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Europe's GDPR coincides with dramatic drop in Android apps


First burglary, then GDPR

Hundreds of years ago burglary was made illegal, decimating the thieving industry.

Ex-Googlers take a stab at building 'general intelligence' that makes software do what you tell it



So, hypothetically, when I tell my computer to 'Just f*ck right off!', what happens?

The first step to data privacy is admitting you have a problem, Google


Google is a group of people (so is Facebook)

So we have to assume that the people at Google and Facebook (and others) get paid LOTS of money to leave their ethics at the door.

If you know someone that works there, try having a conversation with them about this. Push them a bit. See where it gets you (and tell us). Can they defend what they are doing? If so, how? Try to do it without starting the conversation with 'Look, arsehole...'

Put a camera up to film their house. Put a microphone in their lounge and car. Hell, put a camera in their bedroom. Or at least suggest that you think that would be fine. Tell us what they say.

Unable to write 'Amusing Weekly Column'. Abort, Retry, Fail?


Re: Why only an OK button on the popup?

I've always said there should be buttons: Ok? Not Ok?

Just so I can register it isn't with the universe.

Govt suggests Brits should hand passports to social media companies


Two mutually exclusive options here

The debate about online anonymity (good in many cases) against not allowing online anonymity (good in many cases) is a typical modern (internet) debate, with both sides shouting at each other. The proposed solutions around identity verification is merely one element of one side of the options.

I don't see that we can have both online security (anonymity) AND online safety (not anonymity). The government is trying to pretend one side is possible, reasonable and proportionate, tech advocates are trying to pretend the other.

I don't know if there is a compromise or clever yet-to-be-conceived solution, but both sides are right and both sides are wrong.

European watchdog: All data collected about users via ad-consent popup system must be deleted


Surveillance equality

How about we make it a law that the directors of companies sharing ad information have to place webcams all through their house, so we can all watch them the way they all watch us. Webcam placement to be determined by people who like viewing people's private habits.

Said directors can then 'opt out' of this by not doing that. Simples.

Robot vacuum cleaner employed by Brit budget hotel chain Travelodge flees


Lucky escape

As luck would have it my local little Tesco is just near there, and what did I do Friday lunchtime? I walked right past this hotel and this scene of mayhem, of which there was no evidence whatsoever. Feel like I dodged a bullet (vacuum) I do. Phew.

Microsoft rolls out Files On-Demand with tighter macOS integration – but it defaults to 'on' and can't be disabled


Teetering on the edge of chaos

Random app from some company that can access, modify, delete, scramble or sell anything on my computer, that they can change or break at will with the mandatory auto-updates. In case the opportunity for them to screw my computer up wasn't enough, they want to open me up to supply chain attacks. (I refer to cloud OS integration apps generally).

icloud does the magic 'store it in the cloud, erase it from my device from time to time without telling me, can't force a sync, need internet to get it' game, Tiresome, stupid, and annoying... so let's copy that.

I access cloud storage from the browser only, be that dropbox, pcloud, onedrive, sharepoint, box, google drive or the others that I've needed to use. Yes, that is inconvenient.


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