. he's on drugs .. got to be ..

No seriously .. he's got to be delerious , drunk , stoned or all the above

to think we're going to spend our time and talent trying to give his

product value..

Pass him that pipe again .. he's too funny stoned out like this :)

Chernobyl to get new steel lid

Richard Hebert


I will always remember the courage of the people going in to try

to cap and extinguish the inferno.Heroes that knew they were sent

to their deaths trying to save the lives of countless others.

I wish this new structure will be able to be built without more people

dying. That noone else will have to die in the nuclear inferno, ever.

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

Richard Hebert

Wait ....

a corporation backed artist on YouTube and noone mentioned

suing Google / YouTube for copyright infringement ?

What is this world coming to ?


NBC to Apple: 'You're fired!'

Richard Hebert

it's free on tv

Why pay for a show that's free on tv ? tv's are made to watch tv .. or am i missing something ? On top of that .. why would anyone pay to watch American TV garbage ?

Studios are putting out zit but garbage out there .. then they wonder why their sales are down

i mean please .. dont blame the downloaders from the net .. take a good hard at the garbage you guys are putting on the airwaves and on CD and you have the answer. It's junk so noone

feels like junk is anything more than junk from the get go .Who likes to buy junk ?

The "great" studios for making so much worthless junk.

Apple has the right idea .. that studio does nothing but junk .. leave them where they are :

at the dump.Who will remember The office in 20 years ? noone .. Who will remember

Mozart in 20 years .. get it NBC ?

Diebold rebrands evoting business, revises forecasts

Richard Hebert

Yeah right ..

Should read a bit more like this : "The machines are so poor on security that it's

affecting the trust people have in our automatic teller machines.Therefore , we're

getting rid of the department in a desperate attempt to regain our lost credibility

and try to repolish our image of " Diebold = security " that's been blasted to

smithereens .. Not to mention that our attempt to rig the elections have failed

miserably and we'd like to apologise to the Republican Party for failing them. "

hmm .. yep .. sounds more like it


SCO 'disappointed' as shares plunge 70 per cent

Richard Hebert

Not worth much anyways

SCO : assets = 19.85 m ( last SEC filing )

SCO : liabilities = 12.65 m ( last SEC filing )

Due by SCO to Novell for SUN and Microsoft's SRVX licences : 25.46 m

net worth : -18.26 millions

that should have grown considerably worse since the shares

just dropped considerably.

In other words : Darl and the rest of the board at SCO

are sure to disappear shortly.And probably SCO as an

entity too.

Novell owns Unix copyrights after all

Richard Hebert


We been partying since round 4 30 pm here yesterday.

Anyone who followed the saga are quite happy to see

the beginning of the end of this ordeal.Novell certainly

have an interest in not killing the cash cow at this moment

but frankly i wont shed tears seeing SCO go under.

I wonder how hard the companies that bought SCOSource

licences ( 699 $ ) are kicking themselves in the bu**

( head hurting here .. needs aspirin .. or another bottle of Moet )